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February 20 2009 at 20:24:13
Name: Michael D. Trout
Topic: Incident at King's
Email: On the ice at White City Park
Comments: I ate at King's at 31st and Sheridan only once or twice, but I remember it vividly. (It looked like this King's Food Host in Ames, Iowa. Thanks to Jeff H...webmaster)

My best buddy Mike Deibler and I sat down at a booth to try the place out. We placed our orders and were chatting while waiting for our food.

Suddenly several things happened at the same instant. There was a loud crack, as if from a gun; somthing nicked the top of my ear; and Mike yelled some oath as he ducked under the table. A split second later I did the same.

Under the table, I looked over at Mike and said somthing like "What the #@%! was that?" Before he could answer a female voice above us mumbled, "Sorry."

We climbed up from under the table and saw a gum-chawing teenage waitress retriving a massive high school ring from the padded booth seat. She had been racing by our booth, arms pumping, delivering the check to a customer in a hurry. Her boyfriend's ring, about a dozen sizes too large for her finger, had flown off, ricocheted off the formica behind the booth, nicked my ear, and bounced off our table narrowly missing Mike's face. He had seen it but I hadn't.

It was one of the biggest rings I've ever seen, and actually made a tiny nick in the edge of the formica. My ear was fine.

The waitress didn't seem the slightest bit concerned. I don't think I ever went back to King's. As I recall the burger was nothing special (for Oklahoma, that is; here in upstate New York the burgers are pathetic pretenders).

I also remember the burger place in Utica Square with the booth telephones. I'm thinking the name was "Carousel," but it might have been "Carnival." There was kind of a circus theme. There was a cool twist to the phones: not only did you use the phone to place your order, you could also use it to talk with people at other booths. Each phone had a small bank of buttons labeled with the number of each booth. It was kind of fun to pick out a cute girl across the way and punch her booth number to see if you could start some kind of coherent conversation.

I just remembered another forgotten Tulsa restaurant that Mike and I ate at a lot. I think the name was "The Alhambra." I don't remember the exact location, but I think it may have been on or near Peoria. Pretty good food for a good price.

The "King's" discussion began with Shelli's question down this page.

February 20 2009 at 18:57:33
Name: Erick
Topic: HD
Email: ericktul(at)gmail.com
Comments: Mike, I just saw where you noted that you have no experience with over-the-air HD since you are a cable subscriber. I think I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't advise you that over-the-air quality for HD is far superior to that of cable or satellite (assuming, of course, that you have an HDTV).

Also, I've joined the "viral video" world and have built a "coat hanger antenna" that was posted on YouTube and is purported to be excellent for the UHF channels that most of Tulsa's digital signals are on. I must admit that it works very well, but not for VHF. This, of course, causes a problem, since 8.3 (real channel 10.3) is the Retro Television Network. So, I created a couple of coat hanger "rabbit ears" for the top.

Incidentally, if no one knows what I'm talking about, feel free to Google "coat hanger antenna", or search for it at YouTube.

Or email me, and I'll be happy to send you measurements and a supply list.

Amazon still sells the old UHF loop antenna like the ones sold at QuikTrip when KOKI came on the air in 1980. It's even cheaper than the dollar QT wanted: 39 cents.

February 20 2009 at 13:24:35
Name: Erick
Topic: Digital conversion
Comments: In addition to the new digital channels the webmaster listed, it should be noted that virtual channel 35.2 is some kind of fine arts channel.

I tried explaining to a friend that channel 8's digital signal is really on channel 10 and that channel 6's digital signal is really on channel 55, but I think I confused him. He was completely blown away when I told him that after June 12th, channel 2's digital signal will be on channel 8 and that channel 8's digital signal will still be on channel 10!

February 20 2009 at 13:02:22
Name: LeeLee Woodward
Topic: A bagatelle
Comments: If you're really looking to slide into a booth and have the chrome-plated music selection box available for your favorite tune, get thee to the "diner" next to the Harley Davidson shop just south of the Broken Arrow Expressway on South Memorial Dr.

Good food... perhaps a touch pricey, but it's a real diner. If you chose to invest in a song I suspect you would have to stay until breakfast to hear it.

I would prefer the old days when you would walk your date over to the giant Wurlitzer juke box and stand there in front of the golden pulsing lights and insert your quarter into the slot and punch your special tunes number. It was a Cialis moment in which you wished for thirty six minutes instead of thirty six hours. You didn't even need twin tubs. Truth is,you knew it was going to be an eternity because the Quarterback showed up.

To think: I had already pried all the masking tape off my Trojan. Another failed investment and no bail out; no, wait, Trixie Hicks! what's her number?

February 19 2009 at 21:15:19
Name: Dave
Topic: No 6 on FM
Comments: I hadn't stopped to realize that this would happen, but I now see that Channel 6 audio is no longer available on 87.7 FM. It's a casualty of the analog-to-digital transition. KOTV has a video report about it. The end of an era.

February 19 2009 at 16:09:42
Name: Doug
Topic: Across the Street
Comments: My funniest memory as a teen and Across the Street was that the phones you ordered on in the booth were red. We used to put ketchup on the ear and mouthpiece of the phone in the booth across from us and wait for the next person to sit down and order. Sunday night after church was the best.

Good one!

February 19 2009 at 12:02:03
Name: Jim Ruddle at WGN in 1965Jim Ruddle
Topic: Foods
Comments: I really don't recall many eateries near KOTV. Jack Ryder, a great hulk of a cameraman and a good guy, and I used to run down to a place on 4th Street, a couple of blocks east of the station where he could devour a steak in minutes.

Phil's Grill, of course, was the place of choice. Like that Tom Ewell line in Seven Year Itch (or some other movie) "I love you because you live across the hall,"

We loved Phil's because it was the closest spot. Further, it was damned good. Phil used to get there well before dawn and bake hams, or roast a haunch of beef. When he made a sandwich, it was a construction. Dagwood yearned.

And, if you needed to find a cop, there was at least one on a nearby stool.

The only places I see on the map east on 4th St are the M&D and B&B Cafes. Could the steak place possibly be the Kenosha Grill at 324 S Kenosha Ave?

February 18 2009 at 16:14:00
Name: Chuck Fullhart
Topic: Digital conversion for 8
Email: cannotafforditdotcom
Comments: I followed the honored Webmaster's suggestions, and pointed the wabbit ears this way and that, but couldn't pick up 8 at all. I can't get the analog signal because the remote for the VCR/DVD is on a vacation from its normal place, and it could be that if I could the wabbit ears out on the street pavement and out of the storm sewer, we could get a better signal.

Keep scanning, they are out there somewhere.492>

February 18 2009 at 01:13:05
Name: roy lee
Topic: Elton John
Email: royleeshouseatgeemail
Comments: Gee, where will he buy records in Tulsa now?

February 18 2009 at 00:22:36
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Elton John on Brookside, 1972

Fun fact for the folks at the L Salon at 3511 S Peoria:

Elton John spent some time at that address on or about Nov. 2, 1972 when Discount Records was the tenant. He reportedly liked their selection. He was here to play the Civic Assembly Center. ("Osmosis" free paper, Vol. 1, No. 4; Cornflakes & Classics: A musical history of Elton John)

It was probably the concert John Boydston saw. (GB 124)

The day before, Elton was at OSU. The day after, he played the Fairgrounds in OKC.

He will be here again in a month (3/17), over 36 years later, with Billy Joel at the BOK Center.

February 17 2009 at 22:20:50
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Topic: Closest Eatery to KOTV
Email: Sogging 'n Windy CA
Comments: I just flashed on a long-gone diner ultra close to KOTV. It was there the first few years I was at Channel Six.

I can't remember the name of it, but it was like a 6 or 8 stool cafe that sat right next to the alley, facing west on Elgin, just behind the old KOTV newsroom and paint shop.

That block on the 1957 Tulsa Google map shows that it's bound on the east by Frankfort; the north by 3rd; the west by Elgin and the south by 4th.

I literally could walk about a quarter of a block from inside the studio for a big ol' mess 'o eggs and bacon--- Tulsa style, as Captain Kangaroo was coming down the net and out onto the air at 8am. That was all before cholesterol was invented.

After the place closed, the small building that contained it was torn down, and all of that side of the block on the Elgin edge became the backside of the KOTV parking lot that was then fenced-in. That's all if my memory serves me at this later juncture.

Do any channel-sixers in this crowd recall the name of the joint?


(Minutes later...)

Whoops! I didn't read the last line of that blog about, yip: Phil's Grill. D'uh again on me. As Roseanne Roseanna Danna used to say...

Del, with a big ol' mess o' egg on his face. Yummy!

February 17 2009 at 20:15:51
Name: Terri
Topic: Restaurants of a By-Gone Era (with phones, too)
Comments: Ma Bell's... Next Door... Across the Street... and totally unrelated, my favorite haunt, "Eli's", in the basement of the Mansion House. A hippie restaurant.

February 17 2009 at 16:16:53
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Restaurants near KOTV in 1957

Continuing to peruse Michael Bates' Google Map of Tulsa eateries in 1957 introduced in the previous GroupBlog, I see several other spots near KOTV at 3rd and Frankfort besides Phil's Grill at 315 S. Elgin:

Jake's Cafe at 412 E 2nd St;
Reynolds Cafe at 523 E 3rd St;
White Palace Grill at 302 E 3rd.

Do any of these ring dinner bells for Mr. Woodward or Mr. Ruddle?

February 17 2009 at 15:09:54
Name: Beverly
Topic: The Carnival
Comments: Mike,

In the middle 70s there was a place toward the west end of Utica Square called (I think) the Carnival. I don't know how long it had been there, but it was there when I started driving. I lived close by and was allowed to drive there. You called in your order using a phone at the booth. They had great chocolate shakes.

Does anyone remember the Crosstown Grill at 11th and Peoria?

The Crosstown Grill (1221 E 15th St) was discussed by several people toward the bottom of GB 89. I haven't had any luck yet finding a photo.

I did find a mention of it in Ron Padgett's book, Joe: A Memoir of Joe Brainard (the link takes you right to it in Google Books). Ron is a poet and writer, originally from Tulsa, who was a guest on "A Prairie Home Companion" in April 2008 (hear it at the link on this site).

February 17 2009 at 09:12:10
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Analog/digital changes today
Comments: KOTV-6, KOED-11, KQCW-19, KRSC-35, KMYT-41, KWHB-47, and KGEB-53 drop their analog signals today. Continuing with analog for the time being: KJRH-2, KTUL-8, KOKI-23 and KTPX-44.

If you are on Cox cable, there should be no changes.

As a cable subscriber, I have no personal experience with broadcast digital TV, and had to pull together information about the Tulsa digital channels from various sources on the web.

I suspect the best advice I can pass on is this from OETA:

"Re-scan your converter box or digital TV set to receive the new digital channels after the analog shutoff. Re-scan each month to access new digital channels."

Here is what I have gleaned so far, mostly from YahooTV for Tulsa and HDTVOK.com.
Everything is digital, except as noted:

2   KJRH-analog
2.2 Weather

6.2 ? (formerly KQCW)
6.3 ThisTV

8   KTUL-analog
8.2 Weather
8.3 Retro TV Network

11.1 OETA-HD
11.2 Okla

17.1 KDOR
17.2 Church Channel
17.3 Jesus Christ Television
17.4 TBN Enlace
17.5 Smile of a Child

20.1 KQCW (new digital location; was 6.2)

23   KOKI-analog
23.1 KOKI-HD

35.1 KRSC
35.2 "some kind of fine arts channel", per Erick, added 2/20/2009.

40.1 K69GO

41.1 KMYT
41.2 Untamed Sports

44   KTPX-analog
44.1 KTPX
44.2 qubo
44.3 ION Life
44.4 Worship

47.1 KWHB

53.1 KGEB

There is another twist:

KTUL's engineer advises that if you have trouble tuning in their digital channel 8.1, instead, manually tune to the station's true frequency in VHF, channel 10.1, make your signal strength meter visible on-screen with the remote, and adjust your antenna to maximize the signal. Then your box should recognize 8.1 as KTUL in the future!

So the above-listed frequencies may be "aliases" of their true frequencies in some cases. Wikipedia says the term for the alias is "virtual channel". (The link also explains "subchannels", i.e., the xx.1, xx.2, xx.3, etc. designations)

Illustrative examples from comments today on HDTVOK.com:

"KOTV will remain on digital channel 55 as they still have work to do before moving to full power on digital channel 45." (Webmaster: "55" being shorthand for 55.1, 55.2, 55.3, and viewable on virtual channels 6.1, 6.2, 6.3.)

"KQCW will drop analog on channel 19 and digital 6.2 and go to its permanent digital channel on 20.1"

"OETA will cease analog on Channel 11 and move to digital channel 11." (11.1, that is)

"KMYT will cease analog and remain on digital channel 42." (KMYT will stay on 42.1 which is seen on virtual channel 41.1!)

Check which channels you can receive based on your zip code at this FCC page. It will also tell you the actual channel ("RF") for each virtual channel, so you can use the KTUL engineer's trick, if needed.

Please send your corrections and clarifications.

February 16 2009 at 18:50:27
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Mo' Phones
Email: North Of You
Comments: Talking about restaurants with phones, don't forget Big Mike's Hamburgers in The Southland Shopping Center.

February 16 2009 at 13:17:28
Name: Jeff H
Topic: I'll phone this one in.
Comments: Mike B, the restaurant you may be thinking of in Utica Square might have been in the space previous to "The Garden", which is now "The Wild Fork".

The "Charl Mont" in Vandevers might have had a quasi-circus theme. I seem to remember a carousel horse in front of that large window that faced south, however, I think they had servers, not phones. "Danners Cafeteria" and "The Glen" on Yorktown were the only other eateries in Utica Square that I can remember.

Thanks Mike for that picture of "Crossroads". If you look to the right under the awning you can see a Git-N-Go sign, one of the first in Tulsa. I can't tell if the Pizza Hut next door to "Crossroads" was built yet.

February 16 2009 at 12:11:56
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Phones in restaurant booths/Juke Boxes
Comments: Either Lum's or somewhere else had red phones in the booth and you called in your orders to the kitchen.

I would swear there was a restaurant at Utica Square that had a circus motif and used phones, too, but that memory is very cloudy now.


Remember when so many restaurants had the small Juke Box heads on the wall in the booth?

We would pester our folks for dimes and quarters to "play our songs" when we were pre-teens.

Some places had loud, bass-y speakers OR Wurlitzer systems that gave us our money's worth.

Run-on sentence coming here...However about 80% of the time, we never heard our songs OR the jukebox head did not work OR the speaker system had been turned way down by restaurant staff because they were tired of the same things playing all the time OR the wait staff did not know where the speaker system volume control was.

We never got refunds on the dimes and quarters either...like a losing slot machine.

February 16 2009 at 10:55:58
Name: Jeff H
Topic: More on phone-in diners
Email: "Are you going to eat your fat?"
Comments: Wow, I was just talking about hamburger joints this Saturday with a friend from the old neighborhood and "King's" name came up as well as all the other restaurants with phones at the booths, "Across the Street" and "Next Door".

He said there was a restaurant at approx. 36th and Sheridan he thought was a King's or a Mike's that had phone in ordering (early 70s). He assured me he was not confusing the King's at 31st and Sheridan. Does anyone remember the drive-in before King's? If you said "Crossroads" you must be really old. There was also a "King's" downtown.

Cross Roads Drive-In Restaurant at 31st and Sheridan, May 3, 1959
Courtesy of the Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical Society.

I was never a big fan of "King's", but I never tried the "Cheese Frenchee." I Googled "King's Food Host" and found several pages concerning "King's" including a recipe to make the "Cheese Frenchee" at home and a photo of a "King's" in Ames Iowa, looked very similar to the one at 31st and Sheridan.

Here it is mid-February and not one mention of TPS "Bean Chowder" this winter, for shame.

We know there was a Boman's Drive-In at 31st and Sheridan in 1957. I am guessing it was on the NE corner, same as the Boman Twin, which went in about 1965.

February 16 2009 at 10:03:24
Name: Erick
Topic: Winter Tornadoes
Comments: John Keyes mentioned a tornado in the Tulsa area around Christmas in the 1980s. The only thing that comes to mind is Christmas Eve of 1982(?) when a brief tornado touched down in south Tulsa. I want to say that there was damage to the old Service Merchandise near Woodland Hills Mall. I think it was late at night. If that's true, that means there wouldn't have been any shoppers there.

Upon further review and a check of the NWS' Tornado Database, the tornado occurred at just after 8am on Christmas Eve and caused 7 injuries. It was rated an F2. It doesn't state anything other than being "near Tulsa", so I could be completely wrong about where it was.

February 16 2009 at 08:01:53
Name: Erick
Topic: Diners-by-phone
Comments: The mentioning of King's reminds me of Ballard's Drive-In, which is located just off I-35 in Pauls Valley.


It's an actual drive-in, similar to that of Sonic, but you can also walk into the restaurant and order by phone at your table. The same man has owned it since the 50s, and is always manning the register whenever I stop in there.

Good eats!

February 15 2009 at 20:47:45
Name: Shelli Bates
Topic: King's on 31 & Sheridan
Email: shel4100@aol.com
Comments: Does anyone remember ordering a cheese or tuna frenchee on the telephone in the booth at King's? Always best with a chocolate malt and onion rings!

King's Food Host? Five years ago in GB 161, David Worrell said:

I'd also like to know if anyone remembers the restaurant called "Kings" at 31st and Sheridan? (It would have been there from late 60s to early 70s.) My friends and I liked it because it seemed unique. It was open really late, and it had telephones at the tables that were used to call in your order. My friends and I always ordered this french-fried cheese stuff called a "Cheese Frenchie". LOL.

February 15 2009 at 16:04:49
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Topic: Blossom & Shirley
Email: The Wet & Windy Big ol' Valley
Comments: Mr. Woodward is over-the-plate and in-the-pocket with his assessment of the late greats: Blossom Dearie and Shirley Horn. Ms. Horn's "Here's To Life" outing is superb, as Woody suggests. Maestro Johnny Mandel's direction and orchestrations are superior on this recording.

May I suggest another great singer's recent CD. He, unlike Blossom and Shirley, has had a much better and longer run. He would be Mr. Tony Bennett.

His 2004 Columbia CD "The Art of Romance" (CK 92820) is also over-the-plate and in-the-pocket. It has to be because Johnny Mandel did the orchestrations for it as well.

Check out Tony doing Johnny's and Alan and Marilyn Bergman's, "Where Do You Start?" And also, Tony singing his own lyrics, "All For You," superimposed on an adaptation of the great "Nuages" by the great guitarist, Django Reinhardt.

A treasure if there ever was one: I loved Blossom---dearly!

Del du Sac

February 15 2009 at 14:57:34
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Spanky Liquor
Email: North Of You
Comments: A company I worked for in the early 90s once leased a building from Farris Saffa, the former owner of Skyline Park.

Farris and I were talking one day and he mentioned that the building we were renting used to be his liquor warehouse long ago.

He also mentioned a salesman employed by him by the name of Spanky McFarland. I asked if it was the same Spanky of The Little Rascals fame and he confirmed that it was the same fellow.

Perhaps he did go on to Dallas to sell the spirits.

So there's your six degrees.

February 15 2009 at 11:44:54
Name: LeeLee Woodward (via email to webmaster)
Topic: Blossom Dearie / Shirley Horn / Spanky / Mullets
Comments: I will multi-task this morning and try to cover three areas of postings I have read.

First, I enjoyed reading Gray Cardinal's posting about Blossom Dearie, and especially the video of her performing on Jack Paar's show. Blossom is one of those rare treasures that come along now and again that give such great pleasure to those whom they strike a chord with. Sadly, many of them never gained widespread fame during their careers and some, never until late in their careers.

One that comes to mind is the incomparable Shirley Horn. I first stumbled onto her, listening to a KWGS jazz show one evening back in the late 80s or early 90s. She was already "mature" at that time. The CD I was listening to was the great collaboration with Johnny Mandel called, "Here's to Life." Still a favorite aphrodisiac.

I also taped a fantastic hour-long documentary of her off cable a few years ago. That's a treasure. The thing about these ladies (and some gentlemen; John Legend-Manilow etc.) is their incredible ability with the piano.

Many could rightly say of them, "Their piano work is better than the voice." But then, either one separately wouldn't have produced the career. Same as Oleta Adams and all the others too numerous to name.

I am the proud owner of an original Blossom Dearie LP, "May I Come In?" I bought it in 1965, a year after it was produced in L.A. I have added a photo of the album for Dr. Ransom to paste.

Jim Ruddle asked for some input into Spanky McFarland's persona at KOTV. I believe I am correct, that this was Spanky's first foray into TV.

There was a set built for him, a little rustic log cabin-looking thing. It had a small front porch and a rocking chair that he was to sit in and pitch the "Little Rascal" movies.

His arrival was delayed and I was conscripted to sit in for him, which I did for one week. He finally arrived and started doing the show.

There were a few problems such as hiding his heavy beard and his...uhm..."ornaments."

I do also remember that he was the first talent to hire a lawyer to negotiate his contract with KOTV. There were no other contracts at that time, with or without a lawyer.

As to his acceptance? I recall no problems or any grousing about him being difficult. In person, he was very upbeat and I suppose, looking forward to making a success of some kind.

To be honest, I didn't see that much of him or the production of his show as I was on the late shift, so there may be someone with more insight than myself. He may have lasted a year? I can't recall.

I did hear that he finally ended up doing very well in the liquor business in Dallas?


Then there is the Mullet Syndrome; least being last. The only person I can remember at KOTV that had one was Bill Southard.

February 15 2009 at 10:26:31
Name: Bryan Crain (via email to webmaster)
Topic: Airview Drive-In
Comments: Something is being built on the old Airview lot. Kind of crazy after almost 30 years! I wonder what it's going to be?

I just added a view of all Tulsa Drive-In Theatres in Google Maps. You can see the lot before the work began.

February 14 2009 at 20:37:23
Name: Gray Cardinal
Topic: Blossom Dearie
Email: Bunker Under the Rose Bowl
Comments: On 11 February, the Webmaster referenced the passing of the great jazz singer, Blossom Dearie. (And, yes, she was born with that name.)

This East Central grad had the honour, in 1990, of producing her in a New York City concert marking the 25th anniversary of the Mississippi Challenge and the passage of the Voting Rights Act. Her personality was as sweet as her voice, and I can't say that about many of the famous musicians I produced.

When I was introduced to her, I said, "Ms. Dearie, it's an honour", and, as is my style in such cases, bowed. She said, "I like the bow, but my name's Blossom".

Blossom Dearie on the Jack Paar "Tonight Show".

February 14 2009 at 15:13:46
Name: Jim Ruddle at WGN in 1965Jim Ruddle
Topic: Spanky
Comments: I'm not sure any were taped. I left KOTV in 1958 and we were not taping shows then, as I remember. Spanky had arrived earlier.

I didn't work with him, but he was around and at least on a casual level seemed okay. He may have been something else to the crew who put his stuff on the air.

Had I ever been forced to go back and reprise Zeta after years of doing more adult things, I rather imagine I'd have been p.o.'d most of the time.

Lee Woodward should have more on the topic.

February 14 2009 at 13:47:10
Name: Jim Reid
Topic: Spanky on Channel 6
Comments: There has been discussion lately about Spanky McFarland on one of my classic film forums. Most people on there agree he was not a pleasant person to be around. Someone asked if any of his Tulsa kid shows still survived on tape? I have never seen any, and 30 years later at KTUL, we were still doing kid shows live without taping them, so I said I doubted it. Have any of the KOTV folks on here ever run across tapes of Spanky's kid show?

February 14 2009 at 09:23:22
Name: John B.
Topic: Mullets
Comments: Mullets are/were a weird fashion phenom. I still see them today, although the last time was after my car broke down in rural Georgia.

Bono has in the past claimed credit for sporting the first mullet, and he does have one in the first U2 video "I Will Follow" circa 1980. But I remember seeing Paul McCartney proudly displaying his mullet cut (Linda too) during the mid 70s when Wings did its worldwide tour. Seems like David Bowie even had one during the Ziggy days of '72. Who was first indeed?

In the animal world, a mullet is a longish skinny fish usually used for bait, but in parts of Florida they are considered fine dining material. I wonder if there's any connection between the fish and the name of the 'do?

February 13 2009 at 22:23:57
Name: Webmaster
Topic: International Mullet Day
Comments: Feb 14 is International Mullet Day, as declared by Ash Wakeman on his original "The World Famous Mullet Watch" site in the mid-1990s.

Mullet Watch has been defunct since 1996. It's been gone so long, there isn't even a copy of it on the Wayback Machine. I have confirmed with Mr. Wakeman himself that the original site is gone and not archived. That's a shame. It was one of the first sites on the internet that really grabbed me.

The old URL was: http://www.zeta.org.au/~ash/mullet/mullet.htm

A surviving quote from Ash's site:

"A mullet is long at the back and short at the front. It is an unusual haircut because, even though it is never in fashion, it is always worn with pride. It is not a natural haircut. Your hair doesn't grow into a mullet. You have to cut it that way on purpose. A mullet is not long hair slicked back. A mullet is two haircuts in one. A mullet is a work of art!"

The mullet is also known as "Hockey Hair", "Neckwarmer", "Mud Flap", "Poodle Cut", and "business up front and a party in the back". The movie "Joe Dirt" stars David Spade as the mullet-sporting title character.

Well-known wearers of the mullet include Billy Ray Cyrus, OU footballer Brian Bosworth ("The Boz"), Richard Dean Anderson (80s TV character "MacGyver"), Michael Bolton, pro wrestlers, and 80s rockers.

The term in its modern sense was coined in a 1995 article published in the Beastie Boys' magazine, Grand Royal, "Mulling Over The Mullet" They also recorded a song, titled "Mullet Head".

Mullet etymology

The documentary, "American Mullet", is enlightening and sympathetic. The director toured the U.S. interviewing mulleted men and women.

February 13 2009 at 22:17:59
Name: John Keyes
Topic: Winter Tornadoes
Comments: I seem to recall a time or two that the Tulsa area was hit by tornadoes around Christmastime back in the 80s...or at least my mind is trying to tell me that.

February 13 2009 at 20:18:07
Name: Jim Ruddle at WGN in 1965Jim Ruddle
Topic: Horace Mann
Comments: Please, don't get me involved in Horace Mann stories.

I was an inmate/student there during the infamous regime of Oliver J. Swan, and there are many who were there with me who can attest to the insanity of the time. We're talking 1943-46.

February 13 2009 at 17:53:58
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: 1974 Tornado
Email: North Of You
Comments: Amazingly only one person, Joseph Byers who lived in the Brookside area, was killed by the tornados that occurred on June 8th 1974. My friends and I stood on our front porch at 21st and 101st E Ave and watched the roof on the house across the street fly off. We quickly moved indoors and waited it out. I still have the Tulsa World from the day after the storm.

There is easily enough material on this site for a tornado page.

February 13 2009 at 15:52:58
Name: Erick
Topic: December Tornado
Comments: The December tornado Gary Chew recollects occurred on December 5th, 1975 in east Tulsa. It didn't go very far (mainly along 21st Street between Garnett and 129th), but caused significant damage in that area. People were caught completely unaware due to the time of year, but keep in mind that this was just short of 18 months after the Tulsa area was struck by two tornadoes during the June 8, 1974 statewide tornado outbreak.

That event, and the tornadoes from Tuesday prove once again that tornadoes do not have much use for clocks and calendars.

February 13 2009 at 12:34:34
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Topic: Previous GroupBlog link

Archived GroupBlog 282, where Tim Sawyer just responded to Vanessa on the topics of Horace Mann Jr. High, the 11th and Elgin neighborhood, and the Restless Ribbon. Other highlights from GB 282 can be found on the What's new page.

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