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January 31 2006 at 15:25:50
Name: Mark Tillotson
Email: matillot@comcast.net
Location: Dallas
Comments: I found your site a few months ago when I did a search on an old employer of mine, Logan Concession Supply at 326 E. 1st Street in Tulsa. Walt Logan owned the building that once housed the May Rooms and he ran a concession supply company to many businesses in the Tulsa and Oklahoma region. I worked at Logan's from 1974 - 1978.

Yes, the May Rooms were still in operation at that time and occasionally the girls would come downstairs and buy cokes and peanuts from us.

I just had to go by there this last weekend to see the place once more. It was so SAD!!! Walt owned 3 buildings there and now there are only 2 buildings left.

The area with the new parking lot (site of old building) is where Walt's main office and showroom were. The building with the art museum used to be Walt's peanut roaster room (which caught fire around 1975). The front section was the roasters and cooling tower. The middle room had the sacking machine for Walt's Awful Fresh Goobers and the back room was temp and humidity controlled storage for 40,000 pounds of peanuts. The building to the east (it has a fire sprinkler hookup now) was the equipment storage building and we used to manufacture snow cone syrup in the very back room and make caramel candy as gifts during Christmas time. There are doors that connect each of the buildings that I used to travel through many times each day. You can still see one of the doors on the outside of the middle building (goes out to the parking lot now).

By the way - the building on the corner (1st and Elgin) that has the bar in it used to be the feed store. It closed down in the sixties I think. Roy May started working for the feed store when he was a very young man. His first job. He worked there until it closed. He went next door to Walt Logan and started working for him. Roy retired from Logan's when he was about 65 but kept working part time for Walt. He passed away at work one day at Logan's. He spent his entire life working from at one street corner.

I can't speak any for the May Rooms but Logan's was a thriving business in the 70's. I used to deliver to some old theatres that just aren't there anymore (Will Rogers, etc.) There are so many tales to tell...

Thanks for a wonderful website!

Will Rogers Theatre on 11th St.
Image found on eBay of the Will Rogers Theatre on 11th St

Mark, thanks for the great info. I never knew of the (physical) connection between Logan's and the May Rooms.

January 31 2006 at 14:18:24
Name: David Bagsby
Email: dcbatsunflower.com
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: Bushong's Hamburgers at Pine & Yale was great. 5 burgers for $1.00. Made a near fatal mistake once of eating 5 burgers then drinking a beer. Thought I was going to have to go to the maternity ward.

January 31 2006 at 13:29:12
Name: roy lee
Email: beerdrunk@msn.com
Location: Wings Hamburgers
Comments: Wings Hamburgers (3409 E Admiral Pl) was recently taken over by a very nice couple who serve "Brother Arthur's Bilalian Fish" (Bilalian is some sort of African legend) and it's FANTASTIC! They make their own tartar sauce as well. Same burgers as before but the woman with the gun is no longer there. Very awesome.

The absence of armed servers has to be better for digestion, though tipping may be down.

January 31 2006 at 10:27:12
Name: David Bagsby
Email: dcbatsunflower.com
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: FYI: Tulsa keyboardist Jon Glazer's new CD got a stellar review in the new issue of Keyboard magazine. He played with Wynonna and does gigs in Tulsa...at Lanna Thai last time I checked.

January 31 2006 at 01:14:27
Name: edwin
Email: ok
Location: over there
Comments: Another 3/4 inch machine coming to you all this week...Why am I the only one that has one for TTM?.....

January 30 2006 at 19:22:26
Name: Lowell Burch
Email: lburch3@cox.net
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Don't forget Weber's for original old-fashion burgers.

Mrs. Elizabeth Frances Sartain (94) passed away on Friday. The funeral was today. I know TTM readers would want join together in offering our condolences to Gailard, Mary Jo, friends and family.


January 30 2006 at 18:22:54
Name: Dana LeMoine
Email: d4wdw@valornet.com
Location: Hank's Hamburgers
Comments: The post about the 15th Street Ron's closing got me to wondering... How many longtime, original burger joints are still around?

The ones I can think of are Hank's, Brownie's, Bill's (I think his kids run it now since he died), Claud's, Tastee-Freez on Route 66, Wings?...I'm sure there are more. Any others I've missed?

January 30 2006 at 16:19:58
Name: Webmaster
Comments: I see that the movie "Crash" won the ensemble cast award from the Screen Actors Guild. It may give "Brokeback Mountain" a run for its money at the Oscars this year. Both films are on Gary Chew's favorites list, which is at the bottom of his current "Match Point" review.

January 28 2006 at 21:17:29
Name: One of the LeMoines
Location: Der Wienerschnitzel
Comments: On a road trip to Denver this summer we discovered Alice's radio show, "Nights with Alice Cooper", which really helped break the monotony of driving across Kansas...

We picked it up on 103.5 FM - KRFX Denver (a United Stations Radio Network affiliate). KWCO Oklahoma City, OK carries it in our neck of the woods.

He's got podcasts available now too. The website for his show: NightsWithAliceCooper.com.

January 28 2006 at 19:26:15
Name: Stephen
Location: Texas
Comments: The TV shows that start the season then end embarrassingly too soon are a concern to me. The show "Book of Daniel" had some fans but seemed to cross the line when Jesus popped in to offer advice. I think that was a key hurdle the show could not get over.

His family had issues that no one family have and certainly not a man of the cloth.

I think other programs we see today are much more informed on life and yet also out of touch with reality and fundamental values. Live in the moment perhaps and some mindless comedy... but I suppose Jerry Lewis was a lot like that too.

The premise was similar to the longer-lived "Joan of Arcadia", but with additional controversial elements. Seven affiliates, mostly Southern, refused to air "Daniel", reminiscent of the flap over Channel 2's preemption of "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" a couple of years ago.

January 28 2006 at 15:53:29
Name: David Bagsby
Email: dcbatsunflower.com
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: At one point, that dollar sign on Alice Cooper's jet was made out of one of his expired boa constrictors. Rumor has it that Zappa signed Alice after his band cleared a sold-out event in the course of just a few songs. Anyone that repellant must have something going for them was the rationale.

January 28 2006 at 12:43:04
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Location: Sacramento
Comments: When I read the exchange between Zappa and Pyne you've posted, it made me recall something else that rings much the same:

Alice Cooper was disembarking at Tulsa from his special aircraft which had a big dollar sign on the tail. KOTV reporter Gaylord Herron was on scene with crew.

With the dollar sign in the background, Herron asks Cooper what he's going to do with all the money he makes from his Tulsa concert. With a beat not missed, Cooper responds: "Buy your wife!"

I laughed so hard, I could hardly get my breath for a moment. As I remember, this was shot on KOTV news stock, but I can't remember, for sure, if it made air or not.

That must have been the 1973 "Billion Dollar Baby" tour. Zappa-Cooper connection: Zappa says that Christine Frka (seen on the cover of Hot Rats) recommended that he record Alice Cooper.

2/3/2006: "Joe from inside the padded booth" said in what will become Guestbook 204:

Yes Gary, it made it to air. I was 13 or so and was watching with my Mom. What my ears remember hearing was "I'm gonna buy your wife". Even at 13, I realized that that was a rude comment and I looked over to see my Mom's reaction. But hey, that's rock 'n' roll. "And we got no principles."

January 27 2006 at 23:40:52
Name: Webmaster
Comments: I'm currently reading Frank Zappa's autobiography, which reminds me of this purported exchange on the weird, late-60s, syndicated TV talk program, "The Joe Pyne Show" (carried at 10:30 pm Saturday on Channel 8 opposite Channel 2's "Fantastic Theater").

The story has always tickled my B.S. detector, as plausible as it sounds. I just submitted it to the premier urban legend site, Snopes.com. I'll report on their findings, if any.

TVparty! has an excellent feature about the Pyne show. Some of my own comments are near the bottom of the second page, and interestingly, another NE Oklahoman weighs in on the first page.

Did anyone personally witness the Zappa quip?

January 27 2006 at 23:02:07
Name: Lowell Burch
Email: lburch3 (at) cox.net
Location: UK - collecting my lottery winnings
Comments: Few people are aware of the many accomplishments of Will Rogers. The Claremore memorial certainly illustrates the great contributions this man made during his life. Also, in case you didn't know, the Davis Gun Collection was once located in a Claremore hotel. I understand that there are so many firearms in the collection that it has gone almost unnoticed that over 6,000 of them have been stolen.

Dr. Pompazoidi's photo hung on the wall in the old Ron's. The inscription was, as I remember, "Ron, you cost me my friendship with Richard Simmons. G. Ailard S. Artain"

Finally, saw two Oklahoma produced movies this week. The humorous "Hoodwinked" and the powerful "End of the Spear". Both were excellent and the audience response at both were very positive. I plan to see them both again.

PS - "End of the Spear" was filmed in Panama. Mr. and Mrs. Webmaster just returned from a tour of this fabulous area of the world. The stunning cinematography in this movie is worth the price of the ticket.

January 27 2006 at 21:58:00
Name: Dana LeMoine
Email: d4wdwatvalornet.com
Location: Village Cinema
Comments: Sorry to hear about the 15th street Ron's. I wonder why it closed? I hate seeing longtime fixtures like that disappear...By the way Mike, I think that's a Mayfest poster in the background at Ron's. I have one hanging in my living room...

Oops, you're right. Slip o' the brain, corrected below. Gailard Sartain also did a Tulsa State Fair poster soon after that.

January 27 2006 at 19:43:25
Name: Webmaster
Comments: Dr. Omed presents a photo essay on the original, but now departed Ron's Hamburgers on 15th St. just off Harvard. I once ate one of the pictured chili-smothered sausage cheeseburgers and desired no further sustenance for at least 24 hours.

In the second shot, I see a framed 2001 Mayfest poster, the one painted by Gailard Sartain, a Ron's fan. There are now several other Ron's Hamburgers in town.

January 27 2006 at 16:49:13
Name: Jim Ruddle
Email: jruddle@earthlink.net
Location: Rye, NY
Comments: Jeffrey Skilling's brother, Tom, is a widely-respected and much liked weather broadcaster in Chicago. He, of course, is in no way connected with the doin's in the ruins of Enron and when the tale of the energy company's shenanigans first came out, Tom was dumbfounded and certain that his brother had done nothing unseemly. I don't know what he's saying now. He doesn't speak of it, that I know of, nor should he.

Not only can you find it hard to be your brother's keeper, you'll also have trouble being his apologist. As for sisters--deponent saith naught.

January 27 2006 at 00:20:48
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Location: Sacramento, CA
Comments: Judgement day is drawing nigh for Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, former executives of Enron. The trial begins next week, four years after the collapse of the Houston-based energy corporation.

My review on the documentary "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" (now available on DVD) is on the Chew's Reviews page of this web site. If you haven't seen the film, I recommend it----whatever your politics. It's a movie worth talking about.

Oh yes, happy 250th birthday to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born 1-27-1756

In his review, Gary noted that film for a sequel will be shot at the upcoming trial, according to the director during a Q & A at the original film's April 2005 screening in Sacramento.

January 26 2006 at 11:21:30
Name: Erick
Email: ericktul@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Visiting the Will Rogers Museum was a regular treat for my family when I was growing up. My last visit was several years ago, but I am surprised when talking to others to hear that they have never been, and in some cases, that they have never heard of it. (!)

As Mr. Woodward said, a treasure for this state. Claremore is also the home of the J.M. Davis Gun Museum, which should also be regarded as one of Oklahoma's fine (yet unheralded) museums.

January 26 2006 at 10:06:59
Name: LeeLee Woodward
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I had the great pleasure Monday evening (Jan 23rd) to be a guest of Jim Hartz and Joe & Mrs. Carter at the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore, as they saluted Larry Gatlin and the entire cast of "The Will Rogers Follies." Everyone had a great time and also enjoyed a wonderful sit-down dinner prepared by the Amish of Eastern Oklahoma.

If you have not been to the Will Rogers Museum, you are missing one of Oklahoma's unsung treasures. The amount of material from Will's life is incredible as was he. It is all on display in this noble and lovely setting; property which Will and his wife had hoped to retire to. In effect, they did retire there as both of them along with an infant son are buried there in an underground tomb. It was also visited Monday evening. Quite moving.

There were grandsons and relatives of Will in attendance Monday evening as well as Board Members and guests. All the Follies cast received a copy of Joe Carter's new book about Will's sayings. All of the cast members were in awe at seeing and learning about a great man of many more talents than they were aware; and they were most appreciative of the opportunity.

Mrs. Joe Carter heads up the museum now, succeeding Joe in this position. Jim Hartz is Chairman of the Board and has been a great friend of the WRM in recent years, especially in trying to keep our state legislators from turning their backs on funding for this irreplaceable treasure.

The next time you have occasion to write or speak with your Representative, put in your two cents worth; if you visit the Will Rogers Museum, you'll want to do more. It is truly a wonderful treat.

January 25 2006 at 19:58:36
Name: Peggy
Email: peacox@myway.com
Location: Stillwater
Comments: Thanks for the Tulsa TV Memories, it is like a personal online scrapbook. I grew up in T-Town during the sixties.

Mr. Zing and Tuffy, Lee and Lionel, Mazeppa, Gary Busey, and Leon Russell, will always be my idols.

Seeing photos of Skyline Amusement Park were especially fun since my family and I only got to go there once before it closed.

...Rumors were it closed because the roller coaster had termites???

January 24 2006 at 12:08:35
Name: Erick
Email: ericktul@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Breaking News...

The UPN and WB networks will merge to form the CW network this fall. Stations currently owned by Tribune (and likely stations owned by CBS Corp, including OKC's KAUT) will take the new network affiliation. Here in Tulsa, I expect that KTFO will take the new network, leaving KWBT as an independent (this will work better for them, since they will be owned by Griffin.)

January 24 2006 at 11:15:04
Name: Webmaster
Comments: Visited with author Joe Carter last weekend, and picked up a copy of his new book, The Quotable Will Rogers. If I didn't know old Will died in 1935, I would swear he was writing about today's political scene. Wow, how little some things change. You can get a copy at Steve's Sundry Books and Magazines. Steve is darn near as venerable as Will himself, having been in business here for over 50 years! Many other regionally-connected books and videos are available at Steve's, too, including Jack Frank's "Tulsa Memories" shows.

January 22 2006 at 16:58:47
Name: Dana LeMoine
Email: d4wdw@valornet.com
Location: Fellowship of Heathen Chemists Clubhouse
Comments: For those of you familiar with former ECHS Chemistry teacher Pat "Weird" Ward, and even those who aren't, check out WeirdWard.net!

We're just now starting up the site and have a basic page up, but we're working on including a Guestbook, Galleries of Ward class pix and FHC T-Shirts through the years, sound bytes of his Weirdness Himself, and much more.

This is looking like it will be a fun website - check in with it often!

January 21 2006 at 16:18:32
Name: Stephen
Location: Texas
Comments: WBAP? Don't know if got worse or better but the Radio personalities at www.wbap.com are great on the air right now..Hal Jay and Steve Lamb, Sam from Sales and the Traffic team of Monty Cook and Laura Houston. A group of creative and fun people who make the whole DFW area well informed on news and talk radio. I listen each day and sometimes at night. They have Sam from sales comedy audio downloads that make you roll in the Isles laughing.

January 21 2006 at 10:01:40
Name: LeeLee Woodward
Location: Tulsa
Comments: To Dave in Arlington: Is that Texas or Virginia? I was born and raised in Arlington, Texas and happily worked for WBAP-FM in Fort Worth. I believe I mentioned the frequency thing between WBAP and WFAA in an earlier post; but rather than digging through that, I will just recap what I remember.

First, I don't know when it started but I don't think it made past the late fifties. I recall the real reason being a battle between the two for possession of the much desired clear channel 570. This couldn't be resolved and so they agreed to alternate; on what basis, I don't recall.

I do recall that WBAP-AM and WBAP-TV announcers were required to rattle a real cow bell after giving the call letters when they switched stations. I even did this until FM listeners complained and we were spared this stupidity; as was TV soon after.

How this dispute was settled I don't know but WBAP-AM got the 570 slot. I suspect the power of Amon Carter and friends prevailed. He owned The Fort Worth Star-Telegram cartel, which owned The TV and radio stations; so you can imagine the power. I can't remember if the Dallas Morning News owned WFAA-AM at that time or not. I suspect they did as well as the radio stations.

For those of you who don't understand "clear channel" stations, Like KVOO, WBAP, etc. Their signal carries far and wide and under perfect atmospheric conditions can been heard world-wide. I used to listen to KVOO and WBAP while in California in the early 50s never dreaming that I would do work in both places in the future.

I also mentioned at one time that there is no such site like TTVM in the Dallas-Fort Worth Market; however, perhaps some more knowledgeable acolyte of WBAP-WFAA will drop in here and enlighten us more fully.

By the way, even though I worked at WBAP, I couldn't crack into the TV side as there were no openings. None at WFAA-TV either. KOTV's Bob Mills worked there before coming to Tulsa and the reason he and I were hired was because the Program Director of KOTV (Dale Hart) was also a WBAP alumnus.

Six degrees of separation.

January 20 2006 at 19:41:23
Name: Dave
Location: caught in Arlington?
Comments: A very thorough bit of research there by Don Norton, which brings me to a related question that he or someone may be able to figure out. You probably recall back in the 60s and 70s that WBAP-Fort Worth and WFAA-Dallas shared the 570 and 820 kHz frequencies. They'd swap them in the middle of the day, then several hours later would swap back. It seemed like madness. Why'd they do it? Why no more?

January 20 2006 at 13:54:59
Name: Don Norton
Email: donaldhnorton@hotmail.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: (Researched at Webmaster's Request)


Radio and television stations occasionally petition the FCC for a change of call letters--usually when the station changes owners. Hence KVOO (AM) became KFAQ (though the new owners elected to retain KVOO for the FM operation.) Changes are also made for promotional purposes, such as the recall of KAKC to Tulsa. The old frequency of 970 kHz wasn't available, though, the promotion didn't do so well, and KAKC is now "business news" at 1300 kHz--once the frequency for KOME, long gone.

Frequency changes by stations usually occur when the station gets an increase in power and therefore has to move to a new spot to be better heard, or not to interfere, etc. These usually occur one at a time. There were two major exceptions in American radio history--one on November 11, 1928, when the Federal Radio Commission "reined in" some stations not going "by the book"--and by May 29, 1941, when the FCC implemented the North American radio frequency treaty just approved by the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The treaty guaranteed some "clear" channels for Canada and Mexico and also opened part of 1500 kHz (make that Kc or kilocycles; Hertz hadn't been added then.) And it made roughly (estimates vary) 802 of 893 stations change their position on the dial.

This was little hardship for Tulsa stations--there were only three at the time, and they only had to move 30 Kc up the dial--KVOO from 1140 to 1170, KTUL from 1400 to 1430, and KOME from 1310 to 1340.

When Tulsa had only three broadcast stations "everyone" knew which one was being mentioned in the newspapers and other places. But now Rita Sherrow lists SIXTY outlets for Tulsa--16 AM, 33 FM and 11 television (not all covering the entire metro by any means). The World and Tribune put in their style book that stations had to be referred "on first reference" in a story as "KVOO am 1170," KTUL, Channel 8, etc.

I carelessly remarked to the webmaster one day that anyone referring to Bob Wills as having begun his Oklahoma success at KVOO 1170 was wrong--the frequency was actually 1140 in February, 1934 when Bob, O. W. Mayo and Everett Stover showed up at KVOO and asked Manager W. B. Way for a job.

Ahhh, trivia! Ah, nit-picking!

The nitpicker is back and pickin'!

January 19 2006 at 23:21:45
Name: Josh Mars
Email: marsvideopro@yahoo.com
Location: California
Comments: Hi, I've enjoyed reading about the Louise Bland adventures in Tulsa, and am curious to learn if she might be any relation to one David Bland who attended O.U. in the early 1980's? I was in grad school at OU then, and have lost touch with David, so, Ms. Bland, if you are connected to David, I'd love to hear from him! Otherwise, I greatly enjoy the Tulsa TV Memories pages! JM

Roy Pickett worked behind the scenes of Louise's show. I just updated a circa late 1930s photo of Roy with "Knight's Happy Cowboys" in Guestbook 180 with more names of the musicians in the photo. More about Roy, who passed away on Easter last year, farther down that page.

January 19 2006 at 15:53:12
Name: P.Casey Morgan
Email: p-casey-morgan[at]utulsa.edu
Location: the beautiful TU campus
Comments: Who's a star? Mike's a star. Yes, folks, our esteemed webmaster is #48 in the current Urban Tulsa Weekly's list of the 100 Hottest Tulsans. Pretty cool, eh?

We knew it all along.

I had just added a comment about this to the Links page. Thanx.

January 19 2006 at 10:12:49
Name: Lance Gill
Email: TCSFilmFestival@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I am the Festival Director for the Tulsa City Smashers Film Festival being held at the Union PAC on March 31st. We are currently taking film entries. We are hoping to gain as much local support as possible. For any questions or news go to www.TulsaCitySmashers.com or email us.

January 19 2006 at 09:48:33
Name: Webmaster
Comments: From press release:

Former Tulsa sports journalist Larry Burnett has launched a new sports blog, larryBsports.com. It will feature his Emmy-award winning sports analysis, as well as rants and raves on the NBA and on all things sports. He previously hosted Los Angeles Lakers radio broadcasts on KLAC in L.A. He also anchored The NBA Today, SportsCenter and two Olympics for ESPN.

January 18 2006 at 23:18:54
Name: Webmaster
Comments: Check out the photos of the Peaches Records building, plus all the remaining band handprints over at Lost Tulsa. Nice history, too. The handprints need to be saved.

January 18 2006 at 18:50:39
Name: Randy Kindy
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I actually have some vintage Accountability Burns "campaign materials" that I just pulled out of my Strange Stuff file. This dates back to when I was news director at KELi. The man could sure pack a lot of information on two sides of a 3x5 card. Click for full planWhen I first encountered him, he was talking about the MARS-EARS project, whatever that was. Then it was MARS-HEARS. On this piece, he refers to MARS-CHEARS. I don't know if he ever added more letters or what they were supposed to represent.

This is a MARS-gram (click for full-size) I received from him in 1978. He attached a special importance to KELi because of its flying saucer design, he once told me, so we heard from him often. check out the complex mathematical formula for his campaign.

I remember one of his appearances before the Tulsa City Commission in which he laid out a complex plan for building multiple airports -- 14, I think -- all around the city. After such pronouncements, Mayor Robert LaFortune would always give him a monotone "thank you" and announce the next item of business.

Ah, the possibilities. Think what could lie ahead if we elected him.

2002 campaign info is in Guestbook 100.

January 18 2006 at 06:47:24
Name: Branco Slavic
Email: brancoslavic@hotmail.com
Location: London
Comments: What a great site! Tulsa TV will remain with me forever, etched on my retina and tangibly engraved on my gonads.

I can think of less painful places to sport a "Gusty".

January 17 2006 at 15:22:39
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Location: The Donner Party Diner east of Sacramento
Comments: Cutting edge Cahleefohneeya does it again. A controversial film spawns a new radio format for public stations across the nation. It will be a mix of Country 'n Western and Classical Music. The morning show is to be called:

Baroque-Bach Soundin'

January 17 2006 at 13:41:01
Name: King LionelKing Lionel
Location: Reading room, second level
Comments: To Joe in the padded room.

I remember "Howie" Carpenter well. He was a "Scamp." But he played nice and my influence on him must be in full bloom by now as evidenced by the fact that he has you writing for him; for free I'de bet?

January 17 2006 at 09:55:15
Name: Joe
Location: from inside the padded booth
Comments: Mr. Woodward, My good friend Howie Carpenter told me the other day that he grew up next door to you, and that he and your daughter had played with King Lionel. It's a wonder the king didn't wind up missing with a ransom note with Howie around. Heyooo! I told him that I had just seen your brother the day before on a Gunsmoke episode, and Howie said he had met him too. It is indeed a small world.

January 17 2006 at 08:09:44
Name: LeeLee Woodward
Location: The Tulsa Mountings (Quote: Popeye)
Comments: "There are far too many political aspirants in our Country, State and City; who do for serious, qualified candidates, what John Wayne Gacy did for Clowns."

January 17 2006 at 04:15:44
Name: Danny Creekmore
Email: drums4life69@yahoo.com
Location: Panama City, Florida
Comments: Good Morning from the Sunshine State! I'm gonna let out some info that I don't think anyone knows till now!

In 1953 my dad Ted married my mother Margaret JENKINS, she passed away in 1981. Her father was Paul Jenkins who had a brother named Cliff, his son was an student at old Tulsa Central High! His name was Dean, who in the early 70s was a d.j. on KELi! The famous DEAN KELi is my cuzzin! He also worked for KMOD!! And we all know does the OZ spots on TV! When you hear that deep voice, you know its him!! He also has a few bad habits (as we all do!) but that's another day, and another story that him and I know about!

His son Brandon, I think is his name, is a country singer! I'm proud that my kinfolk is doing so good in Tulsa! Hey Dean, send me an e-mail, man!

January 17 2006 at 02:13:01
Name: roy lee
Email: beerdrunk@msn.com
Location: at the library running away from freaks
Comments: Sorry but I can't vote for "Accountability Burns", since he put me under arrest for playing a radio at the Kinko's where I was working. (It was far too busy a day for that, and he really did want me to let him take me to jail.) But don't worry, it's not that political a statement to support him, it's kind of like when "jesus christ satan" ran for mayor of San Francisco awhile back. I will almost always vote for the freak, but I have to draw the line somewhere...

Just released today: a computer game called Disaffected which simulates employee frustration at Kinko's. The programmers should put in a virtual Accountability character as a wild card.

January 17 2006 at 00:35:00
Name: Webmaster
Comments: Archived Guestbook 202...

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