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October 28 2008 at 01:18:14
Name: Webmaster
Topic: APHC in Tulsa

Listen to A Prairie Home Companion in Tulsa at this link, or from the embedded player on the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page.

Slideshow       More about the show below.

October 27 2008 at 17:25:12
Name: Tim
Topic: Sheridan Lanes
Comments: We lived at 67th and Jasper (my parents still do) and I remember when the roof collapsed. I went with my dad and we "recycled" some of the roof decking. In fact, the wood is still part of one of his outbuildings.

October 27 2008 at 13:18:10
Name: LeeLee Woodward
Topic: Made bail
Comments: Digging through some stuff and found this. I forgot I was doing felonious work in 1969:

Warrant for Woody's arrest

Webmaster: Along with Lee's "feline-ious" work. Jack Purdie was the Chief of Police at that time. His wife, Hazel, worked with my dad at Warren Petroleum then.

October 26 2008 at 16:19:10
Name: Joe Cunningham
Topic: Sheridan Lanes
Email: Joetul ta xoc tod ten
Comments: Does anyone recall the roof caving in at Sheridan Lanes in approximately 1971? There was a major snow storm that caused the roof to collapse. Before the roof collapse, Sheridan was just "one" set of lanes, not the "L" setup it is today.

If I remember correctly, the roof at White River Fish Market collapsed around that era from snow.

October 25 2008 at 22:05:08
Name: Gary Chew
Topic: A Prairie Home Companion
Hey, it was good for Garrison to take me back to Tulsa one more time.

Delmeaux de Gillette du Coffeyville

October 25 2008 at 21:15:54
Name: Stan
Topic: re: Bowling Alley pictures
Comments: I think the top picture with the AMF lanes is Yale Bowl (how sad it is not still there) from the area south of Skelly Drive on the east side of Yale. At one time there were 60 lanes there, although I think they originally started with 40 lanes (or less) and added the other ones later. At Yale Bowl, they also had the team names above the lanes as are shown on lanes 3 through 8 in the picture.

As far as the other picture, I think the Huckett's guess might be correct. At first, I thought it be Brookside Bowl, but I think Huckett's had more lanes, plus as someone else pointed out the ball returns were not on every pair of lanes, but every fourth lane.

October 25 2008 at 15:42:52
Name: Webmaster
Topic: In T-Town today

A Prairie Home Companion (official web site) is being broadcast from Tulsa's Performing Arts Center today, 10/25 @ 5 pm, encore broadcast 10/26 @ 1 pm. Listen online at 89.5 FM KWGS or at the APHC site.

Guests include Stillwater's Monica Taylor, The Hot Club of Cowtown, and hometown blues boy Elvin Bishop.

I ran into John Erling at the Tulsa Run today. From where we stood after the race, there was a great morning view of the new BOK Center with an ocean of people in the foreground. Erling: "Tulsa is alive!" That might be a pretty good marketing slogan.

(Later) APHC was a load of fun to listen to. I learned new things about Tulsa and heard great music, plus there were a lot of local shoutouts, including one to Wilson's BBQ: "You need no teef to eat our beef!"

Whit Smith of Hot Club of Cowtown was an in-studio guest on John Wooley's KWGS radio show, "Swing On This" immediately following APHC.

October 25 2008 at 09:05:52
Name: Kenny Bolen
Topic: Green Hornet Music Trivia
Email: bojoker@att.net
Comments: A little more information on the Green Hornet music if interested.



October 24 2008 at 12:37:10
Name: P. Casey Morgan
Topic: Bowling alleys
Email: p.casey.morgan@gmail.com
Comments: On the advice of my older sister, I contacted my older brother about the bowling alley pictures.

He said, "The first one could be Yale or Sheridan, pretty standard AMF setup, can't tell. The second one, I'm sure, is Huckett's on Main. I remember very well the ball returns (2 every 4 lanes), also the scoring tables. Probably had the same at the other 2 Huckett's on Peoria and 15th, but they had less lanes, like 6 and 8. Could be Wagle's (never saw it), not Southwest because it was upstairs, doubt they would have 16 lanes upstairs."

October 24 2008 at 03:50:54
Name: Stacy Richardson
Topic: Name Them Lanes!
Email: stacyr@usa.net
Comments: Regarding the two photos of bowling establishments: the top one, showing AMF lanes and the AMF circular ball returns, could have been Harvard Lanes, which had 16 lanes on each of two sides, for a total of 32.

Harvard Lanes definitely used that model of AMF pinspotters and the circular AMF ball returns.

A bowling establishment in Fort Smith, Arkansas -- I think it's Midland Bowl -- uses the same configuration even unto this day, although their equipment has, of course, been updated.

I went to Harvard Lanes as a child to see the travelling Falstaff team, which consisted of five of the finest bowlers of that day ("that day" being the late 50s). My favorite was a gentleman from Pennsylvania named Harry Smith, who had an unusual delivery. He was probably the first athlete of any description of whom I was a fan.

And I am going to take a stab at the lower photo by saying I think it may have been the Huckett's on Main Street (or perhaps Peoria). Reason: no automatic pinsetters. You notice ball returns only on every fourth lane, which was characteristic of establishment which used pinboys. The Huckett's alleys on Peoria and on Main used pinboys, although the Main location converted to automatic pinsetters during the latter part of its sojourn.

Interestingly, if I've got my addresses right, all three Huckett locations -- there was also one at 230 E. 15th, which used AMF automatic pinspotters -- were wiped out by freeways -- the Broken Arrow Expressway in the case of the Main and the Peoria Huckett's -- and an overpass, that thing which takes you from 13th street to 17th street alongside Cincinnati.

Okay, the Huckett's on Peoria was probably already gone by the time they began building the expressway through that area. But the Main location was operating as recently as 1973 or 1974, and was the last surviving Huckett location.

Never knew the first thing about Wagles, so the photo could have been of Wagles, for all I know. But you're definitely seeing a bowling alley which didn't have automatic pinsetting equipment.

October 23 2008 at 20:41:54
Name: John Hillis
Topic: Hefti Bags
Comments: Hefti did do the Batman TV theme. Da da da da da da da, Batman!

However, I don't think Al Hirt did the sound track for the Green Hornet, in spite of the photo on the front of "The Horn Meets the Hornet" album, which was a collection of TV themes. Somewhere in the basement, I've got the album, jacket autographed by Hirt.

In his long ago standup days, Woody Allen told the story of the kid who played "Flight of the Bumblebee" as a tuba solo.

Webmaster: You can just make out "arranged and conducted by Billy May" in this photo of the back cover. From IMDb:
"The music of 'Flight of the Bumblebee' was so strongly identified with The Green Hornet that it was retained as the theme [for the TV series], orchestrated by Billy May (who also composed the new background scores) and conducted by Lionel Newman, with trumpet solo by Al Hirt, in a jazz style nicknamed Green Bee."

I wonder about that Lionel Newman credit. Since Billy May both arranged and conducted the album version, and the TV version is so clearly from the same arrangement, he "may" well have done both duties on the TV version. Newman IS credited elsewhere for conducting on at least 4 episodes.

Then again, May was a heavy boozer until the mid-60s, so maybe he had an off day when the theme was scheduled to be recorded, though drinking didn't impair his ability to conduct (see Space Age Pop for more about the colorful May). Pure speculation on my part.

(Trivia: The Green Hornet was the Lone Ranger's grand-nephew, and Randy Newman is Lionel Newman's nephew.)

The album version is farther down this page. Here's the TV opening for comparison:

October 23 2008 at 11:51:18
Name: Jeff H
Topic: Bowling alleys
Email: Picking up the 7 - 10 split
Comments: As regards the photos of Tulsa kegel palaces (below), I think the top photo could be Sheridan Lanes. Dave stated that Sheridan had straight ball returns which I remember from my rookie year in "Pepsi YBA bowling all star league" circa 1964 and we kept score on paper sheets. However in my second year, I think the alley was remodeled and the round ball returns and overhead projection was added and we kept score on acetate sheets. I could be all wrong since I remember this AMF set up at other alleys. I wish I still had my "Pepsi League" shirt with the big Pepsi patch on the back.

There was also mention of "Utica Bowl". My mom bowled in a league there until it burned down. I can not find a picture of Utica Bowl other than an aerial view of Utica Square on the Beryl Ford website (located about where Miss Jackson's resides now). Also among the several pictures of "Utica Square" was one of "Wolferman's" located where the post office is now,seeing this photo was very timely since I just received my first holiday catalog from Wolferman's.

One last note... If you like photo history of Tulsa or just want to see how much this city has changed,I highly recommend you check out this site. Want to know what 31st and Memorial looked like 50 years ago or other intersections in Tulsa? They're probably in the collection.

October 23 2008 at 11:44:17
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Club cards and more

I just noticed that the Hale High School Ranger78 Memorabilia page has new TTM-related artifacts: Mick Fine's club card collection and the Mazeppa single sleeve.

Plus, your seemingly ubiquitous webmaster is seen playing a Fender Telecaster. (Why did I appear at Hale's "Halebaloo" when I was an East Central grad? It's a long story.) This is David Bagsby's class, though I didn't know him at the time.

October 22 2008 at 21:44:31
Name: David Hoffman
Topic: Kids' shows in the 50s in Tulsa
Email: dhoffman34@juno.com
Comments: Amazing to find a site in which to recall numerous memories.

We moved to Phoenix from Tulsa in Dec of 1956 but not until after "Uncle Hiram" and the "Davy Crockett" era. I attended Bryant Elementary (Grades 1 thru 2 and part of 3 before we moved to Arizona). Was chosen to appear among other kids on "Uncle Hiram" late in 1956.

Does anyone remember "Zeta"? He used to have a particular hand-signal when signing off after his show.

Glencliff and Meadow Gold?

We had phone numbers (Batesline link) back then such as "TE" (for 'Temple') and it was something new that the phone numbers went from 5 digits (plus characters) to the new format of 7 entries.

There were no freeways at all, but the newly-opened Turner Turnpike was a showcase piece because of its restaurant straddling the divided highway between Tulsa and OK City.

"Sugar Jets" cereal; the Ralston-Purina "rocket" that toured the countryside at various shopping centers; "Sky King"; "The Tales of Texas Rangers"; "Jitney Jungle"; "Crown Drug Stores".

"Skyview Drive-In" and certainly the twin theaters at the "Admiral Drive-In"...not to mention so many others that I don't readily recall. (The former might refer to either the Airview or the Skyline Drive-Ins...webmaster)

Simpler times, better years.

October 22 2008 at 21:14:10
Name: Dave
Topic: Bowling you over
Comments: About the photos: they're definitely different bowling alleys. The one in the top photo has a round receptacle for the bowling balls, which I recall that Yale Bowl had and that seemed unique to me at the time. Perhaps other alleys did too, but I don't know of any. The bottom photo has straight-line bowling ball receptacles, which I recall Sheridan Lanes did but most others probably did, too.

October 22 2008 at 17:13:35
Name: P. Casey Morgan
Topic: Bowling alleys
Email: p.casey.morgan@gmail.com
Comments: Mike - regarding the bowling alleys (jump to the photos below), you either have two different places pictured or the same one years apart. Look at the difference in the seats and the scoresheet stands. Because one has 16 lanes, I think it might be Brookside. I'm going to see if I can get my older sister to look at these and see if she can identify them. I was raised in bowling alleys but I stopped hanging out there in junior high. Both my sisters, my brother and both parents all bowled in leagues and tournaments for years. Just name a bowling alley in Tulsa in the last 40 years; I probably got grounded there.

(Closed: Wagles, Huckett's, Southwest Recreation, Crystal Bowl, Brookside Bowl, Yale Bowl, Northland, Harvard Lanes, Bowl-a-Rama, Utica Bowl, Tiffany Bowl, Timber Lanes in Broken Arrow, Bowl-Ero in Sand Springs; open today: Riverlanes, Sheridan Lanes, Mickey's in Eastland Mall, Broken Arrow Lanes, Sahoma Lanes in Sapulpa.)

Casey's sister, Casey Logue (not a typo; the sisters share the same name!) added later via email:

"The first one might be Utica or maybe even Harvard but not Brookside; they had Brunswick, not AMF machines. The second one looked like Huckett's; not sure which one; there were three. My guess would be the one on 15th Street, but that is only a guess. Neat pictures."

Webmaster: You're right. The ceilings look very much alike, though.

I remember being at the Bowl-a-Rama on Sheridan just south of King Street as a kid in the early 60s. (The building is still there, now used as a warehouse.)

It must have been summer when school was out, because it was around 10 am. My brother and I were running around the place, playing pinball and arcade games while my mom and her friend were bowling. I recall liking the smell of their coffee, but wondering why anyone would drink it. It wasn't good even with sugar.

Bowling arcade machine

Baseball arcade machine

October 22 2008 at 10:39:55
Name: Greg
Topic: Magic 99
Comments: In response to Stacy Richardson's post, I fondly remember Magic 99. I listened to it regularly back in the late '80's, I guess it was.

Among their jocks was the great Scooter B. Segraves, who returned to Tulsa for I think the last time. I still have one of his business cards!

Also, Johnny Rivers (the DJ not the '60's rocker), as well as Gary Reynolds & the aforementioned Mr. Richardson did stints there as I recall. In fact, I once won a box of donuts for my office & they were delivered by Johnny Rivers. Great memories!

October 22 2008 at 06:15:34
Name: David Bagsby
Topic: Batman
Comments: I think Nelson Riddle wrote the theme for Batman...the Riddler? Herb Alpert played the trumpet part for the Green Hornet theme..."Flight of the Bumblebee". Bruce Lee was Kato in that show.

I believe that was not Al-pert, but Al Hirt for the Hornet horn. I remember the LP with Hirt and the Hornet on the cover.

By the way, here is David's Phantasmagoria: episode 2 - Werewolf of Washington, plus Hirt's version of "Bumblebee".

October 21 2008 at 22:52:17
Name: Dennis McAtee
Topic: Kick 99
Comments: Filling in some gaps on the 99.5 transitions: Kick 99.5 KCKI became 99.5 The Bull KXBL on September 1, 2001. Same "Hot Country" format, different moniker. That format was blown up in favor of Classic Country in January 2003.

October 21 2008 at 22:25:51
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Neal Hefti (Wikipedia link)
Comments: Help me folks. I think Hefti wrote the theme for the BATMAN TV show; I know that he scored the shows.

He too passed this last week.

Way back when, he was a hot jazz arranger.

October 21 2008 at 17:43:58
Name: David Bagsby
Topic: Bowling Belly
Comments: It's not the Rose Bowl. Doesn't have the rounded ceiling. There used to be a bowling alley in Utica Square...

October 21 2008 at 17:08:38
Name: Mitch Gray
Topic: Alley
Email: North Of You
Comments: Looks like Yale Bowl to me. ???

Webmaster: I got this autograph from bowling great Dick Weber at the Yale Bowl, probably in the 1970s.

Dick Weber autograph

October 21 2008 at 16:15:30
Name: Webmaster
Topic: The unknown bowling alley

Can anyone identify this bowling alley->alley(s)?

Bowling alley from the Beryl Ford Collection
Bowling alley from the Beryl Ford Collection
Courtesy of the Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical Society

October 21 2008 at 02:25:27
Name: roy lee
Topic: Rose Bowl
Email: royleeshouse@gmail.com
Comments: I'm going to the new Rose Bowl for the first time tonight! There's a free punk show there featuring "Flatfoot56" which appears to be one of those bagpipe totin' bands so popular with the kids these days. I'm expecting greatness and recommend it. Besides, it's free!

October 21 2008 at 01:20:51
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Rose Bowl news

The Rose Bowl is back in business as a venue for music.

Take a look at Rose Bowl on MySpace.

October 20 2008 at 20:03:11
Name: Chris Kelly
Topic: 99.5 History
Email: chris.kelly3@coxradio.com
Comments: I'll pick up where Stacy left off.

New Frontier Inc. was the company that LMA'd the station from Gerry Swanson, but never bought it. It was sold to Great Empire instead and Kick 99 continued on.

Kick 99 survived the sale to Journal, and then it eventually became Big Country.

The move from Liberty Towers to the KVOO building literally happened overnight. We used almost the exact same equipment and the same furniture, it was taken apart and put back together in very fast fashion. It was nuts and frankly shocked that it all worked. If it were not for Troy Langham, that move probably would have been more of a nightmare than a rush job. Even after the move to KVOO, that very same transmitter status screen Stacy spoke of, said KQMJ-FM.

October 19 2008 at 20:17:30
Name: Kenny Bolen
Topic: Cable Changer
Email: bojoker@att.net
Comments: Mother-Mary-and-Joseph BR! Where in high-acre did ya dig up that old Jerrold photo???? How many times did they request if we could hide the wire??? *lol*...

Just to think...that was the smaller version...

October 19 2008 at 11:45:45
Name: Mike Bruchas
Topic: Edie Adams
Comments: Heard that she has passed. She was the wife and comedic foil of the late, great Ernie Kovacs, now so long gone.

She was a singer and voice of the Muriel Cigar radio and TV ads way back when.

She appeared in Vegas for a long time too.

Edie Adams and Stan Getz for Muriel Cigars

October 18 2008 at 12:01:37
Name: Stacy Richardson
Topic: 99.5
Email: stacyr@usa.net
Comments: Darrell asked about the former KHEN. In the mid-80s, the frequency was sold to Gerry Swanson, who bought it as a companion FM to the AM station he owned at the time, KRMG. In fact, the transmitter logging equipment at the station listed the call letters as "KRMG-FM." But the call letters they finally settled on, in 1986, were "KQMJ."

Mr. Swanson built a fairly tall tower near Mounds, in hopes of covering both the city of license, Henryetta, and the Tulsa metropolitan area -- a hope which, in the case of Tulsa coverage, was not adequately realized at the time.

The newly-revived station operated in an adult contemporary format, and was known as "Magic 99."

After that format ran its course, the station changed to an "adult rock" presentation in the fall of 1991, with the call letters KSTM, and was known as "The Storm." That format lasted about a year-and-a-half.

Then in the spring of '93, Mr. Swanson entered into a local marketing agreement with a company from West Texas. The station went country as KCKI, "Kick 99."

I do not know if the West Texas company ever purchased the station, and I do not know when Journal Broadcasting, the current owner, took over. According to the FCC database, the call letters were changed to KXBL in September of 2001.

October 17 2008 at 15:56:56
Name: DolfanBob
Topic: Digital Conversion
Email: MiamiPhin@yahoo.com
Comments: For those of you who are confused about Digital Conversion. Just let your little old Granny show you.

Or just go back to the Tulsa Cable changer:

Jerrold Channel Changer

October 16 2008 at 22:51:01
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Tulsa Time Magazine

Roy Payton, editor of "Tulsa Time", a 1982-3 entertainment magazine, sent me copies. Here is the first installment: the Feb. 1983 cover.

Coincidentally, Lee Woodward, the "subject" of this cover, just sent a link to a Flash presentation about all the old Western stars. Lee's brother Morgan is seen.

Roy previously sent the Oct. 1982 cover with KMOD's Sherman Oaks, Jeanne (Tripplehorn) Summers and Beau Chase.

Hey! A few years ago, Lee gave me a signed reproduction of his artwork seen behind him in this shot. It has an honored place in our house. The large-scale version hangs in BOK Tower.

Tulsa Time cover, Feb. 1983, courtesy of Roy Payton

12 October 15 2008 at 07:03:47
Name: Jeff
Topic: Teen religious programming
Email: jjeffre at austin dot rr dot com
Comments: I remember a religious sitcom/drama aimed at teens that aired on one of the local stations in the early to mid 90's. If memory serves, parts of it were filmed at Union High School. Does anyone else remember this?

10/10/2014: See this entry in the new GroupBlog for more.

October 13 2008 at 18:42:56
Name: Darrell
Topic: Owners History of 99.5
Comments: I'm looking for the ownership history of 99.5 from KHEN-FM to KXBL {Journal Broadcasting Group Inc.}

October 13 2008 at 07:06:44
Name: Webmaster
Topic: OKC TV spots, 1975-78

This video starts off with a tribute to John Hillis' and the late Lowell Burch's favorite auto: the Plymouth Volare (GB 51 link), seen at Stan Littleton Chrysler/Plymouth. After a weather kit ad, Certified Furniture Rental demonstrates how to pack your bachelor pad with babes. Balance your checkbook, or play Pong with an Apple II from High Technology Inc. (I believe we had one in Tulsa, too.)

October 13 2008 at 06:07:47
Name: Webmaster
Topic: KVOO-TV/Phillips 66 event in 1959

Is there anyone out there who remembers a KVOO Channel 2 Phillips 66 closed circuit event on January 14, 1959? What was it all about? The following photos are from it:

Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters with Stan Walker and Bruce Washburn.

Models, with sexist caption added a decade later.

October 12 2008 at 17:21:38
Name: Scott Linder
Topic: A slow time...
Comments: I'm sure that we have all noticed a lack of responses here on the TTM blog of late. I'm sure that the pending election and serious economic woes have caused all of us to turn within and pay less attention to things of less importance.

As we all work our way through this difficult time in our lives, I would encourage all to continue your contributions to this unique site that has become a connection to a great City and wonderful times for all of us.

No matter what we may face in the future, it's very important that we all stay in touch with one another so that we may always preserve the past and join together to make a better future in Tulsa..... whether it is our home, or the home that always lives in our hearts.

So, "Keep those cards and letters coming in".... Even in the worst of times, we all need to stay connected and enjoy some good times and a few laughs from our home in Tulsey Town.

My best to you all....

Kind regards,
Scott Linder
Hollywood Land, CA.

Thanks, Scott.

October 10 2008 at 19:43:08
Name: John Hillis
Topic: Nothing is too obscure not to have its own DVD
Comments: Space-colon-1999 as the guy on The Soup would call it was a weak sci-fi show made for the access hour (6:30-7:00 CT) when the FCC limited the amount of prime time networks could program. As you can see from the link, it featured Martin Landau (so great in "Ed Wood" as Bela Lugosi) and wife Barbara Bain chewing the scenery. Ultimately, game shows took over the time periods, and "dramas" like Space 1999 which cost more to make, fell out of favor.

I'm amazed that everything has its own DVD...and that anyone got the oblique reference. Never underestimate the Webmeister!

Webmaster: I watched a few episodes of "Space: 1999" (Wikipedia link) on Netflix a year or so ago (I did see it in its original run in my dorm room at OU). It was one of the best-looking sci-fi series, boasting the model work of Brian Johnson, who had worked on "2001: A Space Odyssey".

But its premise that the Moon was knocked out of orbit by a nuclear waste dump explosion was ludicrous. Plus, somehow, every week, the peripatetic, now-nonlunar body ran into planets and aliens previously unknown in the solar system.

(I just read that the episode "Black Sun," intended to be the second televised, had the Moon traversing a black hole to reappear in a dense section of the galaxy. This would have accounted for the multitude of alien encounters a bit better. Alas, the episode was broadcast out of order, negating its weak potential explanatory power.)

Many of the episodes exhibited a dearth of logic---the writing staff could have used Mr. Spock's services. (The producer did include a funny-eared, though highly emotional alien as science officer in the second season regular cast.)

On the plus side, the first season was dark, pessimistic and moody, quite a contrast to "Star Trek", and most TV. "Space: 1999" came off ultimately as the anti-"Trek".

"Space:1999" intro

October 08 2008 at 20:36:49
"Space: 1999"

(Reminded of this by John's topic...webmaster)

John Hillis
Topic: Space 1999
Comments: When you're sprawling, verbose, and loaded, sometimes clown pants are the only ones that fit. (rimshot) Thank yuh vurry mush, I'm here all week...

If we want to compare then vs. now, I can say for my own opinion, that the luxury of high-gloss pages makes it easier to hide lack of content. I have forsaken pages of old I used for news browsing (Washington Post and BBC News for two, I never cared much for CNN), because their home pages have had the news content remarkably lessened--I guess in search of more page views. It makes me hurt that no human hands make Google News, but at least you can set it up to have real news in breadth on different topics, even if the stories are occasionally not the most current breaking information.

Since I'm rambling on, a veteran observer's view from the barstool. For my money, the current candidate debates are a waste of time (so are the candidates, too, all of 'em, but if I get into that, Ransom'll send for the bouncers to ask me to leave the joint). I hearken back to what Wikipedia helps me remember was an interview with Tom Brokaw after a primary in 1988, where Bob Dole was asked if he had anything to say to his opponent and answered, "Yeah, stop lying about me." That level of candor and ad lib ability would have been refreshing in this year's dreary yapfests and awkward formatics.

Where was I? Oh, 1999. Was CompuServe still around then? Don't you miss 2,400 baud spit and baling wire connections? No? Me neither.

October 08 2008 at 12:23:58
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Party like it's 1999

Google is celebrating its 10th anniversary by making search available on their oldest index: 2001. TTM will also be celebrating its 10th anniversary in a couple of months.

Here is the Internet Archive Wayback Machine's 11/4/1999 version of TTM. (It came online 12/29/1998.)

The main page exhibits "clown pants syndrome". It's sprawling, verbose, and loaded with exclamation points. Eye fatigue can be a good teacher.

October 07 2008 at 14:05:43
Name: Mike Bruchas in Chicago
Topic: Norman Ross, Jr.
Comments: A few months back we were talking about radio contemporaries in Chicago when the late John Doremus was here.

Jim Ruddle mentioned a story about the late Norman Ross, Sr., who was a famous swimmer and Chicago figure.

Norman Ross Jr., who was on the airways for years in the 50s and 60s, passed this week at 86. He worked at WMAQ radio, WAIT-AM and some at WGN. He had a radio voice but not as dulcet as Doremus spoke.

After a radio and corporate pitchman career, he and a partner opened a B&B near Pilot Mountain, NC.

Yep, aka as "Mount Pilot" in Andy of Mayberry. Smaller world, eh.

October 05 2008 at 11:48:04
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Phantasmagoria, episode 1 (YouTube link)

From David Bagsby and company: Good Taste Theatre presents its version of the 1934 proto-exploitation movie, "Maniac" (info about the original).

Viewer discretion advised; there is a SPCA grossout/Uncle Zeb tribute about halfway through the clip. Some liberties have been taken with the original material.

October 03 2008 at 16:31:42
Name: Beverly
Topic: Lee Woodward
Email: BeverlyW58@hotmail.com
Comments: I love it when Lee Woodward writes in...about anything. Seeing him in "Things Not in Tulsa Anymore" brought back so many fond memories of watching Lee and King Lionel. My grandpa wouldn't have missed it and I watched with him. I love the one where he is talking to Lionel about the fact that it is Christmas Eve and St. Nicholas might pay him a visit. I know I was watching that night. What wonderful, childhood memories...

October 02 2008 at 23:44:05
Name: Webmaster
Topic: Previous GroupBlog summary

Archived GroupBlog 273...

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