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??? I catch you drinkin' on the job one more time, you're through!
Kevin McCarthy is on the left. On the right is Stanley Brock as Weird Al's uncle, Harvey Bilchik. This scene is set at Tulsa International Airport. I believe Mr. Brock once acted in a public service announcement about alcohol abuse in which he says directly to the camera: "I catch you drinkin' on the job one more time, you're troo!" Mazeppa once did a parody of it.

Tulsa Int'l Airport
R.J. Fletcher (Kevin McCarthy) arrives at Tulsa International Airport.
R.J. is "mean, loathsome, slimy and obnoxious," says McCarthy,
"and those are his good qualities."

Kuni's Karate School
This appears to be in the Greenwood-Archer district, which was also used in Francis Ford Coppola's
"The Outsiders". Gailard Sartain played a teacher in that one. Or is it 6th and Peoria?
Nope, according to Weird Al, it is at 114 W. Archer, the Tulsa Pump Co.

(From Guestbook 120) Jo Foster said:

I really enjoyed your section on the movie "UHF". When my brother and I were staying with my dad in Florida, we went to go see it in the theater to catch a glimpse of "home". It is the first movie I have ever "pre-ordered" on DVD! (How sad is that?!?)

The location of the karate studio is actually on the southeast corner of Archer and Cheyenne, a few blocks from Greenwood. On the corner is Deadtown Tavern now. I used to live in the exact same room where Al and his friend lived. When I first discovered this, my friend who I lived with there discovered that it was the same place and that the same refrigerator was still there!

Al's apartment

And the alley where the Gandhi II stuff is shot is the alley behind the 320 S. Boston building (aka the NBT building) in the heart of downtown.

7/16/2005: Jo is the bassist for rock band The Engine Hearts. Read about Jo's personal connection with the NBT Weather Teller light signal, formerly atop the NBT Building, on the Weather page.

R.J. generously coughs up a lone cent for a panhandler
in front of a Tulsa office building...

Lewis office building?
...note the distinctive lamps on the lawn. Is this an office building on Lewis?

(via email, 3/29/2002) Ben Randle said:

This building is on Lewis as you state. It is aptly named "6655 South Lewis Building" as the number above the door in the first picture verifies. It is leased by the Trammel Crow Company and was built in 1986. I'm not sure of the old name but it did have another name before Trammel Crow took it over this last year.

I can definitely verify that is the building as I do inspections for all of the Trammel Crow properties. That is without a doubt the place.

Big Edna's Burger World
Big Edna just tossed Weird Al and his buddy out the door of her fine establishment. It sure looks like a Harden's Hamburgers.
Big Edna was played by local girl Nancy Johnson.

(via email from Bryan Crain:)

The "Burger Place" was indeed a Harden's (now something else). It is located on 15th Street between Sheridan and Memorial. They moved out of that building about a year ago to 4th and Sheridan into an old Dairy Queen...and they even display their UHF posters they had at the old location.


6835 E. 15th is currently "Miz Dee's Country Kitchen".

10/5/2003: It's now Jethro's Burgers & Stuff.

5/14/2009: Now Billy Ray's Catfish & BBQ, Jethro's Barbeque and Grill before that.

C'mon down!
This gentleman vows to club a baby seal unless you come on down.
That's John Cadenhead as Crazy Ernie, shot at Ernie Miller Pontiac,
4700 S. Memorial.

City Hall
First Christian Church at 913 S. Boulder served as City Hall

(From Guestbook 82) Lowell Burch said:

Tulsa's First Christian Church certainly was one of the locations used in Weird Al's UHF. It served as the outside of the courthouse where "Noodles" (Billy Barty) was pushed down on the sidewalk.

(From Guestbook 82) Rex Daugherty said:

I was the KOED, Channel 11 station manager when Weird Al was shooting the movie in Tulsa. I got OETA to let the UHF crew build a news set in our studio, with the understanding that we could use it after they were through. The carpentry crew spent over a week building the set. When time to shoot, the crew filmed a million different angles of everything. What made it to the big screen was just a tight shot of the anchor -- no set - no nothing.

OETA (at 811 N. Sheridan) used the set for a couple of years. Then we chopped it up. I took a small section home and made it into a bookcase for my son. He's quite proud to have part of the UHF set in his bedroom.

(from Guestbook 112) beatnik said:

Also wanted to note that if you are a UHF fan and a GPS user you might find this interesting. My newest cache, The Tulsa UHF Tour: (This cache has been removed from the site...webmaster, 12/30/2004)

You use GPS (Global Positioning System) or Mapquest to take a tour of "UHF" shooting locales while picking up the digits needed to locate a hidden box of goodies...something of a road rally/treasure hunt.

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