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Tulsa Radio: KVOO

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Tulsa Radio: KELi

Tulsa Radio in the Fifties with Frank Morrow and Jim Ruddle

Tulsa Radio: Paul Harvey and other Central High alumni

KTBA-FM Progressive Radio

Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today

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Weird Al's 'UHF', shot in Tulsa!

Gary Chew's Reviews

'The Outsiders', shot in Tulsa

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Tulsa Tiki

Tulsa Counterculture in the 70s

Tulsa State Fair

Liquor-by-the-wink club cards

Tulsa Oiler Baseball

Scream in the Dark: the Ma-Hu Mansion

Brewster's Java Toys

Tulsa Coffee Houses of the Past (and Present)

Try it, you'll like it, SEVCO

Skyline Amusement Park in Jenks

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Rideshy and The May Rooms (brothels)