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George Harrison (courtesy of Mike Ransom)

 George Harrison with Leon Russell (courtesy of Mike Ransom)

George Harrison in Tulsa, Nov. 21, 1974
(special appearance by Leon Russell)  

Ticket from the show

Wollensak 8mm movie cameraWebmaster:  I drove back to Tulsa from OU on Thursday, November 21, 1974 to see George Harrison (and maybe Leon Russell) at the Assembly Center. Ravi Shankar and his orchestra opened the show.

I shot this home movie without sound (?!) on a heavy, but compact second-hand Wollensak 8mm movie camera given to me by my uncle Walter (Buddy).

Play George's "Dark Horse" or "Concert for Bangladesh" (or a bootleg album from the tour) while watching to get an idea of the total experience.

Here it is!

Home movie by Mike Ransom; video transfer by Jack Frank. Part of the film can be seen on Jack's DVD ,"Fantastic Tulsa Films, Vol 1", at TulsaFilms.com.

(via email) Stevo Wolfson said:

I LOVED the Harrison concert film!! I was there too!!

Do you remember after the show when 30 minutes after George left the stage we were still giving a standing ovation and being urged to leave as George was long gone!!! What a great show that was, even if he was "a hoarse horse"!!

The webmaster explains:

George's then-current album was "Dark Horse". His voice was shot even before the tour began. Thus, the LP and the tour came to be dubbed "Dark Hoarse".

Ravi Shankar's orchestra was the opening act. George's band featured Billy Preston and Tom Scott.

(From Guestbook 25) Lowell Burch said:

During the concert George said, "The folks from Oklahoma City have asked me why I don't do a concert there. It is because I don't know anyone in Oklahoma City." Later in the concert, he invited his Tulsa connection on to the stage, Leon Russell, and they closed the concert out together

(from Guestbook 207) Jon Glazer said:

I, too, was there...

Much later in my life (1996-97), I toured with two members of George's band, Jim Horn (sax), and Willie Weeks (bass). Weeks, a rather sullen individual, never offered much in the way of old "war stories". Jim Horn, however, told all of us on the tour bus that George was perhaps THE sweetest person he'd ever worked with...that includes all four Beatles, the Stones, Stevie Wonder, Elton John & many more.

George Harrison in Tulsa     

(Here's a pre-YouTube era RealPlayer clip of the same home movie)

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