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IMDb Webmaster Mike Ransom's movie & TV reviews are linked from the Internet Movie Database's "external reviews" section.

This is an assortment of TV/movie/music-related reviews and other artifacts. Many present unique, locally-connected information and photos you will not find elsewhere.

(Also check out Gary Chew's movie reviews for Tulsa TV Memories.)

9/17/2010: "Sea Hunt" - 1961 and 2010 perspectives
9/2/2010: TV Hat - Product review
5/3/2009: TTM Star Trek links - with Chew's review of the new Trek
3/22/2009: "The Name Game" tutorial - Lean Six Sigma-compliant
10/11/2008: Space: 1999 - Most illogical, but nice scenery
9/15/2008: UNCLE, SAGE, SABRE, Strangelove & Tulsa
8/18/2008: Nosak Raw - Tulsa TV tree-trimmin' dude with a 'tude
5/26/2008: The Bachelorette - An "amazing" drinking game
5/24/2008: The Joe Pyne Show - Hannity, who's your daddy?
1/7/2008: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - I was the phone-a-friend
2/27/2007: Fiddler's Green - 1960 SF story by Richard M. McKenna
11/19/2006: Casino Royale - Bond: Back to the basics
8/15/2006: A few favorite movies on Amazon (brief reviews)
8/15/2006: A few favorite TV shows (brief)
8/15/2006: A few favorite TV/movie books (brief)
8/15/2006: Some favorite music (brief)
4/2/2006: "Popeye's Favorite Sea Shanties" - My first record
2/10/2006: Never Been Thawed - Frozen entree collectors?!
12/21/2005: A Case For Beer - 1970 short: underage beer sales at QT
12/19/2005: The Killer Shrews with AM radio pioneer Gordon McLendon
9/4/2005: The Aristocrats @ Circle Cinema with local celebrity panel
8/6/2005: The T-Town Affair - U.N.C.L.E. HQ in Tulsa? An analysis.
7/22/2005: What would old Ike do? - "Call The Editor": it can now be told.
8/28/2004: Mission: Impossible - The most expensive "Scooby-Doo" ever
5/21/2004: Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm with Al Clauser (Uncle Zeke)
3/31/2003: Todd Rundgren at the Cain's Ballroom - Concert review
12/30/2001: TV tube testers - See a UTestM machine at the UToteM store.
9/26/2001: "Enterprise" premiere party by UPN41 at the Cinemark Tulsa
6/24/2001: "2001: A Space Odyssey" actors in Tulsa
6/4/2001: The Millionaire on "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast"
12/8/2000: The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa, Volume 3
6/28/1999: Then Came Bronson - 1970 series starring Michael Parks
1/1984: Answerman - Rude parody of TV columnist Richard K. Shull
7/1978: OKon II 1978 - Program for an SF convention held at the Mayo Hotel by STARbase Tulsa. I contributed these scans to the FANAC Fan History Project. Downtown ads are fun for Tulsans.

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