Tulsa TV Memories: Tulsa pop culture      

Updated 3/16/2016: RealPlayer audio/video clips:

Mazeppa introMany clips on Tulsa TV Memories (like the 1971 Mazeppa intro at left) are in the RealPlayer format.

Real was practically the only choice for streaming media on the World Wide Web when I started this site in 1998.

I now use MP3 and YouTube Video for new audio and video files, but will retain all the older RealPlayer clips. I will convert some of them over to the more current formats as the need arises.

For now, the VLC Media Player will play them without conversion. VLC is an excellent free open source cross-platform multimedia player. I use it to preview DVDs, play saved YouTube files, music, etc.

The VLC app works great on Android and iPhones, too!

Read more about "play anything" VLC: lifehacker.com/five-best-desktop-video-players

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