The KELi Window scraper was a promo item in '77 and '78.
KELi Win-dough scraper, courtesy of Craig Kitch.


(via email, 5/25/2009) Wayne McCombs said:

Here are some of the KELI surveys I have. Stan from KRVT said he scanned a 1956 KTUL survey and e-mailed it to you.

Could you (when you have time) add a page to the radio section on KELi radio? If you can make them as large as possible so the readers and see the song titles. Thanks Wayne McCombs

KTUL survey...KTUL Radio AM 1430 was the second radio station in Tulsa in 1934.

In 1956 the station changed to a full time rock format. Here is a survey from 1956. It was one sided and listed the top 50 record of the week. (copy underneath the 1956 survey)

KELi 8/14/1964 survey

8/14/1964 survey

The owners of KTUL Radio, started KTUL TV Channel 8. They sold the radio station and in 1960-61. The new owners changed the call letters to KELi, or Kelly radio. The format stayed with Top 40 rock.

By this time, radio stations could subscribe to services to provide them with promotional contest ideas that worked well in other markets around the country and would use formats for the weekly music surveys. Here is an example of a 1964 Silver Dollar survey.

(for 1965 surveys)

KELI 5/28/1965 survey

KELi 5/28/1965 survey autographed by Gary Chew ("Pete Kelly"), front and back

KELI 5/28/1965 survey

In 1965, the station started promoting their announcers on the surveys. All the announcers took the last name of Kelly to go with the KELi theme. An artist was hired to do the announcers in a caricature form. Here is an autographed copy of Gary Chew (currently Tulsa TV memories movie reviewer) as Pete Kelly. On the back of the survey, the station would add upcoming events. The sponsor was Coca-Cola. (The rival station, KAKC had Pepsi on their surveys at this time.)

(for 1966 surveys)

In 1966 the station added the announcers names on the top of Coke bottle caps.

(for 1967 survey)

In 1967 the survey changed formats again and on the back each week the words to a popular song were added.

for 1968 survey

In 1968 the station changed the format again.

(for 1968 2 photo)

In 1968 the station changed to a boring looking survey with nothing printed on the back.

In 1971 another format changed occurred that lasted until 1975.

(copy for the back of survey 1971)

In 1971 the promotional news was added to the back again. Cool prize 8 track player!

In 1975 another format change that lasted until 1977.

In 1977 Keli switched again.

The music surveys stopped in 1980. The station was sold to several companies in the 1980's with call letter changes and format changes. Today AM 1430 is KTBZ and is owned by Clear Channel and the format is all sports. The station is located at 27th and Memorial in the Clear Channel building.

KELi survey

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