Tulsa TV Memories Guestbook 94

Date: October 14 2001 at 14:47:41
Name: Mike (Goober-designate) Bruchas
Location: Limbo

Just e-sent webmeister Ransom some pix of 6 & 8 from the 70's - be looking here soon for postings...

Date: October 14 2001 at 05:43:07
Name: edwin
Location: here agin
How did you find TTM? didn't

I do not understand the concept of "sports"...but if the dude that is on a "sports" station does not...that must be a problem. As we all know, if you work for Rome, then you etc. While I, myself, liked him on KRMG,& have never heard of 1430 except being KELI - (R&R), if it is a sports station then, like, uh, isn't that what you do? I respect the man for being & talking his own way, but do what the rest of us do when you can't take it no more.....freelance. I expect he will make some-what of a living. God bless that poor mans Wife.

Date: October 14 2001 at 01:03:59
Name: Bobby Jasan
Location: Tulsa

I think there's more to the Del Giorno firing than philosophical differences. Low ratings, right-wing ramblings, and Del Giorno's mouth may have been more than the Buzz could handle. 24 hours of all sports would be nice.

What do you all think, webmaster included on this one too?

Date: October 13 2001 at 22:27:02
Name: (you know my name, look up my #) edwin
Location: here
How did you find TTM? How often do I have to answer this?

Richard cannot be me, for I am the walrus and he is not. Altho we did dwell in the same "commune"(?) for a bit. OH yeah, maybe he is me and I him. Oh well, that should be a subject for that Alt. site the web guy wants to make. I'm supposed(sp) to help him but I need some help. So send e-mail to me Richard?......

Date: October 12 2001 at 18:05:27
Name: Webmaster

And now, I present the Nelson's Buffeteria page as requested, Tulsa World article and photo reprinted by permission.

Date: October 12 2001 at 16:42:12
Name: Bobby Jasan
Location: Tulsa
How did you find TTM? Google

Does anyone know what's up with AM 1430 the Buzz? One of my friends told me Del Giorno's out, does anyone know why?

In today's World, TV-Radio columnist Bill Haisten quoted the GM of Clear Channel-Tulsa thusly: "If the phrase 'philosophical differences' ever applied to any situation, it applies to this one."

Haisten also noted that Del Giorno's morning show was driven by discussion of current events and pop-culture topics, rather than by sports talk. KTBZ is billed as a sports station.

Date: October 12 2001 at 15:39:04
Name: Charles
Location: The northland
How did you find TTM? Aisle 7 at Jubilee City

When I was in Tulsa last summer I saw that my former elementary school (Walter Reed) had emerged from years of being boarded up and neglected and was being spruced up for use. I checked the Tulsa Public Schools web site and found no mention of Reed. Does anyone know what it is being used for?

Date: October 12 2001 at 03:13:46
Location: TUSSA
How did you find TTM? at the back of the line at popeyes

uhhhhhhhh...... im not edwin..........and hes not me, either

Oops, looks like I flipped out...sorry about that.

Date: October 11 2001 at 17:09:25
Name: Mike Miller
Location: Too close to Washington, D.C.

The latest bulletin from Washington: The FBI has issued a warning to expect another terrorist attack over the next several days. Compounding the tension around here is the fact that (as of today) all trucks have been banned in the vicinity of the U.S. Capitol complex. In fact, all trucks making deliveries there must first go to a vehicle inspection station a mile away where trucks are searched inside and out and drivers are subjected to metal detector examination.

We will be cautious while making the rounds of the District tomorrow.

Date: October 11 2001 at 11:19:50
Name: Mike (The Reverend) Bruchas
Location: clogged DC
How did you find TTM? With a GPS from WalMart!

KGMC had a grand opening party in the 80's for their investors.

The folks had sold the CBS affiliate in Rockford, Il and kept the co-owned Rockford Cablevision as per then FCC dictates. Cable also then made as good an income source as a real TV station.

You had bankers, lawyers, plumbers (they do make BIG money) and scads of gray/white-haired investors fly in to OKC for this. A very diverse ownership!

VP/GM later owner Ted Baze brought in Goober. Give him a good trio and Goober is great. Had a lot of musical theatre training and DOES a good humor/music mix. He was great to us little people during rehearsals and breaks from all the "Golly, Gee - a real TV star here!" fandom. Hid out with us in the Control Room once or twice on breaks.

I'd book him again as talent! Ch. 34 did not even carry his show!

Date: October 11 2001 at 08:28:46
Name: David Bagsby
Location: Lawrence KS
How did you find TTM? with extra flavor molecules

Another guy who would be a good candidate for Leno is a dude named Terry (Terri?)...I don't remember his last name but he is a Manualist. He can play tunes by squeezing air through his palms...a hand-fart-noise vituoso. My brother Steve and I used to run into him all the time on the Talent Show circuit in the late '70's. This guy had a huge repertoire but my favorite was the theme to the Andy Griffith Show...he could even bend the notes at the bridge...AMAZING!

We were both trying to win a trip to the Gong Show and some really horrible "cousin of the producer" ended up winning by singing "Good Ship Lollypop" or something equally vile. If any body knows how to get in touch with this guy, please post it or contact me. Thanks

My bro does a little skit in that vein entitled "Gassy Puppy"...most charming.

Date: October 11 2001 at 00:29:41
Name: ricardo
Location: TUSSA
How did you find TTM? under a side of spinach at nelsons

the head standing, guitar playin, yodeler d. bagsby refers to is charles marsh.....dont know where he is or what he is doin these days.....he has indeed appeared on letterman several times doin his head standin thing, as well as more than one appearance on the Chick Show....

i went to OSU with him in the mid sixties, and he was always an interesting character.......he clued me in on how to spot the "criminal ear" and other physiological traits in the human animal......ahead of his time, i suppose......

the lines are indeed still around the block at the popeyes chicken, and after a 45 minute wait inside at the counter, i walked away with someone elses order......the minimum wage kids workin there are obviously not prepared for this kind of onslaught..........we will see what happens......

Thanks for that ID, RICARDO (not Edwin, as I erroneously responded initially).

Date: October 10 2001 at 20:45:25
Name: John Hillis
Location: 18 miles from the Big Target
How did you find TTM? It came with a big, thick, steamin' bowl of Wolf brand chili

For "Goober," I used to make the run between Charlotte and Raleigh fairly frequently. Since I-85 and I-40 hadn't been completed then, I found the back roads from Charlotte via Asheboro (a great zoo there, by the way!) to Raleigh were faster. One stop between Asheboro and Raleigh was Siler City, oft referred to in the Andy show.

Aunt Bee, Frances Bavier, actually retired there, and you could wave to her as you drove by. By that time, she was quite old and ill, but was told she'd heard so much during the years of the scripts with Siler City, that she moved there in retirement.

What makes it all the more interesting was that she and Andy Griffith did _not_ get on well off camera. We used to run Andy at 5:30 as the news lead-in and get 40+ shares. Don't doubt the authority of Deppity Fife!

We could use a touch of Mayberry here in the jumpy nation's capital, f'sure. Yesterday, a scare on the subway when a nut sprayed windex in a train, then attacked the transit cop and fired a shot. Tonight, another hazmat call from the State Dept. mailroom. Are there lots of stories on 2,6,and 8 of scares in Tulsa, or is that just here where people are justifiably edgy?

Story in the paper today on how people are having to choose which of many co-workers'/friends' funerals they'll go to as so many are scheduled on the same days.

My normal route into town has been reopened, and at the Pentagon you can see both the destruction and how strong that old building is. I'm still amazed that a 757 at full speed didn't penetrate but the one outside "ring" of the building. Fire and water damage much more widespread, though.

It seems a lot longer than a month, probably because a lot of us aren't sleeping that much.

Date: October 10 2001 at 19:31:23
Name: David Bagsby
Location: Lawrence KS
How did you find TTM? engorging

In response to the request for unusual talent; does anyone know if that guy who used to stand on his head and play guitar at the Turner Turnpike Toll Gate is still around?

He is in Weird Al's "UHF", did you know that?

Date: October 10 2001 at 18:20:41
Name: Jolie Ancel
Location: Burbank, CA
How did you find TTM? browsing

I am a Segment Producer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and am always looking for the unusual/human-interest type guest. Know of anyone?

OK, folks, this is legitimate. Please respond either directly to Jolie, or to me, and I'll give her some suggestions.

Date: October 10 2001 at 17:50:07
Name: Mike "Goober" Bruchas
Location: Up the pike from Raleigh and the NC State Fair next week - but I bet the real Goober goes!
How did you find TTM? Deputy Barney directed me to it.......

I think as a homage - say it Frenchie style....that we need both pictures of Nelson's Buffeteria's sign on a special worshipful place on TTM AND a picture of a big steaming chicken-fried steak on a platter from Nelson's for all of us deprived of this sinful pleasure - who don't live in Tulsey no mo'!

I think we can fill your order, sir...keep watching.

Date: October 10 2001 at 12:43:20
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Hey, I'm back in the Bible Belt - Eastern Division! For some reason the folks in NC - DON'T think OK/TX ARE in the Bible Belt!
How did you find TTM? Better with Steak & Shake - now in NC so we don't have to eat NC-style BBQ all day!

Am back from NC apt. hunting.

Found Charlotte has some great places to eat and the BEST Mexican bakery I have found since I left Texas/OK/NM.

My new employer MediaComm also runs Inspiration TV and Inspiration Lite - their soft-peddled Christian life-style (non-preaching) TV.

Okay every Friday is a NON-compulsory prayer meeting at work before the normal day. One of my fellow engineers is a preacher, too - first place to have an "Engineering Chaplain"! My salty language will have to be curtailed - all are good folks though.

MediaComm exists because they bought the note and all the TV gear that PTL had at a fire sale price AND made legit money doing production. The president is a son of a well-known evangelist who really didn't want to be the "TV ministry trade like his Dad" I am told. He is a hard worker and developed a good management team. As I was told - "one can be a good Christian, non-judgemental of other faiths, work your butt off and suceed".

PTL is a very bad phrase all across Charlotte. Very sour taste in everyone's mouth on this. 3 of my co-workers were original PTL TV techies.

My boss jokes that Heritage Village - the PTL theme park - "God has forsaken or is still very ticked off about". Every business which has tried to rehabilitate the place has gone broke or horrible things happened to the backers. One small non-profit and very earnest church group uses an amphitheatre there to do Xmas and Easter pageants in a small way. They are the ONLY group to have survived in the park. As my boss says, "he thinks God likes them".

Folks in Charlotte are not that crazy about brother Pat Robertson AND brother Falwell. The biggest phrase I heard repeated about any minister was "earnest and honest"....

Date: October 08 2001 at 23:39:50
Name: Lowell Burch
Location: Magic Circle
How did you find TTM? Pappy sent me.
Comments: Shelter banner, courtesy of Lowell Burch

Popeye's is open. I drove by and the traffic, both car and pedestrian, was horrific. I didn't even try to stop. I knew whoever opened a Popeye's here would make the big $$$!

Nice article in the World about Leon's new record label. I have a sign from the old Shelter Church Studio saying that they were not responsible for equipment left in the studio.

Date: October 08 2001 at 12:55:20
Name: Frank Morrow (via email)

Rue McClanahan and Frank Morrow Someone mentioned Rue McClanahan. I dated her at TU in the mid-'50s. Everyone called her "Frosty" then. She was a year younger than I. Great gal. We also were in speech classes and in one play together.

One night we were parked on Reservoir Hill until 3am. When we decided to go home, my old Nash (with the fold back seats) wouldn't start. We finally found a house with a light on about a block from the parking area. A man let me use his phone to call my frat house, where a buddy was up late studying for an engineering test. He came and got us, leaving my empty car as sole witness the remaining night's events on the Hill. My friend drove me back to Reservoir Hill the next day to retrieve the car.

Fast forward to mid-1968.

I received orders to be transferred from Winter Harbor, Maine, to New York City. An NYC friend, Gerry Teagarden--an actress and a fellow TU graduate--called Rue, and told her that I was coming to live in the Big Apple.

Rue said, "Who? Frank Morrow? That name doesn't sound familiar. You said he went to TU?"

I guess I wasn't a very memorable companion on Reservoir Hill.

Here are a couple of pictures of us at a party at TU.

Rue McClanahan and Frank Morrow


Date: October 08 2001 at 09:03:00
Name: Webmaster

I understand from a colleague of mine that Nelson's Buffeteria has up a picture of Lee & Lionel as well as John Hillis.

Date: October 07 2001 at 15:23:39
Name: Lowell Burch
Location: Standing firm behinnd our President and our Service Men and Women
How did you find TTM? Still Number One in the AP polls.

In college, I roomed with Robert McClanahan, Rue's cousin. He kept an autographed picture of her up on the wall in our dorm room. My other roomie was Kelley Johnson, Secretary to the Senate. He introduced me to Star Trek and used to actually write parodies of the show in his spare time.

Hey, I see a squirrel in my yard! Gotta go!

According to the book, "Son of Golden Turkey Awards", ads for the 1963 movie, "The Rotten Apple", contained this hyperbole:


Date: October 07 2001 at 12:48:32
Name: Don Norton
Location: Tulsa
How did you find TTM? All over the lot

(Eddi) RUE McCLANAHAN, an Oklahoma-born graduate of the University of Tulsa's theater department (CBS' "The Golden Girls," now in heavy re-runs etc.) is scheduled to be profiled on "Intimate Portrait" on the Lifetime cable network (Cox 36) MONDAY (October 8) from 6 to 7 p.m. Central time.

Thanks for that note, Don.

Date: October 07 2001 at 09:32:04
Name: Jim Ruddle
Location: Rye, NY

Re John Hillis and NC BBQ: You forgot to mention the other oddity about NC barbeque--They frequently put coleslaw on the sandwiches. I never got used to it.

Date: October 06 2001 at 17:02:17
Name: Stan Ruth
Location: Beaumont, TX
How did you find TTM? Luck

I was remembering living near 11th and Harvard, and remembering the studios of KRAV being located on the east side of Harvard, between 11th and 13th streets. I can't remember exactly when they left that location (which I believe was a remodeled home) but it must have been in the late 60's or early 70's.

Date: October 06 2001 at 10:30:50
Name: David Batterson
Location: Albuquerque, NM
How did you find TTM? I stopped at a Fina gas station, and asked!

I really enjoyed the Lee/Lionel morph. But which one is Lee and which is Lionel? ;-)

Date: October 06 2001 at 10:19:45
Name: John Hillis
Location: East West Virginia
How did you find TTM? Followed the Fair Food Trail and found Ransom

That's quite a fair diet there, Mr. Webmeister. I think you got most of the food groups (except for funnel cake). Didn't somebody tell you adults aren't constructed to eat stuff like that?

When I was in Dallas last week, Mark Davis on WBAP radio was saying when he did 2 weeks of remotes from the state fair in big D, he lost weight and has a nutritionist tracking his eatings this year to find out why.

Since I moved from Tulsa to Raleigh, I can claim some expertise in Tarheelia, though I was only there a year before CNN beaconed. Great people, barbeque you'll never get used to (thin sauce, vinegary and only pig) if you have Oklahoma tastes, and ACC BASKETBALLL...though since then, Charlotte's got NBA and NFL teams.

N.C. is a state of mostly small towns, and while Charlotte always saw itself as a shirttail cousin to Atlanta, I always thought it was a pretty nice place. It's gotten bigger and more important through banking and communications in the last 20 years.

The NBC affiliate news service is based there, because the exec who revamped it, Bob Horner, decided the climate was good, there were air connections, and it was a good lifestyle. One of the few broadcasting decisions based on logic.

When I was flying 150,000+ miles a year, I quit going through Atlanta and started changing planes in Charlotte--great airport for that.

Raleigh/Durham too is nice area, though has been overrun by northerners moving for business. The little town I lived in, Cary, is now a mass of sprawling suburbs referred to as Containment Area for Relocating Yankees.

For someone relocating from Oklahoma, the proximity of beach and mountains within a couple hours drive was very cool, and cost of living is moderate compared with up here. I think you'll like it, MB. As you can see, 21 years later, I'm still on the tourist board's payoff list.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I had funnel cake, too. But believe it or not, I plan to finish the Tulsa Run again this year.

Date: October 06 2001 at 09:33:46
Name: Lowell Burch
Location: The lowest branch of the Burch Family Tree
How did you find TTM? The palm reader at the fair saw it in my future and here I am!

The Three Stooges trading card I saw Blood, Sweat and Tears last night at the fair. It was a mite chilly, but the show was great.

Mike B., I know how it is to find a bunch of relatives I didn't know I had. Mom started doing geneology and we found that we were related to one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, the Folger Coffee folks, a famous artist and a slew of Baptist preachers. We also found out we qualified as bona fide members of the Cherokee Nation (I guess our blonde Norske look hid that fact well) and most importantly, we have a family connection to Stooge Larry Fine! Now we are getting invites to family reunions all over the place. Wooo Wooo!

Lowell, I looked you up Wednesday at Calvert Displays near the entrance to the IPE building, but you weren't at work yet. I witnessed Steppenwolf doing "Born to be Wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride", saw a goat show (not a boat show, a goat show), a hypnotist, met KOTV weatherman James Aydelott (a TTM contributor), and consumed a corn dog, Cajun shrimp on-a-stick, gator on-a-stick, a Philly steak sandwich, fried pickles, and a hot garlic clove (sorry, James). Didn't ride Zingo after all that...maybe Sunday.

Date: October 06 2001 at 03:39:43
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Yeah DC to NC
How did you find TTM? Confused about NC BBQ and had to ask for a gourmet opinion here...

Soon I will be blathering on TTM from Charlotte, NC. After almost 16 years in DC (I came after that snowy OSU/OU game way back when on a Thanksgiving weekend)- I am moving South to NORTH Carolina...

Am tabbed to be Feed and Record (say REEcord not 45 rpm records) Center Mgr. for SpeedVision - which is moving to Charlotte from CT. But that switch won't happen till about SuperBowl Sunday night - till then - in about 2 weeks I will be prepping stuff and schlepping cable, moving gear and working on systems to service SpeedVision.

For an old geezer like me - higher pay/cheaper cost of living was the main draw...

Mr. Mike Miller sez he and his lovely Frau + 2 hilarious cats may look to move outta DC and farther South - maybe NC - this year. Maybe I am starting a trend? Gotta find DAVE JONES if he is still there. Dave of KRAV/KTEW/KTUL/Ch.41/WATL/Sony at Disney and a zillion other jobs...

Date: October 05 2001 at 22:30:29
Name: John Hillis
Location: Washington
How did you find TTM? In that KOTV brown paper bag from da fair

I have forgotten those great state fair giveaways. I think we also gave selected winners "take a look" t-shirts (earth tone in glorious polyester--I still have one) and 33 1/3 phonograph records of the "Take A Look" theme song. (Sample line: Take a look at Tulsa/ From the Arkansas River to the Green Country Lakes/ Take a look at Tulsa/ Growing with pride with each day that breaks)

Shows on location were almost as much a treat to produce as to anchor. You always weren't sure how things would time out, and communications back and forth were, shall we say, fuzzy.

I'll confess to being distracted lately...did I miss something about eagle-eye moving to the tarheel state?

Date: October 05 2001 at 22:17:27
Name: Ken Broo
Location: Soggy Cincinnati
How did you find TTM? Under Hugh Finnerty's Race Car

Postings on the Tulsa State Fair jogs the noggin'.

It was 1978 and the fair came to town and the keen minds at Corinthian suggested (demanded?) we anchor our 5pm newscast (in their infinite wisdom, they ditched a 6pm newscast for a 5p show. Brilliant move) from the Fair.

Sounded like a good idea. In actuality, they had us positioned next to a hypnotist named "Vanderver" who saw reason to announce on a PA system at ten minute intervals that his "Show of Power and Amazement" was only moments away. Try listening to that for an hour, five days in a row.

Worse, they had us sitting at a table, in front of a single-tubed Sony ENG camera anchoring an entire newscast.

But here's how we really connnected with our audience. For the fine denizens of Tulsa who stopped by to visit with us, the KOTV newsies were more than happy to hand out plain brown paper shopping bags and books of matches. I'll never forget the joy and excitement on the childrens' faces when they left with those wonderful parting gifts!

Could that hypnotist have been "Vandermeade"? I remember one with that handle, because my mom bought his LP.

Date: October 05 2001 at 14:18:25
Name: Webmaster

Here is IMDb's list of movie people born in Tulsa. You may see some names that will surprise you.

Date: October 04 2001 at 22:50:35
Name: Frank Morrow
Location: Austin
How did you find TTM?  

During the early 1950s there occurred a political campaign phenomenon that I have never seen since---the candidate’s telethon. Actually, they were not telethons, because they were on radio, probably, I suppose, because TV was too expensive, and the TV stations couldn’t clear the time. Also, TV wasn’t such a big deal as it is today.

A candidate would buy a huge block of time, ranging from twelve to 24 hours. He (It was extremely rare for a woman to be a candidate.) would present his positions and would take phone calls from the listening audience and from people in a large studio. He would be on the air continuously during that time. (I don’t know when he answered nature’s requirements.) Local, off-duty announcers assisted the man. If the man was running for state office, he would repeat his performance in various cities.

These marathons made a big splash. They also could be quite humorous, especially when a candidate had been awake continuously for over 20 hours, and his mind was not tracking too well, or he had become morose.

The candidate marathon would be impossible now: It would be too expensive; the concentration of ownership with the huge number of stations owned by out-of-town media giants has almost totally eliminated locally owned stations of any significance; and, stations have rigid formats that must be adhered to.

Date: October 04 2001 at 08:56:29
Name: Erick

The male newscaster prior to John Walls was Jay Rickerts. He simply retired to spend more time with his family, from what I understand.

David Crow told us in Guestbook 81: "Jay Rickerts works for Williams on the Energynewslive.com webcast."

Date: October 04 2001 at 06:50:08
Name: Erin
Location: Tulsa
How did you find TTM? search engine

What happened to the male newscaster that was on KJRH before John Walls came back to Tulsa?

Name: Webmaster

Archived Guestbook 93. There have been some tribulations keeping the Guestbook working, but no entries have been lost. As always, the best way to get to the current Guestbook is from links on the main page or the What's New page.

Heard from Sam Stewart here for the first time in #93. Kirk Demarais just sent in this timely bumpersticker:

White Lightnin' at Bell's, courtesy of Kirk Demarais

The Tulsa State Fair is in full swing. Anything on-a-stick was a topic. We saw Lee morphing into Lionel. "Sunrise Serenade" and Moonlight Serenade" were used to start and end KOTV's broadcast day, we learned. "Dream of Olwen" was the signoff music in the 50s, according to Harry Volkman and Don Norton.

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