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December 17 2011 at 02:33:19
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Topic: The Artist
Email: Northeast of Eden
Comments: Hi Jim, and Merry Christmas. I just happened to have seen it at a screening this very afternoon. Bravissimo!

I'm writing a review of it into one piece with 3 other holiday releases: the dragon-tattooed lady girl...war horse...and Tin Tin, one of which I saw last week. Two to go. Glut time at the movie house.

December 17 2011 at 00:12:51
Name: Jim Ruddle at WGN in 1965Jim Ruddle
Topic: Flickering Images
Email: jruddle@earthlink.net
Comments: Gary Chew: I haven't seen it, and distribution seems to suck, but I'm intrigued by the silent,"The Artist." Has it come your way?


The lead actor in this silent movie, Jean Dujardin, also starred in a couple of hilarious 007 spoofs: "OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies" and "OSS 117 - Lost in Rio" (available on Netflix streaming). He has the Connery look and manner down cold, but brings his own special French sense of humor to the role. Highly recommended.

December 15 2011 at 14:56:51
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Topic: Golden Globuals
Email: Northeast of Eden
Comments: Since I'm my own assignment editor...there are some films I don't see because I can't see them all.

Nominations: Globes Golden 2011

The Descendants (2011) Good 3-star movie. "Michael Clayton" much, much better; Mr. Clooney a fave, though.

The Help (2011) missed it

Hugo (2011/II) missed it

The Ides of March (2011) best story of the bunch; Gosling really good; Clooney lets Ryan go with this one. Cool, George.

Moneyball (2011) best boring story of the bunch; actually, when dissected, not much here or there.

War Horse (2011) a very very well made film with a hackneyed narrative, but worth the look; visually, Spielberg Rules.

December 15 2011 at 09:27:07
Name: Charles
Topic: DX premium
: Thanks Tim! That's what I was trying to remember...crashing through the brick wall.

December 13 2011 at 23:06:50
Name: Tim
Topic: Gas Station Premiums
Email: no1gapackfanataoldotcom
Comments: Charles' comments below prompted a few memories.

I also had the slot car set from DX (51st & Skelly Dr), but the 'stunt' the car performed on mine was "crashing" through a brick wall; it was hinged on either side and was spring-loaded. I vaguely recall the other obstacle he mentioned, but can't recall whether all sets had both obstacles or if it was a choice when selecting the car set.

I also still have the NFL sticker book. If memory serves, it covered the '72 season (Miami went 14-0 that year). In any case, there were a lot of great ball players from that era featured.

December 13 2011 at 09:57:00
Name: C. Zehder
Topic: Harry Morgan
Email: thegoodmagneto@hotmail.com
Comments: Loved Col. Potter... MASH is still one of the rare shows that lost some big characters and still got better the longer it was on.

I used to watch his comedy series "Pete & Gladys" when staying home from school in the early 60s. Morgan's "Pete" also appeared in the earlier series, "December Bride".

December 12 2011 at 23:05:15
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Xmas toys of the past
: All were advertised as part of TV spots for Hess and Texaco.

Hess tankers and fire trucks.

Texaco peddle cars and metal fire trucks.

Someone said there was also an OTASCO semi-trailer truck Buddy L get-up out there.

Who remembers these Xmas toy tie-ins to gas companies? "Available at your local (fill in the brand) service station!"

December 12 2011 at 23:00:34
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Non PC 70s humor
: The Hare Krishna movement was growing in OK when I was a TU student in the early 70s.

My snide remark then was "...no, I am not interested in the Hare Krishna movement, I'm already part of the Harry Morgan movement...".

To which most folks had no idea whom I was talking about... unless you were a Dragnet devotee.

Bob Hower, as Program Director at KTUL, later bought and "stripped" Dragnet and Adam-12 as our weeknight post early news programming at 6:30pm. Good ratings, too.

December 12 2011 at 22:55:08
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Harry Morgan passes
: Forgot to mention the passing of actor Harry Morgan at age 96.

I can remember him from an early b&w TV show - Pete & Gladys. I was surprised, after so many early b&w TV years in comedy, at his becoming Jack Webb's sidekick on Dragnet. If you MASH watchers remember, his first appearance on that show was as an unbalanced military commander. Later he came back as Col. Sherman Potter.

And later he popped up in an episode or two as a dean on Third Rock from the Sun.

December 12 2011 at 22:52:29
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Switzer shows
: I was gone from 8 in 1976 and gone from OKC in 1985.

The action portion (at 8) was originally shot on film, later videotape. 2 high press box silent game cameras: one a high speed camera and a sound side-lines camera. Some times a fourth for human interest stuff.

Don't know about when 8 went to video cams.

We taped on 2". Later 8 went to 1" then I guess BetaSP.

NO MASTERS ARE ON VHS - that was a home not broadcast format.

December 11 2011 at 22:34:29
Name: C. Zehder
Topic: Switzer shows
Email: thegoodmagneto@hotmail.com
Comments: Thank you Mike for the response.

When you say OU archives do you mean the university itself? Did KTUL just throw all the shows away after it was done producing it? Out of curiosity how long did KTUL produce the show?

Switzer took over in 73 and I just assumed you had it till 81 when Chris Lincoln left. I have seen video clips of the 1980 Bedlam game on YouTube which Mr. Lincoln hosted but I have never seen another show during the KTUL time period.

December 11 2011 at 20:52:22
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Switzer show tapes
: Most likely copies exist in the OU archives; think that we had to provide "library" copies.

Phillips 66 sponsored the shows for years; maybe their corporate video folks might know.

The coaches never owned any rights to the shows; they were paid employees of KTUL or some other creative funding, besides being OU, OSU or TU employees.

No - there will NOT be any home video copies for sale after all of this time.

December 11 2011 at 12:06:58
Name: C. Zehder
Topic: The Barry Swizer Shows, '72 to 1981
Email: thegoodmagneto@hotmail.com
Comments: Hello,

I had a question for anybody that can help. Did KTUL keep and archive all the Barry Switzer shows that Mr.Zabriskie and Mr. Lincoln hosted and KTUL produced from '73 (maybe sooner?Chuck Fairbanks?) to 1981? And if so how if possible to the best way to approach requesting copies of these shows?

I completely understand that KTUL themselves do not have the time to so but I do have the ability to dub almost perfect copies from VHS (if they are on VHS and not on MM reels) to DVD which I would gladly do for the station as well as myself.

If anybody has any info that might help me in my plight, please e-mail me.Thank you in advance.

December 10 2011 at 11:49:51
Name: Rita Thurman Barnes
Topic: Scooter Segraves
Email: ritathurmanbarnes@swbell.net
Comments: Attention Facebookers:

Some of Scooter's diehard fans have started a Facebook Fan Club page for him. Okay. I started it. The Scoot is just still the coolest DJ on the planet and now that I've located him again I'm not missing out on the fun. Don't you miss out either.

Join Today at https://www.facebook.com/groups/281482365231855/ after you have joined Facebook.

December 09 2011 at 14:11:12
Name: Si Hawk
Topic: Box tops
Email: SiHawk@HawksHomeTown.Com
Comments: I ordered all kinds of things with box tops. Some arrived some never did. The best item I can recall at present is the submarine I purchased with something like six or ten Rice Krispies box tops and fifty-cents or so back in 1963 or '64.

The submarine operated on Alka-Seltzer or Bromo-Seltzer and would function in bathtubs, ponds or swimming pools. It would propel itself for several feet, submerge and run under water, then resurface. It was a hoot - for about 2 hours.

What fun!

December 08 2011 at 13:04:15
Name: Charles
Topic: Premiums
: Two come to mind. One was I think from DX. I just have the vaguest of memories, but it was some kind of car set. If I am remembering the right one, you could crash the car into a wall and it would come apart into pieces that you then reassembled to do it all over again.

The other (which I still have) was also from one of the gas chains. You would get stickers of NFL players with a fill-up and there was a book with different pages for each team where you would put the stickers.

December 08 2011 at 12:13:30
Name: John
Topic: Premiums
Email: myfirstcardotorg@gmail.com
Comments: Undoubtedly, the "Antenna Banana" from DX gas stations!

December 08 2011 at 09:21:39
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Free Stuff
Email: North Of You
Comments: Back in 1966, I sent in about 10 General Mills box tops to get a Wham-O Superball. After a few days of bouncing it off of everything,(even the top of the Rosebowl) I smacked it out of sight with a Louisville Slugger. Since it was manufactured with some sorta Space Age Material, it's still out there flying somewhere.

December 07 2011 at 17:14:40
Name: Steve Bagsby
Topic: Premiums
: OK, what was your favorite goody obtained free with a purchase? And did it come from saving box tops, so many tank fulls at the local filling station, etc?.

And yes, that includes Griffin's Jelly Jars for drink ware! Did your grandparents save flour sacks to sew quilts with?

Send in your answer (in 50 words or less) to your local dealer tonight! And don't forget, double Green Stamps on Tuesdays!!!

December 06 2011 at 15:08:11
Name: Lazzaro
Topic: Eye Candy for Mr. Linder

December 03 2011 at 17:22:44
Name: David Batterson
Topic: The Wizard of Oz
Email: db@oldfortsandiego.com
Comments: Some don't know that Buddy Ebsen was to play the Tin Woodman, but got very ill from the aluminum powdered makeup. He was replaced before he got well again.

December 02 2011 at 18:14:46
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: So.Cal Winds, etc.
: My apologies for my recent posts with regard to Frank Morgan, and the Wizard of OZ. As I was sending this to TTVM many of us in SoCal experienced a 27 hour power outage due to record high winds. My power was just restored this morning 9/2 in Glendale, CA.

Would anyone like to have some frozen food which is no longer frozen? My fridge has been off for two days.

December 01 2011 at 06:53:00
Name: David Bagsby
Topic: OZ redux
: Dorothy: The witch's broom... may we have it?
Witch's Guard: Yes... you'll take it and LIKE it

November 30 2011 at 16:23:29
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Oz Tidbit
Email: Not North Of Chew
Dorothy: The witch's broom...may we have it?
Witch's Guard: Yes, and take it with you.

As opposed to?

November 30 2011 at 14:23:00
Name: Gary Chew
Topic: The Wizard of Gauze
Email: Just Northeast of Eden
Comments: Again, an "affirmative" posted here to North of Here Man, Mitch. And, to sustain the motion picture vernacular, the guy behind the curtain pulling the history-altering switches was actor Frank Morgan.

November 30 2011 at 13:11:35
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Timing Is Everything
Email: North Of You
Comments: I also, Mr. Chew, suspected some kind of deal was made pre-inauguration. But even after the Ollie North congressional hearings, the Tower Commission, and the indictment of eleven government officials, everyone walked after being pardoned by the next POTUS (former CIA director) H.W. Bush.

*Flash*...Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain..Move along. Nothing to see here...

November 29 2011 at 21:46:36
Name: Gary Chew
Topic: Reagan Inauguration Recalled
Email: Just Northeast of Eden
Comments: Yes to Mitch's post about the FLASHING of the Iranian Hostages' Release. The timing was superb. I even thought about how "superb" it was, at the time, come to think of it. Gee whiz: so many coincidences in life, huh?

November 29 2011 at 18:53:54
Name: Dave
Topic: Flash
: Somewhere along the line back then the wires might have lowered the bar for designating a breaking story as a "Flash." In 1971, Nikita Khrushchev died and UPI - remember them? - made it a Flash. By then, Khrushchev had been retired in obscurity for several years since being thrown out of office by the Politburo. I think it was on a Saturday morning so maybe somebody was alone on the slow shift at UPI in New York.

November 29 2011 at 09:26:08
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: AP Machine
Email: North Of You
Comments: The only time I ever saw a FLASH on the AP teletype was in January 1980, when I was working at KMUS radio in Muskogee.

Ron Reagan had just been sworn in as POTUS when the clattering AP machine dinged out all 10 bells.

The Flash read "American hostages released in Tehran". It was only seconds after the inauguration. I ripped the paper, copied the story and promptly stuffed the AP yellow paper story in my briefcase.

I still have it squirreled away somewhere.

November 29 2011 at 02:51:01
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Topic: Presidents Dying
Email: Just Northeast of Eden
Comments: More on FDR's death. I don't remember much... except my mother crying. I asked why she was... she said, "The president is dead." Changing the subject a bit, I also remember my parents acting weird on December 7, 1941. But that's all of that, too. There was always a war going on, seems like, till I was about 9 years old.

With Kennedy's, I was at the AP machine hoping that the word FLASH wouldn't come up in the racket of the furious typing. It did. Then, it was me crying. Can't believe, as someone posted here the other day, that some students at TU, in the Westby Center Union applauded hearing about what happened in Dealy Plaza. Sick-0h City.

November 28 2011 at 14:25:58
Name: Jim Ruddle at WGN in 1965Jim Ruddle
Topic: FDR
: Others have recounted their Kennedy experiences. I'll talk about FDR (Yes. That one.) When he died, in April of 1945, it was as if Armageddon had arrived. You must remember that for kids in school--kindergarten to high school seniors--he was the only president of whom they had ever known.

At Horace Mann Junior High, the school didn't close the next day, but we were forced to listen to funereal music and mournful elegies on the radio all day in class. Teachers openly wept and talking was not permitted.

November 26 2011 at 23:58:31
Name: Jim Reid
Topic: JFK Assasination
Email: jimreid56 at aol dot com
Comments: I was in Sister Cantelice's 2nd grade class at St. Mary's school. The sister had left us for a moment, when Mr. Wickham, the 7th grade teacher came into the room. He said that it was a very sad day, that the President had died and we all should pray for him. He said that school was dismissed and we all could go home.

I remember saying to a classmate, "I didn't even know the President was sick". It wasn't till I got home that I found out what had happened.

November 26 2011 at 17:02:10
Name: Mike Miller todayMike Miller
Topic: JFK Assassination
: I was in the Tulsa County Courthouse working as a radio reporter for KELi. When Oswald was shot to death, I was in the newsroom and watched the "Flash" come in on the AP machine.

Since most Tulsa radio stations went to networks or played solemn music during the mourning period, Bob Gregory (who had moved over to KTUL-TV) and I fed the Mutual Radio Network with stories and sound bites. (Bob got the sound bites and I fed them to the network.)

I remember Gregory tracked down Federal District Judge Sarah T. Hughes (who had just sworn in LBJ as President aboard Air Force One) in the Love Field terminal via telephone page. Nobody else had the interview and Mutual was appreciative for the exclusive. I was still learning from Bob Gregory how to "out-think" the competition.

November 25 2011 at 11:55:25
Name: David Batterson
Topic: JFK - Nov. 22
Email: db@wayoutwest.com
Comments: I had dropped out of TU, and was working at my first journalism job: cub reporter for The Herald-News, in Passaic, NJ.

I read the terrible news as it came in on the AP/UPI wire service (via the rapid-key typewriters used back then). They had small bells that rang with major news stories coming in; the bells didn't stop ringing for a long time. I was sent out (with a few other reporters) to get public reactions for our local point-of-view article.

November 24 2011 at 15:27:14
Name: Clark Thayer
Topic: 23 November, 1963
Email: clark_thayer@islux@gmail
Comments: I was at the University of Tulsa on my way to a class when someone said Kennedy had been shot.

My friends and I went back to the Student Union and watched the TV with a growing crowd. When it was announced Kennedy was dead, a very large number of the students there clapped and cheered. My friends and I left for class.

Dr. Gordon Lovejoy spoke to us briefly about the political climate in the States and dismissed class. The current atmosphere of the States, the hatred of Obama, reminds me of that fall.

November 24 2011 at 12:49:09
Name: Andy Holthouse
Topic: November 22, 1963
Email: andyocoregon@comcast.net
Comments: I was in the 7th grade at Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School at Pine and Sheridan. A nun came into our classroom and sobbingly announced the President was dead. That is the one and only time I'd ever seen a nun cry. Shortly afterwards, we were let of school for the day.

I was a paperboy for the Tulsa Tribune and had to wait an extra two hours at my paper stop that day to get my bundles of newspapers because they had had a "stop the presses" run. My father kept one of the extras I had in a metal file box and I still have it to this day. I had the front page with the huge headline shouting, "President Slain in Dallas Parade" laminated so it wouldn't discolor further. It's amazing how much detail was printed in that special edition considering how little time they had to collect and typeset (manually - no computers) the paper.

November 23 2011 at 14:06:57
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: A reach-out to a slightly older generation
: Mike Miller, Jim Ruddle, and Gary Chew -

What were YOU doing when JFK was shot and WHERE were you working at that time?

November 23 2011 at 09:35:25
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: North Of You
Email: JFK
Comments: I was a mere 1st grader attending Osage Elementary when I heard the announcement over the tweed squawk box mounted over the chalkboard.

I found my mother in tears glued to the TV when I came home that afternoon but I still was not aware of the magnitude of this event until I found out all of the afternoon and Saturday morning cartoons were preempted by Walter, Chet and David.

I really had no grasp of the concept of death until a few years later when the daily body count from Vietnam was broadcast nightly.

November 22 2011 at 22:24:21
Name: Greg
Topic: JFK assassination
: I was in the 6th grade at Kendall Elementary School, near TU.

As I recall, no announcement was made of the event that afternoon at school. My brother & I heard about it from our mother when she picked us up when school let out, around 3:00. She was in tears as she told us what had happened to our president.

My parents were both loyal Democrats & Kennedy followers so, needless to say, this was a very sad time for us. We sat glued to our TV that entire weekend & I remember, especially, watching live on Sunday afternoon when Jack Ruby shot Lee Oswald. Then, of course, the state funeral on Monday & all the other events that took place.

It definitely was the beginning of live "breaking news" TV coverage that we've grown to take for granted today. ABC, CBS & NBC definitely rose to the occasion. Up to that time, it was their finest hour(s)!

November 22 2011 at 18:33:15
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: JFK Assassination
: During the JFK assassination, I was sitting in a algebra class at Will Rogers High School under the strict authority of a teacher called Miss S. During the CBS telecast, she used a stick to turn off the monochrome monitor in her classroom and told us that "OK... it's time for algebra".

She and I hated one another anyway, so I walked-out of her room and went to see a wonderful history instructor named Martin McGinty. I slowly entered his room, and asked if I could watch TV. He said "of course" and I saw it all, thanks to a wonderful teacher at Will Rogers High School.

By the way, Miss S. failed me for that class, but Martin McGinty thanked me for coming and wiped my tears with the tail of his shirt... I will always remember this for the rest of my life.

Meanwhile, a learned about things like "tenure" that allow those such as Miss S. to have jobs and pensions. Shame on her, and all others like her.

By the way, I DID graduate from Will Rogers High School in 1966. Martin McGinty shoot my hand and said hello to my parents during the graduation. I didn't see Miss S.

November 22 2011 at 12:51:21
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: 48 years ago today
: JFK was shot in Dallas.

I was in Ms. Cunningham's 7th grade - here in Downers Grove, IL; think she taught history. 2 announcements over the p.a. system. First that he had been shot; then his death.

Where were you?

November 19 2011 at 17:32:23
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: A brief note to my friends
Comments: Just a brief note to all my TTVM friends to wish you a lovely Thanksgiving. I hope to be back to chat and/or annoy you sometime soon.

Kind regards to all...

Scott Linder

November 15 2011 at 15:12:11
Name: John K. Young
Topic: RE: Tulsa Film
Email: johnk662561atyahoodotcom
Comments: Wow! What changes have occurred in the last 60 years! A lot of those farms and cattle ranches are housing developments and shopping malls now.

November 15 2011 at 09:50:44
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Tulsa Film
Email: North Of You
Comments: Gee I had forgotten about DX gasoline. I would imagine it would be nearly impossible to tour today's refineries with the presence of OSHA and Homeland Security.

It seems the narrator, Bucky Kozlow, had the voice and inflection of every B & W film narrator I heard on film throughout my school years.

Bucky also narrated a 1964 documentary about General Pershing that was introduced by Walter Matthau.
My grandmother worked at the Kerr-Mason glass factory shown briefly in the film.

November 12 2011 at 13:43:55
Name: Chuck Fullhart
Topic: 1950s Tulsa Marketing Film
: Michael Bates, on his blog BatesLine.com has posted a link to the 1950s (late 1940s) United States Information Service film on Tulsa.

If you have been around town for the last few decades, it seems almost strange to see sites like the Carnegie Library downtown and the Flagship Tulsa in the AA segment. It's a two reeler, pick up something at the snack bar.

November 08 2011 at 13:07:57
Name: Erick
Topic: Quakes
: Another tremblor last night just shy of 9pm. It registered at 4.7 and didn't last very long. Not sure if I feel like this was an aftershock or a sign that we're building up to something...

November 08 2011 at 01:25:38
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: In the acts of god department...
Comments: Has anyone been up to Joplin recently?

Are any of the Tulsa stations still covering the post-tornado rebuilding there?

I see now that CBS credits most OK video as "KWTV/KOTV" supplied unless their Dallas or Atlanta based crews shot it.
Initial CBS video reportage was out of Atlanta's bureau this weekend...

November 08 2011 at 01:21:59
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Earthquake insurance?
: Watch out for shysters peddling this unique coverage - in the aftermath of the quakes.

Talk to your insurance man but I bet IF it's available - costs will be high.

I can remember when FLOOD insurance was iffy or NOT an option in some parts of often-flooded OK in the 70's and 80's. Or if it was an act of God major storm...

November 07 2011 at 11:55:31
Name: Erick
Topic: Earthquake
: The 4.7 on early Sunday morning woke me up out of a dead sleep. I thought it was a storm at first as well, until I noticed the ceiling fan swaying.

Then, Saturday night, the 5.6 quake woke me out of another restful slumber. I can't say I thought this one was stronger necessarily, but it certainly lasted longer. At least a minute.

Damage at my home consisted of 2 toppled picture frames on my desk. Luckily, I have insurance.

November 06 2011 at 17:53:28
Name: Gary Chew
Topic: Oklahoma Vibrations
Email: Northeast of Eden
Comments: Looks like I got out of Tulsa just in time. Oh, you crazy people who live in earthquake-prone places. Your buddy, Delmo Gillette out in California.

November 05 2011 at 09:15:21
Name: Chuck Fullhart
Topic: One Less Curmudgeon among us
: Andy Rooney passed away last night.

November 05 2011 at 09:14:47
Name: Webmaster
Topic: A life with Andy Rooney

Detailed obit at CBS News: Andy Rooney dead at 92

Reading this essay, I see that he was a bigger part of my life than I knew.

He wrote for Arthur Godfrey's daily TV show in the early 50s, "The Morning News with Will Rogers, Jr." in 1957, "The Garry Moore Show" from 1959-65, and "The Twentieth Century". He wrote "The Strange Case of the English Language" in 1968, which I took note of in my diary. Read the obit to get an idea of how full his writing career was.

I watched his swan song on "60 Minutes" early last month. The show won't be the same without him.

November 05 2011 at 03:35:34
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Oklahoma earthquake!

Around 2:10 am, my wife Gaye heard and felt about three vibrations in close succession, over about 3-5 seconds. The first felt and sounded like a storm front had suddenly arrived. The third one felt like the walls and foundation were moving, she said.

I woke up a moment later, but felt the wallop of the last one. I thought maybe a tree had fallen on the house, but saw no physical damage of any kind outside. We have had a tree fall on the house before, and it didn't have this kind of impact.

November 03 2011 at 16:54:52
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Previous GroupBlog link

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