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1996 Christina's graphic

Circa mid-1990s, shown around midnight Fridays on TCI Cable Channel 9.

(from Guestbook  3, 3/31/1999) Mike Bates selected as "Stupidest local commercial":

Christina's International Introductions infomercials.

The webmaster replied:

Hey, you are the first to mention the Christina's ads about the gorgeous South American jungle girls... oops, what a giveaway! The girls always seemed a lot nicer than the guys...they usually had some pretty good-sounding job. I wonder why they were so anxious to get to the U.S.?

(from GB 298) "over in Ranch Acres" said re the topic, "Jungle Women":

Over a couple Nude Beaches with a Sherman Oaks impersonator last night at McNellie's (this month's $3.00 beer special), the dinner conversation somehow wandered to the guy on late night Cox Cable in the '90s promoting "marriage-minded women" from around the globe. Especially "Jungle Women".

I remember a few years back someone thought they had some tape, but nothing more was ever posted.

Comments? Memories? Wedding Anniversary? We'd like to know.

(from GB 172) Back a few years before that, the webmaster had said:

I came into a carload of professional U-Matic tape cartridges (with designations like BCS-20, BCA-30), plus a couple of boxes of VHS tapes.

One thing I may have is footage from the mid-90s of Christina's International Introductions. This Tulsa-based marriage agency offered video of potential brides from South America on TCI Cable Channel 9 in the wee hours. It appears to have gone out of business by 1998, but via the magic of the Wayback Machine, here is Christina's web site as seen in 1996.

Dirty Butter Creek Gang Productions

I definitely have a number of episodes of "Urban Almanac" and "Just After Midnight", both Dirty Butter Creek Gang Productions that ran locally late night on TCI Cable Channel 9 in the early 90s. DBCGP was also associated with low-power Channel 25, KLOT. I don't yet have the means to view them, but hope to soon.

(from GB 172) roy lee said:

Worked with a guy a few years ago who had used Christina's intro service. He did well, with a good-looking and nice Peruvian woman who is a pediatrician! He is now the house husband and watching as the money rolls in. Their family tried to "hook me up" with the cousins a few times. I had to tell them terrible stories about myself (both true and false) to get them to stop!

(from GB 172) Steve Bagsby said:

I caught the Christina's show one night when they were selling off Australian women. I thought to myself, "Is there anything you can't buy on TV?"

(from GB 202) Greg said:

Whatever happened to the tapes of Christina's International Introductions that fell into your hands an couple of years ago? Any chance we might see some footage of "marriage-minded Jungle Girls" anytime in the near future?

The webmaster replied:

Well, Edwin passed along an old recorder capable of playing these professional tape cartridges, but it petered out almost immediately. Maybe we can get that going this year. I know there are lots of "jungle girl" fans out there.

To tide you over, here is the 1996 version of Christina's web site, by way of the Wayback Machine. Sorry, most of the pictures seem to be gone. In addition, I can do a mean Wayne Ford impersonation (Christina's dad, who did the voiceovers).

(from GB 202) roy lee said:

As for Christina's Introductions, I worked for a guy a few years ago who had gone down to Peru with them to git him a woman. She's a pediatrician, and he doesn't work. I guess it worked for some people...

Webmaster, 3/9/2010:

As you can see, I finally was able to tap into the U-Matic tapes. Thanks to Bud Blust.

Christina's is still in business in Lima. Here's the link: IFoundMyLove.com, operated by Christina’s Internacional Introductions S.R.Ltda. (C.I.I.), a legal company registered in the Republic of Peru since 1993.

More about Christina and her clients: "Love at First Videotape; International Dating Service Busy" by Nicole Marshall, Tulsa World, 1/26/1994.

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