Nez Perce

This is a black & white reproduction of "Martha Morris," Nez Perce Indian. This same figure in larger scale hangs in the BOK Tower. As a token of thanks for all his help with my work and his great Tulsa TV Memories web site, I will present this to Mike & Gaye Ransom with my gratitude.


Granny is set to warn sparrows of Lionel's hidden presence in the ivy. She tries to keep him on low carbo. She still has a Harley and she's 144 years old this year.

Granny's Earth Shoes

The King has his boots, but Granny won't go anywhere unless she's wearing her...(remember?) "Earth Shoes."


Resting from my labors till I see you next time...

April 12th 2004 5:00pm CDT

Granny glasses

Granny was incensed that I did not include the profile shot of her magnificent jowelry and the glasses my grandmother wore one hundred years ago when Granny was forty-four. When I asked if they were bi-focal she replied that they were straight!

Lee gets "bent"

7/9/2004: "Bents"

That's what the purists who ride these bikes call "recumbent bicycles."

While I liked my "Harley" 21-speed bike, there's no getting around the fact that it was too hard on the back and the butt for me to try and get a workout which is mandated by my recent high blood sugar (now under control.)

So whilst biking downtown, I discovered Larry Dildine's "Wheel Bicycle Shop & Emporium" at 6th & Boston. There, after three test drives, I was seduced into the comfort and great workout these bikes afford.

An added benefit is; you can see where you're going (or what you're ogling!) You know how I like to peruse Tulsa's august and eclectic neighborhoods. Not everyone's cup of tea but.... just right for Lee. Is this cool or what?

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