Election set

Election set at Channel 2, 1958(?).

Governor J. Howard Edmondson is in the center, wife Jeanette at his right. KVOO newsman Forrest Brokaw is taking a drag on his cigarette.

Test your powers of observation: Who is the sponsor of the election show?

Excerpt from Tulsa World article "Jingle helps make Edmondson governor" by Gene Curtis, 11/6/2006 about the 1958 Oklahoma gubernatorial election:

"'E-D-M-O-N-D-S-O-N spells Edmondson.
"He's the man we need for our governor...'

"Sung to the tune of 'Harrigan' by George M. Cohan, the ditty was one of two from that year's Gridiron that raked the red-haired prosecutor over the coals. He borrowed the ditty, had new words written and borrowed Bill Hyden, who had played Edmondson in the Gridiron, to sing it."

Webmaster: I was 5 years old at the time, and I remember the tune. That's all I remember from that election.

(via email, 4/27/2002) Bill McCright said:

I have great memories of PEMCO. My godfather, Robert D. Phillips, Sr., was vice-president of PEMCO for many years. I've forwarded your link to him to see if he can give you more info about PEMCO. The name PEMCO was for "Petroleum Marketing Corporation." Their offices were at 11th & Xanthus, north of where Looboyle used to have a store.

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