The rest of Frank's story....

There are two other stories which the guys at KTUL talked about, but they never specified where the events occurred. One happened to a very shy, modest announcer who always preferred to give his newscasts standing up. His announcer buddies hired a hooker to do the work on this gag. During the newscast the prostitute entered the studio, knelt in front of the man, and proceeded to unzip his fly. When she reached inside, the announcer fainted dead away.

The other story concerned a very elaborate plot against a newscaster who bragged that he had too much of an iron will ever to break up. His friends had a man wrapped in a surgical gown lie on a gurney. He was wheeled into the studio accompanied by men who were dressed up in full operating room regalia in full view of the announcer. From underneath the sheet the “doctors” pulled up a life-like fake penis which was still “attached” to the “patient.” One of the doctors held the penis while another sliced it in two, with fake blood spurting everywhere. That broke the iron will of the newscaster.

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