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Thomas Conner and John Wooley of the Tulsa World

The following item from Thomas Conner and John Wooley's 8/8/2002 column is reprinted by permission of Mike Kimbrell of the Tulsa World.

Tull's take

Years ago, a copy of the fabled EP from Tulsa-based singer- songwriter Floyd Pink -- containing, among other tracks, the memorable ditty "Armadillos Get Prettier at Closing Time" (with backing vocals from Debbie Campbell) -- found its way to a member of Pink Floyd (Roger Waters, if memory serves). He was not at all amused.

A founding member of another venerable British rock band, on the other hand, recently gave thumbs-up to a similarly named project from a former Tulsan. David Bagsby, now residing in Lawrence, Kan., got Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson a copy of Bagsby's progressive, impressionistic disc "Jethro Tulsa: The Magic Empire Strikes Back," and Anderson responded with a favorable note.

It read, "I enjoyed your varied work and the original take on contemporary progressive music. Keep up the great work."

Here is the note from Ian Anderson and his autographed photo...TTM webmaster

Bagsby's latest disc features him and his brother, steel-guitarist Steve Bagsby, performing as Turkey Mountain Oyster Cult. The new disc is called "The Lamb Fries Down on Broadway"; and it's one in his "Tulsa" series, joining "Squid Pro Quo," "Jethro Tulsa" and "Keystone Lake & Palmer," the most recent.

A fifth -- and, Bagsby says, final -- in the series, tentatively titled "The Tulsa Sound Part 3," is due out around Christmas.

Those intrigued by Bagsby's titles -- and they are indeed intriguing CDs -- should know that this is considerably more avant-garde and challenging stuff than you might expect, linked, in a solid but dreamlike way, to Bagsby's memories of his Tulsa youth.

For more information or to order, contact Bagsby at Esotericity Music, P.O. Box 442354, Lawrence, Kan. 66044, or david_bagsby@hotmail.com.

Information about the Bagsby discs can also be found on Mike Ransom's fine Web site devoted to classic Tulsa television, tulsatvmemories.com.

-- J.W.

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