Tulsa TV Memories

The webmaster's appearance on
"Six in the Morning", 8/3/2000

Six in the Morning

Rick Wells and LeAnne Taylor
Rick and LeAnne introduce your webmaster...

Webmaster of Tulsa TV Memories
...who consults the caption...

Mike Ransom
...and comes up with the right answer.

Gailard Sartain
Gailard Sartain from The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa

Gary Busey as Teddy jack Eddy
Gary Busey as Teddy Jack Eddy

Tulsa TV Memories URL
The URL (2/28/2002: now tulsaTVmemories.com)

This guy's a laff riot!
Har, har! This TTM guy is a laff riot! I can't take it!

Segment producer: Marc Sherman. Marc was once a "liberal"
talk show host on KRMG...if you can conceive such a thing.

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