Matt Bunyan running sound at the Tulsa State Fair, courtesy of Mike Bruchas

(from Guestbook 17) Mike Bruchas said:

(Red Statum) reminded us that former GM Bob Muth in the 70's had a short hair/no
beard dress code then for staff and that Audioman Matt Bunyan and now owner
of StarShip Records (who had both long hair and a beard) - would be tipped off
to hide when management crawled the halls upstairs. He said Muth probably never
knew Matt worked there and never connected Matt's announcing voice with the face....

(from email) Mike Bruchas said:

Matt was in the unenviable job of running house sound at KTUL AT THE FAIR for
audience and feeding the white whale truck. Most talent gave us zilch info unless they
had a record or tape to sing to......

From the webmaster: Thanks for the cool Starship T-shirt, Matt!

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