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The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa, Volume 3

12/8/2000: Saw an advance copy of the new Mazeppa Volume 3 tape today.

Lee Woodward and Dr. Mazeppa

Lee Woodward's white loafersOn "Teen Town Topics", drunken Swedish pianist "Bjorn Toulouse" performs Rojo Jorge's "You're My Date in Panama". A short, almost silent, movie from the Channel 6 era features Lee Woodward and Dr. Mazeppa goofing around in the studio.

The Mazeppa photo below is from a sketch in late 1972 in which the "old Mazeppa" returns to the KTUL set. It's eerie how this sketch with Sherman Oaks and Janie Jackson deconstructs the Mazeppa legend and nostalgia in general.

Dr. Mazeppa returns Did you get enough of "Y2K"? How about Y2M (Year 2 Million)? The forward-thinking "Pete Moss" has a solution to far future fossil fuel shortages with his "Energy Corps(e?)". Sherman Oaks makes his own macabre contribution with "New School for the Dead". You, too, can continue to consume long after it would seem possible or advisable.

These pieces are generally longer than the ones on the first two Mazeppa tapes, and allow you settle comfortably into an early 70s frame of mind.

Horn Bros. big hair gal Some of the other skits: Johnny Donut is back "Dialing for Dullards". Teddy Jack Eddy (Gary Busey) and Bennie the Crusher are a disharmonious singing duo...like the Smothers Brothers crossed with the Three Stooges.

"Bokachita" IS mentioned...catch the closeup of the big-haired woman from the Horn Bros. audience...Signage: "We tested against fresh perch and We Won!"...lots of little things to "pick up on"...which is what Mazeppa fans should do with this tape.

Volumes 1 & 2 are still available, too, and contain classic material. All are now on DVD at Mazeppa.com.

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