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April 30 2007 at 13:35:12
Name: Plane Phenomenon, by Carl BartholomewWebmaster
Topic: Uncle Zeb's new book

Carl Bartholomew has a new book out: Plane Phenomenon: The Pawnshop Mysteries

Read all about it and him in this Tulsa World story, "'Plane' and Simple" by John Wooley.

Carl will do a book signing Saturday noon, May 5, at Barnes & Noble, 5231 E. 41st St., 665-4580.

April 30 2007 at 11:56:11
Name: DolfanBob
Topic: Gary Shore
Email: MiamiPhin@yahoo.com
Comments: I was just wondering if the post from Gary is from my all time favorite Weatherman Gary Shore. The last I had heard from him in a E-mail was that he was in Sioux City, Iowa. If it is you Mr Shore, please keep posting here; it is great to hear from you. I have always said: If Gary says duck, I duck!

April 29 2007 at 18:27:43
Name: Gary
Topic: Next Weekend
Comments: Just letting some old friends know that late next week there will be severe thunderstorms (quite intense actually) in Northeast Oklahoma. After the rainy pattern of this coming week, get ready for a transition to a 4-5 day severe weather pattern. Sorry to hear about Jan Dean and the dismantling of Bell's. Nice to see Lee still posting. Have a good one!!!

April 29 2007 at 18:22:17
Name: John Hillis
Topic: Pride of Lions
Comments: Always nice to see the King presenting. "Hong Kong Flu" was early 1977, I think. The news set change came in 1978, with the arrival of "Battlestar Corinthian" and "Eyewitness News."

I'm guessin' that tape was made as part of the celebration of Bill's long career at KOTV, which would have made it sometime in mid-'78. That was a changable year--Bill, Barbara Allen, Clayton, and Johnny Martin all left their perches around then.

Why these things are important, I'm not sure, but there you go. Always glad to burn a few neurons in the cause of history. As Steve Allen would have said at a time like this, "Schmock! Schmock!"

April 29 2007 at 07:55:29
Name: Jim Ruddle
Topic: Kennamer Case
Email: jruddle@earthlink.net
Comments: I didn't think anyone still had doubts about Phil Kennamer's intention to kill Gorrell. Or somebody. He was demonstrably a wack job, and his self-defense argument fell flat at his trial and does so, today.

I guess all the participants, or tangentially affected parties have died and only such things as the transcript, news accounts (the microfilm of the Tulsa newspapers during the trial disappeared), and only hearsay remains.

One mystery--or potential mystery--was how did Phil die? He was released from prison during World War Two and supposedly died in the South Pacific. Some have always wondered whether he switched dog tags with a corpse.

Here is the appeal of Kennamer v. State online.

It contains some fascinating reading: names you will recognize, such as Jenkin L. Jones (future editor of the Tulsa Tribune), Dr. Karl Menninger (whose diagnosis of the defendant was psychopathy), and a strong closing statement by the prosecution:

"So on behalf of the state of Oklahoma, I am going to ask you to inflict the extreme penalty and send this boy to the electric chair, with the same calm, cool, deliberate action that on Thanksgiving night, 1934, he sent the immortal soul of John Gorrell hurtling into eternal oblivion. Send him down there and rub him out."

April 28 2007 at 23:12:30
Name: Mike Late Night Bruchas
Topic: If OETA or KRSC-TV shows it...
Comments: Watch "Watergate Plus 30: Shadow of History" I think it is a Frontline show but what a great retrospective on Watergate. Just saw!

And how about BILL MOYERS going back to PBS?

Two episodes of Bill Moyers Journal are now online with full video, transcripts, podcasts and blog. His first stories include David Halberstam and Jon Stewart.

April 28 2007 at 21:18:49
Name: Cindy Bender
Topic: The Kennamer-Gorrell Case in 1935
Email: cindybendy at gmail dot com
Comments: I just moved into Judge Frank Kennamer's house 2 months ago and was originally told it was the old "Clyde Boyd" home. I was in the search for some photos of the 1924 home in its glory, however, all I came up with was the Original Owner's name and the sensational case of his son murdering a prominent doctor's son in Tulsa on Thanksgiving.

After changing my internet searches from "Boyd" to "Kennamer", I still have yet to find ANY pictures of the house where Phil lived with his dad at the time of the murder (which is now MY house).

Since the house has undergone several renovations, I assumed the previous owners would have discovered such incredible information, however they had not. Does anyone have ANY information on how big this case actually was? I assume there would HAVE to be at least one picture of the exterior since the case was the talk of the town for almost 10 years.

I read the court transcript and couldn't believe it is basically still unsolved as to the truth - was Phil insane or was it really self-defense? There is, according to the transcript, a missing deer knife and I would assume notes/letters about/to Virginia laying around my house/property, waiting to be discovered.

Do you suppose once I unearthed enough evidence to show Phil was truthful in stating it was self-defense or that he definitely had planned to kill John Gorrell, the news would even care at this point or should I focus on trying to contact surviving family members?

I had never dreamed I would have fallen into such an interesting home with such a colorful past and MANY mysteries, I have no idea where to start.

If anyone has ANY relevant information, suggestions, whatever, please email me.

Jim Ruddle told us some of the details of the case in GB 56 and GB 212.

April 28 2007 at 09:06:11
Name: Wilhelm Murg
Topic: Late Movies
Email: Wilhelmurg at yahoo dot com
Comments: As I heal up from a cold, I have been clicking around the web and I found an interesting article on the old CBS Late Movie from the seventies and eighties.

I remember the Friday edition being a great wealth of great horror films. If I remember correctly, KOTV used to have a movie package they played on Friday nights, usually of cult films ("Dr. Strangelove," "The Illustrated Man," and "The Day The Earth Stood Still" come to mind,) often giving us a double shot of monsters and sci-fi over the weekend.

Kudos should also go to KTUL's "Plenty Scary Movie," Sherman Oaks' "Groovy Movie" (similar to his "Creature Feature" and "Afternoon Movie"), and KJRH's movies after SNL ("Twilight Theater?" "All-Night Theater?"- all I remember was the moon logo and the Soundtrak commercials) which usually came up with some damn obscure titles, the like Peter Carpenter's epics "Point of Terror" and "Blood Mania."

If violence in the media caused real violence, Tulsa would have been flattened by 1986.

April 27 2007 at 18:50:38
Name: Gary Chew
Topic: Move Over O.J.
Comments: Hey, Wall of Sound fans, if you haven't heard, Court TV (cable) is carrying the Phil Spector murder trial.

Delmeaux de Gillette du Coffeyville

April 27 2007 at 10:53:07
Name: Wilhelm Murg
Topic: "Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?"
Email: Wilhelmurg at yahoo dot com
Comments: I'm not collecting much vinyl these days, yet a few months back a nice original picture sleeve of "The Monster Mash," with the Garpax label record, turned up at Rob's Records. I had to have it; it's a true icon of my childhood. The record was released, and charted, three times in 1962 (originally,) 1970, and 1973 -- when I bought my first copy on the London/Parrot label.

With so many radio people on this site, I'm hoping someone could answer a mystery that always bugged me. Was the song supposed to chart the last two times? Or was it simply reissued and all the stations received copy?

April 27 2007 at 01:00:07
Name: Johnny K. Young
Topic: A Night For Jan at Cain's
Email: johnk662561atyahoodotcom
Comments: Hi Mike! It's been a while since I posted last! Just wanted to say that the wife and I went to the fund raiser for Jan Dean at Cain's and the turnout was GREAT! I think every radio station in Tulsa was there representin' (except KXOJ). When Julie and I left, over 25K had been raised. I haven't heard yet what the final count was.

Got some great pics of Rick Alan West, Mike McCarthy, Charlie Derrick and several others. Saw Bob Cooper there as well. He's looking tanned, relaxed and rested. When Jan came out, the place went nuts! It was great. She didn't stay long, but she was there long enough to tell us all how thankful she was to have such great friends and fans. She looked good but her sister told me she tires easily...which is to be expected.

Also, got a good picture of a clock behind the bar that had the KFMJ logo on it. If you'd like any of the pictures, let me know and I'll be happy to e-mail you a set. I'm not sure how they turned out...but I'm hoping most of them turned out okay.

Yes, please send them on. Thanks, and glad the turnout for Jan was so good.

April 26 2007 at 23:14:28
Name: Dana LeMoine
Topic: Bobby "Boris" Pickett R.I.P.
Comments: Not as big of a figure as some of the recent passings but he made a big contribution to pop culture. And, as you will read, there is a Tulsa connection....

He does the "Monster Mash" no more. Bobby "Boris" Pickett, whose dead-on Boris Karloff impression propelled the Halloween anthem to the top of the charts in 1962, making him one of pop music's most enduring one-hit wonders, has died of leukemia. He was 69.

Pickett, dubbed "The Guy Lombardo of Halloween," died Wednesday night at the West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital, said his longtime manager, Stuart Hersh. His daughter, Nancy, and his sister, Lynda, were at Pickett's bedside.

Pickett's impression of Karloff (who despite his name was an Englishman, born William Henry Pratt) was forged in Somerville, Mass., where the boy watched horror films in a theater managed by his father.

Pickett used the impersonation in a nightclub act and when performing with his band the Cordials. A bandmate convinced Pickett they needed to do a song to showcase the Karloff voice, and "Monster Mash" was born - "written in about a half-hour," said Dr. Demento.

The recording, done in a couple of hours, featured a then-unknown piano player named Leon Russell and a backing band christened The Crypt-Kickers. It was rejected by four major labels before Gary Paxton, lead singer on the Hollywood Argyles' novelty hit "Alley Oop," released "Monster Mash" on his own label.

April 26 2007 at 20:28:51
Name: Gary Chew
Topic: Lionel and the Moose
Comments: A big thanks to Maestro Woodward for providing that marvelous nostalgia on this surf site. I don't remember the King Hong Flu fluff, so I was expecting the FLU key to slip out of the shot someway. I miss Bill. Lots of great laughs connected with that whole gang of news folks back in the '70's. I called such stuff we did: Real TV. It's hard to find in the mainstream media today.

But, I've always felt that the King never really met his true destiny. As a cub, I think he should have gone into politics instead of TV. His capacity to deliver oratory was truly astounding. There's a word one could use other than "oratory" in this regard, however.

Delmeaux de Gillette du Coffeyville

April 26 2007 at 19:00:31
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Jack Valenti passes
Comments: Jack Valenti, the former Johnson White House aide and film industry lobbyist who instituted the modern movie ratings system and guided Hollywood from the censorship era to the digital age, died Thursday. He was 85.

In my earlier years at N.A.B., we used to see a lot of Mr. Valenti; he lit up a room when he came in.

Though I was not invited, the MPAA screening theatre close to the White House always had invitation-only showings or pre-release VIP screenings weekly for DC/Congressional types.

He was seen recently in the documentary, "This Film Is Not Yet Rated", in which the identities of the secret film raters are tracked down by a private eye (the MPAA rating system was created under Valenti in the late 1960s). Remember the original "GMRX" ratings?

April 26 2007 at 17:45:38
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Lee & Lionel and Bill Pitcock on KOTV

King Lionel jokes about Bill Pitcock, whose "Hong Kong Flu" blooper follows. Date unknown, probably late 1970s (later note from John Hillis: early '77 for "Kong" and '78 for Lionel). In this clip, the King, like Bat Masterson, wore a derby hat, rather than a crown.

From a tape courtesy of Chris Sloan

April 26 2007 at 14:37:18
Name: Wilhelm Murg
Topic: More Shameless Self-Promotion
Email: wilhelmurg at yahoo dot com
Comments: Good Afternoon Sports Fans!

It's a gloomy Thursday in Tulsa and I'm sick as a dog, but I got two new posts up!

First up is my review of the new Brian Parton CD "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning Blues." Yes, Brian is a friend, my long time collaborator Andrew Hicks did the art work, and my good friend Heather posed for the picture, but if they didn't have talent, I would never have associated with them in the first place. This is good mix of rockabilly rockers, sweet love songs, and down'n'out honky tonk blues. Check out the link on the blog/review to hear some of his stuff!

Next up we have not just one, but two tributes I wrote about the late, great Kurt Vonnegut. The first one is from by bi-weekly TIGER BEAT FROM HELL column, where I write about how literature used to have an impact on rock'n'roll. The second is when I was asked to add a few comments on an article on Vonnegut's passing, and I ended up writing another whole article, NOTES ON KURT VONNEGUT -- one of my first web exclusives! He'll sorely be missed. To a lot of us it's like the passing of an old friend. So it goes.

Also, check out the new revamped look of the site and the new music player I've added. You can sit there and listen to 99 songs if you have nothing better to do. Cumon! You're being paid by the hour, aren't you?

All this and more is available at MySpace.com/WilhelMurg.

April 25 2007 at 08:10:37
Name: George Tomek at KTVY, Channel 4, OKC, 1976George Tomek
Topic: David Halberstam
Email: mranchor@cox.net
Comments: In my estimation, nobody tops Jim Murray (or Red Smith from days gone by) as a sports writer -- good as David Halberstam when he took time out from reflecting on general topics and wrote for sports on occasion. I think Halberstam's best works were the searing articles he wrote for Harper's Magazine back in the 60s-70s time frame. But then, like Playboy, magazines just aren't what they used to be.

April 24 2007 at 22:39:37
Name: Jim Reid
Topic: David Halberstam
: He was one of my favorite authors. I love his baseball books, all of which I've read, and his book on The Fifties was wonderful. He did a few hour long Charlie Rose interviews that were classic. A great loss.

April 24 2007 at 22:29:56
Name: Rick Brashear
Topic: David Halberstam
Email: Right outside your window
Comments: Today, NPR (Non-sequitor Pundits Radio) broadcast an interview with David Halberstam from a few of years ago. He talked about being 11 years old when WWII ended, life in the 1950s, the age of Rock & Roll, the mass change of the 1960s, his coverage of the civil rights movement, wars and so on. I haven't read any of his books or had even heard of him before, but he was interesting to listen to. He had a voice that suited radio very well. Too bad some schmuck ended all that along with his son.

I caught those interviews on "Fresh Air" today, too. The segment is available for listening online at NPR: David Halberstam Remembered.

April 24 2007 at 20:51:02
Name: Dave
Topic: David Halberstam: Blast of the past
: David Halberstam was indeed a great writer. I read two of his books, and it's been so long I need to go back and re-read them. But I'll recommend them because I think folks on the TTM site would appreciate them. One is The Powers That Be, which traces the histories of CBS, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and Time magazine and their impact on the 20th century. And then there's The Fifties, which has plenty in it about the development of radio and TV during the decade.

Here's a little known piece of trivia from The Fifties: NBC sent John Chancellor to Little Rock to cover the school integration crisis in 1957. But LR didn't have an AT&T link to NBC back then, so every night Chancellor had to hop on a chartered plane to fly him to Oklahoma City where he could broadcast live.

Halberstam also wrote a book called October 1964, about the Yankees-Cardinals World Series. I haven't read it but I need to do that. How could it not be good?

The webmaster's Zenith Royal 40 6-transistor radio

I've got to read that one. I followed the '64 series closely on my Zenith transistor radio, which I wore on my belt at Mitchell Elementary School. Lots of us did that.The Tulsa Oilers were the Cardinals' AA team at the time.

By the way, I heard on NPR the other day that an audio tape of Vin Scully calling Sandy Koufax' 1962 no-hitter for the Dodgers has been unearthed. You can hear it at the link.

April 24 2007 at 08:57:59
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Mayfest poster/Jan Dean

Gailard Sartain will encore as poster artist for Mayfest this year (he painted the art for the 2001 Mayfest poster). It's set to happen downtown, May 17 to 20. Here's an article about Mr. S.Artain and Mayfest in GTR News Online.

This Thursday night, April 26, at the Cain's Ballroom: "A Night For Jan." Read more about this benefit for long-time Tulsa DJ and radio person Jan Dean in Urban Tulsa.

April 24 2007 at 06:48:54
Name: Ken
Topic: Billy Joel in OKC Tickets
Email: jayhawken at aol dot com
Comments: I know that TulsaTVMemories.com is not intended as a sales site, but this sometimes-contributor here is stuck with seven extra tickets to Billy Joel's concert in Oklahoma City a week from today and I need help!

Don't ask how I ended up with seven tickets too many. It's an embarrassing story of friends backing out and separate purchases made by my wife and me before we could notify the other that tickets had been secured. The upshot is that I'm left holding tickets that have cost me a few bucks under $700 and I'd much prefer to recover most -- if not all -- of my costs.

The concert is at 8 p.m., Tuesday, May 1, at the Ford Center. The tickets are for Sections 103 (five seats) and 104 (two, with my and my wife) in the first tier from the floor, left of the stage, approaching the back corner. Not great, but certainly very "good" seats.

With taxes and handling, the $85 seats cost me exactly $99.05 each. I'll entertain reasonable offers that approach that level.

C'mon, Tulsans. It's Billy Joel! (And thanks, Mike, for indulging me this one time.)

April 23 2007 at 21:27:03
Name: Steve
Topic: Lost Tulsa web site
Comments: The Lost Tulsa web site has so much of the past of Tulsa, I am wondering if other cities have sites that involve the citizens to contribute to places of memorable locations.

Being a north Tulsa kid, the stomping grounds has declined only because the economy over-grew during the 70s. I expect places all over Tulsa did, too.

The Downtown of Tulsa has to stay intact, as that is the heart of any city. I hope the penguins in the city stay there. They are a conversation starter.

New on Lost Tulsa: photos taken at Peaches Records around 1980 by an employee, showing some of the artists who left their handprints in cement blocks. Also, Northland photos.

April 23 2007 at 20:17:59
Name: Lloyd
Topic: Esteemed Journalist, David Halberstam
Comments: Just read that David Halberstam, Pulitzer Prizes, author of The Best and the Brightest, etc., was killed this morning while a passenger in a car that was broadsided in California, where he had delivered a lecture on Saturday.

Few journalists meant as much to those of us of "The Vietnam Generation".

To survive Nam, and die in a car crash.

All honor.

April 23 2007 at 19:15:56
Name: Si Hawk
Topic: Dick Van Dera
Email: sihawk@bokf.com
Comments: I am very sad to read of the passing of Dick Van Dera. I had the opportunity to work with Dick a very short time prior to his leaving KWEN in 1974 and taking a position at KTUL. Dick was a real professional and a good guy. He was a positive force for broadcasting and made the Tulsa market a better place as well.

April 23 2007 at 18:01:58
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: KTTM-TV?
Comments: I think we need to start a web-inspired Low Power TV channel in Tulsey - based on all we know and with all the folks who visit here!

Now if only one of us would "win the Lotto" to bankroll such a beastie!

Bring back THE KING!

April 23 2007 at 10:42:58
Name: DolfanBob
Topic: Clear Channel
Email: MiamiPhin@yahoo.com
Comments: Erick you are right. Channel 19 is not owned by Clear Channel. UPN 41 is the one that I was thinking of. The sale is to Providence Equity Partners and I think that they are in Texas.

I also agree with you about them biting off more than they can chew. I worked for Tulsa Cable, and United Artists came in and bought out United Cable, our parent company, and they found out real quick that they too had bitten off more than they could chew. Remember their theater chains?

April 23 2007 at 07:49:53
Name: Erick
Topic: Clear Channel
Email: ericktul@yahoo.com
Comments: In response to DolfanBob's comments...

Clear Channel is selling off all of its TV stations simply because they have bitten off more than they can chew. No buyer yet, as far as I've heard. Also, CW 19 (formerly WB) has never been owned by Clear Channel. They are currently owned by Griffin Communications, which also owns KOTV and OKC's KWTV.

April 21 2007 at 22:03:15
Name: Wanda
Topic: Tulsa memories
Email: wmc at prodigy dot net
Comments: It was great to read and remember some of the things about Tulsa. I lived in Tulsa for 20 years. There are so many things I miss, been gone a long time, but thanks for the trip down memory lane. Just stumbled on to this site.

Thanks for writing in, Wanda.

April 20 2007 at 17:14:51
Name: DolfanBob
Topic: Clear Channel
Email: MiamiPhin@yahoo.com
Comments: I read this morning that Clear Channel has sold off their Television division of 56 stations for 1.2 billion dollars. Seems a little cheap to me. Fox 23 and WB 19 is part of those. So who knows what, or if any changes will come about.

April 20 2007 at 14:42:40
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Flashback to St. Michael's 35 years ago
: You HAD to play "Scotch and Soda" - I thought it was a Tulsa dining ordinance!

April 20 2007 at 09:19:43
Name: Wilhelm Murg
Topic: MH2
Email: wilhelmurg at yahoo dot com
Comments: I just bought the first volume of "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" (or MH2 as the fans call it.) The first 25 episodes come on three discs (for those of you keeping score, it will take 13 boxes to complete the 325 episode cycles). I'm up to episode #9. Loretta is still walking.

While there are laugh out loud parts, the whole thing really seems more strange than funny. Dody Goodman as Mary's hysterical mother is the highlight of the cast; she plays her part with all the gusto of Maria Callas doing a mad scene in an opera. The late Graham Jarvis is also great as Charlie "Baby Boy" Haggers, he has a lot of great subtle moments, and of course the late Debra Lee Scott, another dream girl from my youth, is great as Mary's slutty, girl-next-door, little sister. Mary Kay Place is almost too good for her role, while everyone else has his or her tongue in cheek; she seems to disappear onto Loretta.

If I remember correctly, the entire run has never played in Tulsa television. KJRH (maybe it was still KTEW) played the show at 11 AM on weekdays, ironically enough, on its first run, but canceled it after its first season. It replayed on KOKI in the early 1980s, but they didn't even make it to the end of the first season. The DVD releases will be a rare chance for Tulsans to see what put Mary Kay on the map, in all its glory.

I also ended up with the set of "Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp." These Border's 20% off coupons are killing me.

April 20 2007 at 05:52:20
Name: Bunker Under the Rose Bowl
Topic: St. Mike's Play List
: Mrs. Bunker, I guess she got tired of moi bemoaning fact St. Michael's Alley hasn't had the booth-side juke boxes for years, and I've been trying to remember the playlist and she said "Ask the folks on TTVM".

OK: Duh.

"Take Five" and "Scotch and Soda" ...

Help me out here, or I'll have to undergo hypnosis to bring it all back.

"Take Five" is already in the video jukebox for St. Michael's. Haven't found "Scotch and Soda" (Kingston Trio, 1958) or its flip side, "Worried Man", yet. I certainly remember hearing the flip side of "Take Five": "Blue Rondo A La Turk".

April 18 2007 at 21:32:14
Name: Dave
Topic: Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman: five in a row
: Speaking again of Mary Kay Place and the days of Mary Hartman squared -- it was an unusual situation for airing that soap. No network would pick it up and it ran five nights a week, so markets without independent stations ran it around 10:30 p.m. Good competition for Carson at the time.

But for awhile the CBS station in Springfield, Mo., bundled a week's worth of episodes -- that's five consecutive half-hours -- and ran them all at once starting at 10:30. So a dedicated viewer would have to stay glued to the set until 1 a.m. once a week to keep up. It was insane, and the MHMH producers didn't like it a bit. Once the show became a national cult hit, the Springfield station wised up and went to nightly episodes.

April 18 2007 at 17:15:45
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Leon Russell locator service
: I believe he is here in DC this week at the State Theatre in Falls Church. I will miss him yet again due to work. I also missed John Mayall this week. Darn it!

April 18 2007 at 11:47:36
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Topic: Leon and J. J.
Email: Just SW of the Donner Party Family Grill
Comments: An Existential Radio Moment to Freeze in Time:

KVMR-FM Nevada City, CA (89.5) in the Sierra Nevada Foot Hills, NE of Sacramento, (now) broadcasting and streaming "A Song for You" by Leon Russell...with segue to "Crazy Mama" by J.J. Cale.

Too Cool.

Delmeaux de Gillette du Coffeyville.

April 18 2007 at 10:13:40
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Previous GroupBlog summary

Archived GroupBlog 239.

We lost two TV/radio people this past week: Harlan Judkins and Dick Van Dera. Harlan began in Tulsa as an announcer on KTUL and KOME radio in 1941. Dick was "Uncle Zip" on KTUL-TV and also worked in radio here. There is much more about these gentlemen from their friends and colleagues.

Former KOTV cameraman Pat O'Dell was inducted into the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame. last week. He was at CBS News for much of his illustrious career. Jim Hartz, Lee Woodward, George Tomek, and Mike Miller congratulated Pat.

Linda Soundtrak checked in with us for the first time from her home in Birmingham, AL. If you were in Tulsa in the 70s and 80s, you will be familiar with her high-energy commercials. (Her sons, Sluggo I and II, have grown up.)

World-renowned flamenco guitarist Ronald Radford paid a visit. He got his start on KOTV's "Kids Karnival" show in the early 1950s, playing a Hawaiian tune on uke!

Tulsan Mary Kay Place received a much-deserved talking-about, highlighting her singing, writing and acting careers.

Somehow, yodeling, in the personages of Slim Whitman and the Dutch prog rock group, Focus, got mixed in.

Tune in GroupBlog 239 to "get you some of this", as Springer combatants are wont to say.

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