Friday 12/15/2000 11:59:30am
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Dubya-a-s-h-i-n-g-t-o-n, DC
How did you find TTM?: Veddy gude with rutabaga curry fries
Comments: Anyone have memories of -or- scanned stills of the Downtown Jaycees/JC Penney Xmas Parades now long gone but often mentioned here? I presume before they were sponsored, Tulsans had a Santa parade anyway. Has this been revived anywhere around town - like at another shopping center?

St. Michael's Alley is in what shopping center?

Is White River Fish Market by the airport and OETA still in bidness?

Wish Nelson's would ship Chicken Fried Steak by Fedex in styrofoam coolers the way White Castle does in Chicago/Detroit to hungry former denizens!

Hey - George Hummingbird whom used to announce Ch.2 id's as "Kay Tee EE Dubya" in the KTEW days - wonder if the NEW Dubya has a job for him?????

  Friday 12/15/2000 9:21:33am
Name: Webmaster
Location: Tulsa
How did you find TTM?: Right after TTL in the phonebook
Comments: Not to boast, but your webmaster was one of the 1st winners of the Suspended Animation - Comic Trivia Contest! Try your own luck.

Also found a mention of this site and a John Chick/Ricardo Wilson story in a Jim Downing column at

  Thursday 12/14/2000 6:02:51pm
Name: Dave
Location: Fayetteville, Ark.
How did you find TTM?: quite satisfying
Comments: Re the pool that was at the site of what would someday be Southland at 41st and Yale: Was that called the Beverly pool? Not sure. Don't hold us in suspense.

  Thursday 12/14/2000 5:09:01pm
Name: Robert
Location: Flori-duh
Comments: Yow! Speaking of Southland, before it was built, there was a public swimming pool up on that rise. I remember the summer "Cathy's Clown" was a hit, KAKC blaring over the tinny loudspeakers that were mounted on the concrete block walls of the "locker rooms" where you changed clothes -- actually just four concrete block walls with no roof.

For extra credit, what was the name of that pool?

  Thursday 12/14/2000 4:13:35pm
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Dubya-ashington, DC
How did you find TTM?: Sipes had it in the freezer....
Comments: Northland was an enigma to me - could never figure out why such a big shopping center was so empty!

SouthRoads Mall was the biggie in my Tulsa days and Southland was chopped liver. Fontana or whatever it became was my next newest shopping center for eats, camera shop and clothes, but UTICA SQUARE will always be the shopping center of my Tulsa "youth". Every Turkey Day I remember going to the tree-lighting there at 6pm for so many years....

  Thursday 12/14/2000 11:55:22am
Name: Jim Reid
Location: Dallas
Comments: Gary, I've been an AVID editor for the last 8 years. I'm not an engineer, but I might be able to answer some questions. Send me an email.

  Thursday 12/14/2000 9:46:36am
Name: Lowell Burch
Location: Winter Wonderland
How did you find TTM?: Looked under the tree.
Comments: I ordered my Mazeppa Tape Vol. 3. Order yours now as I am sure supplies are limited. Good value and they make great Christmas gifts.

Downtown Tulsa was the ideal Christmas shopping spot until the late sixties but do you remember Northland? It was the one of the first, one of the three largest shopping centers in the U.S. (world?). They always had big promotions and it was such an awesome place to shop at Christmas.
The end for Northland came with the opening of Southland and South Roads. I really loved to shop those places, also.

Check one:
( )Yea! Bush won!
( )Boo hoo! Gore lost.
( )I don't care. You can keep'em both.

  Thursday 12/14/2000 8:44:39am
Name: gary brumley
Location: Tulsa Rosewood heights
How did you find TTM?: fiends
Comments: Anyone out there familiar with the kinks in an AVID video editing's about four years old Mac...and have run into some tech-difficulties...any referrals would be much appreciated.

  Thursday 12/14/2000 8:39:42am
Name: Charles
Location: The Great White North
How did you find TTM?: Robert Hall Clothes @ the Traffic Circle
Comments: Yes Irish Mike Clancy had a restaurant in Rosewood Village at 11th and Mingo. Mr. Clancy lived three doors down from me when I was growing up in Tulsa. He had the biggest yard on the block and we used to use it (with his blessing) for our neigborhood football games. He was a good guy.

  Thursday 12/14/2000 0:18:55am
Name: Webmaster
Location: Under a snow-covered Tulsa roof
How did you find TTM?: Self-evident
Comments: Here are 2 animated GIFs I created from Channel 8 reports in 1995 and 2001. The house belongs to a friend of mine. I won't be putting slow-loading pictures out here as a rule, but these are kind of fun.

Ritter house

Ritter home 2001          Ritter home 2001

  Wednesday 12/13/2000 10:29:27pm
Name: Mike (pls. patronize our links) Bruchas
Location: Icy DC
Comments: OOOOOOPS! I forgot again - this site is made possible by you using our links. See webmeister Ransom's note on previous message. Nothing is for free and each referral may help keep TTM "in bidness".

Doing a late night satellite feed - no not Bore or Gush they have hogged the satellite space since 9:30pm EST - was for Discovery Channel and had to book it via Tulsey's own Vyvx. Steve Higgins there says hi and that you have 10" of SNOW in Tulsey now. We have black ice here and may NOT get the snow. Steve also said Williams is building a new 11 or 17 story tower east of their current digs so I am sure many of the neighborhoods there (closer to 6) that Jim Ruddle/Mike Miller knew from their 6 days may be obliterated by his next visit.

Ahhh progress - first they blow up the Bliss Hotel and.....

Actually, this site IS for free, and doesn't depend on any sales for its continued existence. The links are just there if you want to use them...webmaster

  Wednesday 12/13/2000 6:05:29pm
Name: Emmett Mathis
Location: High desert in Ca.
How did you find TTM?: Hit a large sand dune and landed here.
Comments: Looking at the Rassling page, no one mentioned IRISH MIKE CLANCY. I heard he opened up a PUB somewhere around Tulsa. I always loved how he would get his head opened like a melon and take a beating for 10 minutes and then he would always wipe his forehead and look surprised and then angry and then beat the snot out of his opponent. Just day dreaming after a day in the desert.

Yes, I believe his place was over at Rosewood Village on 11th and Mingo. I have added your comments to the Rasslin' page.

  Wednesday 12/13/2000 3:36:47pm
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Bushington, DC not Goretown....
How did you find TTM?: Good with the fritters....
Comments: Blatant Advertisement! Looking for a Okie Xmas gift - former Sen. Fred Harris (now UNM prof and author of about 20 non-fiction books!) has 2 mysteries set in the 30's out now.

"COYOTE REVENGE" is in paperback - a good read. Look for it now at your bookseller or buy it on-line. It is set in the vicinity of Lawton in the '30's. We forget now how new WWI was still then. Is a good short read!

Connie Cronley also has a new book out - Connie worked at 8 and TU and Tulsa Ballet. Her book is a collection of essays she did for public radio. You can see it on or barnes& - the title is "Sometimes a Wheel Falls Off".
...Support your fellow TTM readers!

Betcha Steve's Sundries in Tulsey has both of these books! What can Tulsey be like WITHOUT Lewis Meyer's???

Wanna DC gift without coming to DC? Go to for the gift store at the White House run by the Secret Service Benefit Association. Get any of the great Xmas ornaments from 1991 to 2000 - only $12 each plus P&H - the money goes to what was the old Widows and Orphans fund and is a non-partisan endeavor. They generally ship in 24 hours. Look'em up on the web.

Sorry - just suggestin', folks...Don't want to advertisin' like I am "Wally Mart" here on TTM...

But then if you have a Hammond B-3 or Leslie speakers gathering dust in your garage - reader Pete Abrams may wanna get to know you sooner, too!

Enter via TTM

Well, now, Mike, don't you agree that it would be awfully nice to order the books you mention through this site, thus modestly rewarding your poor, but honest webmaster? To this end, he has thoughtfully provided links to the books you mention, along with this invitation to visit the TTM Gift Shop for any of your book, CD, video, toy or small appliance needs on You need only get to via any of the links or search engines on this site for the webmaster to receive his meager commission at no extra cost to you, the fine and generous TTM readers.

  Tuesday 12/12/2000 1:32:54pm

Name: Steve
Location: Crystal City Barber Shop
How did you find TTM?: next to the Lilac Vegetal bottle

Comments: D.B. WilkersonI have a very faint memory of a TV ad for Wilkerson Chevrolet.

Many years ago there was a large billboard with Mr. Wilkerson's portrait. In the TV spot, a family is driving by the billboard, and the portrait "winks" at them. Does any one else remember this ad, or is this perhaps an hallucination from drinking too much Cragmont Sparkling Punch?

Yes, I believe this is an hallucination. ;-)

D.B.'s son, "Tink", has an ad at the bottom of The Sports Page.

See the bottom of "The Tulsa Project" page for the album cover of Steve's soon-to-be-released CD, "Talahina Hula".

3/25/2001: I just added this portrait of D.B. Wilkerson. Sadly, he passed away in February 2001. See Guestbook 73 for numerous reader memories of Mr. Wilkerson.

Pinaud Lilac Vegetal Lilac Vegetal aftershave was made for the Hungarian cavalry attached to the court of Napoleon III by Edouard Pinaud, the court perfumer.

Cragmont Sparkling Punch (photo courtesy of John Hillis)... Cragmont was a Safeway house brand (like "Lucerne"). I am told by Gaye Brown that CSP was a favorite childhood drink of hers; evidently, it is also favored by Mr. Bagsby as an hallucinogen. Perhaps Mr. Hillis has more to say on the subject.

Cragmont Sparkling Punch, courtesy of John Hillis


  Tuesday 12/12/2000 7:59:13am
Name: John Hillis
Location: Waiting for snow in Washington
How did you find TTM?: One of 6 billboards on Ch6 Thu.10PM News
Comments: The cue-tone system on 2" videotapes! For 15 seconds before the clip, you put an on-and-off beep tone, and for the last five seconds, the tone was continuous.

The goal was to allow an operator to fast-forward through the reel to the right place, then set up the five second pre-roll required for the machine to get up to speed and lock up the video.

Since KOTV was rather dependent on CBS feed tape for the last half-hour of the 60-minute newscast at 6, as well as the noon with Flynn and Gibbons, the ability to zip from one part of the reel to another was important. Stu Odell was king of videotape shuttling, slamming the Ampexes into overdrive to get from 7:35 in on the reel all the way to 45:15 in a twenty-second anchor copy lead-in, while ejecting cassettes from the George Jacobs brainchild jukebox that played 3/4 inch news stories and commercial breaks.

  Monday 12/11/2000 11:34:05pm
Name: Gary Ropius
Location: Tulsa
How did you find TTM?: You ask a lot of questions.
Comments: Do you remember that radio station at Expo Square that looked like a giant flying saucer? Does anyone have a pic of that thing?

That was the KELi 1430 Radio satellite studio, near the IPE Building, now Expo Square.

  Monday 12/11/2000 10:49:29am
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Bushville, DC
Comments: Gene Tincher was in his early 40's at 8 when I was a pup there.

But he could load and set up a 2" tape machine faster than anyone - maybe Larry Miller could get close or Pete Abrams would race Geno to see - every so often.

With only 3 tape decks then - a lot of "hot loads" were done or we ran off a break reel that Huck had edited together in the wee hours before sign-on. In the afternoon - Gene or one of the guys made sure all news spots were edited together. Editing with the TEP was pretty primitive but better than "the electronic splicer" editor on the TR-22's. Before that kids - engineers had to physically splice reels together! THEN unsplice them after breaks!

Geno was Bob Hower's and most producers' favorite 2" editor for news from ABC feeds - he was fast, always wiped extraneous audio and counted us out of the shot.

When I was directing at 6 - I would wipe audio - have clean in's/out's on 2" tape - which made Kitty Gibbons mad once.
As a "producer"/talent - she had no idea why I had to do this.

6 had gotten sloppy - it was the director's "job" to punch in live on tapes not clean them up. I would not risk that. We often aired 10pm stories from the early morning news shows on CBS - I figured old news - is no news and these would not air again. Usually they were human interest stories. It wasn't till 6 news photogs started cutting these on 3/4" more often that folks started wiping audio/blacking video at head/tail of tapes.

Directors had to beep tapes before this - you beeped the cue track on the tapes to hear them rolling or nearing end over a weird speaker system in the old newscast control room, very seldom did the tape engineers "count you down".

At 8 we were better organized and more conscious of an on-air look technically...6 was more content concerned to an extreme at times...

  Monday 12/11/2000 8:58:16am
Name: SammyBoy
Location: New Bern, NC (a long long way from home)
How did you find TTM?: don't remember. like most things.
Comments: And I thought Uncle Rex would NEVER get a mention here! He was All Over the Tulsa news in the early 70's.

A question from someone (me) who can't quite pick up any Tulsa radio way out here - - does Modell Phipps still make appearances on the John Erling show? Or has John moved on?

Modell still appears on commercials, but I don't think he does regular spots on the Erling show anymore. You can listen to KRMG on the internet these days.

  Sunday 12/10/2000 1:23:17am
Name: Ricardo
Location: Tulsa
How did you find TTM?: P.Casey Morgan @Utulsa (KWGS)
Comments: Ricardo Wilson and Howard Sanders (courtesy of Jim Reid)To clarify a point in Guestbook 9 (5 entries up from the bottom of the page)....the building that blew up in downtown tulsa, ushering in the era of eng reports was the old Copper Kettle restaurant....we all suspected Rex Brinlee, but it turned out to be a gas leak......I shot the video with KTUL's brand spankin' new RCA TK-76 camera, the first news story shot on 3/4" video in the city of did not go on the air live......went back to the station and Gary Ricketts and I edited the story for the six o clock news....but an era began.....I, by the way was working in the studio by then, and the camera belonged to production, not news......but they sent me anyway.....I think the news creeps hadn't come in yet, or maybe they were all in Honor Heights park doing azalea duty.....

  Sunday 12/10/2000 1:22:30am
Name: Jerry Hawkins
Location: Some Little Oka-Chobie-Town in Oklahoma
How did you find TTM?: Thought it was the Kingdom of Lionel Web
Comments: Hey, thanks for all the memories about King Lionel and Mazeppa Pompazoidi and the rest. Lee Woodward was a pretty funny dude standing along side of Lionel in his castle. Mazeppa was one funny funny dude, too. He always brought tons and tons of big smiles and laughs to everyone in Tulsa. Sure do miss Ol' Mazeppa a bunch. Miss the lion dude too. Fer sure.

You're welcome, Jerry.

  Saturday 12/09/2000 5:43:57pm
Name: Webmaster
Comments: Just archived Guestbook 64 in record time!

The arrival of Dale McKinney ("Melvin Simpkins" of Honda commercial fame) and Peter Abrams sparked a lot of tech talk. Gene Tincher and Wayne "Tuffy" Johnson were discussed and seen in pics.

Stay tuned!

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