Tulsa TV Memories

The KOTV 50th Anniversary Reunion


Here are some pictures taken by Rex Daugherty at this event on 11/27/99. If you have comments about a picture, email me, and I'll put them by the appropriate picture!

Bob Hower and Bill Hyden (is that Dale "Melvin Simpkins" McKinney looking over Bob's shoulder?), and Betty Boyd

John Irvin, Ralph Bardgett and Carolyn Jenkins barely peeking over Ralph's shoulder

Mack Creager, Mike Flynn, Leon Meier and Ralph Bardgett

John Hillis: Whatever elixir Leon Meier takes, I want a case! The rest of us have grown old and/or fat and/or bald, but Leon hasn't changed a bit. Probably has something to do with his positive outlook.

Ed Dumit and Neil Willits.

Paul Serrell

Bob Hower and Bill Hyden at the table

Susan Bunn and Mike Flynn

(from Guestbook 4) Mike Bruchas said: Speaking of mis-cues - while doing the KOTV Midday Report with Susan Bunn and Mike Flynn in the 70's - had a director's nightmare. We had a story on a nun doing something and a story on a local bellydancer who could flip quarters and dollar bills with her stomach muscles. You guessed it - on the tease, Jerry the VTR op rolled the nun video when Susan vo'd (voiceover'd) the belly dancer video. After thinking we got the story order straightened out with Jerry during the break - we rolled the nun story and up came the belly dancer again. It reached a point where Mike and Susan were NOT laughing about this and the light-hearted lead-in to the belly dancer story just sounded VERY strained....Of course as KOTV used to run video under closing credits - the belly dancer video appeared for about the 5th time in the (news)cast....

Nancy Kerr Ramsey Adams, Susan Bunn and Bob Hower

Susan Bunn and Rex Daugherty

Lee Woodward, Mary Jo Sartain, Bob Losure, Gailard Sartain, Bill Hyden, Doug Dodd, Elaine Dodd. and Amelia Woodward.

John Wooley  wrote an article in the 2/4/2000 Spot magazine of the Tulsa World about "Angry Beavers". It's a cartoon show on Nickelodeon (10:30 a.m. CST Saturdays) created by TTM contributor and Oklahoman Mitch Schauer. Gailard Sartain has done voice work for the show, and both he and his wife Mary Jo Sartain have written for it.

Bill Hyden speaks.

Lee Woodward

Bob Losure and Gailard Sartain

Gailard Sartain surrenders the mic to Bob Losure

Woody at the mic

Bob Losure at the mic

Steve Schroeder

Mr. Bill (Bill Thompson) and Gil Fallini

Kathy Murphy via email, 1/17/2001:

Thanks for posting Rex's pictures from the KOTV anniversary party. I couldn't attend so I really appreciate seeing them.

I can ID a couple of mystery people, if you're interested: The man on the right in the picture with Bill Thompson is Mr. Gil Fallini, engineer extraordinaire. His son, Bruce, also worked at the station. (That's Gil again in New Pic 4). And the guy in the photo slugged New Pic 2 is Ken Ostmo, a former 6 news photog.

Great site. Thanks for preserving our local TV heritage.

Ken Ostmo and.... - What's that in the background? Tulsa TV Memories on the 10' screen!

Dr. and Mrs. Rod Jones

Mike Bruchas: "Pinky" Mary Jane (or June?) Jones and Dr. Rod Jones - both retired TU speech/theatre instructors and sweet folks (Trivia note - I think it was Pinky that told us Rod Jones shared a WWII cockpit with Skitch Henderson in their Army Air Corps days so long ago...)

New pic 4 - Harold DeBoer, his wife Audrey, Gil Fallini, and Gil's wife Virginia

New pic 5 with Tulsa TV Memories in the background...

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