Date: 08-Sep-00 01:30 PM (on Tulsa Time)
Name: Gary Alan Brumley
Email: Geebee@webzone.net
Geographical location: Admiral Twin/Airview
Web site: Echo non Troppo
Favorite Tulsa TV show or personality: Mr. Brewster
How did you find TTM? looking for Miss Tulsa's

Hello Tulsa...I used to go to the Apache drive in movies ...I grew up between the Admiral Twin and Airview movie drive ins....Latimer's Bar-B-Que was a hopping place back then too....Boots drive in was the cool place to go ...unless you were into a lot of grease in your hair and that would get you noticed at the Cottons Drive In and Jack Horners....Kings snooker hall was the best place to play pool or snooker and smoke to your hearts content....back then there was a gang called Dawson's Dirty Dozen...with guys with names like James "Dog" Dagenet and Boe "Brass Knuckles" Baker. and Phillip "Haymaker" Bean and Ricky "the Rooster" Butts...I wonder if Tulsa keeps a record of their Miss Tulsa's...we have had some real babes and it seems there should be a history of them somewhere...Jan Glass was a real babe Miss Tulsa around 66 or 67.....I enjoyed the site...thank you Tulsa TV stars.

Webmaster: I haven't yet found a site with the Miss Tulsas of the past...check out Mr. Brumley's art work; he is very talented. I grew up in the same area, between McKinley and Mitchell Elementary schools. Was King's snooker hall the one on King Street? Between the Cardinal food store and Butler Drug? It sounds like part of the world of S.E. Hinton's novels.