Tulsa TV Memories Guestbook 93

  10/04/01 05:06:33 AM  
Name:   Frank Morrow
Comments:   Jim Ruddle's comments on 9/26 and the reference to Hurst Swiggart reminded me of something that happened when I was in my senior year in Miss Ronan's Central High speech class in 1951. There was a city-wide oration contest. Because I had only come in third in our class contest, performing Patrick Henry's famous speech, I switched to the Gettysburg address for the city contest.

The event was held in the Horace Mann Jr. High speech room, and judged by two speech teachers: Hurst Swiggart (the elder) and his assistant, Bernice Tomlinson.

The first students to give their speeches were two of the best from Will Rogers--Bob Croskery (later of KOME) was one of them. They also gave the Gettysburg address. I felt terribly inadequate when I saw their performances. They each had a very smooth delivery, complete with lots of gestures. I had never thought of inserting gestures at the appropriate spots.

After they finished, I slowly walked up to the stage, pulled my 6' 2" bony frame to its greatest height, then hunched over a bit in what I would consider a Lincolnesque pose. I gave the speech simply, but with sincerity and feeling.

After I finished, I could see the Will Rogers guys smiling to each other. They knew they had me bested. The only question that remained was which of those two would win.

After the judges huddled, they announced that I had won. They said that I had a special "Lincolnesque quality" that made the difference.

The Rogers guys bolted out the door. I was a bit surprised, but very pleased. I wondered if they knew that the judges had been my speech teachers when I was at Horace Mann---Swiggart for two years!

But, as CHS grad Paul Harvey would say, "Now for the rest of the story." The next year when I was a freshman at TU, I was in a speech class. We were to give a poetry reading. I did Poe's "Annabel Lee" in a rather dramatic, personal approach, rather than just as "a poem."

After I finished, the teacher asked for student comments, which was routine. Two hands immediately shot up in the back. The boys tore into me and my performance. One even said, "It stunk!" The teacher and the women defended me, but the boys persisted in their attacks, venting an inappropriate amount of spleen.

Maybe it was because the two guys were the ones who had come in second and third in the city oration contest a few months before.


  10/04/01 02:41:36 AM  
Name:   Roy Byram
Location:   Yuma, AZ
Comments:   Sunrise Serenade was for signon and Moonlight Serenade was now signoff. Played the cart too many times for both shifts.


  10/03/01 10:24:14 PM  
Name:   Steve Todoroff
Location:   Still refusing to leave Houston.
How did you find TTM:   Gailard.
Comments:   Thanks David. I downloaded "Moonlight Serenade" from Aimster and that is in fact the correct song. The Glenn Miller version I d/l is slightly different than I remember. The only Benny Goodman version on Aimster was blocked by the other party from being downloaded, but I'll try to find his version as well. Thanks for the tip.

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  10/03/01 09:52:51 PM  
Name:   edwin
Location:   STANDING in the same place I was.
How did you find TTM:   What is TTM?
Comments:   Hey Sam, sorry me & Toby & Mike covered your car up with snow and all. We really didn't think it would upset you so much. But we did enjoy your ranting & raving when you found it!...We were on top of the building at the time of your screaming (As I recall) and you said something about meeting someone? heh-heh

  10/03/01 05:05:48 PM  
Name:   Mike Bruchas
Location:   DC - soon NC
How did you find TTM:   A little burpy after the chicken-fried carp-on-a-stick....Louisiana Hot Sauce makes it better!
Comments:   Wow - Sam Stewart. Always thought him a good, responsible newsman as a viewer at TU as a college kid - but never had a chance to work with him at 8. Good to hear from him!

  10/03/01 04:53:18 PM  
Name:   Mike Miller
Location:   Tysons Corner, VA
How did you find TTM:   Better than ever
Comments:   It’s great to hear from Sam Stewart after, God knows, how many years. Sam was news anchoring at KTUL-TV when I moved back from Washington as news director in the early 70s.

So many fond memories of Sam. Unfortunately, many cannot be related on this site. It’s fair to say, however, that we shared the same type of humor.

I’m only sorry our friendship was cut short. Channel 8 was undergoing some drastic changes during this period. Jack Morris had left Lookout Mountain for Brookside and Bob Gregory had moved in as VP of news. It was an exciting time to be working in Tulsa television news and Sam was a big part of it.

Welcome to TTM, Sam.

  10/03/01 02:42:06 PM  
Name:   Don Norton
Location:   Tulsa, turning cooler at last
Comments:   Harry Volkman is quite sure that KOTV used to sign off with "Dream of Olwen." Says he plays the music occasionally on the piano. This is in one of his postings a dozen or so back.

  10/03/01 08:12:35 AM  
Name:   David Bagsby
Location:   Lawrence KS
How did you find TTM:   via test pattern
Comments:   In response to Steve's question, I believe the sign off music was Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade.

OK, the Guestbook is back, and we just heard from Sam Stewart!

Several of the Guestbook hosts I use have been having problems, so I've been juggling them around lately. The best way to make sure you are getting to the current Guestbook is to come at it via the links on the main page or the What's New page.


  10/03/01 04:37:13 AM  
Name:   Sam Stewart
Location:   Tulsa, OK
How did you find TTM:   Bill Hyden "Instructions"
Comments:   After reading Guestbooks for the past 4 hours, I just wanted to some of my former KTUL-TV News Watchers know that I'm alive and still kicking here in Tulsa. That 4-hours was filled with memories of "days long gone", and seeing all the names of my former peers was quite a nostalgic trip. Having replaced Jack Morris as 6 & 10 pm anchor at Ch. 8...after he went to Ch. 2...I motored down the pike to a more lucrative offer from John Griffin at KWTV-Ch.in OKC & anchored for a few years. Bob Hower..Ch. 8's Program Director...took over my slot and had a long tenure until retirement.

Billy Hyden and I turned to a 20-year career as Petroleum Landmen in 1980, and it took me through 23-states, doing land-title work for acquiring easements, oil & gas leases, and fiberoptic right-of-way. Just finished 30-months with Williams Communications Group until the lay-off of 300 personnel on June 29 this year.

I won't make this a novelette, but wanted to alert folks like Hurst Swiggart (my old director in prime-time casts) and others like Mike Miller and "Tuffy" Johnson that old Sam is still around and "occasionally kicking". I'll keep in touch with you from time to time, and again...Thanks For The Memories".


  10/03/01 12:52:30 AM  
Name:   Steve Todoroff
Location:   Houston, TX
How did you find TTM:   Mike Ransom
Comments:   Does anyone know the name of the sign-off song that KOTV used to play each night prior to the national anthem? It was a nice, slow big band sounding tune with lots of brass. I can't for the life of me remember the name.
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  10/02/01 05:26:19 PM  
Name:   Webmaster
Comments:   "For goodness sakes,
get Hereford Heaven quick-cookin' steaks"

Anyone recall this jingle "uddered" by a cartoon cow on a 60s local TV commercial?

  10/02/01 02:34:20 PM  
Name:   Erick
Location:   Tulsa
Comments:   Went to the fair this past Friday night, got to watch a hypnotist show, and ate. Also got a chance to get on the Skyride, which is certainly very nice at night, but somewhat frightening when you realize there has been virtually no maintenance done to that ride in 30 years.

Also ate a BUNCH. First stop was for Cajun-fried alligator. Later escapades included a funnel cake, corn dog, cheese stick, hot fudge sundae, and Polish sausage with peppers. Yum! Also picked up a Sooners shirt for $20 in the IPE building.

I don't know about catfish on a stick. I would love that! Matter of fact, I may have to head out to the fair again tonight to hunt that down...


  10/02/01 08:13:37 AM  
Name:   Mike Bruchas
Location:   Far from the TSF Midway....
Comments:   Can someone do some culinary research while at the Fair for me?

Matt Bunyan told me a few years back - now one can find catfish-on-a-stick at the TSF at one of the food boothes.

See if you can find anything else-on-a-stick there - edible-wise...just keeping up with Tulsa cuisine.

Sad KTUL no longer does the Talent Show there!

"Get on the stick" is the theme this year. Here is the web site: http://www.tulsastatefair.com.

  10/02/01 12:00:51 AM  
Name:   Lowell Burch
Location:   Spanky's Clubhouse
How did you find TTM:   Always open.
Comments:   The Lee/Lionel morph was too cool. Thanks.

By the way, I own a lot of the GoodTimes tapes. Old TV shows, music clips, B movies and other good stuff at good prices. I suppose they have a website. Some of my favorites from GT are The Fugitive TV episodes. My kids cannot understand how I, as a young teenager, found sufficent entertainment in the stilted acting of Janssen and the slow moving plot of the show. I just loved it and still do.

I just got the Lee/Lionel morph down to 260K...it may be easier to watch, too.

  10/01/01 06:37:45 PM  
Name:   Mike Bruchas
Location:   Film Noir room in DC
How did you find TTM:   Better in black & white
Comments:   Just sat thru prepping for air of the "pilot" for 77 Sunset Strip - a Fifties-esque Warners B movie called "Girl on the Run".

Warners Bros. threw it in with the package of 77 Sunset Strip shows bought by my client GoodLife TV of classic P.I. shows and westerns..

Big musical score a la a Bogart movie. Heck some of the cars look late '40's - no snazzy T-birds or plush office. The 77 Sunset Strip address is inserted once in a scene and it reveals a shabby office!

Only Efrem Zimbalist Jr - very young at that - as Stu Bailey - a cultured P.I.in L.A. He has a unnamed "leg man" only in one scene - phoning him info.

Edd Kookie Byrnes is a psycho but cool daddio hit man in the movie!

Bailey uses a brusque but innocent Barton McLane (Warners stock company baddie or cop always!) as a trucking company owner assisting him in tailing the "Girl on the Run" in the scene where they "get" Kookie before he ices the ingenue.

Fascinatin' stuff - no jazzy music - just a B movie! Somebody spotted Edd Byrnes as a hep cat type and changed the character for the series...We are even unsure on the pilot date. Efrem (we called him FM Zimbalist as kids..) is driving a 57 Ford convertible in a few scenes. It almost looks like all was shot on the Warners' lot in rooms we have seen soooo many times in their b&w films....


  10/01/01 04:20:06 PM  
Name:   Mike Bruchas
Location:   DC - soon to be NC
How did you find TTM:   Good with the cheese-on-a-stick....
Comments:   Sigh!

"Tulsa Steak Fair" time - one of my favorite times to be in Tulsey.

Doing that night ride across the fairgrounds on the gondola thingie, too!

Now I got that durned, "Here's to the Fair! The Tulsa State Fair!" jingle from the 70's runnin' around in my head!

Ya'all have TRULY La Dolce Vita in Oklahoma!

Just don't buy any siding in the IPE building!
Or Vita-Master juicers!


  10/01/01 10:47:18 AM  
Name:   Kirk D.
Location:   NW Arkansas
How did you find TTM:   web search
Comments:   I've enjoyed TTM on a number of occasions. Nice work!

If I had two wishes, my first would be to own a Bell's Phantasmagoria bumper sticker. Anyone know where I can find one? Did they ever produce posters?

My second wish is to see the TV spot for the Plenty Scary Movie again. That music put to those film clips fascinated me, but I was rarely allowed to stay up "Friday night at 11:30."

And what was the name of the fellow who took over for Uncle Zeb?

Here is a Zingo sticker from Billy G. Spradlin, and a Phantasmagoria link:


Zingo, courtesy of Billy G. Spradlin

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  09/30/01 08:24:28 PM  
Name:   Lowell Burch
Location:   Midway
How did you find TTM:   I spotted it from the Sky Ride at the Tulsa State Fair.
Comments:   I saw Bob Hower at the fair at the Cleartone booth today and visited. Many current tv personalities are appearing this week at their corresponding affliate display.

The new horse arena is nice and the rest of the fair isn't bad. I am looking forward to seeing some of the bands, like BS&T. I am hanging around Calvert Displays for a couple of hours each evening. It is right inside the front door of the IPE. We are selling playhouses, cafe facades, gas pumps, and other stuff. Stop by and say HI.

Can you morph Lee into Lionel?

Oh, very well, here to see it. But caution: it's a 260K GIF file.

  09/30/01 04:51:38 PM  
Name:   Webmaster
Comments:   Archived Guestbook 92.

In #92, we observed the webmaster's experiments with morphing, to particularly good effect with Paul Harvey's image. Further comment upon Tulsa restaurants was sparked by the introduction of the Tulsa Motel-Restaurant Photo Album. An account of UPN41's "Enterprise" premiere was given. It was noted that Lee Woodward's brother, Morgan, was a guest star in two classic Star Trek episodes.

Rodney Echohawk told us about winning the first Mazeppa painting given away on the show. "Little Dar-ling" from that show was recalled to be a self-styled witch. Reader and whistler Robert Stemmons was mentioned in "Dear Abby"--twice! His "Puckerama 2001" whistling event will be held in Tulsa and Jenks October 18-21.

Channel 2's "World's Worst Movies" premiered promisingly.

These are some of the highlights, but more is there to be read. The Tulsa State Fair is this week!

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