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An early appearance of the Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting.
Also, see Boyd's Eye View and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. on this site.

1970 Tulsa TV schedule

(from GB 308) DolfanBob said re Sunday morning TV:

I also have fond memories growing up watching the Lewis Meyer Bookshelf.

Back then, we just did not think about his or anybody else's mannerisms. I always thought he was very intelligent, informative and always cheerful.

It was what was on before we went to church.

If not him, it was Rex Humbard, Dr. Robert Schuller or Oral Roberts. I liked him because I was getting ready to go to church and so it was a break from the double Gospel. Then if we were lucky enough. Roller Derby would be on when we got home. Indeed life was good.

(from Guestbook 26) John Hillis said:

I hadn't thought of Pastor Pack in a couple of dog's ages. One good story I think I heard from Rev. Hultgren himself. When wireless microphones were new, the good Reverend started using one so he could move around without the constraints of the wire. Everything went fine until the pastor of Boston Avenue Methodist heard about it, said "what a great idea," and got one too... on the same frequency. There were dueling sermons on the churches' loudspeakers for a couple of weeks before an ecclesiastical frequency coordination session resolved the problems.

11/2006: Former KOTV anchor Larry Thomlinson has written a new book of short stories: Life, Death and other Dysfunctions.

Larry: "Of the nine stories in this collection two are true. They are memoirs of two marvelous ladies in my life. There's Miss Isabelle Ronan, who in a haunting two-story house, taught me the language I have carried with me since those Saturday morning sessions so long ago in 'A Time Remembered.' There's 'Allie' our maid--who for all practical purposes was my second mother during my formative years growing up. 'Allie' is also the story of one of the worst chapters in American history that occurred in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's the story of the events of that horrible day--June 1, 1921. I must add that the dialogue between Allie and me pertaining to her involvement in the riot was added for emphasis and storytelling. However, all of the events expressed are historically recorded. The remaining seven stories are composites of people and characters I've known over the years. (However, I must add that any resemblance to anyone actually living or dead is purely coincidental.) The stories originate in Tulsa, Oklahoma and continue through to my life here in southern California. These are stories gathered from an eclectic life of multiple careers, ranging from acting, journalism, radio and television, and the wonderful experience I've had dealing with people as a licensed California funeral director. It is through these life learning experiences that I derived the title Life, Death and other Dysfunctions. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have."

Mr. Microphone

Hey, good-lookin', I'll be back to pick you up later!

Hey, good-lookin', I'll be back to pick you up later!

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