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41 February 07 2003 at 23:35:41
Name: Louise Bland
Email: L.bland@sbcglobal.net
Location: Dallas, TX
Comments: Hey, Mike Bruchas, let's get a network from "T" Town going. I'll check out the stations here in Dallas for you and if you'd be interested in radio I can handle that. What do you think babe?

40 February 07 2003 at 23:18:33
Name: Louise Bland
Email: L.bland@sbcglobal.net
Location: Dallas, TX
Comments: Oh, Mike, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I personally work for myself as a freelance person and doing quite well, but do have many friends who're having the same problems you're having. Certainly I'll look around and ask at the ABC station. OK?

Don't worry, this will pass...

39 February 07 2003 at 22:53:10
Name: Mike Bruchas
Comments: Oh, Louise! I was a junior in H.S. in '68 - listening at work (part time job in a camera shop) to John Doremus on AM in Chicago. This Jim Ruddle guy was either at WMAQ or WGN TV then and Harry Volkman was at WMAQ. I was so dumb that I got Tucson and Tulsa confused when the TU recruiter came to my school.

But I wished I would have been there! Still got to know "Cleezer" aka Al Clauser - who built all for ya......

Re OK TV - it still may become an option - am trolling here in NC and Hotlanta - DC has had a lot more lay-offs in our biz in the last year. After hitting a job fair yesterday - a lotta guys 'n gals in the 50-60 age block are on the street - looking for anything in NC/Northern SC, but pickin's is slim....

38 February 07 2003 at 22:13:39
Name: Louise Bland
Email: L.bland@sbcglobal.net
Location: Dallas, TX
Comments: Oh! Mike Bruchas, I finally got it! Yeah, you were after me. It was like in 68 or something or the other. I guess you must have surprised me with your great memory talking about happenings in my day. Thanks Mike for being around and caring.

37 February 07 2003 at 21:45:54
Name: Louise Bland
Email: L.bland@sbcglobal.net
Location: Dallas, TX
Comments: Mike Bruchas, I've been totally visible in Television and Advertising in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City. You talk about stations and people I know very well, and as a producer and television writer, plus personality over the years - I know a lot of people. I can't seem to place you. Help me out!

36 February 07 2003 at 21:32:43
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Reading but not workin' much in NC
Comments: Nope, folks I was too young and in Chicago when Treasure Hunt happened - maybe Mike Denney ran camera? Edwin Fincher or Wayne 'Tuffy' Johnson might know also....

Talked to Mike Miller tonight about him and Bob Schieffer - both worked together at WTTG in DC with then intern/p.a. Connie Chung! Schieffer's new book, "This Just In" is great - I read it in 2 days. Sent a copy to Mike Miller to peruse. He said his wife ain't impressed by folks in TV, but one time several years back when they went to a party at the Schieffer house in DC and she met then White House reporter, Dan Rather. He IMPRESSED her.

Need to ask if "brother" Woodward knew Schieffer from Ft.Worth - Schieffer was at KXOL then WBAP-TV and he notes too - WBAP's radio ID of the ringing cowbell!

BTW - Schieffer came on at CBS-DC after Bob Gregory left - Mike Miller and I presume it was when Gregory went back to Leake TV to be VP of News.

You can buy the book here thru TTM links, too...

35 February 07 2003 at 16:22:34
Name: Louise Bland
Email: L.bland@sbcglobal.net
Location: Dallas, TX

Just reading something Hurst Swiggart had written sometime ago about KTUL. He mentioned the big promotion we had on "Lookout Mountain" called the "Treasure Hunt" - I thought it only appropriate for some of you to know more than the production side. Nick Adams with Louise Bland, courtesy of Louise BlandThis promotion was for a superstar, Nick Adams who starred on ABC - a show called "The Rebel". He dressed the part.

Nick Adams was a big star, with a good personality. Little Rebel caps were handed out to children in the downtown area for a parade prior to our Treasure Hunt on the Mountain. Nick riding his fabulous horse opened the parade and the rest of our KTUL talent followed behind him. After the parade, Nick Adams and I opened the "Treasure Hunt" and appeared on television for the next two or three hours. It's the "Treasure Hunt" - The interviews lasted forever, it seemed to me. We finished in time to get dressed for a dinner the station was giving for Nick Adams.

According to Hurst Swiggart, it seems Mike Bruchas was on camera the day of the Treasure Hunt! Is that right, Mike? I generally worked with the director Vic Bastian and Tim Penland, and my hero Al Clauser - Roy Pickett, was forever loyal and always there when we'd interview superstars like John Wayne, Jeff Chandler, Louie Armstrong, etc. He'd edit the film and have it ready for Vic Bastian the following day. It was a fast "rock 'n roll" kind of show with upbeat jazz bands on when we didn't have a superstar. It was always fun. Vic would borrow props from a display house to suit the interview. We had fun! No wonder we won National Awards for best show in the Southwest and others. I've often wondered why ABC didn't get at least one "Soap" like "As the World Turns" - to have that advantage, in my day would have been too perfect.

Louise's show is listed at 12:15 p.m. on this 1961 TV schedule.

34 February 07 2003 at 00:54:07
Name: Don Norton
Email: donaldhnorton@hotmail.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Another good man gone! JACK ALEXANDER, a KOTV announcer in the l950s, died in Texas late last year, according to his son. Incidentally, Jack joined the staff before Chris Lane Alexander came on the scene, so that's why Chris became "Chris Lane" on the air.

After Jack left KOTV he had an interesting career doing weekend sales blitzes for car dealers throughout the southwest. We connected a time or two while I worked in Beaumont and Shreveport. Jack was sick a long time and died at his retirement home at Horseshoe Bend, Texas. He loved flying his own plane but had to give it up.

33 February 06 2003 at 19:25:02
Name: Louise Bland
Email: L.bland@sbcglobal.net
Location: Dallas, TX
Comments: Stopped in tonight, to frankly get away from the talk about Iraq. Who do I see when I signed on, but a photo of John Chick! So happy to see it.

Louise Bland

Louise produced and hosted "Spotlight" on KTUL in the early 60s. You can see stills from it at her site, Art of Charm.

32 February 05 2003 at 07:24:33
Name: David Chanowski
Email: drchanowski@hotmail.com
Location: Derby Kansas
Comments: I've not been back here for a while. I do come back from time to time and look for familiar names that have signed in.

I've had a group of photos from the years that I lived in Tulsa and my dad, Bob Scofield, worked at KTUL. I've finally got them scanned and I'd like to share them with the folks that come to Tulsa TV Memories.

They show the inside of the station as it was in around 1966-69. I hope that someone enjoys these. I've emailed these pictures to whoever maintains the site.

That would be me, and here is a link to the photos David sent.

31 February 04 2003 at 18:55:21
Name: Lee Woodward (via email)
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Another of KOTV's elite engineers has passed on. I saw in the Tulsa World that Lavoy Hooker passed away. He was in his eighties. Lavoy was one of a kind.

30 February 04 2003 at 00:24:07
Name: Webmaster
Email: mike@tulsaTVmemories.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: New topic: the 007 Protocrat Club at 3228 N. Lewis.

It's still listed in the phone book. It has to have been there since the 60s.

Is it some kind of elite power cult, or just a hangout for drunks? And what is a "protocrat"? There is no such word, but if there were, it would mean an adherent of "protocracy", or "rule by the first" (from the Greek roots).

The first what? The first guy to buy a round? And how does 007 enter into it?

At least 007's car has made it to Tulsa.

Incidentally, "drugry", as in "T. Roy Barnes Drugry", is also not in the dictionary. This word, known only in Tulsa, was posed as a possible solution to the infamous and contrived "GRY" puzzle by listeners to John Erling's show awhile back.

Billy Parker is back on the air. His show is now simulcast on KVOO-FM 98.5 and KXBL-FM 99.5 from 6-8 am on Saturdays.

29 January 31 2003 at 05:18:15
Name: Don Norton
Email: donaldhnorton@hotmail.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I'd better correct a couple of statements in the note below before someone else does it for me. I hadn't realized the instability of contemporary radio.

The 1300 kHz frequency has been used lately as a Spanish-language station, but quite recently has been replaced by ANOTHER all-sport station to go with KTBZ. "Mexican music" and other things may be heard at 1530.

I'm old enough to remember when radio stations tried to attract listeners by offering variety in their programming--and the FCC insisted on at least a minimum of news coverage. Now we get all-sports, all rock, or all-talk, the latter with xenophobic gasbags whose success depends on stirring up people, with or without logic or even truth.

Years ago the FCC threw out its "Fairness Doctrine," and two attempts in Congress to bring it back and put it into law were blocked by Republican presidents. Amazingly, one Congressman who voted FOR the fairness doctrine was none other than GOP Representative Newt Gingrich!

28 January 30 2003 at 14:52:27
Name: Don Norton
Email: donaldhnorton@hotmail.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: A minor "demurral" to Mr. John Hamill's probably otherwise completely accurate history of KGCT; I wasn't in Tulsa at the time:

Ms. Glenda Silvey isn't "most recently" of KXXO "talk radio" (in 1980, she was most recently of KXXO...webmaster). After a year or so with KOTV news, she returned to school teaching for a year and apparently missed the so-called "glamour" of TV news and returned to KOTV. She now appears almost daily on the noon news, Tulsa's only televised noon news, and specializes in coverage of the school board, naturally! Does a good job, too!

Also, 1300 kHz is now occupied by Tulsa's first and only full-time Spanish-language station, "La Bonita."

27 January 30 2003 at 00:51:56
Name: Webmaster
Email: mike@tulsaTVmemories.com
Location: T-town
Comments: Here is a picture of John Chick that Jim Reid sent awhile back. I somehow missed getting it out here.

John Chick, courtesy of Jim Reid

26 January 28 2003 at 19:55:29
Name: John Williams
Email: fab4fan@cox.net
Location: Oklahoma City
Comments: I got my first "big" market radio job at Tulsa's 1430 KELI. I was attending OSU in the spring of 1977 when the P.D., Johnny Lane, hired me to do overnights Fri-Sun. I had about five years experience by then, but this was the biggest market I had ever worked.

I couldn't remember my air name for the first couple of hours....Chris Mills, Chris Miller, Christopher Mills, whatever. I left with Johnny and Steve Scott to put KZUE-FM on the air in Oklahoma City in May '77.

I haven't heard from my old Tulsa buds John Durkee (KRMG News) or Gary Reynolds (last of KRAV) in a long time, but I've heard Durkee from time to time. I'm sure he misses walking up the lyrics coming out of the weather.

The main thing I remember about KELI was that building was spooky out there at Expo Square late at night with all the lights off.

I stayed in OKC radio till 1988 and now I'm a writer and a reporter for a newspaper.

25 January 28 2003 at 18:14:24
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Urban legends?
Comments: Keep getting some stupid story about Bob Keeshan - aka Captain Kangaroo - having served with the late Lee Marvin on the Marine attack on Mt. Suribachi in WWII. Where Marvin told Johnny Carson that Keeshan was the bravest man he knew...sounds like urban legend nonsense - are any of you getting this too?

Read all about this at Snopes.com, the #1 resource for urban legends.

24 January 27 2003 at 17:16:47
Name: Erick
Email: ericktul@yahoo.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Just found out from a friend that longtime OKC personality Jack Bowen is in trouble with the law.

Here is the story from Fox23. Another story there: Former Tulsa radio station owner (Michael Oatman) dies in Texas...webmaster

Love does strange things to people.

23 January 27 2003 at 16:02:04
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: NC
Comments: The Louisiane! In all my years there - went twice - both in my TU student-hood. One Sunday - since there was no Sunday night cafeteria meal offered on the meal plan - a bunch of us from John Mabee went and had a great and very expensive meal. We loved it but couldn't afford it on a regular basis. The second time and last time that I went - I took a date. It was a one date trip - she did not like seafood...

But we were El Chico piglets and the one down the street from Louisiane - we visited bi-weekly. This was in the days before Casa Bonita....oink oink oink...

Its like Jamil's - went there 3-4 times while in Tulsa - usually with Matt Bunyan who knew all the wait-staff and management. We ALWAYS got a much bigger meal than what we paid for!

22 January 27 2003 at 14:27:37
Name: David W. Reynolds
Email: joelcrowservo@yahoo.com
Location: OKC
Comments: Just catching up with all the improvements to the site since I last visited. Happy to finally see a picture of KTUL when it was in Muskogee. The building (which is still there at the corner of Houston and uhhh...go down Houston) is down the street fron where I grew up, and no one believed it used to be 8. Currently listening to that 1978 Total 8 newscast.

Moved up to OKC to seek greener radio pastures. A major player up here is about to make a big change, some of you may be aware, but I won't spoil it. Don't know if anyone is aware, or cares, but KBIX-AM, Muskogee's grande dame of radio, is now technically a Tulsa station. Some type of loud, annoying sports format. I was there with Jerry Pippin during the final live broadcast (I, Scott Simon, left the station at first sign things were going south). It was depressing, really. Jerry closed out the show with a cart I supplied of Paul McCartney doing the song "Goodbye" (yeah, a bootleg, I know). Jerry continues his internet broadcasting though at jerrypippin.com.

BTW, yes, I'm in OKC now, about to get married. Never thought I'd experience Tulsa TV withdrawl! Some of these 'newscasters' up here, sheesh!

21 January 27 2003 at 09:48:33
Name: Jim Ruddle
Email: gardel@erols.com
Location: Rye NY
Comments: I had a paper route when I was eleven and twelve that ran from Eleventh and Baltimore, to 18th Street, then down Boston to 21st. Consequently, I walked by the Louisiane every day.

In my limited view of that day, I thought it was Tulsa's most elegant dining establishment and I never ceased to be impressed by the mountains of oyster shells piled up in back. The oysters were brought to the restaurant in large, iced barrels, a rarity in Oklahoma in the forties.

As I recall, Christina's Flowers was just to the west on the opposite corner.

20 January 26 2003 at 20:39:32
Name: Lowell Burch
Email: J9Z1B95@aol.com
Location: 4th quarter
Comments: I worked at the Louisiane. Good memories and really good money.

TTM Infrequently Asked Questions: Many of our Webmaster's favorites are also mine. It is worthwhile to promote "Gregory's Girl". I am guessing many of you have not seen it. You can get that quirky little love story through TTM's Gift Shop for less than 15.00.

Also, I am a big fan of the Gong Show so I went to see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind last night.

I have only two words to say about that movie: Chuck Barris.

"I don't know why they gonged you. I loved your act. But then again, I love fungus."

19 January 26 2003 at 09:19:24
Name: Mike Bruchas
Email: jmbruchas@juno.com
Location: NC
Comments: In January '70 or '71 I was coming back to TU from Chicago on the good ole' Santa Fe - in the pre-Amtrak days. I think Kansas City was playing in a championship or maybe it WAS the Super Bowl - my mind is foggy.

Any way - folks forget that long haul trains had radio service in cars like roomettes (what?) and compartments (what again?) not the canned music Amtrak has in cars now (but that may come from John Doremus' old biz..).

I remember that to everyone's delight - the conductor had the game pumped thru the p.a. system throughout the train even to us minions in the coach cars on that cold day as we headed across Iowa into KCMO.

18 January 26 2003 at 01:11:18
Name: Mike Bruchas
Email: jmbruchas@juno.com
Location: NC
Comments: Odds and ends here...got one of those mass mailing catalogs selling a list of catalogs in the mail. On the cover was a pic of Raquel Welch - saying "Wigs are my Hollywood secret!". For her "signature collection of wigs and hair accessories".

Needless to say I was in shock - a cultural icon of my youth selling wigs by mail? That was a Zsa Zsa or Eva Gabor thingie - wasn't it?

Boy am I am old geezer. BTW in my aged Wards trunk from TU days - now full of bedding and junk - it a poster of her from the forgettabble "1000 BC" or was is "10,000 BC" movie that she did in the late '60's. It adorned many a TU guys dorm room in John Mabee Hall - why I still have it - I dunno.

Which leads to a question for BOB HOWER'S next visit here. Is it true he hired Raquel for her first TV job as a weekend "weather girl" (see Raquel Welch as weather girl...webmaster)on KFMB-TV when he worked there or was it just a coincidence that they both worked at KFMB at the same time? Should also ask if his friend Regis Philbin was there then too. Regis ain't such a young pup, ya know!

10 of my fellow employees are on the streets and several others face drastic salary cuts as new highly paid VP's join my workplace - running with scissors to cut budgets and jobs.

My tenure as contractor for Speed Channel is over - I was to move to another role in Video Compression technology for my contracting company - INSP/Media-Comm in early January - but we had a corporate re-org on 12/23 while I was blissfully shopping in Chicago. In short: my new job evaporated; my old job was filled; I have been offered 5-6 jobs in-house at anywhere from $15,000-$20,000 pay cut but have said no because it would put me back salary-wise close to what I was making when I left KOCO 17 years ago.

For 2 weeks I have been a "utility" technician doing feeds and playing tape op. So Tuesday after I do a 4pm-1am shift - I am laid-off.

Jobs are in short supply here in NC as unemployment high. Most TV shops in town have 30 hr. a week tape ops, cameramen, etc. to beat paying benefits. So it may be time for - "Hello, WalMart?".

Hopefully in this lull in employment I will drag out my yr. old but unused scanner and send in some more pix from the old days at 8 and 6 to TTM.

17 January 25 2003 at 23:56:58
Name: Lee Woodward
Location: Tulsa
Comments: Mr. Bagsby raises the spectre of "Casa Laredo" in a recent missive to TTM.

That business has been there a long time and as to how long? When I hosted Dance Party, I would have as guests, two young Spanish dancers from that restaurant. I'm old and can't remember the young man's name but he was related to the owner of C. Laredo. There was a very good waitress there who eventually bought the place and as far as I know, still runs it.

Around about 1986-87, I sold a Cadillac to the Indian Bingo Palace to be a special prize. This car was won by the owner of Casa Laredo. It took him one day to convert it to cash. Years later, this old gentleman worked the cash register there and had the habit of giving you back more change than was correct. One would hope that honesty prevailed. Uh right!

Now, a new can of worms! Remember the great club next to Casa L.? "Little Joe's!" I could do a chapter on that! A book on "The Celebrity Club!"

16 January 25 2003 at 11:12:52
Name: Eric
Email: eric1995@hotmail.com
Location: Kansas City
Comments: If anyone has fond memories of the Louisiane, please forward those fond memories to me. It's long gone now but my grandfather owned it and I'm making a collection of recollections from people about the Louisiane. I spent many summer days there peeling shrimp and wrapping potatoes in my youth.

Louisiane club card

15 January 23 2003 at 13:03:57
Name: David Bagsby
Email: david_bagsby@hotmail.com
Location: Lawrence, KS
Comments: Casa Laredo is near 41st & Peoria and they have great Mexican cuisine. I think they've been there for several years. They tend to have a guitar player there and a wild mural on one of the walls with all sorts of strange people on it...like Ron & Nancy Reagan.

14 January 23 2003 at 12:53:14
Name: John Hillis
Email: mail@equinox-media.com
Location: In the Bunker, Fairfax, Virginia
Comments: The link added to the Rasslin' Page includes a section with the catchy title "Wrestle in Peace." Among the recently departed grapplers were some familiar names, including Swede Hansen (68, Alzheimer's), and longtime WTBS ring announcer Gordon Solie (throat cancer), as well as Lou Thesz, mentioned elsewhere in these pages.

Given the tough lives that most of the oldsters lived in the pre-WWF/E era, it's a wonder any lived past 65, much less into their 80s, as many noted on the site did. Heart trouble, booze, and car wrecks claimed many at younger ages. But as the old joke goes, nobody wants to give up show-biz.

Speakng of show-biz and happier notes, what a pleasure to see the pics of the Four Horsemen of the Tul-pocalypse (Woodward, Chew, Flynn, and Sartain). You could put a network on with the talent and creativity of just those four guys around the table.

I'm late to the Mexican food table, but remember a joint around Pennington's on Peoria, maybe (it's been a loooong time, kids). Maybe named "Casa Manana," or maybe not. Family-run place, great food, strolling guitars. Anyone else remember, or am I just hallucinatin' again? As Granny Lion would say, time for my medicine.

13 January 23 2003 at 08:47:26
Name: Joe
Email: robertson@kjrh.com
Location: from inside the padded room
Comments: Do any of you remember an episode or two of the BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, in which Brewster's Toys was mentioned? I was raised way up in Osage County, and I swear that while watching the show with my Mom, she pointed out to me that Brewster's was a toy shop in Tulsa. I thought that was so cool. I might have my wires crossed on this, but I'm sure it happened.

There was a recurrent character, John Brewster of the OK Oil Company...what was our Mr. Brewster's first name? Was it Walt?

12 January 23 2003 at 05:37:44
Name: Billy G. Spradlin
Email: bgspradlin@(its not cold, its...)---mail.com
Location: Somewhere In Texas
Comments: I saw the comments about the January 1977 Kiss show. I also had freinds who went to this show and said the show was great (just like the LIVE record!) until Peter got hit with the bottle and stormed offstage, the lights went on and the concert was over. My freinds were afraid they'd never come back to Tulsa - of course they came back to T-Town MANY times. I wasnt the biggest fan of Kiss but they always put on a great show - makeup (preferred) or back in thier 80's "hair band" days when Gene Simmons hair was so puffed up he wound up looking like Phyllis Diller's (or Dee Snider's) sister!

I wanted to see concerts back in my teenage years but never had the car/money or the all important permission from my parents. My parents saw a news story on Channel 8 from the 1978 Styx concert at the assembly center where 120+ people got busted for drugs (proably pot). Finally got to see my first concert in the winter of 1980-1 - Kansas with Loverboy at the Pavillion. Those were the classic rock days!

11 January 22 2003 at 20:29:28
Name: Ward Mankin
Email: wardmankin@hotmail.com
Location: Tulsa,OK
Comments: Hey, Tulsa! I grew up in Oklahoma City doing TV with all the Channel 5 guys and gals - Master Control, T.D., Prod. Director...17 years of Great Memories there at KOCO, but I have to say, without a doubt - I want to take back all the bad things I said about Tulsa, TU, and the Oilers! Tulsa rocks! KMOD rocks! I am a converted Oklahoma City TV Guy! Now if we could just get something that OKC doesn't have...a cleaned up Riverfront and bands and eateries all along the way...

10 January 22 2003 at 10:07:29
Name: Rob
Email: sparkynum1@cox.net
Location: Tulsa, OK
Comments: To answer the question on my grandpa's page (Joe Krieger) as to why his wife never went fishing with him: she did go fishing with him in the past, but as time went on and his show took off, it became more of a business trip and she wasn't interested.

They have both passed away, and I am sure they are fishing together up in the heavens. Thanks for all of the postings of them. It is nice to know that people still remember. I am trying to get some of his stuff put in the Oklahoma Aquarium so that everyone young and old and see his history. Thanks!

9 January 21 2003 at 18:01:07
Name: Lowell Burch
Email: J9Z1B95@aol.com
Location: Recovering from MLK Day
Comments: In college, I roomed with Rue's cousin, Robert McClanahan. He used to keep her picture ("To my darling Robert") tacked up on the wall. He still calls. She never does.

Maybe our TTM dinner could become an annual event. Let's get it on the calendar!

By the way, I just watched "Signs" for the first time, myself. Good suspense thriller, certainly a throw-back to Living Dead, Snatchers, Hitchcock, etc., but the plot didn't hold water. Hold water! Get it? Hold water? See, the aliens didn't like...

Oh, never mind.

8 January 21 2003 at 13:43:53
Name: Don Norton
Email: donaldhnorton@hotmail.com
Location: Tulsa
Comments: The Lifetime cable network (Cox 36 in Tulsa) is scheduled to repeat its documentary on Oklahoman and University of Tulsa graduate (Eddi) Rue McClanahan (German and theater/speech) tomorrow night, Wednesday, January 22, 2003, from 6 to 7 p.m., CST.

See Rue McClanahan on a date with Frank Morrow during their T.U. days in Guestbook 94.

7 January 21 2003 at 04:53:09
Name: Jack Martin
Email: jackmartin@geotec.net
Location: Oilton, OK
Comments: I loved reading your KAKC page. It was a blast to read the stories from other peoples' perspectives.

I used to work at KUSH in Cushing, OK. A station that was owned by former KAKC DJ Don Kelly. By the time I met Don in the 80's he was an older gentleman, but he had the most wonderful voice. It was also amazing to watch him in studio when he did Chauncey. He acted just like it was nothing. I was amazed. He had been quite a success in small market radio, owning several stations in OK and KS.

Don has left the radio business, retiring with some illnesses, but still living in Cushing. His son, Sean, now owns KUSH. I hope the station survives to keep up the legacy of small market radio, and I wish Don the best.

If anybody has anything more on KAKC -- particularly Don -- I would appreciate it.

6 January 19 2003 at 23:06:22
Name: Jon Cummins (via email)
Email: STUDIEMAN@aol.com
Location: Terlton
Comments: I've been having a blast looking at your big site! Seems like there's a lot of passion in everyone's hearts of days gone by in Tulsa. That gets me too, and it also is nice to know when my memory gets cloudy on Tulsa trivia, I can surely find someone here who can remember those details.

That brings me to today's quiz! I believe my cousin, Don Cummins, got his start in radio at KTUL about 1960. I remember the station he was broadcasting from was almost as far north as Turley, so that may ruin it being KTUL.

Anyhow after being there long enough to get bored, or frustrated with management, he decided one day that it would be his last. I don't remember the song, but a new, obnoxious, silly tune that people would request as a joke, became the only thing "Bucky" played that morning. After barricading the entries, and refusing to answer the phone, all he did was introduce, and play this one record. I remember my parents talking about it that morning, but I don't know if all of that was a true story. If anyone knew about that, I would enjoy finally knowing if it was true.

5 January 19 2003 at 01:22:56
Name: Kevin Johnson (via email)
Location: Desert Hot Springs, CA (formerly of Ponca City)
Comments: I don't think we ever missed a John Chick show, especially the Friday morning bluegrass ones. My brother told me that Rocky Caple from Billy Parker's old band the "Shotguns" is playing steel guitar every week at the Country Time Jamboree show in Coffeyville. Since I live in California now I miss all the news.

The John Chick Show

I was surprised to find a Mathis Brothers furniture out here. It is in Indio. The employees there told me that the brothers spend a lot of vacation time here so they decided to build a store here. A little bit of Oklahoma right down the road from me. :)

4 January 18 2003 at 23:54:32
Name: Emily Webb
Email: tv6lady@yahoo.com
Location: Home. In front of the computer. After watching the "Signs" DVD.
Comments: I think an informal dinner would be fun. I've only been in Tulsa two years, but I appreciate the television history of this city. I've worked in broadcast TV for eight years, been involved with TV production work for about twelve, and I really enjoy learning about the history of these things.

It's too bad that I missed out on some of the best days of the television industry. Local productions besides news programming would be so much fun to be a part of.

Most people my age don't appreciate those things I guess. Many of the others just see the bottom line, and locally produced programs aren't part of it anymore. :(

Granny Lion briefly reviewed "Signs" in Guestbook 112.

I've been talking with one of my colleagues here about Casa Bonita. He worked there in the 70s, and says he still likes to eat there...quite an endorsement. See it and read more about it at The Galavanting Gourmet.

If there is a mild groundswell of support for the idea of a TTM dinner, then let's schedule it soon. I want some Casa Bonita!

3 January 18 2003 at 23:36:26
Name: Kevin Johnson (via email)
Location: Desert Hot Springs, CA (formerly of Ponca City)
Comments: I was watching an old B&W rerun of "I've Got A Secret" from the early 60's and Perrey and Kingsley were one of the guests on the program playing selections from their "new" album "In Sound From Way Out". Their machine was pretty neat and it looked like two primitive electric Yamaha pianos hooked up to an old Kustom amplifier. They played "Electronic Can-Can" and" Spooks in Space". It was neat to see the performers who made this classic album!!

The In Sound From Way Out The Essential Perrey and Kingsley "The In Sound From Way Out" by composers/performers Gershon Kingsley and Jean-Jacques Perrey provided the electronic music used on "Mr. Zing and Tuffy" and "Uncle Zeb's Cartoon Camp". "The Essential Kingsley and Perrey" contains this album, plus another for the same price. Click the albums to hear sound samples at Amazon.com. See the TTM Gift Shop for other items.

2 January 18 2003 at 09:13:01
Name: Lowell Burch
Email: J9Z1B95@aol.com
Location: Studio C
Comments: My brother, Jerry, used to work at 41. He was in production. It seemed like they paid for his cable bill so that he could monitor the station at home 24/7, when not at work.

Casa Bonita may not be the best Mexican food in town but I love themed decor and C.B. is the best. Of course, I am big into themed environments because of my love for TV, theater, movies, etc. I was even mentioned in the Fort Worth Star last year because I themed my own backyard as a tribute to Six Flags.

I think a TTM-themed restaurant would be fabulous. I may look into that.

In the previous Guestbook, Emily Webb had just asked if any TTM readers ever get together for dinner. Maybe we should set a time and date for an informal get-together of whoever wants to show up at Casa Bonita or some other worthy Tulsa eatery...

1 January 18 2003 at 07:44:38
Name: Webmaster
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Comments: Archived Guestbook 121, from which music and Mexican food emerged as strong threads. Also there, you can cast your vote for "Purple Overdose", a pop band featuring Lee's son, Merritt Woodward. Take a few moments to look over GB 121, then continue with your thoughts here.

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