Date: July 25 2001 at 23:52:15
Name: Steve Dallas
Location: kitchen, eating me spinach
How did you find TTM? twisker-punchin' good

Thanks, Lowell. I'll go check them out. Here's my address if you want to swap Popeye info. I have nearly all of the b/w toons of the thirties and forties on video, though some of the tapes are well over twenty years old. One thing I keep looking for is a collection of them on DVD, since the small collection of Superman shorts that Fleischer Studios did is already out that way. I'd gladly pay them for one on Tuesday, or any other day!

Date: July 25 2001 at 16:27:31
Name: John Hillis
Location: Cable Land
How did you find TTM? On the want-ad crawl on TCT ch. 5

SPN or Satellite Program Network, had no connection with ESPN. SPN was an offshoot of Southern Satellite Systems, which was formed when Ted Turner put his WTCG Atlanta on the satellite in 1976.

FCC rules precluded Turner from uplinking his own signal, saying that the uplinking had to be done by a common carrier. So, Ted took all the uplinking stuff he'd bought and sold it for a dollar to a Western Union guy named Ed Taylor, who formed Southern Satellite Systems as the common carrier. For some reason, Taylor hq'ed in Tulsa, and had an extra transponder, so he launched SPN as another cable channel in the late '70's.

Among the programs I recall watching on SPN was one of the first collections of music videos in that pre-MTV era, I think called "Video Jukebox" or something equally prosaic (hey, Edwin, was that video feedback effect between the songs you?), and a news program for Canadians wintering down south called "News From Home," anchored by Don Miller, who later became one of CNN's first anchors.

When CNN started up, SSS provided the mobile satellite uplink truck it used for news events. It was an 18-wheeler that was a bear to set up, with about a 20-foot wide dish that had to be bolted together, and needed about a month's notice to get to wherever you were going, but it had SPN painted all over the side of the truck.

I think SSS wound up being sold to cable giant TCI,in the 80's and SPN was converted into Tempo TV, which was then converted into something else, which I can't recall for the life of me. Maybe Movietime, which became E! Television.

SSS meantime became Tempo Satellite, which was sold by TCI to DirecTV in the late 90's.

There was discussion of Tempo TV in Guestbook 6. Remember the TV psychic, Daze'?

Date: July 25 2001 at 14:18:22
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Sweltering, sticky, stinky DC

Hey I still have a Master Control opening in DC at GoodLife TV network ops master control!

Probably with a salary not much higher than KRSC's. Unfortunately - living in the DC Metro area - your cost of living is 4 times that of Tulsa's!

Date: July 25 2001 at 13:14:51
Name: Bryan Crain (via email to webmaster)
Location: Claremore


I have a couple of job openings to pass along if you happen to know anyone in the television world who is in need of employment. They are both Master Control Operator positions (One is full time with benefits and the other is part time) at KRSC-TV-Rogers State University in Claremore.

Here are the contacts:


Bryan Crain

Date: July 25 2001 at 11:49:50
Name: Lowell Burch
Location: Under the A/C
How did you find TTM? Elementary, my dear Ransom. I used my bookmark.

Note to Steve Dallas (I can't find your link) and other Popeye fans. They have a new series of Thimble Theater "action figures" at Toys-R-Us. Nice collectables. They even offer one figure of Wimpy with a big platter of Conner's Corner 'burgers.

The movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" is great. The sound track is marvelous and it co-stars a Tulsa boy from Holland Hall (a good breeding ground for future stars). He plays the the role of Delmar. Rent it, cool off and enjoy.

P.S. I haven't been bitten by a chigger in years! Must be the garlic, or maybe it's my thick skin I have developed over the years.

Julie Newmar in Tulsa, 2000, courtesy of Lowell Burch

Lowell sent along his picture of Julie Newmar (Catwoman, Rhoda the Robot, Stupefyin' Jones) from Trek Expo 2000, per my previous request. Lowell CLAIMS to have one of him posing with Julie...

I saw her in person at the 1994 Houston Worldfest premiere of "Oblivion" (a sci-fi western parody)...she must practice yoga and clean living. She was a unique and underrated comedienne in 60s TV.

Date: July 24 2001 at 19:52:03
Name: Steve Dallas
Location: North of Seattle
How did you find TTM? (in Monty Burns' best voice) "EX-cellent!!"

Ah, yes...chiggers. Along with ticks and F5 tornadoes, the few things I don't miss about northeastern OK. I do miss the singing cicadas, though. Occasionally I see movies filmed where they live, and hearing them sing makes me pine a little for my former home.

Date: July 24 2001 at 09:17:57
Name: Steve Bagsby
Location: fightin' chiggers in the back yard
How did you find TTM? in the bug spray aisle at the Country Store

Last night I was listening to a tape of a broadcast Bob Wills made at Cains Ballroom around 1957. At the very end the announcer comes on and says...."This is KVOO Tulsa, Oil Capital of the World."

I can remember when that phrase was plastered all over town on just about anything you could imagine. I mainly remember the license plates that were on about every other car in town. Seems like one of the local newspapers even had that in their masthead!

So we've had that slogan, and the "Magic Empire" theme. Perhaps it's time for a new rallying cry;

1. Chigger Capital of the World

2. Garth Slept Here

3. Gateway to Oakhurst

etc, etc......

How about "From Bob Wills to the Digital Economy, Tulsa has it all!" Or something like that.

Date: July 24 2001 at 07:53:54
Name: Mike Bruchas

Yay, Edwin! Welcome back! MAINTAIN!!!!

Date: July 24 2001 at 00:26:01
Name: Rick
Location: Okmulgee
How did you find TTM? Browsing

I used to love staying up late in the 60's to watch Fantastic Theatre. I loved the music and the movie. I wish it would come back!

We hope to hear more from Josef Peter Hardt here this year.

Date: July 23 2001 at 17:18:50
Name: Edwin
Location: I'll know in the morning
How did you find TTM? Find WHAT?

New(er) computer, think I'm back now. Whomever was wanting SPN info...yes, I worked for them too! (name 'em, I was there) They fed a satellite & went to cable com. all over. Paid double what they paid in this market. Probably why they sold to (as I understand it) some part of ABC. Maybe just for the equipment, don't know, but I know I had to cook burgers AGAIN 'till the next hole needed to be filled somewhere....indeed.

Hey webmaster type guy, thanks for the pic of a MAINTAIN realization! (back in Guestbook 68...webmaster) Of course it does not make much sense when not "moving", but if I stare at it long enough maybe a good old-fashion flashback will happen. Yee-Haw!

Also, while I'm here, how do I get Mike Denney's email address? I helped train him in the mid 60s. Yeah, I'm old.

Mike's current (I hope) email address is on the Mr. Zing & Tuffy page.

With that new computer, you can get free Windows Media Player (see the link on the main page) or Musicmatch. Download some appropriate music in MP3, or tune in an internet radio station, select a Visualization of your choice, make it Full Screen, add any other needed elements to your immediate environment, and you have a pretty decent MAINTAIN simulation.

Date: July 23 2001 at 17:02:18
Name: Mike (stop it now, too many postings...) Bruchas
Location: D C
How did you find TTM? There was a stuffer for it in a bottle of Paxil.....mmmmmmmmmm

PROMAX is the name of the merged old Broadcast Designers Association and Broadcast Promotion Directors Association now. They may have a website worth looking at - they used to do neat sample tapes from members in radio/tv/cable.

For those readers not "in the biz", broaden your horizons and explore more about station promotion!

Date: July 23 2001 at 16:57:59
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Home of NAB HQ - DC
How did you find TTM?  

Some place in Kansas - maybe Wichita or Topeka - a few years back the market's leading station took their thematic music package's best-shot promos and made a compilation reel to hand out at the Fair or biggie events for P.R. purposes.

I always thought that a class way to promote your station. AND tape is cheap for VHS stock. I am surprised more stations did not do this. It only ran like 5 minutes and was a neat keepsake for viewers....

Paul Anthony - a local talent here in DC showed us last year mini-CD business cards he had. You could put - I think - 5 min. of audio on one. They fit in your wallet and were ultra-cheap to mail out... They were working on ones with 5 min. of audio + VIDEO capability! Great idea for talent demos!

Date: July 23 2001 at 12:47:49
Name: Jim Reid
Location: Dallas

We have three different announcers under contract.

We have two stations here, channels 4 & 27 and the local Fox Sports Net all do production through our department. All voices come in on ISDN through a Zephyr box.

We are starting to play around with downloading voice tracks as MP3 files. One of our guys has his own website and you just dial it up and he has a folder set up for each station.

That sounds like WebDub, which is run by Tim Schmitz, former KAKC DJ Dick Schmitz' son.

Date: July 23 2001 at 12:17:13
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Warblingdumb, DC

When I was at National Assoc. of Broadcasters I began to learn about "sing-a-likes" - where you had someone who sounded like Frank Sinatra or Patsy Cline sing their songs - which had been re-cut for commercials. YOU assumed that the star did the actual v.o.

Or the music was cut-down to sound like a fmiliar tune but not really be that tune in the body of the music. Wish I knew more about copyright stuff on using music. Many of Carl Bartholomew's stuff at 8 worked because ABC had bought creative audio re-cuts on songs we loved in the late '70's but Carl has a great ear, too.

Now they just go back and buy rights to air the actual tune for spots.

The music libraries like DeWolfe or Omni had staff composers and cranked out "production music" disks as the world's musical tastes changed. Ya wanna Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass sound-a-like? How about Huey Lewis and the News? Some composer would take one of their tunes, make a sound like what was hot. But NOT with their real music. Sometimes though - these production music packagers would get "stuck" and I can remember getting a lot of Euro-techno-pop stuff a few years back that did not play well in the US.

Getting back to station theme packages - haven't a lot of these sounded D-U-M-B? Often NOO YAWKERS (Frank Gari is from CT) assume everyone in a market may be "kickers" and go "folksy" on packaged music. We used to always bemoan what wasn't included on those reels of tape that had package music, stingers, news themes and bumpers. I did not know that stations could always get MORE cuts done - for more studio time. Several stations had spots done with Manhattan Transfer-look-a-likes singing jingles on camera in a "studio setting" for part of a promo campaign. I think 4 in OKC a long time ago did this.

My favorite '70's news promo from Milwaukee (I forget which station, maybe Ch. 4) had the Symphony there do a :60 and 2:00 symphonic treatment of the station's theme. Neat and different but too long to air in prime time!

Date: July 23 2001 at 10:31:29
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa

The worst promotion I remember from OKC is when KOCO did a 'Dancing In the Streets' promo. It was horrible to see the 5Alive anchors and reports "dancing" to the song. I still have images of Jerry Adams doing the do-see-do with Jane Jayroe. Thankfully, that soon ended and went back to the more familiar 'We Are Oklahoma' promos.

KWTV had Reba McIntyre sing their 'Spirit of Oklahoma' song one time. I'll bet if I thought about it long enough, I could remember the lyrics.

When KTVY switched to KFOR on Earth Day 1989 (1990?), they adopted the '4 Strong' slogan. They had a jazzy little song to go with it, "We are the Strength of Oklahomaaa...4 Strong!". Former KFOR chief meteorolgist Kevin Foreman joked once on KOCO's morning news show that they should call themselves '4 Sale'. At that point, Knight-Ridder sold them to someone else. They're now owned by the NY Times Company. They've long since dropped '4 Strong'.

Date: July 23 2001 at 10:23:48
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Yet again in DC

Yet another story...

When at Southwest Productions in Dallas - former KOTV/KTUL engineer Stu Odell got to spend time with French beauty/star/icon Catherine Deneuve flying in a chopper around N. Texas 15-20 years ago when she was shooting commercials there. Of course for airing in France not the US....He said - she was "wow!"....

Date: July 23 2001 at 10:18:44
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Here in DeeCee
How did you find TTM? Along with 6 degrees of separation here in DC from semi-famous folks....

Voices in Tulsa - we do a lot of work from v.o. talent via phone-ins over ISDN audio lines. Betcha you have that in Tulsey now, too. The days of your staff voice coming in to "cut the book" are near over. Talent CAN "phone it in" from their homes now. Often union talent in markets is supplanted by non-union voices and vice versa. I am sure KJRH is probably having a Scripps corporate voice do their major work - at a corporate discount price.

John Badilla is a local Fed who has a good set of pipes and he does industrial narration - he has a mini-audio board at home, about the size of a lunch-box he says - which connects to ISDN phone lines to transmit stuff over.

I remember Don Lundy using Charlie Van Dyke out of Phoenix - who used to do v.o. via satellite to markets all over the US.

Do you remember Ernie Anderson - who WAS the voice of ABC for years then we statred hearing him on CBS and on other non-ABC shows.

The late Mike Pengra here (a director and great bass player turned announcer - later all on political spots) and DC's Sheldon Smith would pop up on CNN doing stock quotes or other stuff and never left DC.

LAST WEEK we had Judith Light ("Who's The Boss")here doing a v.o. for her national skin care infomercial - which was sent out to San Francisco via DG or ISDN circuits. She is here in town doing "Hedda Gabler" and I hear it is a great show at Folger Shakespeare Theatre!

When I was at Roland House here - we had Donald Sutherland phone-in "pick-ups" for a Learning Channel series on "great books". He was really sick with a bad cold but the young producer could not hear how bad he sounded. Think he wanted to cancel till better but air deadlines precluded that. Larry Lewman does 60% of the Discovery Channel v.o. work and we have had him here cutting tracks and also had ISDN track phone-ins.

For you Star Trek fans - the late Mark Lenard - aka Spock's father in the series - was often in at Roland House to cut v.o.'s for Volvo national tv/radio spots. Most folks did not recognize his voice and he got second glances from visitors trying to figure out where they had seen him before! Ditto charactor actor Robert Proskey who lives in DC and is an old old Fritz Roland friend who often popped up there to see Fritz. Again folks did double takes.

One of my USDA friends was in line with him and wife at a movie here and he gave her an autograph (after she very embarassedly begged one) and they had a neat 10 min. conversation on his work on the big screen.

Fritz Roland is an interesting bird. Born in Austria - his first job was a photog for the US Army in occupied Europe after WWII after apprenticing as a still photo assistant. That's how he got his US citizenship. He lost any trace of a German accent 30-40 years ago his wife says. He shot the first Ronald McDonald film spot - using Willard Scott here in DC of all places. Willard had been doing Bozo on air locally. He collaborated with Jim Henson 40 years ago on local commercials for Wilkins Coffee and Kraml Dairy in Chicago with the predecessor to Kermit. He still swears Jim Henson was the most creative mind he EVER worked with. He later went with Nixon to China on that famous trip as film photographer. In his 70's he dabbles in HDTV and does high-end color correction on videos for CBS, Discovery and National Geographic. A workaholic - very seldom does he take any time off. He had throat cancer - too many smokes way back when. Had radical surgery 6-7 years ago and after being out 2 weeks - and most folks would have retired at that point - he has been back at work 6 days a week ever since...He's an original.

Date: July 23 2001 at 09:22:36
Name: Jim Reid
Location: Dallas

I work in promotions at KDFW. When I started here in '84, the promotion manager called me in to listen to the new music package he had just picked up. I was appalled to find out it was the Hello package.

This was years after KJRH had burned it into my brain and made it the longest year and a half in my life. We're not known for staying with slogans or packages very long here.

I did do a series of 3 second ids where I would go set a camera up at known landmarks and have average citizens (or celebs if I could get them) saying "Hello Mesquite, Plano, Waco", etc. I also spent an afternoon at Arlington Stadium getting Texas Rangers players to do these. While we were doing them, the new owner came by and asked if he could do an id. So we got George W. Bush saying "Hello Arlington!"

I need to dig that one out of the archives.

Date: July 23 2001 at 08:19:18
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa

I consider myself a weather-fanatic (in fact, I am planning to finally work toward my meteorology degree sometime next year...some 5 years after high school), so in reply to Dan's queries...

June 8, 1974 was the worst tornado outbreak in Oklahoma previous to May 3, 1999. OKC was hit first, with the National Weather Service office at Will Rogers World Airport taking a direct hit. This tornado also struck my parents' home. In fact, it left a large hole in the roof of our shed in the backyard. I helped my father repair that when I was in high school. 4 tornadoes were recorded in Oklahoma county over the next hour, most were fairly weak. 2 tornadoes hit Tulsa almost simultaneously at about 5pm. The one in the Brookside area, and another which struck the area around Oral Roberts University. The worst tornado that day was one that struck Drumright, killing 13 people.

I think the 1993 tornado you're referring to is the Catoosa tornado, which I believe was on April 24. Living at 11th and Harvard at that time, I remember it vividly. The tornado didn't touch down until it was in far east Tulsa, but I remember getting lots of BIG hail and wind.

Tulsa's side of May 3, 1999 was more bark than bite. The storms came rolling in about midnight, and of course, we already knew of what had occured in the south OKC suburbs. A tornado touched down briefly in west Tulsa near the turnpike gate, and caused mainly minor damage.

The best TV meteorologist in Tulsa? Myself, I'm partial to Jim Giles at KOTV.

Date: July 23 2001 at 07:08:33
Name: Mike (too much caffiene) Bruchas
Location: Dubyatown
How did you find TTM? Channel 8987-c on my digi-toe cabal boxx....

Isn't SPN now the TV Guide channel for cable? Based in Tulsa?

Date: July 23 2001 at 07:06:04
Name: Mike (DXer) Bruchas
Location: Duh Nation's Capitol

I missed a tour of XM Radio here last week by SBE - Society of Broadcast Engineers. All my techie friends that did go - were very impressed. XM has deals with GM to offer direct-by-satellite radio - look for them this Fall.

They are South of Howard U here and have a mega plant with roof-top dishes and dishes planted in holes in the ground to avoid terrestrial interference. They may also transmit TV sound - maybe TV video in time. I am told the shift supervisors sit in a Star Trek-like captain's throne - overseeing techs monitoring 7-8 feeds in each section. Lot of Trek fans there in management I was told!

The folks at competing (but not in the US) WorldSpace radio here also are playing with sending a video signal via a radio signal to their li'l shortwave radios. WorldSpace launched in Africa and headed to South America and Asia with digital radio but weirdly is based here.

Date: July 23 2001 at 06:56:51
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Duhhh - DC - a town "captured" by 8,000 Boy Scouts in town the last 2 weeks...

Do you remember KJRH or was it KTEW then - when they ran the "Hello, Tulsa!" jingle/music package?

It was the same music package - re-lyricked (is there such a word?) that Gary Long/Ann Abernethy bought for 5 in OKC my last year there.

The vocals ended in " Oklahoma...". No - our version did not say, "Hello Oklahoma City!" - you try singin' that!

When they first played it for us - several of us with knowledge of state-wide markets said, hey! This is the Channel 2 in Tulsa package - we also knew it was being run in Wichita by a station there. It even was run in Arkansas - maybe where Gary Long heard it on a visit home. But Gary (in a haze) and Ann (hello? anyone home?) did not get it.

Imagine being in Enid or Stillwater and getting Tulsa, Wichita and OKC signals off air/off cable - WHAT market were you watching when you heard "that familiar" music?

Several of us said it "thematically" tied us to 2 in Tulsa - then considered the dog station of that market -- 5 then WAS the #1 station in OKC (but slipping under Long's management in News).

The news theme had a similar 7-8 beat "signature" that sounded a tad like a spin-off of the 5 Alive music. We did NOT do the insipid lyric "sing" to video though.

At 34 - we had 34 Country with yucky lyrics extolling life in Oklahoma but I had heard the package elsewhere - maybe Albuquerque - where the lyrics sounded like they belonged in a DIFFERENT song - extolling life in NM....

Here in DC news themes are big - not "image" promos that OK management felt EVERY station had to have. You DO remember the short newsthemes here - but WUSA - KOCO's old sister station beats you over the head during newscasts with thematic stingers and bumper music. They have fallen from a strong #2 to #5 in the market and still are the CBS affiliate...

BTW - Ann Abernethy was Regis Philbin's next to last local co-host before he and Kathie Lee hooked up in NYC and went national.

Date: July 23 2001 at 00:34:15
Name: James

Here's a question but I'm sure no one will know the answer to. Back in the late 70's/very early 80's there was a cable channel named Satellite Program Network or (SPN) for short. Does anyone have information on this? I belive it was a channel from Tulsa which is why I'm posting this in the Tulsa memories page.

Date: July 22 2001 at 17:04:10
Name: Lee Woodward
Location: inside with a cool one

I hope the Webmaster is enjoying Shirley Horn's latest CD "You're My Thrill"? It's been eight years since her collaboration with Johnny Mandel and serves up well in the pool or the sack!

Speaking of broadcasting; Does anyone know who the "Voice" of KOTV is? I hear this guy everywhere I travel. He must never sleep. I also want to know how he gets the great sound from his home to the various stations he does V.O's. for? Is it by satellite or what? I know Gary Chew and I used to do a whole day on tape in about twenty to thirty minutes but this guy is doing special real-time stuff, too. And might we guess what his talent fee might be?

Actually, it was that first collaboration with Johnny Mandel, "Here's to Life".

Date: July 22 2001 at 16:33:26
Name: Webmaster
Location: In the pool

My condo's swimming pool is just across the street from my place. While enjoying a Sunday morning swim, we listened to a radio show ("all Led Zeppelin, all the time" intoned the smooth announcer--myself). I burned it onto CD yesterday, hooked up an FM transmitter to my stereo system (call sign: KMDR, my initials), and carried a GE Superadio over to the pool. It's kind of fun to have your own radio station.

Currently playing: jazz pianist/vocalist Shirley Horn.

Date: July 22 2001 at 16:17:44
Name: Dan
Location: the Spirt of Oklahoma (City)
How did you find TTM? Spirit Star 6 beamed it in

Steve, thanks for the memory of the Tulsa storms. Any more?

Mike, or anybody, how did KOCO's slide begin? Looking at them right now, I find it hard kinda hard to believe it was ever more than #2. I know it's an OKC station....

Who used the "Spirit of Oklahoma" thing first? KWTV or KOTV? I think they at one time had near-matching logos. KWTV no longer uses the "Spirit", except on their news trucks.

And I apologize for the posts being all in one paragraph. Apparently my browser or something won't divide them up, even though I do.

Dan, to create paragraphs, type <p> anywhere between them. I could see where you intended them to be and put them in.

Date: July 22 2001 at 07:26:55
Name: Mike Bruchas
How did you find TTM? Hubs Shop in Barnsdall plugs it - Hello, Mabel!

Teddy Bear Creekmore - to us on "the Chick show" - yes he played a good fiddle but could never seem to hold a day job anywhere too long.

He filled in many a time when John was sick or out of town.

Ted was okay but boy - WHAT A HAM! We had a love/hate relationship with him when he was on air - he is a nice guy but bein' on TV was the world to him. ....

I think John even got Dick Larmie (say LAIR-me not Lair-a-mee) to hire Ted to do promotion for TufNut/Challenger Casuals...Dick used to appear in co-op spots for his company's products...Crew and directors hate talent "who direct from the floor" - you often would have thought Chick was appearing on the Ted Creekmore Show. But have a group not show - John could usually get Ted in on no notice to be a guest...

Date: July 22 2001 at 07:16:11
Name: Mike (Mah memory's fadin') Bruchas
Location: Moldy, stinky DC but we look great in the mornin' light for shootin' image promos....
How did you find TTM? "this is 34 Country, 34 Country - we've got the best of both worlds...blah blah blah". (NEVER KNEW WHAT WORLDS THESE WERE..)

To Dan - in OKC - I think way back where in an earlier posting, TTM contributor and now WRTV GM in Indianapolis, Don Lundy listed the news theme site. I worked some with Frank Gari or "his people" when at NAB. He did "2 Country"/"34 Country" and a lot of other insipid things - but some weren't so bad in some markets if you had a creative Promotions Director. O'Connor Music in Dallas and somebody else (I can't remember) in Dallas also were mid-South kings of jingle/image packages in the '80's/early 90's.

KOCO's long-running "It's all right here on 5 Alive" I believe was parroted by other Gannett stations like in Denver/Hotlanta so I am sure it was a corporate package buy. 5 in OKC had a mix of really good and bad Promo Directors (I AM sorry I forget all their names) OR management did not always support them. Or in my last year at 5 - News Director Gary Long wanted to "handle" his own use of music on news. From the '80's - I remember that a couple of the great promo gals got jobs in KC or Dallas. They smelled trouble at KOCO before a lot of the rest of us did - as 5 started to slide...And I believe 1 or 2 CAME from Tulsa!

Re Gary Long - he ordered that we run natural sound everywhere on news promos - sometimes it did not fit or they did NOT tell the editors where the video was being used - so it did not fit.

Much BELOVED former 5 Alive News Director Mike Youngren from 5's truly "golden years" was the BEST to run that news shop. He left too for better things. He was FROM Utah and owned some suburban SLC radio stations in later years - good investments.

About 14 years ago - when in either Denver or Salt Lake as a ND/VP News with another company -- Mike had an original music package written by a creative composer who worked his day job at a big ad agency in Salt Lake City. This guy used their Symphony and singers from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Somewhere I still have a demo cassette the guy cut - great, great music that gives you mental aural images of Utah/Intermountain West.

Youngren was/is a "class act" - probably one of THE best ND's ever at 5. Can I say that enough in this posting???

At one time he was talking to Mike Post (mentor/partner with Pete Carpenter of "The Carpenters") who wrote The Rockford Files theme and so many other memorable TV show scorings - about doing original TV station news/image packages. Don't know if Mike ever got it funded, but thru him I was able to contact Mike Post - when I was an NAB flack about doing NAB Convention music. Post needed a.) time to compose good music (he would not "phone in a job") and b.) a lot of money upfront to write special music for NAB Conventions and iniatives. NAB - though rich from Convention venues - was often very tightwad on spending that $$$.

My ex-boss at NAB - Dr. Chuck Sherman is still there as Senior VP/Television and also ramrods several NAB children's TV national iniatives. He pops up on C-SPAN or PBS from time to time.

Chuck had run a station in Peoria, IL using Frank Gari music and previously one in WV after being a college professor for years. He had the hook to get Frank Gari many years of work for NAB. Sometimes the music sounded like it came from station packages that hadn't sold - but Gari would re-cut it and "tone it up" for NAB uses.

Date: July 22 2001 at 01:03:21
Name: Steve Dallas
Location: South of the border (Canadian)
How did you find TTM? splendiforous

Dan, I remember the June 8th, 1974 tornadoes well, though they came nowhere near my home. I had just come home from a miserable, flood-laden week at Scout camp and was ready for a rest, instead getting nothing but hours of disaster reports and nearby sirens going off several times that night. Then came the storms of December 5th of '75, which were almost unheard of for that time of year. Funny how Tulsa had never had a recorded episode of a tornado striking there prior to '74, but has had several since.

Date: July 21 2001 at 22:44:08
Name: Dave
Location: i'm here, therefore i am
How did you find TTM? down by the riverside

Speaking of legendary burgers, what about Connor's Corner in the 1960s? Not only did they have the best around (and most expensive) but they also had the most intriguing radio commercials. Mr. Connor came on the air solo with no music or anything else and extolled his restaurant's virtues. But he never said where his restaurant was located. They teach you in Advertising 101 to include your location if nothing else, but Mr. Connor apparently had reverse psychology in mind. This got people talking about the place and trying to find out where it was. It was new so it wasn't in the phone book yet. Soon there were bumper stickers popping up that said, "I found Connor's Corner."

And it wasn't easy to find. It was in a small shopping strip mall at 30th and Harvard, just north of Ranch Acres, but it was hidden inside a corridor similar to St. Michael's Alley. So its sign wasn't immediately visible even from the parking lot, much less from the street.

As for the burgers, you called them "hamburgers" inside the restaurant at your own risk. "Steakburgers" was the term of choice preferred by Connor. He strongly discouraged use of mustard or ketchup on the burgers because their own spicy seasonings cooked into the burgers were enough. Made sense to me. Ketchup would have ruined it. There's a recipe I wish someone had franchised. It was sure better than the Colonel's secret herbs and spices.

Date: July 21 2001 at 02:09:30
Name: Dan
Location: the big town (Oklahoma City)
How did you find TTM? on KWTV's tower

First off, To Mike Bruchas: I think the cafeteria near Baptist Hospital in OKC you mentioned is the Queen Ann. It's still there, in United Founders Tower. There's also Boulevard Cafeteria near St. Anthony's.

I have only a few Tulsa TV memories, mainly because I live in OKC. I do have a lot of OKC TV memories though, especially of KWTV.

I have a few questions I'd like to ask everybody who writes here...if that's okay...

I would like to hear a few Tulsa TV Weather memories. Like the Tulsa tornado of '93 or the tornado of the 70's (I should have the exact year but I don't have the book with it with me), or the Tulsa part of May 3rd? I remember seeing an OETA Stateline with KTUL meteorologist Travis Meyer being interviewed about that day. Whom do you all consider the best Tulsa meteorologist?

Does anybody have a history of the music that each station uses for their news? I mean the music stations play at their opening, before commercials, during the part they introduce their anchors, and the closing. I have found a few things on a site called "SouthernMedia's News Music Search Archive."

Last, When did KTUL get Ranger 8?

That's all. I like this site, I wish OKC had one.

Hi, Dan, thanks. Here is a photo of the aftermath of the '74 tornado taken from Channel 2's studio on Peoria. Channel 6's James Aydelott remembers the Memorial Day flood in Guestbook 21.

I'm not aware of any history of TV news music, but if you go to and search for "TV news themes", you will turn up several sites. I didn't see any Oklahoma stations mentioned on them, but since theme packages were sold nationally, you might get lucky and find themes that were used in OKC or Tulsa.

You will turn up a good bit of OKC lore on this site. In the TTM search engine, try "HoHo", "Foreman Scotty", "Woody the Wooden Horse", "Danny Williams", etc.

Date: July 20 2001 at 20:11:07
Name: Webmaster

Archived Guestbook 84, where we had just gotten an update on the creator of TootleVision in Tulsa, and we learn, Las Vegas. "Maintain: A concert of video realizations", a program designed to be a "heady" experience, was a topic again. Links back to previous discussion of the show were given.

At least a dozen Tulsa eateries were mentioned. The General Cinema trailer with jazz harpsichord was heard. Viewers of KOTV's "Shock Theater" were solicited for further info on the show. A new movie shot in Oklahoma with Gailard Sartain was announced. Tulsa shopping centers Sheridan Village and Eastgate were recalled in detail.

We heard from former KTUL newswoman Barbara Allen-Rosser for the first time. Kazuo Gomi, who worked at KOTV in 1957, surfaced in Tokyo. There were several other newcomers with some sharp recollections. We learned that Channel 2, KJRH is hiring a Saturday late night host for their new program, "The World's Worst Movies" to start in late August or early September.

Take a look back, and feel free to write in this new Guestbook.

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