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March 03 2009 at 01:03:15
Name: Webmaster
Topic: OETA Stateline: "Television Pioneers" Part 1 - 27:45 - 12/29/2008
: Includes current-day interviews with Clayton Vaughn, Danny Williams, Fran Morris, Don Woods, Ida "B" Blackburn, Gaylon Stacy, Ernie Schultz, George Miller, Tom Charles, Lola Hall, Bill Howard, Bill Thrash, and footage of Lee and Lionel, Jim Williams, Harry Volkman, 3D Danny, Mr. Zing and Tuffy, Don Woods, Ho Ho The Clown. Several photos from TTM.

"Television Pioneers" Part 2 about the 1960s and 70s will air this Thursday at 8:30 pm.

March 02 2009 at 20:37:44
Name: Dave
Topic: Paul Harvey (more)
: I appreciate the extended info on Paul Harvey. AP and the Washington Post had decently thorough obits on him. The Chicago Trib came up surprisingly short. I'm waiting for the World to follow up with a piece about his Tulsa years and connections. He was one of the city's major exports, after all.

I also recall his TV 5-minute commentaries in the late 1960s. I think KOTV ran it at 10:25 p.m. It was usually generic material since it was taped days in advance. One time he expounded a bit oddly on the majesty of daybreak. TV wasn't exactly his thing, but I guess the segments attracted viewers. I recall that at school the next day kids would be often talking about Paul Harvey's piece from the night before, although usually from the viewpoint that it was a bit weird. ("Did you see ...") He was fascinating to all, no doubt.

CNN on Sunday ran a repeat of Harvey being the guest on a 2003 Larry King show. I learned there that Harvey always wore a coat and tie when on the air -- even for a 6 a.m. radio broadcast with no one but an engineer to see him. He said he shed the coat and tie for a short stretch and the engineer told him he wasn't delivering like his usual self, so he never again went on the air without the full getup. I guess it gave him his edge.

His TV spots were on film, which made them seem at a slight remove from the present.

March 02 2009 at 18:00:49
Name: Erick
Topic: Radio contests
Comments: Congrats to the Webmaster for winning a CD of love songs. I'm sure you and Mrs. Webmaster will enjoy it.

I've won a few things on the radio over the years. Probably the oddest was 103 pennies, thanks to KJ-103 in OKC. And yes, when I arrived at the station to claim my prize, I was handed 2 rolls of pennies and 3 cents. Along with a station bumper sticker.

The best thing I won (and the last thing I've won to date) was lunch at Rick's Cafe Americain (at their old location at 51st & Harvard...they've since relocated to the old St. Michael's Alley spot at 31st & Harvard in Ranch Acres), and a KMOD t-shirt.

Thanks. In the days of rotary phones and pulse dialing, I dialed the radio station number and jammed a pencil into a finger hole before releasing the last digit. Then, all I had to do was pull the pencil out to complete the number. I doubt I was the only one to use the technique.

March 02 2009 at 14:43:03
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Getting old
Comments: I seem to be mis-remembering a lot more these days. That's scary.

Thanks to all for any corrections!

The stories which sounded like urban legends from Harvey rang true a lot later in his career. But earlier, he followed "small town news" stories before Letterman and Leno made them bits of our late night TV viewing.

I did not know that Harvey had moved to WGN; I had never heard of him moving. I stopped listening to him maybe 10 years ago on a regular basis.

On the East Coast, "dittoheads" of Limbaugh and Hannity seem to reign. Though every now and then, G. Gordon Liddy did something unique and interesting, I can't take "talk radio" in its current venom-filled aural hatred.

I listen here to WBBM Newsradio 780 75% of the time at home/in the car now. WGN radio is more of a night delicacy for me.

WGN radio has had departures, staff changes and is up for sale. Sam Zell has made a mess of his buy of Tribune. Some factions want to make it another hate-talker like WLS-AM. I hope that the last NEVER happens but some shows are skewing more into that area.

There was a rumor that the Milwaukee Journal, owner of KFAQ, was an interested party to buy WGN but then it kind of faded.

Citadel now owns WLS-AM and WMVP (the old WCFL) ESPN franchise.

March 02 2009 at 13:30:16
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Susan Silver? Ed Poston?
Comments: Where is she these days?

I googled her name and found several OTHER Susan Silvers.

I was told that she moved back to Tulsa.

One of the best writers/producers at KTUL in the 70s - she later ran and directed ad campaigns for a news promotion firm.


Ed was married to Diane Elliott from 8 for a while but where is he now?

March 02 2009 at 11:22:54
Name: John
Topic: Paul Harvey
Comments: Paul Harvey - a legendary broadcaster no doubt. Worthy of all praise thrown his way. Great communicator yes, but a real news guy? Somehow I can't see Walter Cronkite holding up a can of shaving cream at the end of a segment and talking about the smooth shave he just had.

And starting in the 90s I would hear him sometimes recite urban myths as if they were fact, like the woman leaving the grocery store in her car thinking she'd been shot in the neck, but in the end it was an exploding can of biscuits from her bag of groceries that had nicked her? At the time you could look that up on the net and see it was a bogus story. Good stories they were, and well-told no doubt, but journalism?

March 02 2009 at 11:05:47
Name: John HillisJohn Hillis
Topic: Go Gentle Into That "Good Day"
: A bug has me home today in the midst of a little snow and a few Paul Harvey thoughts:

I would have to say that his voice was a worldwide phenomenon, at least where American Forces Radio reached. I myself well remember feeling a little more connected on my first big TV-newsman trip to Tokyo back in the early 80s. The radio speaker-box in the hotel room had a button for AFN's Far East Network, which I vaguely recall carried Harvey feeds both live (i.e., in the middle of the night there) and time-shifted about 12 hours later. Those in Germany, where the AFRS big transmitters were also local signals, will likely remember the same.

I first worked a local station board on Harvey about 39 years ago, and Harvey had been at it for more than 20 years then. There was one local spot within the 15-minute noon-time newscast, the cut-away cue was "Page Three." On Saturdays, there was no local cutaway, all four spots were network, done by Harvey. Those local minutes were probably the most expensive local spots in smaller markets from Wenatchee to Winder. In a lot of places, it was the local bank that got a sponsorship billboard before and after in addition to "Page Three."

ABC fed the noontime show all over the map, I think first at 11:45 ET (at least at that point). Bruchas remembers correctly, in about '68, ABC started doing four networks, all on one line. Again, memory may be faulty, but I think the "FM Network" had newscasts at :15 and :45, which were bumped by transmission of Harvey's 15-minute news around noon. His morning 5-minute news was always 7:30 Central, and had one network spot.

Flying between the Alleghenies and the Sierras at midday and twisting the radio dial--across geography and time zones, you could get five, six, or more renditions of that same 15 minute block. It was not a "breaking news" newscast--it aired as late as afternoon drive somewhere I was out West, maybe Utah, six or seven hours after the first feed, and never changed, because, well, how could a mere announcer bust Paul Harvey, even when the news had evolved.

I have been told, and can't confirm from firsthand knowledge, that a KOTV news director that was there after my tenure, had previously in his career been Harvey's "writer," a required union position. I never met the guy, and was never able to ask him what he did in that job. I would have liked to know.

Finally, one last thought in this feverish, over-long brain dump. Tasked with the impossible goal of making a small bunch of people with limited talent who would work cheap into a semi-coherent network "voice" when CNN started up was a wonderful man named Sam Zelman, who had been with CBS for decades. One of the things Sam did was to give everyone who was to be allowed near a typewriter a copy of a Paul Harvey newscast...a Paul Harvey newscast? That's right...a Paul Harvey newscast, transcribed onto paper. Just...like...this.

You see, Sam was a broadcaster at the heart of it...as well as a fine writer...and he wanted to show us that the spoken language...well, it was just different from what gets written...and if you became very good...verrrry good...at the craft...what happened in the dots between the phrases could become as important as what was in the phrases themselves...and that was one reason that that voice, even as it failed and became achingly frail at the end, was still one that was sought out. He formed a continuous link from the early voices of news broadcasting like Kaltenborn and Morrow, to a second century, all by himself.

Some eulogizers have, incorrectly, I think, said Tulsa's Paul Harvey was the precursor of Rush Limbaugh and others. I think not, because Harvey could say more in a second of silence between words than Limbaugh says in three hours of non-stop talking.

March 02 2009 at 10:49:39
Name: Erick
Topic: Paul Harvey
: I'm fairly certain that WGN radio was Paul Harvey's Chicago affiliate and "flagship station" for the past few years.

It will be interesting to see what ABC Radio will do with his spot. I know his son has been filling in in recent years with the morning News & Comment...I'm guessing they have all of the previous "Rest of the Story" features archived and they can be recycled. I hope they do that.

March 02 2009 at 01:18:59
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Paul Harvey (ramblings here)
Comments: Sometimes I think obits are pieced together from Wikipedia by folks with NO idea whom they are writing about.

In Chicago, no one has mentioned his Tulsa roots.

One weekend anchor on WLS TV said at 10 tonight,"...he will be missed by people around the world..." What??? Paul Harvey was a US product, not the BBC nor Paul Newman.

Half the video shown here all seems to be the same shots, no matter the channel.

WGN radio is doing an "honoring Paul Harvey" TV spot of odd news clips and audio lifts, trying to tie to them. To my knowledge, he never was on WGN.

Bruce DuMont of the Museum of Broadcasting has this weird "Beyond The Beltway" weekend TV show that is like a radio show. It also comes up on some cable local access. I used to see it in DC and could not figure out what it was all about. His first hour tonight was on Paul Harvey with semi-famous radio news callers via phone audio.

Harvey was on ABC Radio way back when, out of Chicago or by remote. ABC had 3 or 4 radio "lifestyle" networks, KOFM in OKC was I think ABC FM radio, KMOD in Tulsa ABC Contemporary Radio and then KCNW was some other ABC radio net affilliate. Maybe one that just did headlines for 2 minutes at the top and bottom of the hour.

I think Harvey was on at noon Central with a 4 pm repeat in the 70s or a later live show; hard to remember now. He did his own commercials, like Charles Osgood does now. I recall stations could sell sponsorships of his broadcasts with spots before/after, but never IN his show. That may have changed over the years.

Like Cronkite, Paul Harvey also urged the end of the Vietnam War on air. We respected him for it. I always liked his radio broadcasts better than TV work. Though he was one of the first to do syndicated daily TV commentaries. Because this was pre-satellite, the taped bits came in about once a week and were never as timely as the daily radio broadcasts.

All of us KWGS newbies or radio class attendees would jokingly mimic his trademark breath-held pause - remarks. You know, "...page (long pause) two..", "..and NOW you know the rest of the story...", et cetera.

In the 70s Wayne McCombs and I visited Larry Diviny, who at one time had been in Sales at KVOO radio. He later was sales manager at WLS radio. At the WLS ABC Radio studios, there was "THE PAUL HARVEY BROADCAST STUDIO". It said so over the door I recall. Harvey was on the road that week, so we did not see/hear him. Phoo!

Harvey lived for years in neighboring Oak Brook, Illinois, about 4-5 miles from my now front door. His home's location was a big secret and we never heard of him or late wife being seen in the burbs unless doing a speaking gig, I was told that he had a studio built in the house, so he did not have to go downtown to the Loop - if he wanted to.

March 02 2009 at 00:59:13
Name: roy lee
Topic: Stabbing?
Email: royleeshouse@geemail
Comments: I never heard of a stabbing at the Grotto, but I did see the police beat up a small girl. (There was no news coverage)

March 02 2009 at 00:56:46
Name: roy lee
Topic: Bleu Grotto
Email: royleeshouseatgmail.com
Comments: I hung out there nearly the whole time. I don't know about photos. There aren't very many.

Which musician were you friends with? There's a MySpace page for the Crystal Pistol that has some photos up. Even one of me.

Some of those "freaks" have turned out to be incredible artists, film makers, and even a union executive. Some of the best people I've ever known were Bleu Grotto regulars.

March 01 2009 at 23:52:58
Name: D.R. Bowers
Topic: Blue Grotto Bar
Email: cbowers010@cox.net
Comments: Does anybody remember the Underground PUNK BAR called the "Blue Grotto" downtown from the late 70s and early 80s? It was a CBGB's in New York type Hardcore Punk bar. A Real DIVE by any definition of the word. The inside looked like a cave with stalagmites hanging from the ceiling. But the local Punk Music scene was actually pretty good. If you were into that kind of weirdness. If nothing else the "Freak Show" was worth the price of admission. Spiked hair and nose rings were still fairly new on the market.

Anybody got any photos or news stories on the place? I think Channel 6 did a story on it once and it may have made the news over a stabbing. I went there a couple of times just for the experience to say I did. And I was friends with one of the musicians that played there regularly.

March 01 2009 at 14:26:23
Name: Jason Fincher
Topic: Maintain on YouTube
Comments: You will have better luck finding Edwin Fincher's "Maintain" clips by searching "Maintain KTUL", otherwise you may have to wade through tons of other things to find them.

Wow, this is great. Here is one of The John Chick Show at the Tulsa State Fair from Jason. Edwin can be seen at the end, to the right of the stage. Be sure to go full-screen.
And Jason has now put five total MAINTAIN videos out there, all now viewable on the MAINTAIN page! Here is the show intro.

March 01 2009 at 13:23:37
Name: Jason Fincher
Topic: Edwin Fincher's "Maintain"
Email: jakofincher@gmail.com
Comments: Greetings! A while back I posted that we had found some old 2" quad video tapes in Dad's storage unit after his passing. At long last they have been transferred to DVD thanks to Specsbros.com. They did a really good job restoring the tapes and we were able to get some quality footage. I will be posting these on YouTube very soon, so keep checking for them. You should be able to search "Maintain" for any of the clips from these tapes, though not all are footage of that specific show. ENJOY!

As Edwin might have said, "Yee-haw!"

March 01 2009 at 11:46:02
Name: Mike Miller
Topic: Jim Tinkler
Comments: An obit in today's World lists the death of Tinkler, Jimmy D., 78, photographer, who died Friday.

As a news photographer or reporter in the 60s, whenever you showed up at a spot news event, accident, fire, or tornado, you could count on Jim Tinkler being there as well and usually first. He listened to the police radios 24/7 and as I recall, freelanced to one of the Tulsa TV stations and the World. 6

March 01 2009 at 11:08:00
Name: Lurker for Years
Topic: Paul Harvey
: One time, about 20 years ago, Paul Harvey's show needed to be routed through our studios in Chicago for a week because of some Satellite Maintenance on the usual feed.

On Monday morning, he warmed up by saying,

"Good Ladies Men and Gentle Evening of the Audio Radience."

I knew I had to get this, so I rolled tape every morning for the rest of the week. He never said it again :-(

February 28 2009 at 20:22:42
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: From WGN radio **Flash Urgent**
Comments: Broadcasting legend Paul Harvey has died at age 90.

ABC Radio Networks spokesman Louis Adams said Harvey died today in a Phoenix hospital, near his winter home, surrounded by family members.

ABC Radio Networks President Jim Robinson released the following statement:

"Paul Harvey was one of the most gifted and beloved broadcasters in our nation's history. As he delivered the news each day with his own unique style and commentary, his voice became a trusted friend in American households.

"His career in radio spanned more than seven decades, during which time countless millions of listeners were both informed and entertained by his 'News & Comment' and 'Rest of the Story' features.

"Even after the passing of his loving wife Angel in May 2008, Paul would not slip quietly into retirement as he continued to take the microphone and reach out to his audience. We will miss our dear friend tremendously and are grateful for the many years we were so fortunate to have known him. Our thoughts and prayers are now with his son Paul Jr. and the rest of the Harvey family."

"Paul Harvey was the most listened to man in the history of radio," said Bruce DuMont, president of the Museum of Broadcast Communications and host of the nationally syndicated radio program "Beyond the Beltway." "There is no one who will ever come close to him."

Dumont said Harvey had a litmus test for all his stories: Would Aunt Betty care about this? He thought about the interest level of his real Aunt Betty to get away from "highfalutin" foreign affairs discussions to discuss "meat and potato" issues like health care, Dumont said.

Harvey rejected numerous offers to move his show to the east coast so he could stay in Chicago, DuMont said. He did this to "stay in touch with his listeners and the American people," DuMont said.

Before Rush Limbaugh and George Will became household conservative commentators, there was Paul Harvey, DuMont said.

"From a political standpoint, he was in the vanguard of conservative political thought," DuMont said. "Barry Goldwater used to listen to Paul Harvey. That's the real power of the guy."

DuMont said one of Harvey's most notable broadcasts was in 1972 when he said, "Mr. President, I love you, but you're wrong." Harvey was the first conservative commentator to suggest the Vietnam War was wrong and Nixon should resign, DuMont said.

February 28 2009 at 19:51:56
Name: Dana LeMoine
Topic: Paul Harvey
Email: d4wdw@valornet.com
Comments: I just now heard that Paul Harvey has passed.

February 28 2009 at 19:48:00
Name: Gary Chew
Topic: Paul Harvey Dies
: A friend of mine just told me he heard through ABC News that Paul Harvey has died at age 90.

February 27 2009 at 20:36:07
Name: Michael D. Trout
Topic: Another Tulsa restaurant incident
Email: Cleaning my Brown Bess musket
Comments: The year was 1975 or 1976. I was working the afternoon shift at KXOJ-AM in Sapulpa. On the drive out from Tulsa each day, I usually stopped somewhere for lunch.

Then as now, I was a big fan of locally-owned eating places and always kept my eye out for them. (I haven't eaten at a chain restaurant in about 20 years.)

This day I ended up at the Town and Country Motel's restaurant, not far from the north terminus of the Turner Turnpike. Nice big neon sign. I had never been there before.

Town and Country Motor Hotel
Town and Country Motor Hotel and Restaurant

There were about a dozen truck driver-types in the restaurant. I sat at the counter and the cook, apparently the only employee there, came out to ask me what I'd like. He was younger than me and had the distinct appearance of a hard-core redneck. I said I'd like the roast beef and mashed potato platter.

I was in a very cheerful and energetic mood. I walked over to the big juke box and examined the titles. I selected "Nights on Broadway" by the Bee Gees, one of the better tunes on their "Main Course" album. There was one of those rudimentary volume controls and I cranked it and went back to my seat.

While waiting for my food, I tapped my hands on the counter to the beat of the music, and if you had been there you probably would have seen me bobbing my head and swaying back and forth too. Like I said, I was in a great mood.

The cook brought out my plate and set it on the counter in front of me. I was hungry and grabbed my fork and went to work.

In a bite or two I realized that something was dreadfully wrong. But it wasn't the fact that the cook had not returned to the kitchen and instead stood staring at me with a very strange grin.

It was the fact that my food, particularly the mashed potatoes and gravy, stunk. I mean it almost made me gag.

I looked more carefully at the food. The gravy didn't look like gravy at all. In fact, it looked like dog excrement. Then I realized it smelled exactly like dog excrement.

I put down my fork and looked at the cook, who continued to stare at me with his odd grin. Suddenly I realized the place was dead silent. I turned and looked at the other customers. They were all carefully looking at me, either grinning or glaring. A couple started snickering.
Town and Country Motor Hotel matchbook

Ya'll come back
now, y'hear?

I think it was very lucky for me that at that moment, instead of thinking about what kind of injustice was being done to me, I suddenly remembered that "Nights on Broadway" was the only song on the juke that wasn't a country song. And I also remembered that I was about 23 years old and wore my hair nearly to my shoulders.

I looked back at the cook and I could tell he was hoping that I would say something about the food. It took me about 15 seconds to make my decision.

I left the money on the counter and walked out. I never went into the Town and Country again.

Many years later in Albany some friends introduced me to a woman who was visiting from New York. She had lived in Tulsa for a couple years, working as a parole officer. She said it was the roughest job she'd ever had--and she had been a parole officer in the Bronx for a while. Then she said that the Oakhurst region southwest of Tulsa was the worst place she had ever had to go into to check on parolees--even worse than the South Bronx.

And that's when I remembered that the Town and Country was pretty much located in Oakhurst.

I knew I would find a good place for these images one day.

There is something to be said for chain restaurants.

February 26 2009 at 13:52:14
Name: Webmaster
Topic: LP Cover Lover

Visit LP Cover Lover!There was a contest at the LP Cover Lover web site this morning.

Knowing that Sandy Warner was the cover girl for many of Martin Denny's Exotica records helped me win a free T-shirt.

This is a great site, but the LP covers featured are often a bit "spicy", as Sherman Oaks might say, so don't email it to everyone in your address book.

February 26 2009 at 00:48:25
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Comet Lulin

With our light pollution in Tulsa, it's tough to spot this comet with the naked eye, but I did see it with binoculars on 2/24, near Saturn. It won't be back for at least a thousand years, so don't delay, unless you have a good cryo plan.

Courtesy of Sky and Telescope
Courtesy of Sky and Telescope

February 25 2009 at 23:35:10
Name: Stacy Richardson (via email to webmaster)
Topic: Construction on the Airview Drive-In lot
Comments: With reference to Bryan Crain's question of February 15th: the construction on the Airview Drive-In lot will result in a DHS facility for foster children awaiting placement.

The facility will supersede the venerable Laura Dester shelter.

Here is a fine opinion piece about the center, from Janet Pearson of the Tulsa World: "They won't be home for Christmas".

February 25 2009 at 22:18:31
Name: Darrell in Midwest City OK
Topic: Today's Radio
: I was thinking today about KVOO 1170 AM, the old BIG COUNTRY. I do miss it. I started listening in 1974 as a teen and listened four years.

I was wondering what became of Billy Parker, Jack Fox, Jay Jones, Wil Jones, Ken Campbell, Wayne McCombs., The Limey-the Englishman (Garry Kemp), Ralph Everly. I'm sure I missed some.

It's a crying shame the way radio is run today. Ownership rules need to return to the pre-1996 rules of one AM and one FM per city. and limit the owner to no more than 25 AM and 25 FM stations.

February 24 2009 at 13:53:30
Name: William
Topic: You Need-Um Tires
Email: bwapo@yahoo.com
Comments: I vaguely remember an old commercial..ugh, you need'em tires. I seem to remember a caveman logo, I think. Can anyone point me to visuals, or to whose ad campaign it might have been?

That was Jim Wheaton for Needham Tires. I just added an MP3 with 4 Wheaton-Needham commercials, courtesy of Joe Riddle and Wayne McCombs. I believe the logo was an Indian in headdress.

February 23 2009 at 18:49:20
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Top physicist at TU Tuesday

Tulsa World article today: "Professor is extra dimensional"
Who: Lisa Randall, renowned theoretical physicist and Harvard physics professor
When: Tuesday, 2/24
Where: TU's Allen Chapman Activity Center, Great Hall
Time: 7:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

(Later note: the auditorium was full. There was an overflow area with a big screen TV.)

February 23 2009 at 10:47:04
Name: Gary ChewGary Chew
Topic: Sonny's Stories
Comments: Hey to Kenneth on Mr. Gray. If there's anyone in the whole wide world who would know somebody with a parrot that could sing the theme from the Perry Mason Show, it would have to be Sonny Gray. Besides listening to Sonny at the piano, I loved to hear the stories he used to tell when we were taking breaks during recording sessions out at ITTI.

Yea, Sean Penn and Penelope Cruz! Two great performances. And check out Anne Hathaway in "Rachel Getting Married."

Gary recently talked about Oscar on The Peter B Collins Show.

Look for "02/18/09 H3" at this link, Green960AM, to hear the podcast. Gary shows up at about 24:40 into the MP3, and he gets some good air time.

February 22 2009 at 14:33:57
Name: David Bagsby
Topic: Benefit for Bagsby's Mom
: Benefit for Dave & Steve Bagsby's Mom next Sunday Mar. 1 @ 1pm @ the downtown American Legion Hall in Tulsa. Steve's band, "Whiskey Bent" will play and maybe some guests. Hope to see you there.

February 22 2009 at 10:47:45
Name: Kenneth
Topic: Star Trek Jazz
: Wow! What a player! Great trio sound also. And all the TV themes make for an interesting choice of material.

Reminds me of a funny story Sonny Gray told me about a friend of his who owned a parrot that could sing the theme from "Perry Mason".

Sonny was proprietor of The Rubiot coffeehouse from 1959-1967.

February 21 2009 at 19:12:29
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Jazz Trek

Earlier, I was listening to JAZZ-FM in Toronto and heard a brilliant version of the original "Star Trek" theme by pianist John Stetch from his "TV Trio" album. See what you think.

February 21 2009 at 11:01:48
Name: Craig Smith
Topic: R.L. Bullock
Email: craig.smith@bakerpetrolite.com
Comments: I was employed briefly at KTUL in the engineering department in '72-'74 as I recall, prior to returning to college at OSU.

I have worked in the oil and gas industry for many years and more or less lost track of my friend, R.L. Bullock.

Is he still associated with CBN? I spoke to him on the phone briefly and I believe it was in 1992 or thereabouts, while I was in California.

Thanks for any information.

I forwarded your note along to the most recent email address I have for R.L.

February 21 2009 at 07:54:54
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Previous GroupBlog link

Archived GroupBlog 283, where Michael D. Trout just told us about an experience in King's Food Host at 31st and Sheridan. Other highlights from GB 283 can be found on the What's new page.

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