Steve Briscoe - 07/10/99 00:45:45
Location: Tulsa, OK
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Uncanny Film Festival
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Gailard Sartain
How did you find TTM?: search for "Mazeppa"

Jim Back - 07/09/99 22:56:56
Location: Edmond

Ah, Sam Kinison! He did indeed spend a lot of his youth here. (If Matt Dillon lived in Tulsa it was only temporary while working on those S. E. Hinton movies.)

But Kinison is a different story. His father was a TV preacher, and in the early-to-mid '70s he bought airtime on Tulsa Cable (if "airtime" is the correct term for cable), for a typical Oral Roberts, Gene Scott, et. al. -type "preaching with his hand out" program. They were recorded at the Tulsa Cable studio and I don't know if they were aired anywhere other than Tulsa or not.

Anyway, when Sam hit the big time, I was working at Tulsa Cable, and a couple of oldtimers confirmed that young Sam appeared on his father's show from time to time as part of "warm and fuzzy" family shots, occasionally shown listening earnestly to his father's sermons, etc. We tore the place up looking for those old tapes because we knew they would be priceless. Alas, we couldn't find any.

His comedy was definitely "out there." I wonder how his style would go over today? (I saw the movie "South Park" last night and it was far more graphic in its language than Sam Kinison and Andrew Dice Clay put together).

Davi.D Bagsb.y - 07/09/99 20:46:54

KTBA used to broadcast the National Lampoon Radio Hour back in the early 70's and alot of the material was not included on their recent box set. Anybody have some of that stuff on tape? The very last Oklahoma broadcast that Lampoon did was a parody of a morning farm report show from Durantee (ala Jimmy) Oklahoma..."Durantee got it's name 25 years ago when Jimmy Durantee's car broke down right here." I used to have tapes of these shows when I was young and we had them the "Welcome back the Death Penalty" show or episodes of Flash Basbo-Space Explorer where he is attacked by the invisible mind gobblers from Alpha Romeo.

D.avid B.agsby - 07/09/99 20:39:33
Location: Tulsa, Earth
Favorite Tulsa TV show: That monster movie show that used to be on Saturdays after cartoons

This is slightly off the topic but, does anyone have a tape of the following Tulsa concerts:
Gentle Giant-KMOD did a simulcast in 1976 from the Wharf club.
U.K. at the Cains-1978
Bill Brufford at the Cains-1979 Thin Lizzy-1975 at the Pavilion (opening for BTO
Genesis-1976 at the Brady (Wind & Wuthering tour)
Kansas (any show thru 1980)
Todd Rundgren (any show ever in Tulsa)
Jimi Hendrix-(Yes, he played here, but not sure of the date).
Also FYI:
King Biscuit Flower Hour has released a double cd of Emerson Lake and Palmer...half of it was recorded in Tulsa in 1974 (Brain Salad Surgery tour) at the Civic Center. I also heard a rumor that Kansas recorded some stuff here (at the Church Studio?)...anyone know what songs?

Erick - 07/09/99 20:37:31
Location: Tulsa

Yes! Sam Kinison! I forgot about him. I think he lived in town for a time in the 70s, before his rise to fame. His parents do live around here somewhere, and I think Sam is buried near his parents home in a private plot.

I think Matt Dillon had a home in Tulsa during the early 80's. In a short span of less than 5 years, he filmed 3 movies in town. I think he may have family here too.

It may not count, but dancer/singer Paula Abdul spent some time in Tulsa sometime during the early 90s. She was a patient at the Shadow Mountain institute to help resolve an eating disorder.

A. Hollywood Mogul - 07/09/99 19:12:21
Location: The West Coast

Memo to Bill Groves:

Most Tulsans have forgotten about those slasher movies till some bobo in Tulsa mentioned them on TTM.

You'll never work in Tulsa again!

Cecil B. de Spielberg de Coppola

Bill Groves - 07/09/99 18:09:16
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Uncanny Film Festival
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Mazeppa
Stupidest local commercial: Andy Ewing Toyota

United Entertainment is the company that Christopher Lewis produced/directed the direct-to-video gore films for. His writing on them was limited to doing rewrites of others' material, however. Although my name is the sole writing credit on "The Ripper," the shooting script was written by Lewis, based on three prior drafts of mine. What remained was roughly 60% of my plot and maybe 50% of my dialogue. To anyone who's actually watched the film, let me just say "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!"

The script writer gets as much respect as Rodney Dangerfield, even though the script is perhaps the most important factor in a movie (IMHO).

Erick - 07/09/99 15:46:27
Location: Tulsa

Just for the record, not all of Jack Frank's videos are available at all Walgreen's locations. The one I used to work at has zero, and the manager said they haven't had any in nearly a year. So, call around beforehand! =)

Thanks, Erick, for this correction...I'm changing my comment below.

Jim Back - 07/09/99 13:41:29
Location: Edmond

Hal O'Halloran was sports director at ch. 8 in the '60s. During the early to mid '70s he was the PR man/radio voice of the Tulsa Ice Oilers. He died in the late '70s or possibly early '80s. I think he did some Oiler baseball play-by-play in there somewhere, too.

I can't confirm that he did a kids show, but as you can tell by reading the various guestbooks on these pages, TV in those days tried just about anything and anybody looking for successful programming. So it's very possible.

Mike Bruchas - 07/09/99 12:56:35
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Tulsa Teen Town Topics
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: The Late Johnny Harden - first owner of a KFC franchise in Tulsa
Stupidest local commercial: Almost ANY appliance dealer spot - RCA threw lots of co-op money around in Tulsa
How did you find TTM?: Jack Hobson + unevil twin at AMR - Mike Ransom

Let's do some CEElebrity memories here....

Hey! What about Loretta Young's kids? Christopher Lewis - who worked at 8 & 6 and had/has a career as a writer, too, is her son. Is he still in town? I remember him writing some "slasher (horror) movies" that went straight to tape for a video company in Tulsa. Anyone remember these or what video company bankrolled this?

Not to demean Christopher - he is a nice guy - but it seemed a funny turn in his career. But I guess if you want to learn your craft as a film wordsmith - ya gotta start somewhere...

His half brother - one of the Lamas boys also worked in Tulsey as either a reporter or sports. Anyone remember which one this was and what station he worked at?

TV star of the 60's Donna Reed also lived in Tulsa - I think until her death. This followed a marriage to a Tulsan.

Tulsa also had it's musical celebrities besides Leon Russell - who drew an awful lot of talent to Tulsa. I think I remember Paul McCartney recording at Leon's church studio on 3rd street across from the Ranch House Restaurant.

Eric Clapton lived in Tulsa for several years - pulled here by Leon I think - and dated Tulsan singer Marcy Levy. We used to cruise by his house and see if any celebs were hangin' out by it - never did see any. Back in la Clapton's drug/alcohol abusing days - do any of you remember the brouha when he was arrested on a Sunday night at Tulsa Int'l Airport for being drunk and disorderly coming in on a flight??

What other celebs besides local heroes G.Sartain and Teddy Jack Eddy Busey can you recall??? I knew Bonnie Raitt also lived in Tulsey for a while....

Yes, I remember Slowhand's run in with Tulsa's finest. I believe he through his luggage over the rail in the airport and loudly complained in less than civil language. He recently said that he was in the depths of alcoholism in this period of his life.

Saw Sam Kinison at Buttons picking up a lot of tapes once. I believe his parents live here.

Phillip Parham - 07/09/99 02:06:13
Location: Broken Arrow
How did you find TTM?: Channel 2 news

I was born in Tulsa in 1950. I remember sometime in the 50's being on a kid's show called "Captain O'Halloran" The star was Hal O'Halloran. Is there archived footage of the Betty Boyd show? My father was a guest on her show.

I don't think there are archives. Jack Frank's videos (available at Steve's and possibly some Walgreens) have some footage of Betty Boyd, particularly "More Tulsa Memories".

I don't remember "Captain O'Halloran". Anyone else?

Thanks for watching and writing, Phillip.

Gary Walsh - 07/08/99 20:50:29
Location: Tulsa
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Mazeppa\Jerry Webber\John Hudson
Stupidest local commercial: Dan P. Holmes Insurance (Highway 33)
How did you find TTM?: KJRH-TV News Segment

I was just talking to a friend here at work a couple of weeks ago asking if they remembered "Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi's Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting"? I laughed as I recalled my favorite skit that Gailard did on raising Chinchillas (that was the latest money-making craze at the time - like real estate seminars or internet seminars are now). Sherman Oaks asked Mazeppa what he was doing as he licked the toupee that was taped to the back of his hand - "This is how you clean them" Mazeppa responded.

The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa have some Chinch harvesting skits. Saturday Night Live picked up this idea about 3 years after Mazeppa did it.

Patti - 07/08/99 15:18:33
Location: Tulsa
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Mr. Zing!
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Mazeppa
Stupidest local commercial: Reeves Bros...."and don't forget POOR ole Pappy!"
How did you find TTM?: Jack Frank's Memories

Am I thrilled to find this site! Can't wait to share it with my OLDER brother (hehehe) who turned me on to UFF&CM in the first place! (I was ten.)

Ya know....I honestly think I still have my 7Up Uncanny UnCola card somewhere! Sheesh!

Regarding the Mr. Zing & Tuffy show....I seem to remember the lyrics of the second first slightly differently than your earlier contributor.....the version I remember said:
We love to say hello. We hate to say good-bye.
And so we say hello. When we mean good-bye.

Picky, picky, picky....I know! But thought you might want to know anyway!

Great site! Can't wait to have time to explore it more thoroughly! Thanks!

We are picky, picky, picky here, so thanks for telling us how you remember the lyrics. R.A. Cook, does this sound more correct to you?

Anyone else see the show last night or this morning? KJRH has the RealVideo clip on their site already! (see the link on TTM's main page at the top).

Thanks, Patti. I see you know exactly how to deal with paragraphs and breaks in the guestbook.

Erick - 07/08/99 01:27:06
Location: Tulsa
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Dan Satterfield

More great stuff from Dan Satterfield. I lived in OKC during the '84 flood, but I remember hearing stories from my aunt who was trapped in her car just west of the traffic circle. Fortunately, she was rescued fairly early on in the event. Too many others eren't.

Bob Demers is indeed at Maine PBS. According to a cousin in that area, he is only a correspondent for a local program called Quest. I searched around but couldn't track down Roche Madden (that name sounds familiar) or Jerry Vaughn.

I had the great fortune of meeting Jerry Webber a few years ago. I believe it was shortly after he was diagnosed with cancer. He was in great spirits, and very funny! He didn't talk like he was a big news anchor, just a great neighbor. Indeed, he will be issed.

Speaking of Mike Morgan, I've dropped him an email, but we haven't heard from him yet. Hopefully, that will be soon.

Joe Robertson - 07/07/99 15:54:51
Location: Tulsa, Ok.
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Lewis Meyer's Bookshelf
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Tuffy
Stupidest local commercial: better not touch that one
How did you find TTM?: fellow employees

I actually got to meet Mazeppa at the Tulsa State Fair back in 69' or 70'. I was in the 3rd grade, and it was a big thrill for me. I told him that unfortunately, "I always fall asleep" during the Uncanny Film Festival, and he told me to "DRINK MORE COFFEE". I actually saved his autograph from the fair until about 3 years ago, when it finally disintegrated. Does anyone remember the "Unfilmy Can Festival on KAKC? I swear if I ever see Gary Busey back in town I'm gonna yell out "Teddy Jack Eddy" at him!!!

Hi, Joe...yes, I remember the Unfilmy Can Festival. I think Mr. S.Artain may still have some of that material...perhaps he will someday make it available on CD.

Denise Lundy - 07/07/99 12:45:26
Location: Tulsa
Favorite Tulsa TV show: UFF&CM
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: G.Ailard

Wasn't the singer you are asking about named Pam Van Dyke? All I can remember is her making goo goo eyes at Ike Horn and singing "You Give Me Fever" (the old Peggy Lee hit). I hear her name from time to time in connection with local entertainment. Seems her current forte is jazz.

Also, did Mike Ransom go to McKinley Elementary?

He did, indeed, for kindergarten and 1st grade.

Yes, Pam Van Dyke was a regular on the Longhorn Wingding. She often performs at Tulsa Jazz Society events. She is quite a good singer.

Dan Satterfield - 07/07/99 07:25:09
Location: Huntsville AL
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Mazeppa of course
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Arlton J Do right (Jerry Vaughn at KRMG)
How did you find TTM?: email

Hi there,

Sure have enjoyed reading the posts from all those familiar names..I grew up in t town and also had the chance to be a small part of its tv history.

After reading a post from John Lawrence in Japan (He was a weather intern for me while in H. School) I realized I might have a few stories to add to this great site! The pic of Cy Tuma brought back memories!

Mike Morgan was a high school weather intern for the ch. 2 weather dept. back in the early 80's..he is now Chief Meteorologist for KFOR in Oklahoma City...we now both work for the same company...NY Times.

Someone ask if I was on the air the night of the Memorial day flood..I was..after the weather I checked the storm top on the radar and it was off the top of the scope...I ask to go back on and we got some more info on for South just got worse after that...Roche Madden was the main anchor that night and I remember a Tulsa Police officer being rescued in front of the station from the flood waters..the whole back of his uniform was torn off. I am not sure where Roche is now..anyone know?

I was also on the set the night of the famous Girl Scout story that Karen Keith read...the one where she mispronounced 'they went off into the woods to pitch there TENTS". What you may not know is that Sam Jones held it together while Jerry Webber and I were about to fall over and then when the camera was off, Sam fell over backwards out of his chair on the set laughing... Karen didn't realize what she had said until we told her!

I can tell you about a few other people that I have seen questions about..Gary Shore was here at the ABC affiliate for about a year..he resigned and is in New Mexico on vacation I believe.

I have lost track of Bob Demers..was in Maine the last I heard from him. I worked with John Mcyntire (KJRH early 90's) at WESH in Florida...he is now doing a popular talk show in Pittsburgh I believe.

Anthony Mason..reporter for KJRH is now of course at CBS.

Kurt Schmitz who also did weather on KJRH is Chief Met. for WTVM in Columbus Georgia. I was best man at his wedding in Tulsa..

The greatest thing for me about working in Tulsa was getting to do the afternoon weather with Jerry Vaughn and the gang at KRMG. I would listen to him and Arlton J. Do Right as I rode my bike home from Junior High... then one afternoon in 1984 I was on the air with Jerry doing the weather! was a great thrill....anyone know where Jerry is now??

Anyone still remember his sign off each day..."Hang in ever so lightly and ever-lovin tightly... straight ahead!"

One last thing, in the years I worked at KJRH I never heard Jerry Webber say a bad word about anybody..he was the greatest.....he is surely missed.

Thanks for all the great information, and memories, Dan.

MITCH - 07/07/99 05:34:20
Location: LA
Favorite Tulsa TV show: UFF&CM
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: MEZEP&PA
Stupidest local commercial: STILL LINDA SOUNDTRAK
How did you find TTM?: I FOUND IT GREAT!

Whatever happened to Patty Van Dyne of the Horn Bros. Show?

Also, did G. Ailard S. Artain ever hear from anyone in Bokchito, OK once Mazeppa made the little hamlet a latenight household name? MI

See above for more about Pam Van Dyke...

We never did hear from a Bokchitan, although we made an attempt to find someone online from there a few guestbooks back.

Debbie Sommers - 07/07/99 02:46:59
Location: Tulsa
Favorite Tulsa TV show: All programs on channel 2:)
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Karen Keith
Stupidest local commercial: Still can't beat that fat guy who waves his arms screaming "If you don't come see me, I can't save you any money!!!!" (4 Day Furniture ad) makes me wanna jump in my car and race over.. LOL:)
How did you find TTM?: Through Friends of Virtual Tulsa

Wasn't born here, but we all moved here when I was 2. So I was pretty much raised here, and don't ever plan on leaving:) I'm 26, so I don't have too many Tulsa tv memories other than Don Woods and all the gang at Channel 2. My family has always only watched channel 2, it's the best! I cried the day that Jerry Webber died... he was a true legend here, and I always watched his program. I grew up watching him as a news anchorman, and loved his daily stories when he started that. Even my kids enjoyed watching him and hearing great stories every day...

I'll be watching your interview! Good luck! It's been a while since you came to see us at our site, so drop in and see what's new! I started a Yahoo!Geocities Support page, so come check it out! Thanks!!! ~Debbie~

Thanks, Debbie.

Lonnie Don McGinty - 07/07/99 00:20:32
Location: LosAngeles
Favorite Tulsa TV show: UFF&CM
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Lazlo Mimne
Stupidest local commercial: Greer's


As to the peanut butter story: it is based in truth but I can tell you that if I had done that in front of MY parents while they were entertaining, it would have been years before the swelling subsided! It actually happened at an eighth grade party where I and another individual were not invited but crashed anyway. We were asked to leave the party. I went to the kitchen to call my mother to pick us up and lo and behold, there on the counter was a jar of peanut butter. I told my friend to get some grass from around the back door which I mixed in with the peanut butter and applied to the sole of my shoe. The hostess of the party shrieked "you're tracking dog poop through my house," whereupon I tasted it with glee and ran off into the night. Keep in mind this was in eighth grade.

Hope this has been enlightening. It feels good to come clean!

G.Ailard S.Artain

Shades of John Waters!

So it is Mimne? Where did that come from?

Janet Fann - 07/06/99 22:45:14
Location: Kansas City, Mo
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Mazzepa Uncanny Film Festival
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Gailard Sartain
Stupidest local commercial: Horn Bros
How did you find TTM?: My brother, Don Lundy sent me the link

My sister and I and a group of teenagers went and sat in the audience for the taping of the Horn Bros show one evening while our brother, Don Lundy ran the camera. None of the other members of the audience would sit next to us, because we wore afro wigs and hooted and whistled after every song.

Also, I want to ask Gailard if he remembers Mahcoe Van Dyke? I was told a story I didn't know whether to believe or not. Mahcoe said Gailard's parents were having a party and Gailard put peanut butter on his shoes and rubbed some grass in it, then walked through his parents living room like it was dog shit. When someone brought it to his attention, Gailard bent over, drugged his finger through it and tasted it.

I miss Tulsa and this website brought back a lot of memories. Thanks

You're welcome. The UFF & CM used a taped scene of an audience looked like a Horn Bros. audience (minus the smart aleck teens in wigs). Could Mr. Sartain tell us where he got that footage?

Tony Sellars - 07/06/99 15:15:16
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Ken Broo

Re: Jim Halsey. He still manages the Oak Ridge Boys and he teaches an Artist Management course at Oklahoma City University. He has had some health problems recently and I think he lives somewhere around the Grand Lake area.

By the way, if you would like a copy of Cindy Wall-Morrison's "All of Us Are Proud", musical tribute to Oklahoman's after the Murrah Bombing, I can probably dig one up.

Ken Broo - 07/06/99 12:05:18
Location: Reston, VA
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Fishin' With Joe
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Johnsy Smith

When the Drillers, under ownership of Bill Rollings and Roy Clark, were struggling to raise funds for a new ballpark, KJRH staged a telethon to help raise money. Many of the Hee Haw stars came to the 2 studios to perform. At the time, Jim Halsey had a large hand in getting the new park built. I remember Gailard, Roy, Archie Campbell and others participating. I did too. I made a pitch for viewers to send in funds. So I guess I performed on two Tulsa stations in my time.

Halsey also threw some neat parties to promote the radio stations he owned in Tulsa, back then.

S.  - 07/06/99 02:39:14
Location: New Jersey

How did Uncle Zeb make his frog? He used a handkerchief and rolled it somehow. lazybeta Ranch

Anyone remember that?

Thanks for the visit, S.

MD Lundy - 07/06/99 02:20:44
Location: Tulsa
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Mazeppa
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: G.Ailard S.Artain
Stupidest local commercial: Horn Bros. Zamorra Homepack

Re: Uncanny Film Fest I believe the sidekick Lazlo's last name was Memni(sp?)

Re: Greer's Don Greer made some bad investments (word on the street) and closed Greer's in the 70's.

I think you are right about Laszlo..that sure sounds familiar. Luckily, Mr S.Artain can answer this question.

Thanks for the info on Greer's.

Mike Bruchas - 07/06/99 01:39:51
Location: Breathin' heavy on the sultry East Coast (these ain't OK temps here!)

RE Jim Halsey - he produced The Hank Thompson Show at KTUL and it may still be popping up on reruns on OETA today.

An awful lot of famous C&W talent (and on the way down talent) came to KTUL.

KTUL did a couple of remotes at Hank's "farm house" down the BeeLine and I think in Chandler Park for the show (this may be the shot of Matt Bunyan as the slate boy - from that outing).

I will always remember Roy Clark with his Martin guitar - sitting in the old newsroom and talking to us folks about guitars like a normal person -- while awaiting his "call" to the studio. At that time he was a very big star in the U.S.

I also remember some other fading talent that had to lip sync on the show and we had a scratchy record of his that kept skipping when he tried to sing. Oy!

Erick, aka Uncle Sam - 07/04/99 18:18:40
Location: Tulsa

I don't think KTUL sponsors the fireworks and laser light show on the river. Last year they sponsered the Sinfonia concert out there. That's an awesome fireworks show if some of you haven't seen it. Last year we were able to get right on the banks to watch. You could also see some of the fireworks displays across the river. I assume they were for Sapulpa and Jenks. Have a safe holiday, everyone!

Mike Bruchas - 07/04/99 16:07:26

Another version of Classic Cliffhangers - probably with the same old (now public domain) serials can be seen on GoodLifeTV if they are on your cable systems.

It airs usually 4 or 4:30pm Eastern time on that network.

When I grew up in Chicago - we would watch 'em (serials that is) at 10am on Sunday mornings, sponsored by {shysterish}car or carpet dealers. I'm sure ad rates were cheap then. Probably on WGN but I don't remember. Guess they must have aired in every market....

Mike Bruchas - 07/04/99 16:02:07
Location: G.Washington's home town on a hot July 4th

Happy 4th of July, folks!

Does KTUL still sponsor the big fireworks show on the Arkansas River - like they used to?

Benny the Crusher - 07/03/99 22:34:33
Location: Hollywoode, England
Favorite Tulsa TV show: UFF&CM
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: judy judy
Stupidest local commercial: Super Cool John Mount

Re: J.Ohn B.Oydston's query about "Scope Them Turkeys Out": I'd like to know, too! That was one of the biggest rip-off's that I've ever been a victim of. I won't name names as it might embarrass friends and relatives of the perp. Fiddle-dee-dee, long ago and far away. Still pisses me off, though.

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Jim Kudlacek (sp?) the first "director" of Mazeppa at Channel 6? I'd like to hit him again. He deliberately erased Leon Russell's appearance on Mazeppa.

As to the Mack Creager incident that I have been blamed for all these years: I had nothing to do with it. I was at home watching Mannix myself. Everyone thought it was very funny but my heart sank when I saw it happening because I knew the repercussions would be devastating to Mack. He is a wonderful guy and we had a lot of fun together like the time we drove mopeds through the new, channel 6, $20,000 blue screen cyclorama! At least that's what they told us it cost. Some advertiser had left the mopeds there for a spot so Mack and I saw the opportunity and couldn't resist! This was before the "incident."

Re: Sputnik Monroe. I never impersonated him - he was a real professional wrestler who appeared as a guest on Mazeppa. In a bit I was trying to construct with him, he was supposed to "fake slap" me ... apparently at that point in Professional Wrestling "fake" was not in the vocabulary! So when it came time for the pay off... KERBOPPO!%*&^)$#. My magician's hat turned into a rocket!!! And the side of my face throbbed for weeks! Sputnik was very apologetic and said "that's the way we do it" I've avoided watching or participating in professional wrestling since then.

On reminiscing about some of the strange occurences that happened,there was the time two seedy looking men, one old, one young came down to the station. The old guy presented the young guy as an act that had been on Ed Sullivan. The old one was the "manager" and he proceeded to tell me that the act was that the young one ate glass and swallowed fire. So the young one produced a fist full of stick matches, struck them and stuck the small inferno into his mouth. Before I could scream or call the fire department, he had taken a bite out of a glass which of course produced copious amounts of blood which I was ill-prepared to deal with as well. When I told them that their act didn't really fit the format of the show, they became very indignant and said "you don't know real talent." Whew! That episode was over. No more unsolicited auditions.

Re: how I came to be on Hee Haw - it was not Roy Clark's idea but Impresario Jim Halsey who managed Roy Clark and other top flight acts at that time. Halsey approached me about becoming a regular on Hee Haw but I was skeptical because I had been bombarded with all kinds of weirdness and didn't know, at the time, who Jim Halsey was. I was flattered but skeptical. Months passed before I realized that Halsey was in fact a legitimate manager and the next time he suggested it, I leaped at the chance. Shortly after I began Hee Haw in 1972, Halsey was instrumental in taking Mazeppa from KOTV to KTUL which was good for Millaway and me. Channel 8 was much more accepting and realized the economic potential of the show. We started using the name UFF&CM at Channel 8. It was easier to breathe there. The atmosphere was more conducive to our style ie: Mike Denney was a REAL DIRECTOR and was creative and supportive as was the crew.

Je suis fatigue - I bet you are too. Lawzee!!!

G.Ailard S.Artain

Mike Denney recently checked in with us on his way to the Emmys as director of "The Young and the Restless".

Mack talked a bit about the infamous incident on Jack Frank's video, "More Tulsa Memories".

I remember that Leon Russell appearance vividly. Definitely a highlight of Tulsa TV!

"Mazeppa" has reached the status of urban legend. There are some strange stories floating around...

( 5/10/2005: Gary Chew just told the full Creager Finger story here! Mack Creager passed away in 2001.)

Mike - 07/02/99 18:56:17
Location: Tulsa
Favorite Tulsa TV show: Uncle Zeb
Favorite Tulsa TV personality: Uncle Zeb
Stupidest local commercial: Linda Soundtrak
How did you find TTM?:

I think the Fantastic Theater guy hosted another show in the mid 70's called "Classic Cliffhangers". It even had the old Fantastic Theater theme song. It ran old serials from the 30's and 40's.

Did he host it as "Peter Hardt"? That sounds a bit familiar.

Mike Bruchas - 07/02/99 03:55:49

Does anyone have any pix of KOTV's "Videocruiser"? It existed in the mid-70's, but the truck held 1 Norelco color studio camera and I am told 1 2" color tape machine. I think both went back into the studio.

It was a big former remote b&w unit that 6 used to tape Billy James Hargis bits on location with. Someone said former KOTV GM Duane Harm may have commandeered it to haul his horses with....It was gone when I was at 6 in '76-'77.

M. Ransom - 07/01/99 15:12:04
Location: Tulsa

Yes, Greer's did shut down. I don't know the details...maybe another reader knows.

Bill's T is now a perpetual garage sale. Lee's Records on the west side is still in business, though.

"Subterrainia" sounds very familiar. What albums qualified as "underground" at that time? Probably Grateful Dead, Allman Bros., Black Oak Arkansas, The Nice....KTBA in Broken Arrow had a similar format. Really a great station. It was owned by Bill Hyden of "Sun Up" fame.

Mike Bruchas - 06/30/99 19:51:08
Location: The muggy East Coast

Did Greer's finally shut down? What about Bill's T Records on Admiral - before acid rock they got a lot of TU student business.

The late Honest John (Foutz) when first opening at 11th & Delaware used to hand carry rock albums to KWGS to help program "Subterrania".

I think in the late 60's/70's TU still took whatever MOR, Jazz and Classical that RCA or Columbia Records used to send stations as a service plus may have gotten an old KVOO library.

Always wondered if there WAS a budget for music at KWGS

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