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July 28 2013 at 21:21:13
Name: Casey Graddy
Topic: So many good Tulsa memories
Email: Rcg9780@gmail.com
Comments: Where do I start.. First, it's wonderful to find this website as it is conjuring up so many memories. Thank you !. Don't live in Tulsa now, but still have family there. Always been proud to say "Tulsa" when asked where I'm from. Other posts made these memories come flooding out. Fond memories of the 60's in Tulsa, and many of the comments here make me long for my hometown. Big Bill and Oom a gog audience member (At 5 or 6 saw him "live" backstage too !! ) Skilly's (forced), KAKC ( Scooter Seagraves, the late Lee Bayley, Robert w. Walker) studios at / near the Tradewinds 51st Peoria. When I was 10, taking a tour thought the Spaceship KELI studios during the fair is why I went into radio at 18. I knew at the moment of seeing the "jock" at his mic that this was what I was going to do ( which I did). Bell's amusement park, the "Oil Man" My "big" sister and her "boyfriend", now married for 45ish years, on occasion taking her little brother to Peoria to "cruise the ribbon" and stop in at Pennington's. Shaw's drive up was cool too ( Lewis ). When the Camelot Inn opened and was such a huge deal. Lee Woodward and Lionel. The KAKC beach party at Utica Square, sand and all. Jamie Oldaker showing me his blue hollow aluminum, nylon tipped drumsticks while Rogue's 5 were setting up on stage. Jamie must have been all of 14. Had to go buy a pair after that! Mezappa & Teddy Jack Eddy. Philbrook, fireworks show at Southern Hills ( no we weren't members - the Heller's were). Can't wait to read all the other posts. Thanks again ! Case

July 28 2013 at 09:28:44
Name: Frank Morrow
Topic: Unions
: I wonder what the status is of unions in the media in Tulsa today? In the '50s only the engineers were unionized. I don't know if they were at all stations, but at KVOO and KTUL they were members of IBEW. Later, KTUL broke the union there. They used such tactics as calling each engineer in one by one and subjected them to intense grilling and threats if they voted for to remain in the union.

The announcers were all non-union. Their salaries reflected this. I was making $1.12 an hour. I'm sure the veteran announcers were making somewhat more, but not much. In order to make a living wage, some announcers would do a morning shift at one station, then go to another and work another shift. Some would work weekends under an assumed name. A few had non-radio part time jobs. Doc Hull worked at a funeral home during the day and later was a justice of the peace during non-announcing hours.

One afternoon the KAKC announcers were gathered together, having their usual gripe session. Finally one brave soul suggested that we should unionize. We voted Jack Moore to contact the union organization (AFRA)in Kansas City, the nearest headquarters.

The answer was that, because Tulsa was such a big, non-union city, the they would not waste their time coming down to help us. They said that, if we could get all the announcers in each station organized, they would come down to Tulsa and finish the job.

That stopped our efforts at unionization. We had to be content with our gripe sessions.

July 27 2013 at 15:44:37
Name: Cyprian Cornelius
Topic: JJ Cale
Email: cybergeeek@yahoo.com
Comments: RIP JJ Cale (1938-2013)

July 23 2013 at 20:13:35
Name: Jim Ruddle
Topic: Sign-offs
: Nobody mentioned the Star Spangled Banner,

I guess the Indian chief was for sign-on.

July 22 2013 at 08:37:29
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Show's Over!
Email: North Of You
I really hated waking up on the sofa to find the final credits rolling. Although I hadn't missed the meat of the movie, my slumber cheated me out of the life changing conclusion of such films as "Teenagers From Outer Space" or "The Black Scorpion".
Women always tripped and fell while running from danger in these types of flicks. Either B movie actresses were known to have equilibrium issues or feminine footwear was poorly constructed when the world was black and white.
These films would eventually be shown again, and I would force myself to stay awake until the end in order to find closure. However....ZZZZZ.

See ya at the bug races.

July 22 2013 at 02:37:17
Name: Wesley
Topic: The older generation of broadcasting
Email: would be okc underscore rn at yahoo, you yahoo!
Comments: Sadly, I note the recent passage of Bill Thrash. Another of the truly great Oklahoma Broadcast pioneers has ended his broadcast day.

Sadly, it seems that most of the time when I kibitz over here to TulsaTV memories, that is what I find, the sad news of another passing.

I have no doubt that those of us here, sincerely respect these individuals and the work they had done, which affected our formative years.

The stuff that passes for entertainment today seems to be nothing but toxic sludge, designed to give a terribly shaded view of life and reality. . .much to the detriment of us all.

I truly lament the passing of great shows like, "Leave it to Beaver," "Father knows Best," "Bonanza" "Danial Boone," "The Rifleman" not to mention the greats of drama such as "Playhouse 90" "Kraft television theater," "Alfred Hitchcock presents, "Twilight zone" and the like. All heavy hitting and well written drama, well produced and well told within the medium of early NTSC Television.

While none of the shows or stories were accurate representations of life (as many on the left argue) They were great representations of how life COULD BE. Each was usually a morality play in 30 or 60 minutes. Each had a valuable lesson and was enjoyable and memorable to watch.

Today, what do we have that passes for entertainment? For News? For information? Sadly, an impartial press, intent on giving the factual elements of news has gone the way of the drive-in theater. The family hour today consists such notibles as "Dancing with the stars,"Storage wars," 5 or 6 different flavors of "CSI Wherever," "Cops" is in it's 25th season. (and we wonder why all the police chases these days?

Do I have a point here? Entertainment today is a vast waste land. A morass, a hideous and gruesome entity that we have allowed to be unleashed upon us. It teaches our kids to be bad, and to be couch potatos all at once. As Obi won said, (loosely) "It more machine now than man, twisted and evil!"

Thank goodness for some of the new digital subcarriers such as MeTV and RTV, for showing some of the old greats. While I don't agree with all their choices (Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda? Now, I remember why I hated 70's TV!) It is a step in the right direction. Sometimes, I can even get the kids to watch.

Sadly, lost forever to todays generation are even some of the greats from the 60's and 70's. . . Mikes favorite, "Mezzappa," Lost in space, Voyage to the bottom of the sea, Johnny Carson. . . and the one that hurts the most . . .no more sign offs. I really encourage you to read Mikes comments about the uniquely personal experiance of the sign off and the strange metaphysical state it left you abandonded with. A few sounds that, late at night, when the rest of the world was asleep, signalled the impending end of the world as you knew it. The entrance to the twilight zone. . . the true hinterlands. . that diabolical land of lost souls that Carlos Castaneda spoke of, after the chemical adulterants and mood altering substances had exhausted their grip on your young enfebled mind. The relaxing strains of "Moonlight Serenade" or Mancini's great "Dreamsville," lulling you into a false sense of security.

Ok what the heck, in Mike's own words:

Sign-offs could seem scary as a kid (It's still disquieting to wake up to static). They were like a kind of death; you wanted to be under the covers before the static, and it was creepy when a parent fell asleep on the couch and let it go on for awhile.

Gosh, I miss those days. . .

July 16 2013 at 08:31:42
Name: Ken Ragsdale
Topic: Wiliam C. "Bill" Thrash
: Journal Record: "Longtime Oklahoma broadcaster Bill Thrash dead at 73".

Mr. Thrash wrote about a 1959 jazz concert he attended at the Brady Theater near the bottom of GB 220. Rest in peace.

July 16 2013 at 08:01:32
Name: Ken Ragsdale
Topic: William C. "Bill" Thrash
: Died July 15, 2013.

July 15 2013 at 07:58:41
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Sherman Oaks at the Circle Cinema tonight

Tonight: a tribute to Mazeppa with Jim Millaway ("Sherman Oaks") commenting on clips from the Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting at the Circle Cinema, Monday, 7/15 at 8:30 pm. It's the Circle's 85th anniversary celebration.

July 08 2013 at 12:10:28
Name: Jim Ruddle
Topic: Moody Seibert
: Sorry to hear about Moody. He was too smart to make a career in broadcasting; being a stockbroker was a better option. Always a good guy.

July 07 2013 at 10:34:16
Name: Frank Morrow
Topic: Moody Seibert
Comments: Moody Seibert has died. A graduate of Tulsa Central in 1948, he was the first recipient of the KVOO scholarship to TU. It paid four years of tuition, a sum of $1,600. Unlike the subsequent recipients of the scholarship, Moody did not work downtown at one of the commercial stations. He was Chief Announcer for the university FM station, KWGS.

The subsequent recipients of the KVOO scholarship were Jim Ruddle, Charles Connor, myself, and Bob Griffin. With Miss Ronan's retirement, the scholarship ceased to be given.

July 03 2013 at 16:27:55
Name: Frank Morrow
Topic: KAKC
: For some reason (old age, I guess) I switched from calling Raymond King to "Jim" in the previous entry. Weird.

June 28 2013 at 13:03:00
Name: Frank Morrow
Topic: KAKC people
: Jim, the GM of KAKC was Jim (Something). He seemed to be a nice guy until he tried to cheat me out of my last month's paycheck.

Buzz Donnelly was the name of the weird chief engineer. He loved to wait to work on the control board until you were in the middle of a news cast or a disk jockey program. He then would yank up the whole front of the board--microphone and all--and proceed to work on the inside. This made it almost impossible to continue to perform your duties, but you had no choice. This could continue for a half hour or more. It was Buzz' way of saying that he was much more important than you, which, of course, he was.

Raymond King was a nice guy and a good announcer. He broke me in for the night shift. (By the way, the KAKC board, a Collins) was much more simple than the complex machine (a Western Electric, I think.) that KFPW had in Ft. Smith. Raymond also did the broadcasts of the Avey-produced rassling matches in the coliseum. King would frequently come back to the studios after the matches were over. He would grumble about the flecks of (fake?) blood that he would have all over his suit.

June 26 2013 at 13:46:00
Name: Chuck Fullhart
Topic: Ken Greenwood
: Just saw Mike Bruchas's post on Ken Greenwood"s passing.

I worked under, way down the food chain, when I started working at KRMG-FM, later KWEN, and just sort of watched in awe in the way he ran the place, and really admired the way he was so laid back in his style, and yet things ran so smoothly under his command.
It's reflected in the his series on "Cowboys in the TallGrass Prarie.

He was one of an original, and his contributions will be around for years.

June 23 2013 at 17:46:01
Name: Rick M
Topic: Leon and Willie together tonight
: Along with a host of others tonight on CMT.


June 22 2013 at 13:36:06
Name: Jim Ruddle
Topic: Frank Morrow question
: Frank, I have no idea who the GM was at that station. The only divinities I ever noted were Sam Avey, who owned the joint (along with Kellogg and Condon) and John Wheeler, the PD. Back there in the bowels of the Coliseum one occasionally saw an engineer--one named Buzz comes to mind (He wanted to fight me one night in the control room)--and there was Raymond Whateverhis name who apparently sold things. Other people came an went in the studios: Ken Reed, with news, Lewis Meyer, who pretended to be broadcasting from his home, Creager, of course, some guy name Bill who offered his audience a stilted conversation with some variation of a waterfowl--He blew quacking bubbling sounds through a straw stuck in a glass of water. By God, we had class!
This ignores the grand philosophers who occupied the early morning and some evening hours, plus all day Sunday, from such sacred sites as Brother Whatsis' church, or the Wisdom Way Church, and other spots known to the faithful. Some even came into the studio, but that was dangerous because they were known to collapse on the floor and roll about in ecstasy.
And kids still want to get into this game?

June 22 2013 at 01:15:46
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Ken Greenwood
: I learned from another group that former KRMG GM and sometime TU lecturer - Ken Greenwood - passed this week.

From my long ago student days and while working in Tulsa TV - he seemed to be one of the smartest guys around...

June 21 2013 at 14:32:31
Name: Frank Morrow
Topic: 50s radio pay
: I followed Jim Ruddle to KAKC by two years. I used to listen to him when I was in high school. Times had changed by the time I got there, though. Instead of 75 cents an hour, I was rewarded with $1.00 an hour. They raised it to $1.12 an hour as an inducement to work an extra 8-hour day, making a 48-hour week.

What really angered the program director, John Wheeler (who was making $90 a week), was that, when I assumed to sports shows after Mack Creger left, I got the talent fee that Mack had been receiving. This brought my monthly salary up to about $325 a month, pretty good change in 1952 for a novice announcer in Tulsa.

KAKC almost got the last laugh, though. When I left for KTUL, the KAKC general manager tried to keep my last month's salary. I had to threaten court action before he finally gave me the money. I can't remember the GM's name. Maybe Jim Ruddle does.

June 19 2013 at 18:09:44
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Slim
Email: North Of You
Comments: R.I.P. Slim Whitman (Ottis Dewey Whitman, Jr.) 1924-2013
Laugh all you want, but he made millions!
Vaya con dios!

June 18 2013 at 19:27:29
Name: Jim Ruddle
Topic: Glamor Business
: It would be hard to tell the difference between our early salaries and an internship. I came across a KAKC pay stub from 1950 and it showed that I made 36 dollars for a forty-hour week.

It was always short change until I got into AFTRA, in Chicago, years later, but even there it wasn't all pudding. As an NBC correspondent, for years there was no overtime, and if you got stuck on an on-going story--just take a death watch for example that might last for days--you simply stayed with it at no increase in pay. The company was getting some Federal heat over its policies, so they made a feint in the right direction by asking for correspondents to fill out time sheets. My first week showed something like 105 hours. The second week was about 110 hours. The bureau chief dropped by a told me I didn't need to fill our any more.

The overtime change came a couple of years later.

June 18 2013 at 18:44:43
Name: Ken Ragsdale
Topic: Kitty Roberts Honored
Email: ragsdaleandassocataol.com
Comments: http://www.tulsaworld.com/blogs/post.aspx/Kitty_Roberts_to_be_honored_at_TATE_awards/20828

June 14 2013 at 21:46:26
Name: Frank Morrow
Topic: Internships
: In the Tulsa World today there was article about a New York federal judge ruling that unpaid internships in a media case violated the laws. The paper stated that the judge said that such business behavior violated some federal laws.

Internships are nothing more than slave labor. The companies love it. How many people watching local TV news are aware that the smiling, young faces they see doing stand-up news reports are probably not getting paid for their labor.

In my days in the 1950s the inexperienced, but hopeful radio announcers worked at smaller stations for a low wage, usually a dollar and hour. As you gained experience, you could move up to the bigger stations and receive a larger salary or wage.

Twenty-five years later, when I got out of the Navy, I was appalled to learn of a rather popular woman, who already was an important newsperson at the local ABC television news operation in Austin, was told that, if she wanted a full-time position, she would have to work for free for a year. She had to live with her parents and have no income, which she did.

The "internship" system is a good example of how far down the US has fallen in supporting workers' rights.

June 09 2013 at 16:57:01
Name: Mike Miller
Topic: Forrest Brokaw
: Forrest Brokaw was another former boss who passed away recently. In the early 1960s, when KTUL Radio bit the dust and became KELi, Bob Gregory moved to Ch-8 and Forrest was hired as News Director. Also coming aboard was Don Foster. I was kept on, moving to news exclusively. My old friend, Gary Chew remained as a Keli deejay, renamed, Pete Kelly.

Forrest was an old school newsman with lots of experience. I was still pretty raw, learning how to be a reporter and Forrest assigned me to cover the courthouse plus I was on-call overnight to cover fires and fatal accidents. Hal Balch joined the new news team as a rookie reporter. Looking back, Forrest was very patient with me. My highpoint was helping to arrest a guy who had just robbed a dry cleaners and was quickly interviewed by KOTV’s Jim Hartz. I covered a news story and simultaneously made news. That event caused a good deal of ridicule later from the Tulsa Police Commissioner during a performance at a Reverse Tulsa Press Club Gridiron.

Forrest Brokaw had come from KVOO Radio and TV (Ch-2). Ironically, that would be my next stop. I am saddened to learn of his passing.

June 09 2013 at 08:52:46
Name: Gene B Randall Jr
Topic: Forrest Brokaw
Email: grandall@versatechind.com
Comments: Had the pleasure of working with Forrest during 1966-1967. KELi had just moved its studios from 56th Street North and Lewis (the antenna farm) to the "Satellite-1430" studios on the Tulsa State Fairgrounds. That left the old Western Electric transmitter unattended while KELi was upgrading to a new Gates unit and (since I had a First Class FCC License) I spent a lot of "quality time" at the transmitter site during the nighttime directional-pattern periods.
After the Gates was installed and it was remote-controlled from the Fairgrounds, Bill Miller kept me on doing misc stuff for several more weeks at the new studios and I got to meet a lot of great people during that time. KELi was the beginning of entry into the world of Broadcasting.
I believe Forrest ended up as Public Information Director for the Tulsa Sun Oil Refinery after he departed Broadcasting several years later.

June 09 2013 at 07:37:42
Name: Frank Morrow
Topic: Brokaw
: Forrest Brokaw died May 28th. His obit did not appear in the Tulsa World until this morning. He served as news director, KVOO radio/television and KELI radio; then general manager of KIXZ radio in Amarillo; City Hall reporter for Tulsa Tribune; and manager, KUSH, Cushing.

I interviewed for a job at KVOO-TV in 1957. I was very happy at KRMG but was curious about what TV might have to offer. Although Brokaw was program director, he didn't have any material to serve as a try-out. He found a discarded placard in a trash can and asked me to improvise a commercial. That was it. Nothing like the extensive material I had been asked to perform for the radio stations I had worked for.

When I asked Brokaw what an announcer's job would pay, he offered me a mere $350 a month, $75 less than what I was making at KRMG. I left, mightily unimpressed with Brokaw and KVOO-TV.

June 08 2013 at 20:29:49
Name: John Hillis
Topic: Dale Nicholson
: Sorry to hear of Dale's passing. For almost 15 years, I enjoyed his company as an Allbritton GM, both at regular GM Meetings and the "Allbritton University" program, which was a wonderful people-growing program that no broadcaster could afford these days.

Dale knew absolutely everybody in Arkansas, and when Bill Clinton was inaugurated, and was walking up Pennsylvania Avenue, he saw Dale in the stands and hollered at him.

June 05 2013 at 21:37:00
Name: Robert Walker
Topic: Keith Bretz' daughter Linda
: Way off-topic, but ... today is Linda Bretz's birthday. Her dad was Keith Bretz, a familiar name to most people on TTVM, I'm sure. Anyway, I used to keep in touch with Linda but have no idea where she might be today, other than perhaps Mannford. If you happen to know, tell her I said "Happy Birthday."

June 02 2013 at 20:05:35
Name: Mike Miller
Topic: Dale Nicholson
: Dale Nicholson, longtime GM of KATV in Little Rock, has died. According to news reports, Nicholson retired as general manager in October 2009 after 34 years in the top position. He was chairman of the station at the time of his death. He began working for KATV in 1962 as a booth announcer.

I worked for Dale as News Director at Ch-7 (the ABC affiliate) in the late 1970s. He was one of the most likeable people you'd ever meet and acted as a kind of buffer between the newsroom and company President Bob Doubleday who ran a very tight ship. Jimmy Leake was lucky to have two of a kind in Dale at KATV and Tom Goodgame at KTUL-TV. Both were a pleasure to know and work under.


May 29 2013 at 19:38:10
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: UHF
'Supplies!!' never fails to elicit a giggle from my wife - who well understands the problematic nature of L's and R's.

Cool to see a mention.

May 28 2013 at 17:16:06
Name: DolfanBob
Topic: UHF
Email: DolfanBob@lycos.com
Comments: Here is a nice write up about Weird Al's UHF Movie.


May 24 2013 at 21:42:54
Name: Greg
Topic: Steve Forrest
: His brother was actor Dana Andrews, who passed away several years ago.

May 23 2013 at 13:52:47
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: "Hondo" (not the`TV show)
: Steve Forrest from the ABC show of the 70's - S.W.A.T. - died at 87. Hondo was his character's nick-name on S.W.A.T. He also had a cameo as the S.W.A.T. truck driver in the movie with Samuel L. Jackson.

He was a stage hand way back when - who was a friend of Gregory Peck - who got him his first film audition. He went on to do a lot of television drama shows before S.W.A.T.

I can't find a side bar to this - but I'd swear that Forrest had a brother - who was also an actor...

S.W.A.T. - btw jump started the career of the late Robert Urich and the actor (whom I can't remember..0 who later was part of The A-Team (no, not Dwight Schultz)....

(Now the S.W.A.T. tv show theme is stuck in my head...).

May 21 2013 at 02:37:39
Name: Scotty Comstock
Topic: Marvin McCullough
Email: scottycomstockatyahoo.com

Marvin McCullough had a Country & Western music program that aired at noon. KRMG was at 4th and Denver. I would walk to the station from my house and watch his show. His humor loved the double entendre. You can search him on this site.

May 20 2013 at 10:55:47
Name: Frank Morrow
Topic: KRMG noon announcers
: I worked at KRMG in 1956 and 1957, mainly doing afternoon and evening programs. The noon announcer might have been either Bob Parkhurst or a man whose last name was Higbee.

May 20 2013 at 10:41:13
Name: Frank Morrow
Topic: Easter Pageant
: Jim Ruddle in particular will be interested in the fact that I recently found a newspaper clipping from 1951 where it was stated that Tulsa's Easter Pageant directed by Isabelle Ronan was seen in Memorial Park by 50,000 people, not the 30,000 I had previously reported. So, Jim, 20,000 more people than we thought saw the blue butts of you and Noel Confer hanging from your crosses that cold, cold morning.

May 19 2013 at 00:15:05
Name: Carl Herd
Topic: Older DJ's
Email: cherd@cox.net
Comments: Does anybody remember a DJ in the middle 50s that did a show at noon on KRMG?

May 12 2013 at 08:48:49
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Matriarchs
Email: North Of You

Shout out to all the mommies today.
Thanks for bearing (with) us!

April 29 2013 at 18:53:07
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: TAMA/preservemusic.org
: Answering my own question:

I was able to reach Mr. Todoroff and it seems he has donated all his material to the Oklahoma Historical Society for their proposed OKPOP museum in Tulsa. Hadn't heard of OKPOP - what a great idea. I hope his efforts live on in that venue one of these days.

April 26 2013 at 18:13:03
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: TAMA/preservemusic.org?
: Hi

Does anyone know what's become of Steve Todoroff's TAMA (Tulsa Area Music Archive) and/or preservemusic.org? He has an incredible archive of Tulsa music and interviews in podcast format that I've enjoyed in the past. I haven't visited his site, preservemusic.org, in a year or more and when I did today it appears to be down or gone. I hope this is a hiccup and not something more serious...

April 24 2013 at 11:03:59
Name: Greg
Topic: The G-Bomb Anchor
: Did the so-called "F-Bomb Anchor" A. J. Clemente previously work as a week-end sports anchor at KOTV, Channel 6? I saw a report (probably on CNN) yesterday that carried a brief clip of some of his previous work & I could swear it showed the KOTV ID in the bottom of the screen. Just wondered if anyone else saw that or remembered if he worked at Channel 6 in the past.

April 20 2013 at 13:51:21
Name: Chuck Fullhart
Topic: What's going on at KJRH?
: Dan Threlkeld is leaving 2, Casey Roebuck and some of the other news staff is leaving. What's going on?

April 15 2013 at 18:06:39
Name: Ken Ragsdale
Topic: "Yours truly,KOMA, 1520 fun!
Email: Ragsdaleand assoc@aol.com
Comments: A stroll down memory lane.

"When the shadows grow longer, the signal grows stronger."

From the Cascades and the Sierra Madres on the west, to the Wabash Valley on the east; from Hudson Bay on the north, to the Rio Grande Valley on the south;

Presenting "The Blowtorch,"

"The Iconic,"

"The Legendary,"

"Yours truly, K-O-M-A, the Rockin' 1520."

Air checks from Charlie Tuna and Johnnie Dark:



April 15 2013 at 13:56:32
Name: Webmaster
Topic: New KAKC book; book signing

A new book by Steve Clem, "Tulsa's KAKC Radio, The Big 97" is in the stores.

Steve is Operations Director at Public Radio Tulsa.

There will be a book signing at Tulsa Historical Society on Tuesday, April 16, 6:30 pm.

Steve and several of the former KAKC DJs will also be on hand to sign books, including Scooter Segraves, Dick Schmitz and Mike McCarthy.

Hope to see you there!

April 14 2013 at 00:18:12
Name: Darrell in MWC OK
Topic: Billy Parker's KVOO Allnight Show
: What Tune Started Billy Parker's Allnight Show On KVOO AM 1170 From 1974-1980 ???? I'm Thinking It's Sound Wave by Loyd Green, But Not Sure. Haven’t Ben Abble To Find It.

March 30 2012 at 14:50:31
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Previous GroupBlog link

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