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Daddy A Go Go:
"Big Rock Rooster"

Daddy A Go Go: Big Rock Rooster
(Daddy A Go Go Records)

Review by Wilhelm Murg

Daddy A Go Go (one of whose creators is TTM contributor and former Channel 8 producer John Boydston) is proud to announce the release of their new CD "Big Rock Rooster", available in stores and at their web site, where there are song samples, too. Gailard Sartain painted the cover of DAGG's previous release, "Monkey in the Middle...webmaster

John Boydston, a.k.a. Daddy a Go Go, is having great success with his award winning children's CDs. But one spin and grown-ups will notice the disc is filled with obscure, Bullwinklesque references that the average preschooler will never get (like The Partridge Family's Theme coming out of left-field). This is all played out in a rough hewed, garage punk psychedelia style - the album even has a song about doing an air guitar concert of songs from the classic Nuggets garage punk compilation. This is musically rawer than any Sesame Street record I ever heard. It's songs for elementary kids to mosh to.

There's the laid back power-pop of "Nice Mare on Elm Street," a punky version of Alan Sherman's "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah," the Ventures-in-space instrumental "Radio Wah Wah," and the opening "I Wanna Be an Action Figure," complete with a "yeah, yeah, yeah" chorus. Boydston was inspired by the musical taste of his own sons, but keeps enough jokes in to create a strange listening experience for everyone else (like when "I Caught Daddy Watching Cartoons" starts off as a dead ringer for T.Rex's "Bang a Gong").

As Daddy a Go Go consistently shows up on Amazon.com's best children's records, you can find (and sample) his music on the web. It's a perfect antidote to the jaw-locking sweetness of Barney that doesn't talk down to children and keeps adults on their toes at the same time. (daddyagogo.com) -Wilhelm Murg

(Printed by permission, © 2002, Wilhelm Murg. All rights reserved.)

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