Admiral Twin Drive-In Checklist
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FM RADIO - either built-in or portable, because the movie sound at the Admiral Twin comes in on 88.3 and 90.9.

COOLER/BAG OF SNACKS - We don't want to divert any of the Admiral Twin's revenue stream, but let's face it, this is a big attraction, bringing your own snacks and drinks. Hot dogs are best bought at the concession stand unless you like cooking them on your engine.

BOTTLE OPENER or Swiss Army knife for that Sam Adams beer.

PAPER TOWELS - for excellent personal hygiene; also use with...

WINDEX™ or an equivalent product.

FOLDING CHAIRS - provide an out-of-the-vehicle experience.

PENLIGHT - for low profile food searches.

DUCT TAPE - Improvisation is sometimes necessary.

FLIP-FLOPS - permit easy egress after getting comfortable.

BLANKET and PILLOWS - in case it gets cool, or someone finds the movie less than riveting and wants to catch a little shut-eye.

TOWELS - Bring several and periodically pour ice water from the cooler onto them for lasting heat relief.

BINOCULARS - Look at the stars before the show or at intermission.

FRISBEE - The area upfront is now wide open, so bring a frisbee or a football.

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