Joe Krieger

The Joe Krieger Sportsman Show aired on Channel 2 for many years. Joe also worked in Looboyle's sports department. He was often accompanied by Wanda Scott on his TV trips. Read a bit more about it and hear the theme here.

(from Guestbook 1) Mike Bruchas said:

I did Joe Krieger's show on 6 for a while - we called him "Joe Killer's Sportsman Show with Wanda" - never figured out why Joe's wife never went fishing with him.

(from Guestbook 12) Ken Broo said:

We did a weekly fishing segment with Joe Krieger. I called him "Mr. Live Bait". I'll never forget a morning in the spring when Krieger took Clayton and I out bass fishing. Had to be at the dock at 5:30am after anchoring the night before. Couldn't figure out whether Vaughn was comatose or sea sick! Incidentally, we both worked that night.

(from Guestbook 30) Bob (Shannon) Coxsey said:

Remember someone putting a bass in the fish aquarium we used to open up the "Joe Krieger Show". Had all these beautiful, exotic fish and the bass ate them all. Krieger was furious.

(from Guestbook 122) Rob said:

To answer the question on my grandpa's page (Joe Krieger) as to why his wife never went fishing with him: she did go fishing with him in the past, but as time went on and his show took off, it became more of a business trip and she wasn't interested.

They have both passed away, and I am sure they are fishing together up in the heavens. Thanks for all of the postings of them. It is nice to know that people still remember. I am trying to get some of his stuff put in the Oklahoma Aquarium so that everyone young and old and see his history. Thanks!

(via email, 5/30/2003) Jann Krieger (Joe's #6 kid) said:

Mom went fishing with Dad a lot throughout the years at Keystone, Zihuatanejo, Grand Lake, Eufaula, etc. It's true Wanda Scott was the main fishing partner, but that was because she could go fishing on normal work days, and my mother (Agnes Krieger) was the President of Stevens Asbestos Gaskets, so she wasn't available to just take off work anytime. Not to mention the fact that she was raising six kids. Another tidbit of information is that I was employed with Braniff International and could take Mom on trips that didn't involve fishing. We traveled to Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, lots of US cities, and of course Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

And my dad's show was "going" from day one. Joe Krieger had the second sportsman show to air, with the accomplishment of having the longest running show (38 years). His shows were always current within one week and of all 38 years, he only had one show that was a repeat due to the mail losing his film. He never was syndicated. To have shows that were a year old would have made him sick, he wasn't in the business to show off, he just liked to fish. If you want to catch fish, you need to know the current situations of water levels, weather, etc. In the early 50's through to the mid 60's, Dad would travel to surrounding cities and give fishing seminars.

A lot of people don't give him credit for his contribution to the fishing industry in researching and developing the advantages of colors, and spinner attachments. Bill Norman knew.

Yes, they're both gone now, but they are not in the heavens fishing. Dad might be, but Mom is busy checking out the places in the world she never got to visit. She did a good job of it while here on earth.

Most people didn't know that Dad was a meteorologist in the very beginning. That's how he knew about the colors. The weather balloons, being different colors, showed up better under certain cloud conditions.

Also, Dad retired with 26 years in the Armed Forces, as a Lt. Colonel from the Air Force.

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