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July 05 2011 at 13:52:21
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: The Coppola screening projectors
: Mr. Reid, please enjoy the new 35mm machines in your booth. By all means, give us the details!!

As to the Coppola screening projectors, they were not DeVrys. I spoke with Corky for a few moments yesterday. He was on his way to work, but will provide accurate information ASAP. Sorry for my fading memory.

July 05 2011 at 00:59:00
Name: Jim Reid
Topic: Projectors and stuff
Comments: That's interesting to hear about Coppola having a DeVry machine for his screenings. The short time I dabbled in 35mm that was the machine I had. When I realized how heavy the film was and how much room it would take up I went back to 16mm.

One other thing, this last weekend they installed 35mm projectors in the Texas Theatre so my Marc 300 Pageants are not the only film in the room anymore. The head projectionist has told me he'd show me how to run them. I can hardly wait.

July 04 2011 at 13:42:32
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: Corky, "Rumble Fish",etc.
Comments: Lazzaro, thank you for your kind remarks and the "Rumble Fish" credit info for Corky Coble. "Projectionist" was always used on credits so that patrons and others would understand the work. Please know that it's perfectly OK.

As spoken previously, we all used the term "Operator" because we were known by the IATSE as "Motion Picture Machine Operators"...see? It's a Union thing from the past.

As far as I know, Corky knows more about the skill and art of motion picture projection than anyone I have ever known. He's nearing the age of 70 now, but he's sharp as a tack and his memories and knowledge is stunning.

The Tulsa Historical Society, or someone, should do a video intervew with him to document his work in Tulsa, and elsewhere before all of us old guys go to that "Big Booth in the Sky". Plus, he might actually allow them to see "The Corky House" which is a motion picture museum, in itself.

Corky has never owned a computer, and has spoken on the same telephone number with an answering machine for many decades. Let me know, if anyone would care to contact him. Only serious persons need respond!!!

July 04 2011 at 07:32:50
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: Corky
: Sure enough, credited with the 'P' word:


I'd certainly be interested in hearing Mr. Coble's recollections. I wonder about the mood in the room during the dailies.

July 03 2011 at 13:54:58
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: "Rumble Fish" screenings
Comments: Lazzaro, and others: It's fascinating to hear of various "Rumble Fish" locations again after all these years, including the diner etc.

I know that you are all weary of hearing from me, but I thought I would mention that Tulsa Operator Corky Coble was chosen by Coppola to screen all the dailies, which was done in one of the small downstairs theatres at the Performing Arts Center.

Apparently, Coppola's projector was damaged during shipping to Tulsa and Corky provided the needed repairs, after which Coppola hired him to be available at every hour of the day for screenings. I think the machine was a DeVry Portable with a Mazda lamp, but you guys do care about that stuff.

Yes, I believe that Corky got a screen credit for his work. I speak with Corky from time to time, and he is a wealth of information. I'll ask him about the locations, etc. if anyone cares about someone who was actually there.

July 01 2011 at 12:22:16
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: Bell Rooms?

Jon: "I first went to see for myself if indeed this was a cafe/cathouse as urban legend was in 1974. My testosterone influenced opinions may have swayed the truth, but my uncle Enrico Mattioni who some may remember from Cadillac dealers bought this property and another adjoined east of it, learned it had a past in seedy operations of several kinds. The movie "Rumble Fish" leased this property and portrayed it as a Whorehouse to my memory."

Hmmmm...I don't know about that. This would be exactly the type of story my ears would have been tuned-in for during that time (a la Rideshy and May Rooms) but I never heard a hint of scandal about the place. Just a nice little cafe. But you never know. Interesting story.

I need to watch Rumble Fish again, but if you are thinking of the scene with SE Hinton on the stairs - that was shot along the block at Greenwood and Archer. I used to prowl that derelict area with a camera before Coppola rolled into town and I made it a point to go down there during the filming to see the spectacle of those ghost buildings look alive again. I hear there are real, honest-to-God businesses back there now, which is pretty cool. They were sure bulldozer-bait when I hung out there.

July 01 2011 at 10:31:49
Name: Jon Cummins
Topic: Bell Cafe no relation to Zingo
Email: studieman@aol.com
Comments: My father in-law worked with "daddy" Bell at the post office probably in the early 50s when many coworkers were invited to bring their families to a wiener roast and let the kids ride his mini-train he had built in his backyard. I read about him being influenced by Crystal City and seeing their crowds and success gave him the drive to pursue this type of business. Crystal City built an enormous roller coaster by the name of Zingo predating Bell's. My wife kept in touch with Mrs. Bell and she was very nice.

July 01 2011 at 10:18:59
Name: Jon Cummins
Topic: Bell Cafe
Email: studieman@aol.com
Comments: I first went to see for myself if indeed this was a cafe/cathouse as urban legend was in 1974. My testosterone influenced opinions may have swayed the truth, but my uncle Enrico Mattioni who some may remember from Cadillac dealers bought this property and another adjoined east of it, learned it had a past in seedy operations of several kinds. The movie "Rumble Fish" leased this property and portrayed it as a Whorehouse to my memory.

July 01 2011 at 09:29:26
Name: Don Bowers
Topic: Bill Bowers passed away June 28, 2011
Email: dhurst4221@aol.com
Comments: Bill Bowers, who is referenced within several pages of your blog, passed away on June 28, 2011. He is survived by 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Bill was instrumental in the early days of Tulsa television newsreporting for KAKC...one of the links briefcase/KAKC_Airplane_and_Staff.jpg Sadly this closes one of the historic chapters in Tulsa, Okla, media.

I'm sorry to hear that, Don. Our condolences to you and the family.

Bill sent that photo with IDs and another spectacular aerial shot in GB 81, ten years ago.

June 30 2011 at 23:35:29
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Topic: Brubeck's Back In Town
Email: Northeast of Eden
Mr. Cummins, Take Five, man. I kid thee. But I AM wondering if Bell's Cafe was any relation to Bell Park or, maybe, Zingo. If Bell's Cafe was on 3rd Street, then I drove by it everyday on my way to 3rd & Frankfort, but didn't know it. PS The little cafe that faced west, behind the old KOTV newsroom and paintshop...has it been discussed? I used to eat breakfast there after Captain Kangaroo came on after me in the early bright. Probably has, since our Web Maestro is keen in his research.

Phil's Grill at 315 S Elgin?

June 30 2011 at 22:33:21
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: Mystery revealed
: Yes, this was the magnificent, yet unassuming, Bell Cafe at 814 East 3rd Street. The photo was taken in '76 or '77 - but even back then it was apparent you were stepping into a time machine when you walked up the sidewalk off 3rd and entered those double doors. The huge banks of windows running the length of the front were generally the only light needed when I dined there. I don't personally recall, but a friend tells me the upper half of the windows could open to take advantage of fair winds - just as windows should do. Water coolers rumbling quietly in the heat of summer, the place was painted floor to ceiling (again, if my memory is correct) in that 'institutional green' that all of us of a certain age recognize in our bones. Antique refrigerators and coke machines in the main dining area - not as kitsch or for the 'cute' factor - they were simply operating kitchen/cafe equipment. Some pre-production someone missed the boat when Bell's wasn't chosen for a location in 'Paper Moon'. It was wonderful.

I knew the Bell Cafe because I lived nearby and once found, frequented the place. I remember breakfasts and lunches but don't recall being there for dinners. Maybe it was a daytime operation only. I wonder what the history of the place was and what became of it. It was certainly unique in my Tulsa cafe experience and there must be a story there. In the photo, Miss Bell is standing at the back of the shot to the left opposite of the man sitting at the counter. The waitress taking an order in the right foreground (from Dave Brubeck, Mr. Chew?) looks a little like the gum-snapping 'Flo' of whatever television series that was but was in fact a very nice young lady who did her job extremely well and tolerated, with grace, having a camera pointed at her during busy lunches. I wish I could claim the same. Not the young lady part.

I'd be very interested in hearing more about the Bell Cafe than I can dredge up from my somewhat challenged 70s memories. Anyone?

Mystery diner revealed

June 30 2011 at 20:43:11
Name: Jon Cummins
Topic: Mystery diner
Email: studieman@aol.com
Comments: How about this being the "Bell Cafe" on 3rd Street? The entry way and windows on the right don't resemble Coney Island's with the recessed entry door (I stood inline enough to remember drooling at the window and hoping they would still have some for me) As for Brubeck, that doesn't look like him to me! Depending on what year this was shot DB had dark hair with a normal cut and black "horned rim" glasses until mid til late 60s when he grew his hair longer (more youthful) and more trendy clothing.

Ding, ding, we have a winner! (along with Rex Brown on the Facebook posting of this item; in fact, he was first on the draw.) See the address and location of the Bell Café in this Google Map of 1957 Tulsa eateries. Zoom in for better detail.

In 2007, Michael Bates of BatesLine.com created a KML file with info from the 1957 Polk's City Directory. It is inserted into the URL linked above to show Tulsa's 1957 restaurant locations (indicated by knife-and-fork icons) superimposed onto a present-day map/satellite photo.

June 30 2011 at 18:30:32
Name: Gary Chew
Topic: Mystery Downtown Diner
Email: Northeast of Eden
Comments: I haven't the foggiest notion what/where the place was... but, looks like to me that the guy sitting at the table, just to the left of the standing waitress with the glasses, has to be Dave Brubeck. Maybe he was in town for a gig.

June 30 2011 at 15:07:09
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: Lazzaro's diner
Comments: Lazzaro, was this that little place on the ground floor of the Philtower or Rialto Building? I have vague memories of going there with my Mom after a visit to the dentist on our way home. My mom didn't drive, so I seem to remember riding in a taxi, which stopped by Kress's to pick-up some five-and-dime stuff.

Hey, that was almost 50 years ago, but the photo seemed to strike a chord, somehow.

June 30 2011 at 05:48:03
Name: Lazzaro (via email)
Topic: Downtown Tulsa mystery diner
Comments: With a tip of the hat and apologies to Tulsa Historical Society for stealing the idea: Where am I?

Next to the steamed-up Coney Island of downtown Tulsa in the mid-60s, this was probably my favorite Tulsa eatery.

Mystery diner

June 28 2011 at 14:56:15
Name: Stan
Topic: Rojo in Hi Fi
Email: stanatkrvt.com
Comments: Anyone have a copy of this bit? Too good not to save.

Drunken Swedish pianist "Bjorn Toulouse" performs Rojo Jorge's "You're My Date in Panama" on Mazeppa Vol. 3.

June 27 2011 at 18:24:50
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Topic: Making It to Lawzee Time
Email: Northeast of Eden
Comments: I went to a blues bar in Sacramento today, and did a free gig as an extra in the bar for a scene being shot by an indie film company. I was in some of the shots, reacting to a argument being acted at the bar. Don’t know if I’ll make it past the cutting room floor, but I’'m stoked just the same. Gailard Sartain has always been my inspiration since, instead of sitting at a bar, like me, he appeared (under the talented hand of the late, great Robert Altman) perched on a stool in "Nashville" being hisself.

June 27 2011 at 08:19:26
Name: DolfanBob
Topic: KAKC
Email: DolfanBob@lycos.com
Comments: Man oh man did I ever miss one great evening of Tulsa radio history. Thanks so much for the pictures you have posted. All the DJs look great.

I would have liked to have met Sherman Oaks and talked with Scooter B. I listened to him for many years and I even have a old cassette tape of me calling into his show and talking with him.

Did anyone bring up Captain Fantastic ? He was another popular DJ we all listened to.

June 25 2011 at 15:35:34
Name: Tulsa Gal
Topic: Re: A note to Tulsa Gal
Email: tulsahistory@aol.com
Comments: Thank you Scott, for those kind words. I know that website IS a little complicated to maneuver around on for some, but I'm working within these 'boundaries' that Google (web host) creates for bloggers. It is frustrating for me, too, not having control of some things. Oh well, you work with what they give ya.

Regarding any contributions you'd like to share, just send 'em to my email address tulsahistory@aol.com and I would be most appreciative.

Thanks again.

June 25 2011 at 14:09:00
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: A note to Tulsa Gal
Comments: Tulsa Gal, I really enjoy your nice, if a bit complex, website. Actually, I've often thought of contributing a few things, but I don't know how to do it. Old guys like me aren't very smart.

Meanwhile, I do love what you do.

June 24 2011 at 21:33:41
Name: Tulsa Gal
Topic: KAKC Exhibit
Comments: Doh! My batteries went dead too right before the DJ's started their "show". Those pics of them were taken by a friend on her cell phone. Darn I wish I'd been able to finally meet you.


June 24 2011 at 19:57:12
Name: Tulsa Gal
Topic: KAKC- more photos
Email: tulsahistory@aol.com
Comments: Here is a blog post with more photos and a sound bite from Mike "Morning Mouth" McCarthy last night. What fun it was to listen to these guys!


Thanks! You got a lot of the photos I intended to get when my batteries went dead. Sorry I didn't get to meet you there; I was the tall guy in the red shirt.

June 23 2011 at 23:01:59
Name: Greg
Topic: KAKC Exhibit at THS
Comments: I attended the opening tonight of the new KAKC exhibit at the Tulsa Historical Society. It was great! Lots of photos, old record surveys & other rare memorabilia.

Plus, at tonight's opening, we got to hear from & meet such KAKC icons as Dick Schmitz, Scooter Segraves, Harry Wilson, Clayton Vaughn, Mike McCarthy and Steve Suttle.

The exhibit will be open until June 2012, so I encourage everyone, especially those who grew up here listening to the Big 97, to go check it out!

3 shots from the THS KAKC event:

June 22 2011 at 15:40:52
Name: Tulsa Gal
Topic: KAKC Exhibit Opening
Email: tulsahistory@aol.com
Comments: KAKC is back! Tulsa Historical Society's newest exhibit "The Big 97: Tulsa's KAKC Radio" opens June 23 at 4:30 pm.

The opening will include a special panel of KAKC personalities sharing their memories of working at the station and answering questions from the audience.

You will also have the opportunity to chat with special KAKC guests including: Scooter Segraves, Dick Schmitz, Clayton Vaughn, Mike McCarthy and Harry Wilson.

Admission: Adults $5 - Seniors $3 - Members FREE
Please RSVP to ths@tulsahistory.org

June 21 2011 at 15:58:02
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: The Twin, West, etc.
Comments: Lazzaro, thank you so much for your kind and personal thoughts with regard to the Admiral Twin West footage that I viewed. As you memtioned, I'm sure that the young man in the booth was doing his very best to put a good picture on the screen under very difficult conditions. I truly appreciate your thoughts, and trust that my comments were not meant to offend. It was just a look at a booth from years past.

Yes, all of us Operators always did what we could to keep our booths and equipment clean and professional. After all, they were our workplaces and, as we know, dirt is the enemy of film. The booth at the Brook was swept and mopped twice a day. That's how we ran the same print of of your dreaded film for 26 months!!.

In any case, it is quite true that "We Can't Go home Again". I worked as an Operator in another time with different rules, audiences and picture preferences.

Me, and others like me, will all be gone soon. I truly appreciate you, and many others here on TTVM who have shown interest in what we did in many Tulsa theatres for years. Thank you.

Meanwhile, I trust that all those who view films at the new Admiral Twin will see them shown with the interest and care that we remember back in the "old days".

June 20 2011 at 18:40:06
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: A Twin, West
: "You can't go home again"

When I said 'challenging conditions' earlier I was thinking of the long run of a single print of that dratted film 'The Sound of Music' while looking at what seemed, to my uneducated eye, a booth that would be very hard to keep clean. One door between a dusty parking lot of sorts and the projectors. I'll bet the cardboard and duct tape stuck in your craw. Understandably.

In defense of the young man running the booth - he did say, in his brief appearance in the clip, that if you kept things clean the old machines keep running. That's the spirit. I suspect he had the film bug and was running the best projected image he knew how to run.

I had little notion of what was going on up there in the booth until I read your posts here Scott. It is a continuing education.

June 20 2011 at 15:02:20
Name: Gary Chew
Topic: Bright Spot Q & A
Comments: Thanks for the headzup on the KAKCy press conference redux. I'm stoked. I'm chartering a private jet to get me back there in time for the bash so I can ask some impertinent questions of the luminaries who'll be in attendance. I already know the answers to most of the queries, but want to ask them in public. Sounds like it'll be a ball.

June 20 2011 at 12:40:29
Name: P. Casey Morgan
Topic: KAKC exhibit
Email: p.casey.morgan at gmail.com
Comments: Wanted to make sure everyone knew about the upcoming KAKC exhibit at the Tulsa Historical Society.

The opening reception is this Thursday and includes a Q & A with Scooter B., Dick Schmitz, Clayton Vaughn, Mike McCarthy and Harry Wilson.

Details at TulsaHistory.org/news-events.

June 19 2011 at 15:52:18
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: Re: Admiral booth footage
Comments: Lazzaro, I just got a chance to view the Admiral Twin booth footage, shot on the west side. The deplorable condition of the machines in the booth brought tears to my eyes. This just goes to show you what happened when Operators were replaced with "popcorn boys" in the booths.

Even as the facility was showing its age back in the 60s, we all did what we could to put a good picture on those old screens, until we were replaced with amateurs.

I can only hope that the new Admiral Twin will take advantage of all the new technology, as well as all that we learned from the past.

June 19 2011 at 12:51:28
Name: Jim Ruddle at WGN in 1965Jim Ruddle
Topic: Silents, please
: Back in the Darker Ages, the early 1940s, administrators at Bartlesville High School came up with an idea that would occupy students during lunch hour. Most kids brought their lunches in those days--although a hamburger joint across the street boomed with such additional delicacies as ground pork sandwiches, known as "pigs, and ice-cream push-ups--so what could be done to keep them out of trouble?

Silent Comedies!

Harold Lloyd, Will Rogers, Charlie Chase, Keaton, et al. It was free and it worked.

June 17 2011 at 21:58:35
Name: Webmaster
Topic: More about Moby Anderson

From the Tulsa World today:

"Longtime performer was big fish in Tulsa's music pool"

June 17 2011 at 21:53:36
Name: Jim Reid
Topic: Silent Comedy in Broken Arrow
: Thanks for the plug and it was great finally getting to meet you. It was a fun night and a great crowd. Hopefully I'll be back up and do more shows.

Great to meet you, too, Jim. Your halogen lamp-powered projectors threw a bright image up there. Loved the big sound of the old organ, too.

The movies were "Pass The Gravy", "The Sun Down Limited" and "Fluttering Hearts". The latter included Oliver Hardy before he had teamed up with Stan Laurel. "Sun Down" featured an early "Little Rascals/OurGang", and "Gravy" revolved around a prize rooster. Evidently roosters were considered inherently hilarious in the 20s; see this Larry Semon silent comedy I posted back in GroupBlog 289.

June 16 2011 at 23:15:26
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Silent Comedy in B.A. tonight

TTM contributor Jim Reid will be doing a show with the Tulsa Theater Organ Society at 7 pm on Friday, June 17 at the Broken Arrow campus of the Tulsa Technology Center at 129th E. Ave (Olive) and 111th St. He'll be running his 16mm prints of what he considers the funniest silent shorts, accompanied by organists playing a vintage 1920s theater organ. More detail from Jim in GroupBlog 327. Hope to see you there.

June 15 2011 at 14:19:39
Name: DolfanBob
Topic: Man vs Food
Email: DolfanBob@lycos.com
Comments: Tulsa's episode of Man vs Food airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

Thanks, Bob. That's Cox Channel 59.

June 13 2011 at 11:36:20
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: Calculating the odds
Comments: Heh...

June 13 2011 at 09:40:55
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Twin In Cheek Stuff
Email: North Of You
Comments: Past president of that club or perhaps she is the older elusive frizzy haired girl?

June 13 2011 at 08:08:48
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: Steamed windows
Comments: Alumna of a certain exclusive Osage Apartments club perhaps?

June 13 2011 at 07:06:19
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Twin Footage
Email: North Of You
Comments: Seventy boyfriends?

At the end of the Jack Frank video linked just below, the interviewee estimated 70 Admiral Twin boyfriends over her 35 year period of attendance. But in her next sentence, she hazarded a guess of 5-10 boyfriends/year, which works out to 175-350 total BFs.

June 12 2011 at 15:56:09
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: "Focus" from Lazzaro
Comments: Lazzaro, thank you for your info. I'll try to find the booth footage on TTM that you speak of.

As a general note, working in the booths at the Admiral Twin back in the 60s was actually quite pleasant on both screens, at least on the East side where I worked. I loved the machines and lamps, and it was always fun when a dad or mom asked if they or their kids could visit the booth.

I always gave the kids a scrap of film from a deleted trailer to take home, and they loved watching the reels go around! This was all a part of working in the booth, back in the old days.

June 12 2011 at 15:24:34
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: Hey! Focus!!!
Comments: Let's hope the opening extravaganza press coverage includes a tour of the booths.

Speaking of which... did you ever take a look of that footage of the film operator in one of the Twin booths, Scott? I think it was posted about the time of the big burn. You might enjoy seeing the equipment again and film running on reels despite the challenging conditions of the Admiral Twin booths. But I suppose you know all about the challenging conditions of the old Admiral Twin booths. East anyway.

June 12 2011 at 14:56:20
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: The Admiral Twin
Comments: As spoken during previous posts, I am so pleased that the Admiral Twin will live again. I wish I could have been there with Lazzaro and others to turn a spade of dirt. Plus, it would have been a great time to meet some TTVM folks who have been good enough to chat with me over the years.

I would really like to see the technical innovations that will be a part of the new theatre, as well as the motion picture choices that will be screened during the opening.

In any case, I hope that it will be a grand event that includes a few glimpses from the past, as well as those things which will mark the beginning of the Admiral Twin for future generations.

But, I'll still remember my favorite machines in the booth on the East side... sweet.

June 12 2011 at 10:04:16
Name: David Batterson
Topic: Admiral Twin's Triumphal Return
Email: Use Morse Code
Comments: Gary, maybe second on the bill could be "The Buddy Holly Story" or The All New Adventures of Laurel & Hardy in "For Love or Mummy," both of them Mazeppa films.

June 12 2011 at 07:41:33
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Six years old in Tulsa, 1959

I used a copy of this Dick and Jane
workbook at McKinley Elementary School in 1959.

Blue Think and Do Book
By Tinkers Moon

I was packing this lunchbox from the
1959-60 TV series, "Men Into Space" (IMDb):

Men Into Space lunchbox, illustrated by Willy Ley

I had a toy version of the helmet, too (at home only).
I remember how sweaty it was to wear it in the attic
(The closest I could get to outer space at the time).

Men Into Space helmet

We caught the Rock Hudson/Doris Day movie "Pillow Talk"
(IMDb) at the Admiral Twin that same school year.

June 11 2011 at 16:01:11
Name: Gary Chew
Topic: Twin's Triumphal Return
Comments: Very cool photos here to underscore the Admiral Twin's triumphal return. For the grand re-opening, how 'bout a double feature: a new flick and, as a second (as they say, co-hit): "The Outsiders."

Going in and coming out: a redux with legs.

June 11 2011 at 15:32:06
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: shovel-ready
Comments: Thanks for the photos Mike.
I was wondering how it went. Wish I could have been there. Did anyone actually sink a spade in Twin dirt? Hope so.

June 11 2011 at 12:43:07
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Photos from the Twin Groundbreaking today

Random sample of photos from the TTM Admiral Twin Flickr photoset:

June 10 2011 at 16:42:00
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Previous GroupBlog link

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