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Hawk Dairy photo courtesy of Si Hawk.

(from GroupBlog 248) Beverly asked:

On what corner of 11th and Lewis was Hawk Dairy located? I always thought it was the southwest corner, but I don't think that's right. Also, in what year did it close?

(from GroupBlog 249) Si Hawk replied:

Beverly, in answer to your question about the Tulsa location for Hawk's Dairy, the Tulsa store was located at the northeast corner of 11th and Lewis. This was the headquarters of the business where the milk and ice cream processing, service garage and truck fleet were also located. There were also Hawk Dairy store locations in Sapulpa, Henryetta and Oklahoma City. The dairy farm was located in Owasso. The products were sold in grocery stores in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas and of course Oklahoma. The company closed in 1961.

(from GroupBlog 269) Beverly said:

Is the original Hawk Dairy building still there at 11th and Lewis? I saw a photo at the Tulsa Historical Society on Saturday and it made it want to look into it. After you showed me the "street view" and after looking at the old Safeway building, I went west. I decided to "go" by 11th and Lewis and look for the old dairy. There is a building there just east of Lewis on the north side that kind of resembles the one on the TTM Christmas card. If it is the same building, it looks like a second story has been added. Just wondering.

Webmaster: See comparison below.

NE corner of 11th and Lewis. Similar to the Hawk building, but not the same.
Building just east of the NE corner of 11th and Lewis as of 2008. Similar to the Hawk building, but not the same.

Hawk Dairies. Courtesy of the Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa
Hawk Dairies was to the east of the above building. Courtesy of the Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa

(from Guestbook 119) Si Hawk said:

I've seen several mentions of the Hawk Dairy Store at 11th and Lewis. Some of the references discuss folks stopping in during WWII. I thought there might be a bit of interest in seeing what the place looked like during the first year or so of the war all decked out for Christmas.

(from Guestbook 44) Frank Morrow said:

It was such a simpler time. Going for Sunday rides in the car was a big deal. Going to the airport to see the twin-engine, DC-3 "mail plane" come in and take off. There always was a big crowd to see this event. A stop at Hawks ice cream shop at 11th and Lewis to get those huge (side by side) double dip cones for 10 cents was always in order. If not that, then driving to one of the Weber’s Root Beer stands was a big treat.

(from Guestbook 19) M. Reynolds said:

One of the TV stations had a children's Saturday show in an upstairs room at the dairy at 11th and Lewis. The Hawk dairy as I recall.

(from Guestbook 140) Chuck Fullhart said:

Business took me to the old Hawk Dairy Building at 11th and Lewis this last week to pick up some fixtures from the current occupant. The owner and I got to talking about where the Hawks' parlor was, and he pointed across the drive-way, and sure enough, the foundation is still there.

Jim Hartz (from Guestbook 140) Jim Hartz said:

Chuck Fullhart’s rumination about the old Hawk Dairy at 11th and Lewis brought back a porcine memory.

In the 50’s when the Hawk parlor was doing gangbuster business, they had a dish on the menu and a promotion surrounding it called a “Pig Dinner.” It was a banana split on steroids, a mountain of ice cream and fruit. If you cleaned your dish you got a lapel pin that said, “I Ate A Hawk’s Pig Dinner.” When you amassed the requisite number of pins (I can’t remember whether it was three or 10) you got a free pig dinner. I think I might have gotten one free Pig Dinner before I blew up.

(from Guestbook 182) Si Hawk said:

Many thanks for the "Java Christmas Card" link on the main site page. There are several nice comments regarding the Hawk Dairy store that used to be at 11th and Lewis. I had some really great times there as a young lad. I know the comments would have made Granddad quite pleased. Thanks again for your enjoyable site.

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