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January 28 2002 at 17:06:25
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Charlotte, NC
Comments: There was another former Tulsey news phototog who went off to "the Oz" or "EN-ZED" - as they say on SpeedVision on our Aussie shows - about 20 years ago.

He came back a few later known as "#$#@#, the Aussie photog" - will not mention his real name here.

He affected an accent and tried to pawn himself off as NOT being a former Okie.

The Real British deal on KVOO was Garry Kemp - wasn't it? Local writer J. Lee Ready used the Okie-escent name of Buford Montaigne on KVOO when he was still pulling shifts on KWGS. So that's 2 "legit Brits" who graced the airwaves......

Time to talk air names again I guess - Matt Bunyan - owner of StarShip - was GEORGE MASON in several on air posts....

January 28 2002 at 16:38:19
Name: David Bagsby
Email: david_bagsby@hotmail.com
Location: Lawrence, OZ
Comments: I must concur with Mr. Woodward on the subject of the Gramophone Shop. I went there a total of 3 times. Great selection but the owner was always very condescending. The last time I went in, I intentionally was grubby from working outside all day and he was very much in a hurry to have me leave so I made sure to look at every single LP in the store before leaving without buying anything. I thought the British were known for manners...I'm sure he'll fit right in over there.

January 27 2002 at 15:03:13
Name: Lee's alter egoLee Woodward (via email to webmaster)
Location: Tulsa
Comments: In reading the new Tulsa Counterculture page on this site, I was jogged by Wilhelm Murg's mention of the old Gramophone Shop on 15th Street. He found the proprietor (an Englishman named David Hedges) a bit eccentric!

Well, I will stand corrected by a bonifidi birth certificate, but I had it on good authority that Mr. Hedges just had a huge English fetish and affected the accent as well as everything English. I was told he was from Kansas (Oz) and that his final desire to live in England was the end to his dream.

I only went in there twice; the first time to see if he had an album by the new and sensational Soprano Kiri Te Kanawa. He said no and then offered the opinion as to how "she was such an idiot!" Then on to touting me to an unknown English tenor named Webster Booth. Mr. Booth was a consummate musician and had a lovely light voice but as they say in the sports world...."He could not carry Pavarotti's jock!" Since I knew no more of him than Mr. Hedges knew of Kiri, I couldn't say whether he was an idiot or not .

In any case I'm sure the real English fellow who used to, of all things, DJ for KVOO Country Radio as well as other local stations, could ascertain if David were the real deal.

By the way, Borders does about as well as anyone in having or locating hard to find stuff. I just got a compilation CD of Gogi Grant's best offerings from the late 50's & early 60's called "Torch Time". Great stuff!

Wilhelm's piece is worth the read.

I believe the authentic English announcer to whom you refer is Garry Kemp. A bit of background on Mr. Kemp and an early picture can be found here.

January 27 2002 at 06:17:35
Name: Billy G. Spradlin
Email: bgspradlin@earthlink.net
Location: In the piny woods of East Texas
Comments: Just a quick note to say "Hi Yall"...whatever!

I was doing some searching for KELI Tulsa with Google and came up with a song about the station from a German band called "Intoxigation Blues Band" and a song called "K.E.L.I. Tulsa Oklahoma". Why the heck is a blues band from Germany singing about "going home to Memphis" and listening to the radio? Heck if I know. It does rock in a laid-back kinda way. Here's the URL: http://music.peoplesound.com/artists/artisthome.asp?artistid=90119&country=en&albumid=0

Also I scanned a 1984-5 vintage 14K-92K sticker and it's here for anyone who is interested: http://home.earthlink.net/~bgspradlin/1492keli.jpg.

Also: I LOVED and laughed my head off at Kirk Demarais' Phantasmagoria cartoon! Everyone should see it. I'm sending the URL to my brother, who was scared to death of the thing (so he rode with my mother). I loved the way you worked my Zingo sticker into it, looked very nice.

Yes, that was nice work by Kirk.

The German band is described as "Die musikalischen Hobos aus Oberhausen" (the musical hobos of Oberhausen) who have an obsession with all things American.

January 26 2002 at 08:00:24
Name: Lowell Burch
Email: J9Z1B95@aol.com
Location: Pepperland
Comments: In the early '70's, my band used to play the Red Baron youth club down in Okmulgee on occasion and that led to playing for the students at Rex's new stomping grounds. Fond memories and congrats to you, Rex.

I do remember running late one time and the rest of the band had already left for Okmulgee so I was traveling the Beeline at about 85 m.p.h. in my '66 Malibu. When I arrived, the band was nowhere to be found. The van drove up about fifteen minutes later and I asked them what had happened. They said the OHP had a road block and that it took forever to get through it. This has been a mystery to me every since. I left after they did but I never saw them or the road block. I did not think I was driving so fast that I passed them and went through a roadblock with out seeing either!

I remember the live version and the cartoon version of Beany and Cecil. Easily one of my top favorites.

January 25 2002 at 18:47:34
Name: Andre Hinds
Email: ahinds@aol.com
Location: Out Berryhill Way
Comments: Mitch Schauer recently wrote:

"Does anyone remember a live-action Saturday morning kids' show from the early 60's that featured an old sea captain? Every so often he'd go underwater and goof around with strange aquatic puppets (while still wearing his regular captain's clothing.) I also seem to recall he was poorly chroma-keyed into an aquarium to simulate being under the ocean. The show aired on channel 2."

Could Mitch be thinking of the live-action version of Bob Clampett's classic Beany and Cecil? If so, Mitch is in luck. The adventures of Beany and Cecil are now preserved in DVD format -- with several episodes of the live-action version from the 1950s and the animated version from the early 1960s. Clampett is best known these days for his years making Warner Brothers cartoons in the 1930s and early 1940s (where he played a large role in creating Bugs Bunny), but his work on Beany and Cecil is largely forgotten today.

The main characters of the series were Beany, a boy who befriends a Seasick Sea Serpent named Cecil. With Captain Huffenpuff at the helm, the three had adventures, usually involving a villain named Dishonest John ("nyahh ahh ahh" was his trademark sneer).

Episodes of the show were revived on video tape during the mid-1980s, but are now out of print. An excellent DVD, including several hours of interviews of Clampett, became available in early 2000.

Clampett's work had a sly, satirical bent that predated Rocky and Bullwinkle. Clampett believed to his dying day that Rocky and Bullwinkle were direct rip-offs of his work on Beany and Cecil.

I find no confirmation of this on the internet, but I seem to remember Red Skelton being angry or suing because Bullwinkle's voice resembled his own Clem Kadiddlehopper.

January 25 2002 at 08:52:17
Name: Rex Daugherty
Email: drex@osu-okmulgee.edu
Location: Okmulgee
Comments: Hi folks, I've landed in Okmulgee at OSU-Okmulgee. I'm the development officer for this campus. Love the job. This is a great school.

If you've got teenagers, bring 'em on down for a tour -- I will set up a meeting with Dale Young, Director of Prospective Student Services, phone: 293-4978, email: youngii@osu-okmulgee.edu

Thanks to Mike Ransom and company for helping get my need for a job out after I was part of the big WCG layoff last summer.
Go Pokes!
Rex Daugherty

Rex, you're welcome.

January 24 2002 at 20:41:45
Name: Robert W.
Comments: Jade East is closed? WOW! The Camelot Inn - site of my senior prom! - disassembled? WHOA! Wait ... I'm flashing on the taste of Village Inn's chicken-fried steak right now ... gotta go.

If you'd like to flash on the sight of chicken-fried steak as well, here is Nelson's Buffeteria on this site.

January 24 2002 at 17:23:04
Name: Lee's alter egoLee Woodward
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I just discovered the "Tiki" page at this site. I am not absolutely sure, but I think my old friend and artistic mentor, Saint Claire Hommer (Homma) carved the two Tiki God figures that held up the porte cochere at the "Jade East" restaurant. I helped him carve two twenty foot "Totem Poles" for the old 101 Ranch in about 1960? And I heard that he may have done the "Tiki's." I ate at Jade East about a year before it closed and was overwhelmed by the cockroaches coming out of the rattan wall covering. WOW!

January 24 2002 at 14:47:28
Name: Don Norton
Email: donaldhnorton@hotmail.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: For Jim Ruddle:

The only thing I have on Gomi at the moment is the email address he gave in his email copied in Guestbook 84, to wit: gomi.k@japan.email.ne.jp

If there's a library of any size in or near Rye, NY, it should be able to give you Nippon TV's mailing address. If not, let me know. The Tulsa library's business research section gave me NHK several months ago.

Incidentally, I learned about Gomi in an idle recheck of Google.

January 23 2002 at 08:17:06
Name: Jim Ruddle
Email: gardel@erols.com
Location: Rye NY
Comments: To Don Norton: Do you have a new address for Kazuo Gomi in his new incarnation?

One of my daughters travels to Japan occasionally and will be there on a six-month fellowship, starting in the Fall. I'd like for her to meet him.

January 22 2002 at 15:58:04
Name: John Hillis
Location: Way down East
Comments: Professor Woodward's recollection of Art Linkletter's being able to polish off a precise :30 or 1:00 with just copy points rang a bell. I saw him do it several times, just talk about the copy points casually with a director or agency guy, and wham, out came a sincere, polished 29.5 seconds of blurb. Amazing.

Another polished time-master was the late Howard Cosell. Howard would literally talk out a 3:30 sportscast ("Speaking of Sports') or commentary ("Speaking of Everything") for ABC radio with no copy, doing the morning sports show from his breakfast table in Pound Ridge, NY, with just the Times sports section in front of him, and buttoning up with "This is How--ward Cos-sell" at exactly 3:29.

Glad to hear the Camelot's going to be put back to useful life. One of many Tulsa hotels I stayed that that later became hobo havens...at least most of them later....

January 22 2002 at 11:23:25
Name: Kirk Demarais
Email: kirkd@ipa.net
Location: Siloam Springs, AR
Comments: I just created a web cartoon on my web site that features the Phantasmagoria ride of Bell's amusement park. My site is http://www.secretfunspot.com (then click on the Phantasmagoria link) I illustrated the ride as it appeared before they removed the dip in the front and painted that terrible joker look-alike face on it.

It will take a few minutes to load but if you like the ride then I'm pretty sure you will enjoy the cartoon.

I'd love to hear your feedback, or your Phantasmagoria memories.

Also, I'm looking for an old Phantasmagoria bumper sticker. Please contact me if you know where I can get one.


Wow, that's quite a production, Kirk! I think I recognize a couple of the items in the Souvenir Hut.

January 21 2002 at 21:05:54
Name: David Batterson
Email: davidbat@yahoo.com
Location: Hollywood, CA
Comments: P.S. to the preceding. The new Kodak Theatre (at the new Hollywood & Highland complex) was built for the Oscars show. However, the acoustics are reportedly so bad that concerts have been cancelled in the brand new $multimillion theater!

So now they have to spend MORE to fix the problem, or they won't be able to book any concerts, musical plays, etc. The theater designers were so careful to design it for the Academy Awards telecast (with good sightlines), but somehow they forgot about good acoustics. Duh!!!

January 21 2002 at 20:51:29
Name: David Batterson
Email: davidbat@yahoo.com
Location: Hollywood, CA
Comments: Anyone remember the old ABC-TV studios on Vine St. in Hollywood? ABC moved out long ago and then it was an independent studio, and later the home for AIDS Project Los Angeles. It's now being totally refurbished and reportedly will be the new home of the Motion Picture Academy Library. The facility had gotten quite shabby, but is already looking rather spiffy again! BTW, many years ago they taped "The Dating Game" and "The Newlywed Game" there.

January 21 2002 at 18:39:14
Name: Erick
Email: ericktul@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I'm going to hit the Camelot this weekend and try to come away with a queen-sized box spring and maybe one of those nice felt chairs they have.

I hate to see it leave us as a hotel, but I'm glad they're doing something with it.

January 21 2002 at 09:03:38
Name: Lowell Burch
Email: J9Z1B95@aol.com
Location: Camelot
Comments: I always vote Accountability Jones. I am not about to waste my vote on some fly-by-night.

I went to the Camelot the first day but the line was too long. I will go today and report if there is anything to report.

I told readers about an ORU dj named Bruce who had a great voice, loved by the girls, but he was "roly-poly" (in Guestbook 55). He wrote and admonished me (with great humor) that he only weighed 150 pounds at the time. Well, that is what 30 years does for the memory - but I KNOW he had the pipes, I won't forget that.

January 18 2002 at 17:50:20
Name: Webmaster
Email: tulsatv@mail.com
Location: On top of the news
Comments: A public sale of the Camelot Inn's artwork, china, drink glasses, bar, menus and signs as well as the bigger stuff will begin Saturday at 10 am, and run for about 20 days. It has been sold and will become a senior living community ("Camelot at Brookside") after asbestos removal and renovation, to the delight of the Brookside business and neighborhood associations.

It was bought in '93 by the Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi (of Beatles fame), but fell into extreme disrepair and was shut down in '96 by the city. It has been something of a "hobo heaven" (as Wilhelm Murg might say) since then. Quite a comedown after having boasted Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Elvis as guests.

Camelot Inn

The new Westby Playhouse and Cinema opened at 2nd & Detroit last night with the 1956 French film, "The Red Balloon" (discussed in the TTM Gift Shop). The projection equipment and screen came from the old Fox Theatre at 51st & Harvard. The plan is to alternate arthouse films with theatrical productions, served up with wine, beer, coffee, hot chocolate, brownies and popcorn. This should go over well with fans of the old Williams Center Cinema and the Brook.

January 18 2002 at 17:47:50
Name: Jim Reid
Email: jimreid56@aol.com
Location: Dallas
Comments: I'd forgotten about Accountability Burns. When I was in high school I did volunteer work for the Tulsa city-county cable channel. We used to cover the city commission meetings live. The studios were in the basement of the Library, and one day while sitting down there eating lunch, I was joined by Accountability Burns. He wandered in with his cheese and crackers and sat down to eat lunch. Although I'm sure our conversation was quite memorable, it seems to have slipped my mind. It was right before he starting wearing the pyramid on his head. I think you forgot one race, because I'm pretty sure I remember him running for president. Is he still pushing the MARS plan?

Here are Mr. Burns' answers to questions recently posed by the Tulsa World:

1. If elected, what would be your goals and how would you go about accomplishing them?

"The Einstein program by the nanomathematicians to save Tulsa using strong mayor pro forma (proposed merger) is now politically feasible/doable/ripe."

2. On what area of city government would you like to see more emphasis?

"My program to save Tulsa. Sign my petition online entitled jobs for mathematicians."

3. Should a race riot memorial be established?

"Out of order. Not in my program."

January 18 2002 at 16:48:29
Name: Webmaster
Email: tulsatv@mail.com
Location: On the canvass
Comments: TTM is not a political site, but this year, we have a mayoral candidate who should not be overlooked. I refer to Accountability Einstein Belcher-Burns 5, aka Einstein (Boss Man), aka Boss Einstein-Burns, better known as Accountability Burns.

Accountability Burns ad from his 1984 campaign for county commissioner
Accountability Burns ad from his 1984 campaign for county commissioner

Even though Tulsans have previously turned him down for mayor, as well as county sheriff, county commissioner, city auditor, governor and school board, the fair-minded among us should not be deterred from considering his candidacy afresh this year.

In recent years, I've spotted Accountability at the Holland Hall Book Fair (an annual event since 1961, coming up next month).

January 18 2002 at 01:18:24
Name: Mitch Schauer
Location: LA
Comments: Does anyone remember a live-action Saturday morning kids' show from the early 60's that featured an old sea captain? Every so often he'd go underwater and goof around with strange aquatic puppets (while still wearing his regular captain's clothing.) I also seem to recall he was poorly chroma-keyed into an aquarium to simulate being under the ocean. The show aired on channel 2.


January 17 2002 at 22:53:11
Name: Webmaster
Email: tulsatv@mail.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: There was a show on CBS in '51-'52, "The Whistling Wizard", featuring puppeteer Bil Baird and a marionette lion, "Charlemane". A puppet version was produced as a toy (the story of how Lee found Lionel is here).

Awhile back, I posted the following on Yesterdayland about Whistling Wizard:

The Charlemane figure lived again on TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma from the late 50s through the early 80s.

He was transformed into King Lionel (with the aid of his right-hand man, Lee Woodward).

Lionel even added pointed commentary to the evening news, and it was considerably wittier than anything offered on the networks.

I got this response today from "Kids TV Man":

Dear TulsaTV, "Charlemane The Lion Hand Puppet" also became the first version of "Pookie The Lion Hand Puppet" on the WXYZ-TV Ch.7 Detroit, Mi. ABC-TV Network version of "12 O'Clock Comics!"/"Lunch With Soupy Sales!".

From Yesterdayland's Soupy Sales synopsis:

"In 1955, the television station WXYZ of Detroit gave Sales a fifteen-minute show as a summertime replacement for Kukla, Fran and Ollie. Shortly afterwards, Sales appeared on another WXYZ show called Comics."

January 17 2002 at 18:50:22
Name: David Bagsby
Email: david_bagsby@hotmail.com
Location: Wild, Wild Lawrence KS
Comments: Brian,

Thanks a zillion! Wild, Wild Planet is indeed that film. Seems like I saw it at the 11th Street Drive-in.

January 17 2002 at 17:17:57
Name: Brian
Comments: Being new here, I just spent 2 weeks reading the Guestbooks in order to add comments and not repeat things. This means some long forgotten topics will resurface for a while.

David Bagsby asked about a movie that had strange guys in trenchcoats, hats and dark sunglasses going around and shrinking people by pinching them on the neck then stuffing the vacated clothing into a satchel back in Guestbook 92 (down a few entries from the "Enterprise" debut report). I'm 99% sure it's WILD WILD PLANET, an Italian sci-fi film released to the US in 1967. It has to be seen to be believed - very exotic, surreal and cheaply made. Mr. Webmaster, you'll love the cliched yet ethereal electronic score if nothing else.

I saw this several times on one of the independent Dallas/Fort Worth stations carried by Tulsa Cable in the 70's. I'm not sure but it may have also been shown as part of that Thursday (?) morning matinee series that ran in Tulsa theaters every summer.

Mike R. also mentioned THE STARLOST in Guestbook 82 (in my conversation with Keir Dullea of "2001"). There are two Tulsa connections to this show:

1.) It was syndicated but I don't think any of the local TV stations picked it up. A few years after its US debut it started playing on a Tulsa Cable cable station. I don't remember which one except that it wasn't any of the independent stations from other cities. It was one of those "local" cable channels that usually featured some kind of bulletin board between programs.

2.) It's on video from Tulsa-based VCI Entertainment! Go to www.vcientertainment.com for more info. Be warned that the versions they sell aren't as they originally aired, but "movies" made by editing episodes together.

I hope eventually that more discussion will be generated here about Tulsa Cable & VCI's place in Tulsa TV history.

I looked at the catalog and turned up a number of other interesting films:

"Blood Cult" was directed by Christopher Lewis, former Tulsa TV news reporter Among the stars were James Vance (currently reporting for the Tulsa World) and...Josef Hardt of Fantastic Theater fame! This was one of the first direct-to-video features.

"Revenge (Blood Cult II)" boasted not only Josef Hardt, but John Carradine and Patrick Wayne (son of John). "Terror at Tenkiller" included former Tulsa TV anchor Dean Lewis.

"Cole Justice", written and directed by Carl (Uncle Zeb) Bartholomew, is also available there. This modern day vigilante tale was a big success in the South, and Carl was made the grand marshal in one small Southern town parade.

Carl Bartholomew worked for Tulsa Cable and had a second run of "Uncle Zeb's Cartoon Camp" there. There is a good story about the Lone Ranger's appearance on behalf of Tulsa Cable here.

Great stuff, Brian!

January 17 2002 at 17:09:15
Name: Lee's alter egoLee Woodward (via email to webmaster)
Location: Tulsa
Comments: The last few entries jogged my brain. First, The mention of the Chili Bowl Midget Races which oddly enough, I have not yet attended. My uncle started me on that back in '46-'47. Also, I was the announcer for Dick Colvin when he showed the rest of the country how to merchandize Modified and Stock car racing. We used to have ten to twelve thousand fans every Saturday night. Very exciting and dangerous. We had the best-looking trophy girls anywhere. As a matter of fact, the Tulsa actor John Ashley (Atchley) married one of them. I don't recall her name but I do recall the frame. Naughty! I still see his name on credits as producer, etc. I think you will also see him at the end of most pictures shot in the Philippines including "Apocalypse Now". He was the John Wayne of the Philippines!

Then the fact that "talent" could do better away from their jobs? You bet! I remember when I worked at KRBC-TV-AM-FM in Abilene, Texas (1955-56) there was another little deal going on. There was a fellow named Slim Willett (whose claim to fame is, he wrote the song "Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes") and he was brokering time on radio. He would pay the station their going rate per hour then go out and sell commercial time himself, do the spots and take the profit. He was very popular and made a ton of money until the FCC changed all that. He did the same thing on the TV side with a country music show. That's the first time I ever saw Roy Clark (just a kid) and Bill Walker (who at that time couldn't keep a beat.) It was because they were all new and worked just to get on Tay Vay! Remember? Slim was making a killing.

I've got a "talent sheet" somewhere that shows the rates for doing spots on KOTV back in the late fifties-early sixties. $2.50 for a 30 second. $5.00 for a one minute. Sometimes $10.00. When I first started doing spots, we memorized them. Then we started using "cue cards". Then Bob Mills came up from WBAP and showed us his small short hand cards which he taped just under the lens rack. Here's an example!


Finally, we got Teleprompters and learned how to use them.(It was always fun to watch the politicos try that) The only problem was that the big-type typewriters would break down and we had to get black markers and write it in. I remember Art Linkletter trying to do some promos for my Sun-Up show. They rolled the camera over and he looked up at the prompter and said: "Jesus Christ! Hand-printing went out with the monks!" He thought it quaint.

By the way, he could do a :30 or a 1:00 spot ad-lib...right on the button. No cues!

I started out to do a minute here. Oh well!

January 17 2002 at 00:06:40
Name: Frank Morrow
Email: frankmor@io.com
Location: Austin
Comments: I just got back from four days of great midget racing at the Chili Bowl in Tulsa. My thoughts occasionally would go back to the wonderful days of Saturday night midget racing after the war at the fairgrounds. Some of those drivers went on to race in the big time, including Indy.

Jack Morris I also had recollections of the fine job KTUL's Jack Morris did as PA announcer during those earlier years. Later, after the midgets were replaced by the junky old stock cars, KTUL carried the races on a day's tape delay basis. Not much excitement remaining if you had read the results in the newspaper. Also, it's just impossible to catch much of the action on radio when the race is on a quarter-mile dirt track.

Oh, yes. Morris tried his hand at promoting the stock car races there for a while, but I think he dropped that job after one season.

January 16 2002 at 19:37:50
Name: Ken Broo
Email: kenbroo@wlwt.com
Location: 24 Hours From Tulsa. Well, maybe 11

Here's a little tid bit that just came my way last week. One of the stars in the movie "O Brother Where Art Thou" Ken Broo is Tulsan Tim Blake Nelson, probably well known back in Oklahoma. Tim went to Holland Hall High School, then onto Brown University and eventually Julliard in NYC.

What a lot of people don't know is that Tim actually made his acting "debut" at the Tulsa Civic Center and on Hal O'Halloran's sports talk show on KTOW.

Blake and some of his Holland Hall buddies would frequent Tulsa Ice Oilers hockey games. With the team, being dreadful at the time, the boys from HH would wear bags over their heads, much like the New Orleans 'Aints fans of the 1980's. The were known as the "Sackheads".

Hal picked up on this and had Blake and his buddies on his show frequently. I knew 'em all, too. Never knew one of them would reach Hollywood. But, then again, no one probably thought I'd reach Cincinnati!

January 15 2002 at 22:41:54
Name: K. Shaw
Location: OKC, OK
Comments: Going back a few days... Spanky McFarland had a club/bar on N. May Ave at 39th street in OKC called Spanky's. It was there in the 1970's and always busy.

From what I remember he was very friendly.

Here is Gailard Sartain's recently contributed photo of Spanky in OKC, probably at the time he had the club.

January 15 2002 at 22:13:12
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Charlotte, NC
Comments: I remember John Chick saying he could make more $$ from talent fees than from assigned duties as audio supervisor.

In OKC - often TALENT wanted a check upfront from an agency or at the end of a session rather than be paid thru the company. Sometimes announcers would free-lance at the station doing v.o.'s when off the clock as the staffer on duty -- later many station managers said NO to this.

In DC the post houses were nasty about not wanting to pay SAG/AFTRA - many members would work at non-union rates just to work. Later talent paymasters made life easier but we often knew government employees (non-VOA folks)who did nothing but non-union voice work to supplement their "Fed" paychecks...

January 15 2002 at 20:00:00
Name: Sonny Hollingshead
Location: Sand Springs
Comments: When Jim Leake owned it, KTUL took some off the top when announcers did spots for a talent fee. I forget the percentage. We were told that by doing this we would be paid the talent fee up front (on the next paycheck) while the company collected the fee from the sponsor.

January 15 2002 at 16:34:46
Name: Webmaster
Email: tulsatv@mail.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Archived Guestbook 99...this is #100.

Frank Morrow had just brought up talent fees...

Also discussed: Al Clauser (Uncle Zeke) and the Oklahoma Outlaws in Gene Autry movies, slings, and especially arrows suffered by the Golden Driller, a brush with the Beach Boys at the Trade Winds West, the Middle Path restaurant...

We saw the Bowen Lounge (with writer Wilhelm Murg in the window) and a slide show of the Union High band at the Rose Bowl Parade this year. We discussed the General Cinema intermission jingle and the Fantastic Theater music (and heard both).

As usual, much more is there; check it out.

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