General election Nov. 1964 with Mike Miller

I never knew where the term "Klieg light" came from until I saw this picture
(at the top, there is a light that says "Kliegl Bros.")

(from Guestbook 41) Mike Miller said:

KVOO-TV did indeed use a black and white camera to shoot graphics and photo faxes (most were B & W anyway) because they had no choice.

There is a photo of the camera on the TTM KVOO-TV page on election night. The date is not correct, however, because I was at KOTV in 1968 (this picture was previously billed as Nov. '68...webmaster) . Must have been 1964 or possibly 1966.

(from Guestbook 48) Ed Ellers said:

That election night photo ("Election set at KVOO with Mike Miller") is most likely from 1964, because the RCA color TV set over on the left is either a CTC16 that was sold from 1964-65, or a CTC20 sold from 1965-66. The CTC20 is less likely; if this had been shot in fall 1965, the advertiser would probably have featured a CTC17X instead.

New! (via email, 4/22/2009) Michael Bates of BatesLine said:

Happened upon your page about the KVOO election set. That is definitely from 1964. The first column on the left hand side has the Johnson-Goldwater presidential race (statewide, then Tulsa Co. only), followed by the Fred Harris - Bud Wilkinson race for U. S. Senate (statewide and Tulsa Co.).

That was also the first year that Tulsa County had more than one state senate district, the result of a Federal court order. Previously, the 19 most populous counties each had a state senator, while each pair of the remaining counties shared a senator. You can see the announcer pointing to the name Bartlett, the GOP nominee for Senate 39 -- future Governor Dewey Bartlett

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