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1978 in review

Plaza 3 damage The Plaza 3 shopping center (21st & 129th) was clobbered by a tornado. It also took a beating in '75.

(from GB 120) Rich Lohman said:

I don't mean to be a pill but I discovered a little minor error in your KOTV "Stormy Night" page.

At the very bottom, where it recaps the year 1978 it shows a picture of the old Plaza 3 theater and it has the caption: "A tornado destroyed the Plaza 3 theater". A tornado did indeed destroy the theater but it was in December of 1975.

(from GB 120) Bob Duff said:

Noticed Mr. Lohman's comments. He is quite correct. The Plaza Three theater did indeed become the Plaza Two theater on December 5, 1975. I was working at KELi at the time and was very concerned about the bad weather because it was happening very near the residence of my soon-to-be wife. In fact, it was happening ALL AROUND her because there were actually three separate tornadoes with three distinctly identifiable paths all concentrated in the area of 21st and 129th E Ave.

Jim Hale and Melanie Roberts sum up the year 1978 in Tulsa Jim Hale and Melanie Roberts

Wayne (not 'Tuffy') Johnson (from Guestbook 1) Mike Bruchas said:

Wayne Johnson, a clarinetist in the Bob Wills bands of the 40's, was at KOTV as an engineer/audioman.

A joy at the KOTV Xmas party was Wayne playing clarinet or sax and Lee Woodward singing.

Former Gov. David Hall heads to California for good. John Hillis credit

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