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March 14 2006 at 20:30:44
Name: John Hillis
Location: Eating smoke from brush fires on t'other side of the mountain
Comments: Neighbors, how long has it been since you've had a big, thick, steamin' bowl of TTM? Well, that's too long!

It's been too long between visits for me for a number of reasons. But I wanted to weigh in briefly on helicopters and roofs. They don't get along well. Composite roofs tend to have gravel and stuff, which rotor blades disturb. This upsets both building and helicopter.

Hospitals, TV stations I have known, and other spots with "helistops" be they on rooftops or not, tend to be nice, level concrete. With a lighted wind sock, And fire extinguishers. And grumpy neighbors. (A Bell 206 at 11:30 PM makes for quite a racket.)

While helicopters are extremely light, (if I remember, fuel weighs more than machine when it's filled up) plain old roofs are generally not made to take a lot of weight, and repeated landings would probably void the roof warranty.

I'm guessing that the KVOO on the rooftop is a leftover that might cost the radio station a buck to remove, so it'll stay there until the next re-roofing or until the elements wash the paint away.

And now for something completely different--Mike Wallace announced his retirement today. I had acquaintence with several 60 Minutes alumni over the years, and all of them were dedicated to Wallace. His pre-CBS work on "Night Beat", a sort of prehistoric interview show done live in New York, is about as compelling as a limbo set and cigarette smoke get.

March 14 2006 at 19:51:29
Name: john
Email: john_jet@aol.com
Location: austin tx
Comments: The Outsiders, the best movie ever made. Stay gold Tulsa.

March 14 2006 at 18:22:42
Name: PlanoOkie
Email: kgates127@msn.com
Location: Plano,TX
Comments: If you plan on being at the Texas State Fair in Dallas this year, the butter sculpture will be Marilyn Monroe (life size). They will also have an exhibit of MM memoribilia at the hall of state building.

Speaking of cabbage rolls, what about the ones at Jamil's steak house, or maybe they were wrapped in grape leaves. Maybe someone can confirm my memory on the grape leaf vs. cabbage leaf recollection...

March 14 2006 at 18:14:15
Name: Kirk Demarais (via email)
Comments: I was chatting with a coworker today about the Phantasmagoria and he mentioned that he had the bumper sticker when he was a kid. When I arrived back from my lunch break I discovered that he had lugged in a toy cabinet with the sticker still stuck on it. Suddenly I was looking at the official Phantasmagoria bumper sticker again for the first time in twenty-odd years!

Of course I scanned in the sticker immediately. It was in great shape, and wasn't even faded. So now my second Tulsa-memory wish has come true. (As you may recall, the first was to see the Plenty Scary Movie intro - thanks again for that!)

See the attached image in all its glory. Naturally, you're welcome to use it on your site if you wish.

Of course, thanks, Kirk...it's now on the Tulsa State Fair page.

Kirk is the creator of Secret Fun Spot:

Secret Fun Spot

March 14 2006 at 17:23:34
Name: Erick
Email: ericktul@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I'm sensing a tie-in.

At the Tulsa State Fair this year, the butter sculpture should be of Mr. S.Artain himself.

I don't know much about the local cabbage roll fare. However, I can say for certain that PF Chang's in Utica Square has excellent Soothing Lettuce Wraps. Have the waiter make the sauce spicy.

March 14 2006 at 17:20:14
Name: Jeff H
Location: Dance Party...Fosse Fosse Right...Fosse Fosse Left
Comments: I have noticed the Dailyphosdex eats quite often at the Union Bus Station. I bet they have great pie and it's a good place to make new friends.

I have also noticed our TPS Bean Chowder Tester has not reported in on the second recipe...I wonder if the first batch did him in?

New T-Town food Topic: CABBAGE ROLLS

1. Is it a side dish or an entree?

2. Eddy's vs Freddie's?


March 14 2006 at 16:48:24
Name: thedailyphosdex.ws
Email: kahunaaccidentale@yahoo.com
Location: Eating chicken-fried steak @ the lunchroom of the Tulsa Union Bus Terminal
Comments: Speaking of the picture of a box of Mazeppa Creamery Butter in the Mazeppa Pompazoidi interview:

Mazeppa butterQuite an amusing touch.

After all, the butter boxes of many Minnesota and Wisconsin creameries as produced butter are now collectors' items, for the most part; many of the smaller creameries stopped making butter in the late 1960s/early 1970s and instead became "pumpout" stations for other, larger creameries, or closed outright.

Blame it, for the most part, on margarine...

Here's a Mazeppa, MN web site. Our own Mazeppa grabbed up the Mazeppa.com domain name.

43 March 14 2006 at 09:56:17
Name: Erick
Email: ericktul@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: KOSU can be heard in most areas of Tulsa on 107.5 FM.

You're right. How did I miss that? This Oklahoma Public Radio transmitter is in Ketchum, near Grand Lake. Added it to the list of Tulsa radio alternatives.

March 13 2006 at 21:43:56
Name: Gary Chew
Location: Sacramento, just a bit west and south of the Donner Party Cafe
Comments: Attention all lovers of Tulsa, Tulsans and lore thereof: for the first time in its 75 years of broadcasting, the Metropolitan Opera will air, live...this coming Saturday, Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky's opera, "MAZEPPA."

The Met isn't aired in Tulsa (3/20/2006: Oh, yes it is! There was a typo in the online KWTU guide. Sorry for the misinformation, and I am told it will be fixed), but it can be heard online at KXPR-Sacramento, Saturday at 12:30 pm Tulsa time. More about this opera in the 1971 Mazeppa interview.

KOSU-FM in Stillwater will carry it at the same time, and some in Tulsa may be able to pick it up at 91.7. I see that Frosty Troy's commentary is carried on Fridays. Haven't heard him in a while! He was a regular contributor on KRMG for years.

March 13 2006 at 12:40:19
Name: Dick Loftin
Email: dloftin1@cox.net
Location: Broken Arrow
Comments: Has anyone noticed the ads in the paper for KRVT Radio? They use the same square panel logo as the great KAKC. Now, maybe it's just me, but there's something wrong with that.
Cheers to all...DL

I saw it, too...definitely double-take city.

March 13 2006 at 12:31:15
Name: Scott Linder
Location: Hollywood-land
Comments: OK, I'm at home today catching up on things and really want a chicken fried steak from Nelson's. Ummm.....

March 12 2006 at 09:49:15
Name: Keli Robinson
Email: kali@austin.rr.com
Location: Austin, Texas
Comments: Wow, does this bring back memories!

I was a young (15!) C&W singer in 1972-76 in Tulsa and got to do the John Chick Show on Wednesday mornings, the Horn Bros. show on Saturday nights and even got to appear with Hank Killian a few times. A big highlight was being a "Tuf-Nut" Sweetheart for Ted Creekmore and his band and touring cool places like Wichita Falls. It was a blast and I will never forget you guys!

Best memory - getting cracked up on the Horn Bros. show during a torch song by Gailard Sartain (Mazeppa) with a stuffed pink boa constrictor!! Thanks for the memories.

March 11 2006 at 11:46:16
Name: DolfanBob
Email: MiamiPhin@yahoo.com
Location: Broken Arrow
Comments: Several years ago, I had a girlfriend that used to hang out at a place called Peace of Mind bookstore on 15th St near Peoria. I think that they even had a massage parlor downstairs. It was a little too New Age for me.

I'm not sure, but I think that it is gone now. Any of you guys get your crystals, incense or rune stones there? And yes, I know....She was weird, Cute but weird.

It's very much with us. Here is the Peace of Mind web site. The book search function is nicely done. "One of the nation's largest collections of Occult, New Age and Metaphysical books...over 175 different herbs as well as stones, crystals, incense, runes, tarot cards," plus Aquarian Age massage. Related: Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s.

March 10 2006 at 15:29:44
Name: DolfanBob
Email: MiamiPhin@yahoo.com
Location: Broken Arrow
Comments: Over by Inola, going East on 412 on the South side of the road is a huge house that almost looks like a church. I have always wondered why it looks like they have never finished it. I have heard rumors that its frame is all steel beams and that the owner or former owner was a steel manufacturer in Tulsa. It is a very cool looking house, and I was just curious.

March 10 2006 at 14:08:43
Name: KVOO studios, near the Broken Arrow Expressway, courtesy of Google EarthErick
Email: ericktul@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa

I'm sure that the KVOO calls are on the roof for the benefit of those in the air. However, my question was leaning more toward wondering if KVOO at some point had a helicopter that landed at the station? There isn't much room over there, with the building being right on top of the highway, so I would suspect that a helicopter couldn't land there. If not, I have no idea why the calls would be on the roof.

I meant to send our beloved webmeister a pic of the calls in question, but I can't get Google aerial pics to save to my computer for some reason and the TerraServer pics aren't of very good quality.

Here's a shot near the Broken Arrow Expressway from Google Earth. There appears to be room for a 'copter to land. I wonder about the roof composition and reinforcement that would be needed for such a use.

The studios of country music stations KVOO-FM and KXBL-FM are located at this building at 4590 E 29th St (it's not to be confused with the old KVOO-AM 50,000-watt transmitter site way out on East 11th Street, with the distinctive three-in-a-row antenna array.)

Heritage station KVOO-AM was converted to an all opinion/talk outlet on May 15, 2002, also studioed in the B.A. building and under the same Milwaukee-based management.

Just discovered the name of a noted jazz musician who spent the late 1930s at KVOO as a studio pianist and sometime announcer: Marvin Ashbaugh. Here is most of his recorded output under his professional name, Marvin Ash.

March 10 2006 at 11:52:39
Name: John K. Young
Email: johnk662561atyahoodotcom
Location: Work...yuck

My aunt went to high school with Patti Page (or, as she was known then, Clare Anne Fowler). This was back in the early to mid 1940's at Webster High School in West Tulsa. Mary (my aunt) and Patti Page were "runnin' buddies" back then.

March 09 2006 at 22:46:42
Name: Mike Bruchas
Comments: PBS fund raisin' time here on the East Coast. Be looking on OETA for some Music of the 50s Special with Patti Page as a headliner. I did not know that she was still alive...

March 09 2006 at 17:34:15
Name: thedailyphosdex.ws
Email: kahunaaccidentale@yahoo.com
Location: In the tearoom of some downtown dept. store eating chicken a la king on toast
Comments: In answer to Erick's query as to why the KVOO call was on the roof of their transmitter building:

One possibility was that such may have been for the benefit of airplane pilots; such was a common practice to paint town names, landmarks, etc., on roofs for years.

I hope this answers your question.

March 09 2006 at 17:19:10
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: No. VA - still unemployed though...
Comments: Thanks to all in Tulsey for the emails re my Dad's passing on 2-11 - 3 days after his 88th birthday.

Congrats to Don & Rosie Lundy - their middle son David gets married in CA this weekend.

Thanks, Bro Norton re Ed Dumit's bounceback from a heart attack - I was worried when no Xmas note came in December.

Don't forget all - to watch the Conan O'Brien in Finland hour special Fri. night after Leno - could be purty funny.

Can Mike Miller's book also be bought at Steve's Sundries??? Has Mike and lovely wife moved from Houston back to Tulsey yet????

March 09 2006 at 15:51:18
Name: Dana LeMoine
Email: d4wdw@valornet.com
Location: Eating a basket of shrimp at Pennington's
Comments: I was watching Letterman a few nights back and saw him use the "cowpoke" reference in a Brokeback Mountain joke.

It was a whole lot funnier two months ago when Mr. Woodward posted his brother Morgan's version of it.

March 09 2006 at 13:10:47
Name: Anonymous Economos
Email: Economos@netzero.com
Location: W of City
Comments: Regarding the Capri Drive-in...

I was the Motion Picture Machine Operator at the Capri for several years in the late 70s. It was, you might say, a starting assignment with the union.

I also ran 'Alien' about a thousand times at the Southroads Cinema. Also filled in at the Admiral Twin.

Good job, by the way. And good pay. One of my duties at the Capri was to edit all 'insertion' from the films and then replace the footage before shipping. I was so fast with that, the chain offered me a position in Dallas, Texas. I declined. A friend asked me if this sort of editing was a comedown from documentary filmmaking. I said: 'What? Quit show business?'

That was yet another career that evolved out from under me.

Ironically, I now live only a short distance from the old site. I'm currently representing satellite internet access.

March 08 2006 at 19:12:34
Name: Kent Gates
Email: Kgates127@msn.com
Location: Plano,TX
Comments: With the 30th anniversary coming up of the Locust Grove Girl Scout tragedy at the old Camp Scott, I was wondering if anyone knows where the actual camp is located. I understand from doing some research that it is privately owned with guard dogs on the property and difficult to locate. I would still like to go by and leave some flowers. Do you know who owns the property now, or if it would be possible to go to the site? My grandparents had a cabin in the Locust Grove area of Cedar Crest when I was growing up in Tulsa.

Guestbook 148 has links back to previous comments here about the tragedy.

March 08 2006 at 15:58:27
Name: Webmaster
Comments: Counterculture music outlet heir Rob's Records is having a sale this week: CDs/DVDs - buy 1, get 1 free; LPs - 50% off. Rob's is at the old Boman Twin location, 31st and Sheridan.

March 07 2006 at 18:51:17
Name: Webmaster
Comments: Mike Miller's new book, How High Can a Guy Stoop?, is now available from Amazon.com.

March 07 2006 at 14:40:53
Name: Don Norton
Email: donaldhnorton@hotmail.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: GREAT NEWS! Edward Dumit has returned to Tulsa and is convalescing at home from the heart attck he suffered December 17 in Las Vegas!

The heart attack occurred just the day before he was scheduled to fly back to Tulsa from a visit to a friend there. For the next few weeks he was transferred between hospitals and rehabilitation centers while Nevada's finest doctors worked him over. He flew back to Tulsa in the company of a friend who volunteered to escort him. Edward then spent four weeks at a local assisted living place (Brighton Gardens) and did not actually set foot in his house until February 27. He was, of course, confronted with a huge pile of e-mails from well-wishers and others.

Edward is definitely taking things easy, but his recovery appears to be coming along well, so we all can relax a bit. For anyone wishing to add to the pile of many hundreds of e-mails, his web address is edward-dumit@utulsa.edu.

Thanks to "tulsatvmemories" for spreading the news; KWGS kept his voice on the air about every half hour, 24/7, throughout this period.

March 07 2006 at 08:43:46
Name: DolfanBob
Email: MiamiPhin@yahoo.com
Location: Broken Arrow
Comments: I think you guys have the wrong idea about what this web site is for. I'm sure the webmaster will take care of it though.

Too much spam! It's back to the funny little code letters and numbers on the Sign the Guestbook page.

March 06 2006 at 17:35:47
Name: Scott Linder
Location: Hollywood-land
Comments: Thanks to Jim for the nod about the SFX. Yes, ET's were a staple when extended beds were required. The standard effects "table" included two turntables, each of which had two pick-up arms. A cross-fader pot was used to fade between the A and B arms on each turntable. This allowed a single cut to be "looped" as long as necessary. The SFX man was always located in the studio along with the actors. A single output from the effects table plus one effects mic was routed to the console in the control room. The operator closely followed the script, providing door sounds, rustling papers, clinking glasses, telephone sounds, foot-steps, etc...all while playing and/or cueing ET's for up-coming scenes!! Wow...what a cool job!!!

March 06 2006 at 16:16:25
Name: Jim Ruddle
Email: jruddle@earthlink.net
Location: Rye, NY
Comments: Great item from Scott Linder about sound FX in "old" radio days. On the Central High School weekly program on KOME, we didn't have any really sophisticated sound boxes or tables to work with, but we did use crinkling cellophane to create the effect of fire, and a fist punched into oatmeal worked well for mushing through a heavy snow. Some effects were on 33 1/3 ET's, but cueing them was too damned dicey and chances of a wow were high. I've seen a wooden whistle, a flat, box-like item that was used for train whistles, but I don't think we had one at KOME. The corker, of course, was the cocoanut halves that were brought down on various surfaces to recreate the clip-clop of horses' hooves.

March 06 2006 at 14:15:28
Name: David Bagsby
Email: dcb@sunflower.com
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: Ziggy's was what Tornado Alley morphed into eventually. I think the same guys that ran that foosball place at 31st and Garnett were behind Tornado Alley. FYI: Tornado brand foosball tables were supposed to be the best back then, hence all the bluster names.

March 06 2006 at 13:24:20
Name: Scott Linder
Location: Hollywood-land
Comments: In response to Lowell Burch...

The "wind machine" that you refer to was but one of many mechanical sound effect devices used in the era of live radio drama. Many such items are still in use by talented Foley artists here in Hollywood to this very day. Sure, there are many excellent sound effects libraries available. However, it is often faster, cheaper and more effective to employ these artists to create "live" effects in sync with on-screen action. They study the script and arrive at the Foley stage with an amazing array of home-made devices with which to create the required effects.

The Foley stages are usually equipped with a variety of floor surfaces including, wood, concrete, gravel, dirt, etc. to assist in the recording of footsteps and "ground action". The artists always bring many styles of foot-wear to match the action. I have often observed a male Foley artist slipping-on a pair of high-heels to match the walk of a female actor!!

These sessions are great fun to watch and demonstrate that the "old ways" of creating sound effects are often the best.

A decade ago, I was pleased to become friends with Jimmy McDonald, who was the sound-effects designer for Walt Disney Pictures for five decades. Jimmy passed away a few years ago, but I fondly remember a trip to the studio to see his vast archive of sound effects devices which were kept on old wooden shelves in a long, narrow store room. He demonstrated many "gizmos" that he had made to achieve the effects for all of the animated and live features, including the old leather wallet he used to create the "squeak" of the Dwarf's shoes for "Snow White". I swear, it was one of the best days of my life!!

He told me that he was stumped when asked to create the "running sound" of the submarine for "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". After many tries, the final effect was produced my micing the edge of a large cymbal which was rolled using a soft mallet, combined with the inducted-hum produced by bringing a large soldering-iron in close proximity to a RCA 44-BX microphone!! Amazing....

A year-or-so before Jimmy died, he found out "second-hand" that the entire contents of his beloved store room had been tossed into dumpsters. What a tragedy. Five decades of Disney sound effects were committed to a land-fill. Jimmy died a few months later...heart-sick, I'm sure that his work was now forgotten.

About a year before his death, Disney did produce a "short" about Jimmy. It used to show-up on the Disney Channel every now and then, and I'm told that it has been tagged-on to some of the DVD releases. It includes some very nice footage of his work, as well as interview segments. God bless you, Jimmy. You were one of a kind. I was proud to call you my friend.

March 06 2006 at 12:28:26
Name: Erick
Email: ericktul@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Quick hitter...

Not sure if it's been mentioned here, but I noticed while looking at satellite photos that KVOO's studios north of the BA near Yale have the call letters spelled out on the roof. It's very noticable. Wonder why?

March 06 2006 at 12:27:41
Name: DolfanBob
Email: MiamiPhin@yahoo.com
Location: Broken Arrow
Comments: Hey thanks for the foosball place name. I don't know why, but the name Ziggy's keep coming to mind. Where was that place located? I thought that it was at 15th and Memorial.

March 06 2006 at 11:48:07
Name: Dana LeMoine
Location: Mayberry
Comments: Looks like we may see the security box return on the signing page...

Deleted yet more Guestbook spam.

March 06 2006 at 11:24:10
Name: David Bagsby
Email: dcbatsunflower.com
Location: Lawrence KS
Comments: That fooseball place at 15th I think was called Tornado Alley.

March 05 2006 at 19:10:36
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: back in DC and never got to the Berghoff
Comments: Amen, Brer Ruddle re KWGS. Where is the training ground for future TV/radio careerists? TU's English Dept. "took over" film-making. Many of you may recall when TU axed their school of Education greatly a few years back but it too has bounced back!

The Lundy family and I watched "Elizabethtown" on DVD Friday night. It was not as bad as it might have been billed as. G.Ailard was good to see in his rotunda-ness! He will always be a great charactor actor!!

March 04 2006 at 12:39:11
Name: DolfanBob
Email: MiamiPhin@yahoo.com
Location: Broken Arrow
Comments: Hey can anybody remember the name of the old mansion house that was on Memorial at about 25th street across from the now-Clear Channel building? Its last years of existence, it was a spook house at Halloween.

Also does anybody remember the old Ridge Riders Skateboard park and Tornado Territory at 31st and Garnett? What was the name of the Foosball place at 15th and Memorial across from Ridge Riders?

That would be the Ma-Hu Mansion on your first question.

March 03 2006 at 20:27:09
Name: Josh
Email: studio.mars@yahoo.com
Location: Downtown Tulsa
Comments: RE: comments (at the start of this Guestbook) stating Tulsa as "America's Most Beautiful City"; what happened? I spent my childhood in Tulsa, circa 1952-1972, and it used to be a fairly clean place to live. Now I see people litter on a daily basis, flipping cig-butts, cans, cups, and other things out car windows, etc...

Excerpt from editorial, "Tulsa can compare with best U.S. cities" by Jim Sellars, 9/30/1992, The Tulsa Tribune

"A little research revealed that the title of America's most beautiful city came from a 1957 Reader's Digest article, a bit of happy puffery that was the payoff for some attentive wining and dining of the author by local civic and business leaders. There also was a nugget of truth in that article which is extremely important for this city today, and it has nothing to do with titles.

"Tulsa east of the Arkansas River in 1957 didn't go much beyond 41st Street, much past Sheridan to the east, or Pine Street on the north. Visitors saw a tight little town dominated by the ostentatious, baronial mansions built in the '20s, when oil was king and Tulsa's other title, Oil Capital of the World, made more sense."

March 03 2006 at 14:59:16
Name: Webmaster
Comments: Gary Chew is going to be a guest on KXJZ' "Insight" at CapRadio.org today at 4:05 pm, Tulsa time. Host Jeffrey Callison will be discussing the upcoming Oscars with Gary, Carla Meyer of the Sacramento Bee newspaper and Jim Lane of the Sacramento News & Review. Tune in if you can via the link above, or catch the segment in the Insight archives later. It's downloadable in MP3 format.

March 03 2006 at 12:14:58
Name: Erick
Email: ericktul@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I spent yesterday in bed with the flu. This afforded me the opportunity to watch daytime programming (yawn). However, I did find out that today is the last day on the air for KJRH and former KOTV meteorologist Mike Anderson, who is leaving the world of TV weather to work at Tulsa Gold & Silver at 41st and Sheridan.

Seems to be a bit of a strange move, but best of luck to him. He's been a mainstay in this market for many years.

March 03 2006 at 10:06:40
Name: Lowell Burch
Location: Sunbathing on the Arkansas (correct French pronounciation - arkansaw)
Comments: I remember going down to the TU radio station back in the early 60's to visit my cousin who was working there. It still had the air of old-time radio back then. One of the things that stuck to me young brain was a big wooden drum with a large piece of canvas resting on it. As they turned the drum, it would rub against the canvas, making a pretty convincing wind sound. I think of that visit everytime I listen to the old radio serials and hear the wind blowing (or Superman flying).

March 03 2006 at 07:45:29
Name: Jim Ruddle
Email: jruddle@earthlink.net
Location: Rye, NY
Comments: I was in Tulsa for a few days this past week and was heartened by some of the things I heard about downtown redevelopment. Hope springs, as they say.

For the first time in fifty years, I went to the KWGS/KWTU studios and, being an antique, was amazed and appalled. I had no idea that KWGS was no long a student-staffed training ground, not that I ever worked there, but I knew many who did. Now, the station is totally automated, except for a few interviews that are, I believe, taped and broadcast later. The sight of two computer monitors as the only functioning items in master control was a jolt. Look, Ma! No humans!

In reference to a post in Guestbook 207 about a math whiz from Tulsa, I would like to suggest another unheralded (locally) scientist from T-town: Edward A. Flinn, known as Ted to his classmates at Central High. He became an internationally known geophysicist, an expert on earthquakes and seismology, deputy director of NASA's space lunar division, and, after his death, was honored by having a prestigious space physics award, the Flinn Award, named for him.

March 02 2006 at 19:51:18
Name: Jim Theodorelos
Email: jtheo121@msn.com
Location: Sonoma County, CA
Comments: The Mazeppa pages are GREAT. A comment about the first photo of Gailard Sartain as a cameraman. I believe the gentleman to the far right is Jim Kudlacek. He was the director for many of the shows. We were roomates for a short time in 72. Jim is a great guy. Funny, warm, caring man. His brother Kerry, also in Tulsa, has one of the great blues collections around. I think I heard that Kerry did a radio blues show in Tulsa a while back. I will try to connect with these guys, and maybe Jim K can add some comments about the shows.

March 02 2006 at 08:44:00
Name: Lee Woodward
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Jim...You're right about some omissions in the Dallas/Ft.Worth market website; if there was a Guestbook like this site (TTVM) has, that could be corrected. Still, the fascinating history of some of these stations beginnings is a riot; such as Amon Carter's idea that radio might compete with his newspaper empire, so he decided to invest three hundred dollars to start up what became WBAP. KFJZ's history alluded to Bob Wills getting his start there with "The Light Crust Doughboys." Interesting stuff.

March 01 2006 at 23:05:16
Name: Jim Reid
Location: Dallas
Comments: The DFWRADIOHISTORY site is very interesting but also a little odd. I've worked in Dallas TV for over 20 years, and recognize many of the names on the site. The mix is what's odd. There's engineers that only worked at the station a year or two, and then some of the big anchors and reporters are not there. It is a fun site that brings back lots of memories.

March 01 2006 at 21:58:16
Name: Lee Woodward
Location: Inert Ok.
Comments: I discovered a terrific web site tonight; I was trying to locate a former Dallas broadcaster friend named Eddie "Stormy" Gale (deceased) and stumbled onto this site...DFWRADIOHISTORY.COM. The webmaster is Mike Shannon, who worked some of the same stations I came up in; KDNT, KCNC, WBAP.

If you ever worked in Texas radio or TV or know anyone who did, you'll find this an interesting site. Some of the names will kick you to this site. I never did find any info on Eddie Gale.

March 01 2006 at 20:19:49
Name: Don Lundy
Email: don_lundy@rtv6.com
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Comments: To John Young: Advise you to stock up on Bean-O at Sam's Club.

The same thought crossed my mind, too.

March 01 2006 at 12:25:16
Name: thedailyphosdex.ws
Email: kahunaaccidentale@yahoo.com
Location: The lunch counter @ the Tulsa Union Bus Depot
Comments: Something As Might Be Worth Chronicling:

Memories of taking the Sand Springs Railway, which was perhaps The Sooner State's last streetcar operation (continuing until 1957, if memory serves me right, between Tulsa and Sand Springs).

(Another equally interesting bit of trivia: The main beneficiary of profits which the Sand Springs Railway generated was the Widows' and Orphans' Home in Sand Springs.)

March 01 2006 at 08:11:30
Name: John Young
Email: johnk662561atyahoo.com
Location: At home, recovering...
Comments: The results of Phase I of the Bean Chowder Taste Test are in! Yesterday, I made the Bean Chowder recipe posted by our erstwhile Webmaster. The results were mixed. The wife loved it and said it reminded her of chili that had been stretched with beans. I thought it was "missing" something. I still can't put my finger on what, however. It was very tasty but, like I said, seems to be wanting for something.

The recipe posted by Don Lundy will be next on the Testing Range. That will be sometime next week as we have enough bean chowder at present to feed a small army!

This is Field Reporter and Food Critic Extraordinaire, Johnny K. Young, reporting for TTM!

February 28 2006 at 13:55:14
Name: Jeff H
Location: Mrs. Wylie's Tea Party
Comments: "No punch or cookies for me, thank you".

In response to a previous post by The Sorcerer's Apprentice concerning the Web Master's vast achievements...

I made a really cool braided key chain in Cub Scouts once. It was a square braid and multi-colored. I also bowled really good one time.

In reading some web sites about Mr. Ed, I discovered a controversy over Mr. Ed's final resting place. This site claimed "Pumpkin" Mr. Ed's stand in is the horse resting in Tahlequah, and no one knows where Mr. Ed is buried. There was also a dispute on how they got the horses to talk: peanut butter or fishing line attached to the horses lips or both. WOW! this has stirred up quite a broo-ha-ha.

Serious question. Can anyone tell me the name of the show Sherman Oaks did in the early 80s? On one said show he had a "Smurf" kicking contest along Riverparks and two friends of mine (who shall remain nameless) kicked that "Smurf" about forty some yards and won a weekend stay at one of Tulsa's nicest hotels. Let me clarify: the Kicker got the prize and the holder got zip. Does this ring any bells with anyone?

Has there been any discussion of doing a Tulsa TV Memories special on television? You certainly have a pool of talent from all the media and technical people who post and know Tulsa's history so well.

I know shows have been done before, i.e.: "Things Not In Tulsa Anymore"... etc. and station anniversary specials, which I enjoyed very much and own. I am talking about showing more of the pop culture and growing up in the Baby Boomer generation of our city. I know there's a market for it by all the glowing comments and thank yous in the guestbook, not to mention the huge boomer population in Tulsa.

This site generates so many wonderful old memories and it would be great to take a trip in the wayback machine and visit our Tulsa's golden age via what we remember best television. People love their memories of growing up in "America's Most Beautiful City".

If you have doubts of getting a program on the air, you did not see "Dancing With Semi-Stars" or whatever that was on Channel 8 the other night. What the &*#@ ! were they thinking?

Sherman Oaks did Afternoon Movie on KGCT Channel 41 in 1982, and Creature Feature on KOKI Channel 23 in 1983 with Steve Pickle and Jeanne Tripplehorn. We have less info about the "Groovie Movie", also on KOKI.

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