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10/8/99: Added article from the Tulsa World's CommunityWorld section about "The Tulsa Project". Also added info about David Bagsby's new CD, "Transphoria", to the Tulsa Project page. Added Oom-A-Gog article from the Tulsa World, courtesy of Mike Kimbrell, to a new, separate Oom-A-Gog page.

10/7/99: Now we're rolling again! I've got lots of new pictures scanned that will be making their way out here in the coming weeks. Dick Van Dera (Uncle Zip) visited yesterday! Added his comments and picture to the Uncle Zeb page. We also heard from Hanson (we think). Jim Ruddle ("Zeta, on Satellite Six") appeared for the first time! Added his and Terry Young's comments to Lee & Lionel Kiddie page, along with a new picture of  "Captain Alan" Lambert. Great new pic from Gary Chew on the main page. Archived previous Guestbook...we are now beginning Guestbook 23. Re-indexed search engine.

10/5/99: In the Guestbook, heard from Noel Confer, Tulsa TV personality/announcer in the 40s and 50s! Bill Hyden, Frank Morrow, Lowell Burch and Mike Bruchas also contributed some great stuff in the past few days! TTM has been listed with the Open Directory Project, which will considerably increase visibility in a number of search engines!

10/2/99: Coming this week: pics from Bill Hyden and Gary Chew...new sound files...

9/28/99: Added new shortcut link to this site...it seems to be faster! http://www.geocities.com/mransom.geo . Added link to SETI@home. Use your computer to analyze radiotelescope data and search for ET!

9/25/99: Added link to John Henry's web site on the Links page. He can be heard in Tulsa on KOOL-FM 106.1 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., playing rock 'n roll and roots music as he has done since the 70s!

9/24/99: Got my computer back in service. Archived Guestbook 21, continued #22. Re-indexed search engine.

9/19/99: New info about the KOTV reunion from Bill Hyden. Added new sound clip of Yahootie Menu on Mazeppa page 1!

9/15/99: New article about Gailard Sartain from Tulsa Magazine, 1986, courtesy of David Bagsby! It is linked from Mazeppa page 3. Here is a quickie link to it.

9/12/99: Started Guestbook 21! Re-indexed the search engine.

9/11/99: Added some identifications of people in the KVOO Photo Album, courtesy of Bill Hyden and Alan Lambert.

9/9/99: Added today's KELi Komments to the Tulsa Radio page. Added Rockin' John Henry's URL to the "Sites by TTM Visitors" page (at the bottom of the Links page). Also added a bit more color to the main page.

9/7/99: Added Mike Miller's "Knights of the Knight" story from the Guestbook to the Tulsa Radio page. Re-indexed the search engine. Updated Jack Diamond's "House of Games" radio show information on the Links page. He is the gentleman who has the "Fantastic Theater" music!

9/6/99: Created new enhanced pic of the Capri Drive-In on the main page. Added new link to the Drive-In Theater site...get a free screen saver with images from Intermission!

9/4/99: Moved on to Guestbook 20. Be sure to look back at Guestbook 19; lots of good stuff from new arrivals Bill Hyden and Mike Miller. Also, more from Ken Broo, John Hillis, Tony Sellers, Jim Back, Mike Bruchas, David Bagsby, Erick Church, and newcomers Mike Reynolds, Nate Wilcox, Brad Smith, and John Gaskill.

9/2/99: Added new contributor Nate Wilcox' story about Romper Room to the Kiddie page (the one with Lee & Lionel). Nate was on the floor crew at KTUL in 1957 when Romper Room started! Moved video clip of Gailard Sartain to 3rd Mazeppa page. Added W0KIE Satellite Network link to "Sites by TTM Visitors" page (see bottom of Links page). Contributor Brad Smith has a Subterrania program on this network at 10 p.m. CST Mondays!

8/31/99: Added a little to the Fantastic Theater icon; added link to "History of KTUL" from KTUL Photog Online on the KTUL Photo Gallery page. Created icon for the Java photo album. Added picture of Greer's, and of Leon Russell to Mazeppa page 2. Added picture of Sputnik Monroe to Mazeppa page 1. Expanded to 3, count 'em, 3 Mazeppa pages!

8/30/99: We heard from Mike Miller in the guestbook today! Added his comments and Bill Hyden's to the 2nd Newsmen page.

Added WRNR free-form radio to the Links page. Former KTBA DJ Stacy Richardson mentioned this station to me, and it is good. Check it out!

8/29/99: Article in the Tulsa World about David Bagsby's "The Tulsa Project", by John Wooley. David had some very nice things to say about this site. Read the article via a link to Tulsa World online!

8/28/99: Took a new stab at the Fantastic Theater icon. What do you think?

8/27/99: At the top of the Tulsa Radio page added a review of the Yardbirds concert in 1966 as reviewed in the Bixby Bulletin. Contributed by Patti Reif! Moved "Origin of this site" page to the Channel 2 feature page about this site.

8/26/99: Linked directly to KOTV's new Photo gallery and 50th Anniversary pages! Watch for an article about David Bagsby (and this site) in the Sunday Tulsa World!

8/23/99: Corrected the pic of Jack Hobson on Creature Feature page. Added the new features to the Channel Changer.

8/22/99: New pic of Uncle Zeb, courtesy of Darrell Neale! New "Creature Feature" page!

8/21/99: Added a lengthy article about Lewis Meyer by Lori Roll to the Lewis Meyer page!

8/19/99: Added Mike Bruchas' comments in the guestbook to the Betty Boyd page, and the Tulsa Radio page. Also added Ray Rivera's comments to the Tulsa Radio page (under "Other Tulsa stuff", with a list of the stuff on the main page).

8/18/99: We heard from Bill Hyden in the Guestbook! Made some minor corrections from Mike Bruchas in the captions of some of the KTUL pix. Updated "list of people who have been involved in Tulsa TV".

8/17/99: Added pic of Kevin King of KTUL Photog Online site. Heard from KOTV weatherman James Aydelott in the Guestbook! Started Guestbook 18. Re-indexed search engine.

8/16/99: Added more pictures to the KTUL Photo Gallery.

8/14/99: Yet more pictures.

8/12/99: More pictures added to the KTUL Photo Gallery.

8/11/99: New picture on the front page...beginning the KTUL Photo Gallery!

8/9/99: Well, my Colorado T1000e tape backup doesn't care for my new Windows 98 system, so this is a manual HTML update. I will recapture the site and add some of those pictures taken by Mike Bruchas in the next couple of days.

8/1/99: Expanded News into 2 pages, added material from the Guestbook, plus some new pictures.

7/31/99: Started Guestbook 17! Re-indexed search engine.

7/30/99: Added pic of Beth Rengel to current Guestbook (16). Also added link to video clip of Jack Frank's Oklahoma Memories segment on this web site to the front page (it will soon cycle off the KJRH site). Also added pic of your beloved webmaster from that segment to the Behind The Scenes/Origin of this Site page. Plus another video clip of Gailard Sartain in a recent movie for TNT, "Pirates of Silicon Valley"!

7/28/99: Added Hank's Hamburgers ad to bottom of Uncle Zeb page. I ate one there today...they're still good! (unsolicited testimonial)

7/27/99: Added 2 new Mazeppa pictures to Mazeppa page 1, courtesy of David Bagsby (whose Tulsa Project CD is available today at Starship, or from Esotericity Music!). Added sound file of the classic Geoffrey Holder 7Up commercial to Mazeppa page 2! Wayne "Tuffy" Johnson dropped in today with more information about his career...added it to the Mr. Zing & Tuffy page!

7/25/99: Added pic of Clutch Cargo to Lee & Lionel kiddie page.

7/24/99: Added pic of Tuffy and Shaggy at the Stilwell Strawberry festival, courtesy of Darrell Neale. Added "Cole Justice" poster to Uncle Zeb page.

7/22/99: Added pic of KJRH today from their virtual tour on the teamtulsa.com web site!

7/21/99: Brought back Mr. Mystery sound files, courtesy of Gaye Brown of Coldwell Banker.

7/19/99: 2 new Mazeppa posters: "Jetzeppa Landingear, and the "Proof sheet" poster...links at the bottom of the 2nd Mazeppa page! (courtesy of Mick Fine via David Bagsby). Also on the same page, check out Mazeppa's autograph (again, Fine job, Mick)! Started Guestbook 16. Re-indexed site.

7/17/99: New page about David Bagsby's "The Tulsa Project" CD under "Other Tulsa stuff"! It will be released on Labor Day, 1999. See the page for more details!

7/16/99: We heard from Scott "Scooter B." Segraves today in the guestbook! Added his comments to the Tulsa Radio page.

7/15/99: Began Guestbook 15!

7/14/99: Added 5 more pictures to the Channel 2 photo album. Tuned in a little Teddy Jack Eddy on the main page TV icon.

7/13/99: Added Alan Lambert's reminiscence of "Captain Alan and Oom-A-Gog" (he WAS Captain Alan!) to the 2nd kiddie page (with Lee & Lionel). New photos on the 2nd Mazeppa page, courtesy of Lowell Burch!

7/12/99: Added link on the Newsmen page to Tulsa World story about Jack Morris' 2nd retirement, along with a picture.

7/11/99: Added more pics to Channel 2 photo album...and many more later in the day!

7/10/99: Started new Channel 2 photo album...much more to come! Added link for Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey...a wildly improvisational group based in Tulsa, headed for the big time! Re-indexed search engine.

7/8/99: Added link to the Oklahoma Memories page on KJRH's site. The Tulsa TV Memories segment is available on RealPlayer! See and hear your humble webmaster, as well as rare footage of Lee & Lionel, Mr. Zing & Tuffy, Big Bill & Oom-A-Gog, Betty Boyd, Don Woods, and Gailard Sartain and Gary Busey on the Mazeppa show!

7/7/99: Tulsa TV Memories is featured on Channel 2 at 10:30 p.m.! Corrected and added to Mr. Zing closing theme, thanks to email from R.A. Cook. Added Bill Hyden pic to the News page.

7/5/99: Added pics to photo album: the KOTV Live Eye truck in '76-'77, and Lee Patterson at Mohawk Park shooting "Kid's News" (courtesy of Mike Bruchas).

7/4/99: Happy 4th! New pic of TTM visitors Don Lundy and Mike Denney on main page.

7/3/99: Reindexed site. The return of G.Ailard S.Artain to the Guestbook with some fascinating information about the Mazeppa years! Updated Mazeppa pages with this info.

7/2/99: Finished Guestbook 12, started new one! Fooled around with menus again.

7/1/99: The photo album is back in service.

6/30/99: The webmaster was interviewed by Jack Frank for his "Oklahoma Memories" series on KJRH. Stay tuned for the air date....

6/28/99: Got a terrific post from Ken Broo today! Added Wade Hemmert's recollections about Mazeppa's sponsors to the 2nd Mazeppa page, along with a great Mazeppa Uncola poster from David Bagsby. Bah! The photo album is out of order due to the Yahoo/GeoCities merger...it's probably time for a photo page with thumbnail pics, anyway! Added captions directly to the pics on the Tulsa Radio page. Brought Menu 2 back to the main page. "Then Came Bronson" article will appear shortly on TVparty. The Sports Page has begun!

6/25/99: Illustrated Mike Bruchas' story in the current Guestbook (soon to be Guestbook 12) with a couple of pics of news-gathering vehicles.

6/23/99: On Links page, added link to site that lists all current Tulsa radio and TV stations (and links where available). Added Mitch Schauer's remembrance of the Mr. Zing and Tuffy opening theme.

6/22/99: Added pic of Chris Lincoln to Guestbook. David Bagsby unearthed Teddy Jack Eddy's own Uncola Underground card! (see Mazeppa page 2)

6/20/99: Started Guestbook 12.

6/19/99: Added pic of Stu Odell to photo album. New pic of Mike Bruchas on the "Behind the scenes" page and different pic of MB on the "Origin" page. Added Mitch Schauer's comments to the Mr. Zing and Tuffy page. Added Mr. S.Artain's comments to the 2nd Mazeppa page. Re-indexed the search engine.

6/18/99: Added more pictures and illustrations to the Radio page. New pic on Menu 2 page. A new Club Cards page on Menu 2! Added link to Steve's Sundry Books and Magazines and Don Lundy email comment to the Betty Boyd page. Changed the netword.com keyword for this site to "tulsatv" (easier to remember), and noted it at the bottom of the main page. And...(trumpet fanfare)...we just heard from G.Ailard S.Artain in the Guestbook!!

6/17/99: Started Tulsa Radio page on Menu 2. More to come...added several new pics to the radio page! Added pic of Jeff Rosser and Mike Miller to the Newsmen page.

6/15/99: Minor main page changes.

6/13/99: The Mazeppa 7Up Uncola Underground card on Mazeppa page 2, courtesy of new contributor Bill Groves!

6/10/99: 2 new pics of Clayton Vaughn and Bill Pitcock in the photo album. Added Rex Daugherty story and pic to the Newsmen page. Added pic of Mike Bruchas and colleagues to the photo album. Also added News 8 "Move closer to your world" graphic. A big day: we heard from both Dan Satterfield and Bill Mitchell!

6/9/99: Photo album working again. Got captions on the photos.

6/7/99: Illustrated Jim Back's comments in the guestbook with pics of Ken Broo and Steve Zabriskie.

6/5/99: Added pic of a younger Lewis Meyer. Added pic of Buddy Allison to the photo album. Minor tinkering with the main page. Added new pic to top of Links page.

6/4/99: Added new Lee and Lionel pic from Betty Boyd's book along with John Hillis' L & L story. Added list of people who have been mentioned and that we'd like to hear from. Added pic of Bill Donaldson to the 1st Mazeppa page. Disclaimer added to bottom of main page. Reindexed search engine.

6/3/99: Added link to Margaret Radford's page at KNSD on the Newsmen and women page. Added more info about David Bagsby's albums to the Links page.

6/2/99: Added pic of Gailard Sartain from the 1967 yearbook to the top of the 1st Mazeppa page. Added .wav file of Fantastic Theater's theme, "Sonik Re-Entry", for those behind firewalls or on WebTV. Added abbreviated .wav files of Mazeppa sound clips, too. Pepper Martin's autographed sour dough biscuit recipe is now available on the Oiler Park page on Menu 2, along with some information about his career with the Cardinals.

6/1/99: Added Betty Boyd page. Added Laurence Heatley pic and Mike Miller with Bernard McIntyre pic to the photo album.

5/30/99: Lots of new pics in the photo album.

5/29/99: Started Guestbook 10...the pace picks up!

5/28/99: Added new pic of Claxton and the Moose. Created 2nd menu page to allow for growth.

5/27/99: Added Java applet that shows a photo album with transition FX. Got a visit from former Tulsa newsman, now "20/20" correspondent Bob Brown!. Added Bob's comments to the newsmen's page, along with a link to Guy Atchley's page at KGUN in Tucson.

5/26/99: We heard from Rex Daugherty yesterday evening in the guestbook! Added Clayton Vaughn color picture, Bob Brown and News 8 pictures to the Newsmen page.

5/25/99: Tweaking.

5/24/99: Created new "Behind the scenes" page. Added pic of Mike Bruchas to "Origin" page. Added link to TV Horror Hosts on Links page. Changed Fantastic Theater icon. Started Guestbook 9!

5/22/99: Put new pics of Cy Tuma from Mike Bruchas on the "Newsmen" page. Many more pics to come...thanks, Mike! Added Mike's Uncle Zeb pics, spun Zeb off to his own page. Created new Weathermen page with yet more Bruchas pics. Check out his wicked weather shot taken from KTUL on Lookout Mountain! Reworked menus!

5/20/99: Added Mike Bruchas' story about Cy Tuma and John Chick to the "Newsmen" page. Added the Isham Jones and his Orchestra credit for the Mazeppa closing theme, courtesy of David Bagsby. Added new site search engine!

5/18/99: Tuffy on the main page and on the Zing/Zeb page! Special message from Jack Frank of "Oklahoma Memories" on KJRH asking for Big Bill and Oom-A-Gog material!

5/17/99: Added link for David Bagsby, Tulsa composer who is working on his own interpretation of "Sonik Re-Entry", the Fantastic Theater theme, as part of a planned "Tulsa Project" CD! See Wayne "Tuffy" Johnson in a photo taken today! Also, a photo from Betty Boyd's book of Mike Denney! (Many of the B & W photos you see here are from her book).

5/15/99: We heard from Tuffy the Tiger (Wayne Johnson) and Mike Denney (former KTUL cameraman, fill-in Tuffy and Shaggy Dog, and now Emmy-winning director of "The Young and the Restless") in the Guestbook! Added their comments to the Mr. Zing page. Minor additions to the 2nd Kiddie page. Added new icons for kiddie shows and Oiler Park to main page.

5/14/99: Added link to download a complete song in MP3 from Michael Parks' new album.

5/13/99: Added sidebars from the guestbook about Bill Pitcock and Lee Woodward on the Newsmen page. Added pic of Uncle Zeke (Al Clauser) and sidebar. Sidebar to Spanky and Romper Room.

5/12/99: Added more pictures of John Chick to the Mr. Zing page. Also added Spanky McFarlane and Don Marvin with George Reeves (Superman) to the 2nd kiddie page. Added Gary Chew's comments about the creation of the Mazeppa show!

5/10/99: Added Mr. Zing and Uncle Zeb pics to the Kiddie page, split it into 2 pages. Betty Boyd quoted John Chick as remembering a show he did for a few months called "something, something, and Wendy". Anyone remember that?

5/9/99: Added link to Daddy A Go Go (native Tulsans who created the CD "Cool Songs for Cool Kids") to the Links page. Added Uncle Zeb's comments in the Guestbook to the Kiddie page, along with links to his book, "Granmax: The Saving of a Steam Train", and his movie, "Cole Justice". Added pics from Jack Frank's "Things Not in Tulsa Anymore" video to the Oiler Park page (see Links page to order). Made the Tulsa TV Newsman page faster-loading, and added the "Clarke's Good Clothes" logo.

5/8/99: New Tulsa TV Newsmen page.

5/7/99: Started Guestbook 7.

5/4/99: Through correspondence with Gary Chew (Delmo Gillette!), learned that the opening theme of the Mazeppa show was performed by the Coon Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra. At least the first part of the theme is from their song, "Alone in the Rain". It appears the rest must have been spliced in from some other song, which I haven't discovered yet. Check the Links page to hear more of Carleton Coon and Joe Sanders' music. More to come...

5/3/99: Added link to Ma Barker's Personal History of Television Broadcasting. She worked at KTUL in the early days, and has an interesting KTUL story on her site. Added links for Beltanna, the Bead Maiden (aka Deb Walker), and Daddy-a-go-go (native Tulsans with a CD played on KFJC in San Francisco).

5/2/99: New pic of Betty Boyd on main page. TV schedules of the past.

5/1/99: Put out the call for writers to send in stories about Tulsa TV shows of the past. Added a quote to the Mazeppa page from Betty Boyd's book about Tulsa TV, "If I Could Sing, I'd Be Dangerous". Added mentions of several old kiddie shows on the Kiddie page.

4/30/99: Lots of new writing on the Fantastic Theater page. Some new material on the 1st Mazeppa page.

4/29/99: On Kiddie page, added link to Kingsley and Perrey electronic music samples in RealPlayer at amazon.com. It's really Fantastic TheatER, not Theatre...corrected spelling.

4/28/99: Added sidebars taken from guestbook comments to Mazeppa and Fantastic Theater pages . Added Mr. Zing and Tuffy sidebars to the Kiddie page. Made the Fantastic Theater page "scarier".

4/27/99: Added movie posters to Fantastic Theater page, Zamfir to Kiddie page.
Also added Dr. Mazeppa's Vault of Cinematic Treasures and the Fantastic Theater Film Crypt!

GeoCities 'Top O/' The City'
	    Platinum award4/26/99: Won GeoCities' TelevisionCity Community "Top O' The City" Platinum Award.

4/25/99: Started Guestbook 6! Split the Mazeppa material into 2 pages.

4/24/99: Added pics to main menu. Karen Keith pic on origin page. Start of new Lewis Meyer page. KAKC Top 30 List. Added Mazeppa Tulsa State Fair poster page (link from main Mazeppa page).

4/23/99: Even more pics on the Mazeppa page.

4/22/99: Added lots of new Mazeppa pics!

4/21/99: Many more pics on the Bronson page.

4/20/99: Added more pictures and info to Links page.

4/19/99: Added new pic to Mazeppa page. Added pic of Josef Hardt on the Fantastic Theater page. Added link to amazon.com for Mr. Zing and Tuffy music, plus pics of album covers.

4/18/99: Urgent: someone just reminded me of the Mazeppa single, "Scope Them Turkeys Out". If anyone know where to get a copy, please let me know! See the GeoGuide at the top of these pages to send me email...New video still of the webmaster on the Origin page.

4/17/99: Added link to the "For Love or Mummy" site. This is a 1998 Laurel and Hardy movie, starring Gailard Sartain as Oliver Hardy. The site has QuickTime movie clips!

4/16/99: Then Came Bronson opening with RealPlayer video and sound. Had to resynch the sound with the video, due to my slow (133 mHz) computer. As Mr. Spock would say, it's like using stone knives and bear skins. Speaking of bears and web-based video, the amazing thing about a dancing bear is not that he dances so well, but that he can dance at all. Also, Krazy Glue added to the Kiddie page.

4/15/99: The arrival of Hurst Swiggart in the guestbook, former KTUL production manager. A man with firsthand experience in Tulsa TV dating from the late 50s! He joins TTM resident gurus Mike Bruchas, Don Lundy, Jim Back and Erick.

4/14/99: Then Came Bronson: the video! (my 1st attempt) I just bought a QuickClip that enables me to create video clips from ordinary VCR tapes. Plus, new still captures!

4/12/99: Added link to the DuMont Television Network site.

4/9/99: Added new link to KTUL Photographers' site; it has pics of Mr. Zing and Tuffy, Don Woods and Gusty, Jack Morris, etc.

4/8/99: Mr. Mystery's entire campaign on RealAudio from the Mazeppa show on KOTV in 1971.

4/7/99: New contribution from Jim Back to the liquor-by-the-wink article.

4/6/99: New layout and pictures.

----- Below: backfilled site history -----

3/13/99: Mike Bruchas arrived at the site, kicking it into high gear.

Between 2/9 and 2/14/99: Renamed "Tulsa TV Memories".

12/29/98: "Memories of old Tulsa TV" web site debuted at http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/8226. Karl Soliday was the first Guestbook signer.

12/14/98: Posted a message to newsgroup ok.tulsa.general inquiring about the "Fantastic Theater" music. I didn't get an answer, but did get the idea for this site while typing an answer to the responses.

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