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  • Channel Changer 1 will reacquaint you with (or introduce you to) local Tulsa TV shows and personalities of the past.
    Channel Changer 2
    covers such Tulsa pop culture topics as radio, drive-ins, and counterculture of the 70s.
    (They are also in more convenient scrolling lists on the main page.)

  • The GroupBlog is the heart of the site. It began as the Guestbook in 1998, and functions as a "reverse blog" where readers make the entries, the webmaster adds comments, links and pictures.

  • Pictures, sound files, audio and video tapes and DVDs are welcome via email or regular mail. These contributions and selected GroupBlog entries are incorporated into existing and new pages.

  • Browsing the extensive GroupBlog Archive (linked, illustrated, and lightly edited for readability) can be a serendipitous journey.

  • The Channel Changers highlight some, but by no means all of the site's content. The Site Map is a further aid to navigation, showing you most of the pages on the site (excepting individual archived GroupBlog pages and movie reviews).

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  • The What's new Archive is a another way to explore site content.

  • Use the custom Google-based TTM Search Engine to track down anything that come to mind.

  • New, 8/6/2014: Cord-Cutting Blog about ways to reduce your cable bill, plus home theater. It also provides a WordPress platform for the new GroupBlog plugin (the former host, Pathfinder in Crete, Greece, ended their guestbook service on 7/31/2014).

This is an exploratory site. Start anywhere. It is cross-linked to help you follow your interests, wherever they may lead.

Twilight Zone game, once owned by the webmaster

"...And also like all men perhaps there'll be an occasion, maybe a summer night sometime, when he'll look up from what he's doing and listen to the distant music of a calliope---and hear the voices and the laughter of the people and the places of his past. And perhaps across his mind there'll flit a little errant wish: that a man might not have to become old, never outgrow the parks and the merry-go-rounds of his youth.

"And he'll smile then too because he'll know it IS just an errant wish. Some wisp of memory, not too important really. Some laughing ghosts that cross a man's mind...that are a part...of the Twilight Zone."

Rod Serling, from the closing narration of "Walking Distance"

I hope Tulsa TV Memories unlocks new doors as well as old for you, as it has for me.

Mike Ransom, webmaster

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