(from press release, 3/31/2008)

Francis Ford Coppola and American Zoetrope

present a monumental new concept in motion pictures,

one that will forever change the face of filmmaking.

Coming in September, 2008...

Francis Ford Coppola's "Clash of the Titans II: Jimmy Giant Vs. The Golden Driller"

Jimmy Giant, Crager GMC's huge sign on 11th Street, courtesy of David Bagsby

67 ft. "Christ of the Ozarks" statue in Eureka Springs, Arkansas  
"The Referee"  


The Golden Driller in front of Expo Square at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds

"The Golden Driller"

April Fool! (Sorry, long-time readers, for trotting out this lame warhorse for yet another turn; last time was in 2005.)

The Golden Driller has suffered some outrageous dings & arrows:

(from Guestbook 99) Tim Sawyer said:

Around '72, a friend of mine got a new compound bow for his birthday. He was itching to try it out, so he and a friend drove around looking for targets. They didn't find any easy ones, so he turned his attention to the Golden Driller. He sent one well-placed shot into the Driller's crotch. He brought me over to view his handiwork the next day. It was a striking scene but the psuedo-phallus was rather mismatched for his size. However, the feathers on the end of it helped to make up for the lack. Sadly, the next day, it was gone.

(from Guestbook 99) Sonny Hollingshead said:

Speaking of dings in the Golden Driller, legend has it that former Channel 8 Engineer Lew Brown dropped a socket wrench from atop the structure in the late '70s or early '80s, knocking a hole in the old boy's foot. He was on a platform setting up a microwave shot for a state fair at the time.

(from Guestbook 36) Steve Bagsby said:

So many great memories on this site. Does anyone remember "Jimmy Giant?" We grew up under his shadow on 11th Street (old Route 66). He's probably the reason I'm driving a pick up truck today.

Drive Friendly! (as Jimmy used to say)

(via email, 4/16/03) David Bagsby sent along Jimmy's photo with these comments:

Here's the only pic of Jimmy Giant I could find. It's Crager GMC's giant billboard on 11th Street. This came from an early '70's phonebook. Always wondered who win the fight: Jimmy or the Driller.

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