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Date:   Fri, Dec 28 2007, 1:07 pm
Name:   Scott Linder
Topic:   The Gilcrease Story
Just a comment with regard to "The Gilcrease Story" which was mentioned a while back.

This program was produced at KVOO and was written and voiced by Ed Wheeler, with production by Mo Billington. It may have aired on other stations. I have no idea what happened to the masters. They may have been discarded along with other priceless material when KVOO moved from "Broadcast Center" on Peoria...

Date:   Fri, Dec 28 2007, 12:43 pm
Name:   Gloria
Topic:   KOTV Engineer
Email:   geoglo12@aol.com
Trying to locate a Bill Thompson that was an engineer I believe at KOTV way back in the 40, 50s, & maybe 60's.

He was my Daddy Bill. His wife is Sally. If anyone knows him, please ask him to write to me at my email. It has been since the 50s since I have seen them or talked to them. I really wish to speak to them. Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.


Date:   Fri, Dec 28 2007, 7:34 am
Name:   Bryan
Topic:   Gary Shore
From: Gary Shore
Date: Thursday, December 6, 2007 10:13 PM
To: taffs4ouATcoxDOTnet

Subject: RE: Merry Christmas

Gary Shore THANKS! Have a blessed Christmas season! I still get so many emails similar
to this from Tulsa, but I still appreciate you! Maybe all you fans should
start a campaign down there for me...LOL (only half kidding)

Best wishes,

(I received this after sending him Christmas wishes, and telling him he is missed down here by many.)

Date:   Thu, Dec 27 2007, 7:55 pm
Name:   John Hillis
Topic:   Talented Tulsa TVers
There is more talent hanging around TTM than you can shake a stick at, if you had a stick to shake, which I guess many folks do thanks to the recent weather.

David Batterson's "Fitting In" video is kind of an instant mini-masterpiece, and what can anybody say about David Bagsby's marching band version of "Dust in the Wind?" In the hyperkinetic words of Rachael Ray, "Yum. Tubas."

And have I mentioned recently that if you haven't bought Steve Bagsby's steel guitar CD, you need to take a few bucks of the Christmas present money and get one?

As for the Bass-O-Matic '76, some of us were there for it the first time. But I remember when Jack Morris would come and draw pictures on the cave walls, and Ron Popeil would come on in between and hawk his Roto-Dino ("Just set it and forget it.")

Cheers and a great 2008 to all.

Date:   Wed, Dec 26 2007, 7:00 pm
Name:   David Batterson
Topic:   ex-Tulsans' music video
Email:   davidbat(at)yahoo(dot)com
This one is called "Fitting In"; music by Mark Giles and words by me. I made the zero-budget video on Dec. 25.

I think a LOT of us here never felt they "fit in" so naturally gravitated to radio, TV, music and films. So perhaps you'll relate to it.

Date:   Wed, Dec 26 2007, 5:48 pm
Name:   Scott Linder
Topic:   Happy New Year
All my best to everyone for a great 2008. Please send good thoughts to all of us who have been out of work for many weeks due to the WGA strike. Let's hope that the New Year will bring a spirit of unity to all concerned.

Date:   Wed, Dec 26 2007, 10:18 am
Name:   Lowell "Santa" Burch
Topic:   Mistletoe Express
Email:   lburch3-at-cox-dot-net
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to TTM friends.

In college, I used to drive for Mistletoe Express. I would load the Tulsa Tribune in a van as it came off of the press. I would then drop the bundles off aroud town for the paperboys to deliver, also the bus station for Oklahoma City delivery. On my way back in, I would pick up packages from businesses to be sorted and delivered. On Sunday mornings, I would load the World and drop it off for the delivery boys.

I still remember a big snow we had one Sunday morning. My truck broke down early in my route and they had to send out another truck. I had to load all of the Sunday World bundles, each very massive, onto the new truck but now the bundles that needed to be delivered first were on the bottom of the load. Man, I was a bit tuckered after that!

But I loved that job. Being union, it was good pay and I was paid a minimum number of hours so, if the edition got off the press early, the pick ups were light and traffic not too heavy, I could be done in a couple of hours and take off for the rest of the day with full pay.

Date:   Tue, Dec 25 2007, 5:25 pm
Name:   Mitch Gray / Former Radio Guy
Topic:   Holidays
Email:   North of You
Keep up the good work Mike. Looking forward to 2008 blogs and other nonsense. Especially Brashear's ramblings.

Merry Christmas all you TV and Radio heads!

Date:   Tue, Dec 25 2007, 12:54 pm
Name:   Jeff H
Topic:   Happy Holidays
Email:   Just south of Noel...........MO.
This just in from Mistletoe Express.

Happy Holidays To All!

For the younger TV Memories posters and readers, Mistletoe Express was doing what brown does before it was cool, but only regionally.

Date:   Mon, Dec 24 2007, 8:59 am
Name:   Chuck Adams
Topic:   Holiday Greetings
Email:   cavakyATmsnDOTcom
Chuck Adams (on the right)Hope that y'all have a very merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous 2008!

Date:   Sun, Dec 23 2007, 1:48 pm
Name:   Webmaster
Topic:   Bass-O-Matic
Christmas time invariably brought a raft of Popeil/Ronco commercials on TV.

Here's is Dan Ackroyd's take on them from SNL.

Date:   Sat, Dec 22 2007, 4:03 pm
Name:   Mike Bruchas
Topic:   Birthdays + Vegans
Happy Birthday, BOB HOWER and wherever you are - ED MORRIS - on the 21st Ditto aulde moi.

Happy Birthday to DON LUNDY on 12/23.

An ex-Memorial H.S. grad and hubby have opened a vegan - no dairy, no meat - restaurant here in Downers Grove, IL. The first outside of Chicago; very good but pricey. She says she will ALWAYS love the Coney-I-Lander, though! It's amazing what they can make from nuts and fruit.

Date:   Sat, Dec 22 2007, 2:46 pm
Name:   Shirley Speechley
Topic:   Happy holidays.
Just trying to catch up on memories. Haven't been on the site for several years. Am now retired and enjoying it finally. Miss my radio days. I was with KVOO Radio from 1961 to 1994. Best years of my life. Still love listening to my adopted son "Andy O", and friend for life Billy Parker.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Date:   Sat, Dec 22 2007, 2:44 pm
Name:   Rick Brashear
Topic:   Lindbergh

Mr. Voight was principal when I was there. I don't recall a Mrs. Root. I was there from 1959 to 1966.

There was one teacher who was a hoot: Mr. Beavers. He was the goofiest teacher I've known, and a really nice guy. He was the Speech teacher and had a lot of cool props behind the stage. He also would walk behind the students and randomly kick a desk and then ask, "What are you trying do, throw me off?"

If we were doing a play, he'd first act out all of the charactors for us. He sure looked funny in wigs, getting into the part, playing the damsels in distress. We couldn't help but laugh.

Date:   Sat, Dec 22 2007, 1:35 pm
Name:   David Batterson
Topic:   Ex-Tulsans do their music!
Email:   davidbat(at)yahoo(dot)com
Here's a new music video for a song by Mark Giles (music) and David Batterson (lyrics). It's called "Unless We Have A Song" (ASCAP).

Date:   Sat, Dec 22 2007, 6:29 am
Name:   Mitch Gray
Topic:   Lindbergh
Email:   linesdownatemailfactory
Message for Rick Brashear..

Haven't written for awhile but seeing the John Long post made me realize what a small world it is.

I also attended Lindbergh Elementary on Easton back in the sixties. I can only remember a Mrs. Root who I believe taught English. and the Principal, Walker Dobson.

Ring any bells?

Date:   Fri, Dec 21 2007, 7:05 pm
Name:   Johnny Long
Topic:   John Long
Email:   johnnylong40@hotmail.com
Yep, that's him! He is still around and still painting. He and my mother live with me now here in TN. In fact, I showed him your post and he was very touched. Thank you!

Date:   Fri, Dec 21 2007, 6:28 pm
Name:   Rick Brashear
Topic:   John Long
To Johnny Long:

Was your dad John Long who taught art at Lindbergh Elementry School? If so, he was the coolest art teacher I ever had.

He showed us all kinds of neat things. He made a contraption with three wooden arms and weights made of cement-filled coffee cans that did huge versions of what the Spirograph did later on, but it was self-drawing. You just started it moving and it went until you stopped it.

He also would take Magic Markers and draw the neatest Ed Roth type monsters on our tee-shirts for us. I have one somewhere at my mom's house.

I had him for an art teacher from 1962-1966. He was an inspiration to continue making art from all kinds of things.

Date:   Fri, Dec 21 2007, 4:48 pm
Name:   Johnny Long
Topic:   My own Tulsa TV Memories
Email:   johnnylong40@hotmail.com
I am a singer/songwriter living near Nashville, TN. but I am originally from Tulsa. I used to appear as a child on many of these networks, but most especially Channel 8. I was a guest many times on "The John Chick Show". My father had an art show for a time called "Art for Everyone" on KOTV.

I also was a part of the Channel 8 Talent show at the fair, and still have my 8's the Place trophies. I was lucky enough to meet most of the personalities like Bob Hower, Uncle Zeb, Don Woods, and Betty Boyd, whose show I appeared on a few times as well.

As I search through this site I become 10 years old again. It is really wonderful to see a rich television history perserved like this.

Date:   Fri, Dec 21 2007, 8:26 am
Name:   David Bagsby
Topic:   bonus track
Email:   deeceebeeatsunflowerdotcom
Hope everyone is getting power back and trees removed. This year's holiday treat is my marching band version of Kansas' "Dust in the Wind". Kerry Livgren, the composer, told me it was his 2nd favorite version...his favorite was a vocal rendition done by Tibetan monks in the Himalaya's that they learned from an AM radio broadcast. Who could top that?

Happy Holidays and everyone stay safe!


You look like a long-haired Hef in that photo at the Playboy mansion.

The OU marching band or USC should add your "Dust in the Wind" to their repertoire. The song sounds amazingly natural in that style.

Here is one of the pages on TTM with David's CDs.

Date:   Thu, Dec 20 2007, 8:50 pm
Name:   Lowell Burch
Topic:   Lights Out
Email:   lburch3atcoxdotnet
Yes, it was a hard week. We ended up having to watch TV by candle light. (rim shot) We also worked a jigsaw puzzle. We feel like we did pretty good because we finished it in only two weeks. After all, the box said '3 to 4 years'. (rim shot and groans)

Date:   Thu, Dec 20 2007, 6:29 pm
Name:   edwin
Topic:   I don't know what to call it
All hail the web-type guy! He has corrected my "inspired" words a few times and keeps this worthy thingy together FOR US. He continues to poke at me for more stuff from my abnormal tv past with a wish just to make His dream a realization for all of us......except....where's my christmas card?

Here is Edwin's most recent contribution from his TV past:

A video realization of a Yessong.

Xmas card.

Date:   Thu, Dec 20 2007, 2:12 pm
Name:   Bob O'Shea
Topic:   Webmaster
Email:   bob reavis at yahoo dot com
My hats off to you for a job well done on our Memories site. It has been a lot of fun catching up with old radio buddies and keeping up those who've moved on.

Please feel free to remove anything I may have blogged that may appear a little over the top. The only thing I can think of would be my reaction to the remarks about the Kennedy family. They have suffered too much.

Keep up the good work Mike and have a Merry Christmas.

The Best In 2008,
Bob O'Shea

Date:   Thu, Dec 20 2007, 1:16 pm
Name:   Webmaster
Topic:   Editing
This evening, I'm going to do some editing of this and the last couple of GroupBlogs in accordance with the "policy" I wrote 6 years ago.

The operative portions are these:

"Occasionally, there have been sallies into personal opinion about politics. This tends to evoke strong and bitter response. There are many, more appropriate forums for such commentary. Such posts are subject to immediate removal."

"The main subject cluster for this site is Tulsa TV/radio/pop culture of the past."

"When archiving a GroupBlog, I may trim lengthy discourses on unrelated subjects (admittedly, a subjective judgment)."

"Needless to say, flaming isn't welcomed."

I won't bore you with a tedious commentary; it's pretty obvious to longtime readers. Normally, I keep up with the GroupBlog a little better, but I have been busy after returning from vacation.

If the affected authors wish to save a copy of their deleted comments, I'll email one to them.

Date:   Thu, Dec 20 2007, 12:57 pm
Name:   Kenny
Topic:   Bolen
Email:   kwerks@comcast.net
Whew! Having moved to the East Coast (CT) about 14 years ago, I have to say nothing is worse than the experience that my home state went through these past couple of weeks. Bless all of you that has to contend with what we go through each winter with those nor'easter's blasting their way imposing damages you can only imagine. My folks live in BA and had been living in a local motel for a week. Luckily, we here are pretty much prepared for the worst of the storms and I continue to be impressed on the swift action as the first snowflake will appear.

It takes years of practice and experience to deal with the ice and snow and even though Oklahoma has had it's share, in no way can it prepare itself for such an abnormal ice storm and the damage it can cause.

It's not even officially the first day of winter and I'm already tired of the cold. We here have seen just a preview of what's to come and I for one am ready for that first burst of that warm southern wind to warm the cockles!!! *BTW...I'm not sure what a cockle is! lol*

Date:   Thu, Dec 20 2007, 8:56 am
Name:   Dick Loftin
Topic:   Ice Storm Woes
Email:   dloftin1 at cox dot net
My wife and I survived just fine. Sure it was inconvenient - and I tell you, I have a whole new appreciation for electricity.

The first day without power was kind of like camping. We bundled up and really did something unusual - we read books. We're big readers anyway, but we spend too much time staring at the dopey TV.

Now, there is this Dancing With The Stars-type show only the people perform in a choir. So, I read half of Bob Dylan's Chronicle Vol 1--absolutely great read. And my wife enjoyed her fiction.

We stayed in a hotel later in the week and power was back on by Friday the 14th. There was no power at my office either, so it was 4 glorious days without TV or computers. It wasn't much fun, but we tried to make the best of a bad situation by

1) bundling up,
2) staying in a hotel and
3) spending a lot of time in coffee shops.

We also discovered a great little place in Coweta for breakfast on Main Street. Hats off to the people who restored power to our city. And to KRMG for their fabulous job covering the storm.

Date:   Tue, Dec 18 2007, 10:26 pm
Name:   Tim
Topic:   Ice Storm Pictures
Email:   no1gapackfan at a oh ell dot com
Here's a link to some pictures of the ice storm I took while in Tulsa last week.

These are primarily in the Sand Springs (West 41st/129th W Ave) area and Red Fork (West 43rd/25th W Ave) area.

Date:   Tue, Dec 18 2007, 10:23 pm
Name:   Teb Blackwell
Topic:   Oklahomka 45rpm Record & Band Guide
Email:   tebii at comcast dot net
Greetings and Happy Holidays to everyone! Although I have enjoyed this site since close to its inception, this is my first time to write, and I'm doing so for a very good reason.

A friend in OKC, Rhett Lake, and I are authoring a two-volume book, OKLAHOMA GUIDE TO 45rpm RECORDS & BANDS, 1955-1975 - A Chronicle of the Music, the Musicians & The Madness." Volume 1, which focuses on OKC, its Metro area and southern Oklahoma, is now available. This volume includes close to 100 stories from musicians who played in bands as well as other people involved in the music scene during these years. The people who wrote these stories recognized the importance of documenting them before they were lost forever, and now we're hoping to do the same with Tulsa, its Metro area and northeastern Oklahoma.

I'm asking everyone, from musicians who played in bands in and around Tulsa between 1955 and 1975, to anyone who knows members of bands during that era, as well as radio and television people who worked with those bands (KAKC jocks and KOTV "Dance Party" hosts...where are you?) to please contact me with any information, pictures and memories you might have or any contact information you can supply.

I need to hear from you. I'm hoping that Volume 2 will reflect the rich musical history of Tulsa as well as Volume 1 does for the OKC area, but only the people who participated in this history can tell the stories.

I will also be happy to furnish anyone interested in Volume 1 with information on how to order this book, at cost, from the publisher.


Date:   Tue, Dec 18 2007, 4:54 pm
Name:   Dave
Topic:   groping through the dark
Hello? Anyone home?

Date:   Sun, Dec 16 2007, 6:35 pm
Name:   Webmaster
Topic:   Molly Murphy's web site
Watch original commercials and an interview with former co-owner Jeffiee Tayar about her new book on the new Molly Murphy's web site.

Date:   Sat, Dec 15 2007, 8:50 am
Name:   Webmaster
Topic:   TTM Gift Shop
The main site will be back by about 12/19. But these parts of TTM are still available online:

TTM Gift Shop @ Amazon

TTM @ Flickr

TTM @ YouTube

TTM @ Google Video

TTM @ Daily Motion

Date:   Tue, Dec 11 2007, 7:47 am
Name:   Webmaster
Topic:   Site down
TTM lives at Irving Productions at 21st & Harvard, which is out of power due to the record ice storm. We'll be back when PSO gets Irving hooked up again.

Date:   Sat, Dec 8 2007, 7:08 am
Name:   Webmaster
Topic:   Previous GroupBlog summary
Archived GroupBlog 257 after returning from vacation.

Jonathan Jeffries, who worked at KTUL in the 70s, paid a visit. Jim Ruddle related a brush with Evel Knievel at NBC in Chicago (Evel passed away last week.) Mike Flynn and Pat Downes recalled the Dust Bowl, a Tulsa folk music coffee house of the 60s, co-owned by Mike.

KRMG in the 50s-70s was remembered. A sci-fi radio show, "The Adventures of Ganymede Jones", was brought up, and the webmaster remembered it.

While visiting Tulsa, longtime contributor Mike Bruchas wound up in front of the Channel 8 camera as an eyewitness of a plane crash near the Jones Riverside Airport.

Some folks are having trouble making entries. I haven't gotten it to fail for me. I think the verification code may be the problem, since it intentionally presents hard-to-read characters as an anti-spambot measure.

I do have a suggestion to avoid losing any of your work: type your note into Notepad or Word and save it, then copy and paste the text into the GB. That way, you don't lose any work if it fails.

Alternatively, you can type in your text as usual, then highlight it in the GB message box, right-click and Copy it. That way, if something doesn't work, you can paste the text again for another try.

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