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Date:   Sat, Dec 8 2007, 2:59 am
Name:   Jonathan Jeffries
Topic:   KTUL Memories
Email:   jonation at msn. com
Just found this site. Loved reading the posts from Pete Abrams and Jim Reid.

Jim was the one who had the idea of doing the Saturday Night Movie like a movie in a movie theatre - open with previews of coming movies and a cartoon, then the Feature Presentation. They, the bosses, never liked the idea. Now, of course, you get the disc from NetFlix and the only thing that's still missing is the cartoon.

Boy howdy, the memories. I'll be back with some.

Date:   Fri, Dec 7 2007, 9:55 am
Name:   Jim Ruddle
Topic:   Knievel
Email:   jruddle@earthlink.net
About thirty years ago, while working at NBC, in Chicago, I had heard on hallway speakers an interview between Jack Eigen (immortalized by Mike Nichols as "Jack Ego") and Evel Knievel on WMAQ radio. It was about 11 pm and I had finished for the day on the television side.

As I got to the 19th floor lobby, the doors were closing on a crowded elevaor. I squeezed in.

Someone in the elevator remarked that Evel Knievel had been on the Eigen show.

Facing the elevator door, I said "He's a crazy sonofabitch."

From the back came a voice; "You got that right."

I turned and looked back to see a tall, blond guy in a white suit. Evel, of course.

When we got to the ground floor, I hesitated thinking I should apologize or something, but he just slapped me on the shoulder, laughed, and limped off using a cane.

Date:   Wed, Dec 5 2007, 12:39 pm
Name:   Mike Flynn
Topic:   The Dust Bowl
Email:   mike@folksampler.com
I noticed the message from Pat Downes about the Dust Bowl.

Bob Anderson and I started the coffee house when we wanted someplace to sing each week. There were a lot more people involved, like Bob's wife Kay, Moby Anderson (who was not Bob's
brother, by the way), and Sandy Wark...whose mother loaned us $300 to get started.

Bob, Moby and Sandy had a trio--The Lowland Three. Some of the better known artists who were there included Michael Martin Murphy and Jack Elliot. I sold my half of The Dust Bowl to Pat Blythe a couple of years later. It was a great place...

Date:   Wed, Dec 5 2007, 9:30 am
Name:   Bob O'Shea
Topic:   KRMG

My earliest memories of KRMG go back to the late 1950's. Every evening we'd sit in the living room of our home, (the only room with a window a/c) and listen to the velvet resonance of Tulsa Radio giant Johnny Martin. This was back in the day when they really would say things like, "hey, that really is a good cup of coffee". But when Johnny said it he sounded great. He truly was a star. Johnny retired, if memory serves, sometime in the late 70's or whenever John Erling came to town.

Man what a flood of memories there.

Bob O'Shea

Date:   Wed, Dec 5 2007, 9:23 am
Name:   edwin
Topic:   even more radio
Email:   edwinfincherataoldotcom
How about "Dratman" on AM drive KRMG (or maybe KAKC)?

Date:   Tue, Dec 4 2007, 3:12 pm
Name:   Mike Austin
Topic:   More Radio
Email:   maustin at dialup dot cc
And while we're at it, how about KRMG's " The Gilcrease Story" airing in the early to mid 60s.
Are any copies of that around? Mike

Date:   Tue, Dec 4 2007, 3:05 pm
Name:   Mike Austin
Topic:   Ganymede Jones Radio Show
Email:   maustin at dialup dot com
Does any else remember " The Adventures of Ganymede Jones" written and produced by Dennis MacDonald? It aired around 1975 on KMOD. Any know of Dennis' whereabouts?

I do remember the show from the days of STARbase Tulsa in the 70s , and I found at least a mention of it on an old Rockets Away! e-zine.

STARbase Tulsa was a science fiction fan organization started in 1973. I contributed scans of their OKon II 1978 program (a sci-fi convention held at the Mayo Hotel) to the Fanac Fan History Project.

Date:   Tue, Dec 4 2007, 11:41 am
Name:   Pat Downes
Topic:   60s Coffee Houses
Email:   pjdownes at swbell.net
Was Google-ing for folk music sources and came across references to The Dust Bowl on this website.

My parents were regular patrons of the coffee house as well as charter members of Tulsa's Folk Artists Association, which was a loosely bound group of performers and patrons of the art form. In addition to featuring regional (later headliner) performers the likes of Mike Murphy, Mike Brewer and Dan Crary, the Dust Bowl drew from a very solid lineup of local artists including, from my fuzzy memory and in no particular order: Dudley Murphy, Pat Blythe (occasionally with girlfriend Arlea Stokes), Bob Anderson (occasionally with his brother Moby), John Chick (Mr. Zing), V.A. McNabb, and dozens more whose names escape me at the moment.

The Dust Bowl is the source of some truly wonderful childhood memories for me.

Date:   Tue, Dec 4 2007, 6:54 am
Name:   Dick Loftin
Topic:   Tulsa Films
Email:   dloftin1 at cox dot net
Caught Jack Frank's "Fantastic Tulsa Films" last night. What a great show. It is such fun seeing what Tulsa used to be. My gosh, what a history we have.

Thanks, Jack, for another excellent Tulsa program.

Date:   Sat, Dec 1 2007, 8:43 pm
Name:   Gary Chew
Topic:   Tulsa Music In California
Email:   Down In The Chilly Valley
I was driving down the freeway today listening to KVMR at 89.5 (it interferes with KWGS out here).
I heard two songs I'd recommend to TMM surfer, if you've never heard them afore:

Hank Thompson singing "The Wild Side of Life" and Asleep At the Wheel gettin' on with "Take Me Back To, uh, uh---oh yes---Tulsa."

Right now, they have a two hour show on featuring some upstart named Dylan.

The DJ said the Dylan dude was from Minnesota.

Date:   Sat, Dec 1 2007, 10:45 am
Name:   David Bagsby
Topic:   Car 54
If Gunther Toody were here, I'm sure he would tell Gary Chew, "OOHH OOHH".

One of the greatest lines of all time is from that series. Al 'Grandpa Munster' Lewis was Leo Schnauser, who never won anything, so Muldoon "Herman Munster" rigs the drawing for him to win. Elated, he looks at his prize and it's some crazy modern abstract painting Toody picked out. Leo's response: "I've never won anything in my entire life and when I finally do what do I get?...a picture of a tonsil operation."

Car 54 should have it's own 24 channel.

Date:   Sat, Dec 1 2007, 10:35 am
Name:   Gary Chew
Topic:   Bruchas The Ubiquitous
Email:   West of the Sierra Nevada
I think there could be a redux of a 'great' old TV series that would work well for Mike to be cast
in the lead:


Date:   Sat, Dec 1 2007, 10:09 am
Name:   Lowell Burch
Topic:   Bruchas
Email:   lburch3 at cox dot cxx
I just checked the old GB entries (GB 53) and I see that Mike was at the Tulsa appearance of Evel K. also.

Of course! As we have established earlier: Bruchas is everywhere!

Date:   Sat, Dec 1 2007, 9:58 am
Name:   Lowell Burch
Topic:   Evel Knievel
Email:   lburch3 at cox dot cxx
My brother and a couple of our buddies went out to the Tulsa dragstrip off 169 back in May of 1974 to watch ol' Evel, dressed in Elvis-style leathers, take his Sportster over the top of eleven Macs and land safely on the far ramp.

Were any other TTM folks there? It was a lot of fun. The world says good-bye to one of America's most unique characters. Courageous and crazy, he was known as an America hero.

Date:   Fri, Nov 30 2007, 4:38 pm
Name:   DolfanBob
Topic:   Daredevil
Email:   MiamiPhin@yahoo
Death of a Daredevil. Robert Craig (Evel) Knievel, dead at age 69

Date:   Thu, Nov 29 2007, 6:43 pm
Name:   John Hillis
Topic:   "Mike Bruchas, Non-Eyewitness News"
Well, I for one always knew Bruchas would wind up in front of the cameras on Channel 8.

The old STL on Lookout Mountain must have shuddered as it passed that signal to the tower.

But seriously, folks, I'm here all week. (rimshot)

In non-Tulsa news, the New York Times reported today: "Other than the hellish heat, a crushing carbon dioxide atmosphere and corrosive clouds of sulfuric acid, Venus is a lot like Earth, scientists said yesterday."

Date:   Thu, Nov 29 2007, 6:09 pm
Name:   Gary Chew
Topic:   Poetry
Email:   Arnoldzburg
Dixie Chicks Segue

Following Mason's Reading Matter
Perfect segue: Natalie, Martie and Emily

Pretty and ballsy ladies doing their thing:
Being perspicacious at singing good songs
Pretty like they are yet with a Living Edge

After Mason's the Chicks lamenting
"Travelin' Soldier" On Top of the World
Picking pitch perfect in 3-part harmony

Best thing though wasn't the music---
No. Not even the Chick's sweet voices
Fans roaring over "Travelin' Soldier"!

Metaphoric music for all our ears:
John, Paul, George and Ringo
Walking on Ed's CBS stage?
No. Something else to be thankful for.

Copyright © 2007, Gary Chew. All rights reserved.

Date:   Tue, Nov 27 2007, 10:19 pm
Name:   Mike Bruchas
Topic:   Tulsa Crash
See what happens? You come to Tulsa for wedding and trip to Luby's and the next thing ya know, you are doin' voicers for KTUL.

They must have told Carole Lambert  (in her ear) that I was an eyewitness but no - Jack Hobson and I were just near the scene and drove towards it, We saw smoke coming up the river and flames.

As we used to say at Channel 6, "...just foller them police cars!"

Date:   Tue, Nov 27 2007, 7:51 pm
Name:   Jack Morris (not really...webmaster)
Topic:   He's Everywhere...Mike Bruchas Is Everywhere
Email:   morris.eisen@kvoo.tv
From KTUL.com

Plane Crashes Near 81st And Elwood

posted 6:41 pm Tue November 27, 2007 - Tulsa

A plane has crashed near 81st and Elwood, just north of Jones Riverside Airport. Witness Mike Bruchas says he saw intense police activity in the area shortly after the crash.

"We noticed a lot of police traffic at 81st and Lewis and thought we'd come over to see what it looked like," Bruchas says. "We could see and smell smoke down by 81st and Lewis and we came over here toward Elwood and we could see a light in the field. It looks like it's at the very end of the south runway here at Jones Riverside."

Bruchas says he saw flames briefly, but wasn't close enough to see what type of plane it was. It's also unknown how many people were on board or the extent of their injuries.

NewsChannel 8 photojournalist Chencho Flores says he witnessed a large grass fire north of the airport. Between eight and ten fire trucks were on scene trying to battle that fire.

Police currently have 81st and Elwood blocked off to traffic.

Date:   Tue, Nov 27 2007, 3:14 pm
Name:   John B
Topic:   The Search for Wallace Wildlife
I would contact the station that used to air The Don Wallace Show, if you haven't already - that would be KFOR, formerly KTVY. They could have changed their call letters again but it's the NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City.

Good luck - I knew Don a little, enough to know he was a great guy and loved by all his co-workers who knew him well.

Date:   Fri, Nov 23 2007, 4:08 pm
Name:   Howard Vincent
Topic:   Wallace Wildlife
Email:   dtandem at aol dot com
In about 1977 or 1978, my father, Herman Vincent from Jet, Oklahoma, and his granddaughter were featured in a frog hunting segment of Wallace Wildlife. I would very much like to get a video of that show. Have no idea how. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It is always problematic finding any footage from shows of that vintage, and even more so finding specific episodes, since most stations discarded this material periodically.

As starting points, I suggest writing to the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters, where Don Wallace was elected to the Hall of Fame, and the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Date:   Fri, Nov 23 2007, 2:26 pm
Name:   Webmaster
Topic:   GroupBlog entries
I'm sorry for the trouble reported with GB entries recently. The original GB with the Greek banner at top definitely was very slow, which was a good reason to change.

I haven't been able to get either of the last two GBs to fail, so I don't know what the problem could be. Maybe the verification code presents hard-to-distinguish Os and zeroes, or something like that?

I do have two suggestions. First, type your note into Notepad or Word and save it, then paste the text into the GB. That way, you don't lose any work if it fails. (Alternatively, you can type in your text as usual, then highlight it in the GB message box, right-click and Copy it). That is good advice for everyone, including me.

Second, feel free to email it to me, and I will enter it for you. Maybe I'll see what is going on.

All three recently-used GBs are on different hosts and written in different computer code, so it would be surprising if any of them failed in the same way as the others.

Date:   Wed, Nov 21 2007, 12:47 am
Name:   Webmaster
Topic:   Previous GroupBlog summary
Archived GroupBlog 256.

The reach of 50,000 watt KVOO-AM, and its ability to be received on phone lines, guitar amplifiers, etc., was discussed at length. Chuck Adams dropped in. Ben Aronov, a now-France-based jazz pianist and Tulsa Central grad was discussed and seen in a 2000 photo at Jazmo's on Cherry Street.

We are on yet another GroupBlog host in an attempt to find one that is fast and no hassle. This is not the ultimate in features, but maybe it will keep us going while I keep looking.

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