Tulsa TV Memories      

1966-69 KTUL snapshots from David Chanowski
Bob (aka Connie Chanowski) Scofield's son

I'm forwarding these to you in hopes that someone that remembers those days at KTUL in Tulsa in the 60's will enjoy.

The first picture is of me behind a studio camera. I'm about 11 or 12 in these .

The next is Dad , Bob Scofield, and I, in engineering in front of the 3" tape VTRs.

Next is me in the chair in engineering. I was so fascinated with the engineering side of TV.

Next at the director's chair, is Wayne Johnson (Tuffy) I believe. It all seemed so high tech back then.

Then there is Dad in the audio booth. Those were the days when station breaks were actually "Station Breaks". Dad would do a voice over announcement of the station ID and current time.

The last picture is where I spent lot of time when I was at the station with Dad. The film and editing library. I stood for hours at the hot splicing machine and splice together miles of film that had been thrown away.

Connie Chanowski, aka Bob Scofield (from Guestbook 95) Dave Chanowski said:

Hi there. You may recognize my last name. I found your web site while I was searching the web for Chanowski. I do that occasionally just to see what's new on the web. I found a comment from someone indicating that their favorite personality was Bob Scofield aka Connie Chanowski. (at left)

First I'd like to thank that person, Don Lundy, for the comment. Bob was my dad and I spent considerable time at KTUL during the years that Dad was there doing weekend weather and studio audio.

I'd be most interested in any memorabilia that there might be with Dad's image or even a write up of some kind . Please let me know if there is anything left from that long ago. F Y I -- Dad passed away about 4 years ago from leukemia in Lincoln Neb. Thanks for anything that you might have and I'd be glad to answer questions or provide information, if I have any.

Don Lundy at NAB, courtesy of Mike Bruchas (from Guestbook 95) Don Lundy said:

I'm sorry to hear of the passing of Bob Scofield (Connie Chanowski). And I think I remember David running around the station when I worked with Bob back in the late 60s.

My favorite remembrance of Bob was the fun we had with the weekend movies. He'd record on audio cart the soundtrack from the Saturday morning cartoons on ABC, particularly Super Chicken. Then, during an appropriate moment during the afternoon movie, such as a Cavalry charge, he'd pop in the cart of Henry Cabot Henhouse III, aka Super Chicken, squawking the bugle charge.

(from Guestbook 95) Dave Chanowski said:

I am just so very thrilled to "hear" that people still remember my dad, Bob Scofield. It's been so long since he was on the air in Wichita (1978) and even longer since he was on in Tulsa (1969).

Don Lundy and Mike Denney, courtesy of Mike Bruchas Now to see that Mike Denney (on the right; Don Lundy to the left) is directing The Young and the Restless. Mike changed my life. When he did a drum solo on the Zing and Tuffy show as Shaggy Dog I was mesmerized.

I took drum lessons from Mike at his home in Tulsa. My mother finally had to buy me a practice pad for my drum because I was practicing my lessons on the refrigerator. I'll never forget Mike. He gave me a 45 rpm record of his band, the Sammy Pagna Quintet. I listened to that record over and over again and swore that if I were ever that good I would surely have made it in the music business. Well I can play drums like that and I still have the record. Unfortunately I never "made it" in the music business but I still play on weekends. Thanks for the inspiration Mike.

I too remember the tapes that Dad made of the Saturday morning cartoons. I really enjoyed those days watching him edit the tapes and making carts out of each phrase to use on Zing and Tuffy or during any number of inappropriate moments on the air. That was when television was really fun. I'd really love to hear from any of you about things you remember obout Dad. The other guys like Wayne taught me all about VTRs and the electronics in engineering and I was fascinated. Sometimes I used to get to load and run the VTRs at sign off. That was a kick.

82 minute KTUL tape tab, courtesy of Mike Bruchas

Feel free to contact me directly at drchanowski@hotmail.com. I'd love to hear from Mike or any of you that remember Dad and me at KTUL. .

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