Luxuria is an online oasis of splendour, coursing through the ether to transfigure your life, whether it be in the privacy of your home or in a soulless office cubicle. Where the JetSet once frolicked in Acapulco or Rome, today Luxuria will be Destination X for the Hip Illuminati; a community of Ladies and Gentlemen of taste, style and discrimination.

Luxuria provides an intoxicating soundtrack to your lifestyle, with an innovative blend of the finest Jazz, Lounge and Latin sounds, Exotica and Electronica, Filmscores, Standards, Surf and Swing. Luxuria is your personal epicenter of pleasure; a meeting place for the savage and the sensuous. Luxuria is the authoritative source for information on all that is magnificent and groovy. Archives and expertise from the people who make it happen; services that will make it happen for YOU. Fully interactive and personalized music, communications, entertainment, visuals; technology, ideas and resources.

If you would like to receive an invitation to partake of this bold new psychotronic reality, (and register for a chance to win a new Big Briar Signature Series Etherwave Theremin, autographed by Bob Moog!) click the button below and you will be contacted.

Luxuria is a whole new way of experiencing cyberspace.

Luxuria is your future.


Music programmed by: Brother Cleve, Jack Fetterman, The Millionaire,
Byron Werner, Anita Serwacki, and Señor Amor

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For music much like Luxuria's, try The Swank Pad or Weirdsville.

Here is an essay about what Luxuria had to offer.

11/5/2002: LuxuriaMusic is making a comeback.

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