Date: March 12 2001 at 11:31:37
Name: Fred A. Setser
Location: Tulsa
How did you find TTM? Dick John, former TV anchor

Gailard Sartain, pop artist. I retained him to do the cover for the 1974 annual report of the 4th National Bank in Tulsa. It was the wildest thing anyone had ever seen on a bank annual report. Wish I had the original, but my boss, the Chairman of the bank ended up with it although he didn't personally like it very much.

GS did this painting of an ice cream truck for Tulsa Magazine back in 1971. has new items on the Art of Gailard Sartain page.

Date: March 12 2001 at 08:47:18
Name: Lee Woodward
Location: Tulsa Du Jour

I was happy to hear that Mike Miller raised Bob Gregory from the "depths". I am reminded of a time years ago when, for some reason he and I and Jack Morris were playing golf together at LaFortune Park. On the second hole, Jack hit a very nice drive right down the middle, I said, "Great shot Jack!" There was a slight pause, then Bob in his "Four Ball" voice said, "A transitory moment of brilliance!" Pure Gregory. Bob's brother (Bill Pitcock) told me that he chose the name Gregory after his favorite (and voice sound-alike) Gregory Peck. Bob did have the pipes.

Now, as to a question about "Bozo The Clown". Zeppy and I both agree that there was a director on KOTV who was a BOZO. 'Nuff said.

Now a little praise for your Webmeister. In a casual search around the Web to see if other cities had a site like TTM, I find that this place is quite unique. I contacted KXAS, Channel Five in Fort Worth and was told that they knew of no such site in the DFW area but thought it was a great idea. They also said that there were a ton of ex-talents in the area. I worked at WBAP (now KXAS) and was curious to find old friends. Alas, no web site.

The amount of work to keep this site going and archived, etc. must be staggering, not to mention the research that Mike Ransom does. So, many thanks to Mike and those who stick to Broadcast Memories.

Well, thank you, Lee. Only L.A.'s "Local Legends" web site is similar. It is well-done and fascinating even for non-Angelenos. When I discovered it, I started the Local Television web ring in anticipation of linking these sites together, but found no others with the same focus. By the way, Lionel's visage graces the Local Television hub.

Date: March 11 2001 at 17:56:42
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Warshingdumb, DC
How did you find TTM? U Tote Em has it on the freezer aisle by Chicken Gizzard Frappes
Chris Lincoln imitating Bob Gregory, courtesy of Jim Reid Comments:

He's alive! And answering e-mail. Mike Miller said he got a note from Bob Gregory in response to an e-mail msg that he sent him. Maybe we can get BG on line here????

OKC Alum news - Mary Ruth Carleton of KOCO in the good old days - is now a fundraiser at Holy Name College in SFO. After her last anchor work at KLAS in Vegas, she has worked very successfully for several major CA colleges and research institutes in fund-raising.

It would be great to hear from Bob Gregory. The "news" aspect of this site is somewhat desultory at the moment. Come to think of it, so is much of the site. Sometimes that is a virtue, sometimes not. Bob could certainly add an authoritative voice to the proceedings.

Date: March 11 2001 at 10:07:23
Name: Michael Abney
Location: Tulsa
How did you find TTM? search engine

Can anyone help me? I'm looking for a photo or any info about Doug Montgomery, Tulsa's Bozo the Clown during the early 60's. We are currently in a project collecting info about every person who played Bozo around the country.

Our Bozo is mentioned on the Other Kiddie Shows page, along with the "Clutch Cargo" cartoon. Anyone have more info for Michael...or us?

Date: March 09 2001 at 20:39:53
Name: Mike (Fooneman) Bruchas
Location: Workin' late in DC - computer net be burpin'....
How did you find TTM? Barq's Beverages of Picher, OK features it.....

Key-rection - it should be, the previously posted address takes you to the WB station web ads!

Go down to editorials section and look up Don Lundy's picture and Tulsey bio!

Date: March 09 2001 at 16:35:28
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Warshingdumb, Dee Cee
How did you find TTM? Found it on

Adios, "Li'l Tulsa"!

Just heard from TTM contributor Don Lundy - he has been VP/GM at KERO-TV in Bakersfield, CA for several years.

He has a new job. VP/General Manager of WRTV - the McGraw/Hill ABC station in Indianapolis!

Don's been there before as Programming Director before he did his stint in San Diego and then on to GM-dom in Bakersfield.

A good move to a good town for a good guy!

Date: March 08 2001 at 21:05:25
Name: Mike from Wichita
Location: Wichita, KS
How did you find TTM? Like to check in from time to time.

Mr. D.B. Wilkerson as he appeared on billboards in the 60sJust read the notice of Mr. D.B. Wilkerson's passing in Feb.

I worked for Wilkerson Chevrolet and Mr. D.B. during summer vacations and school holidays in 1965 and 66. It was my job to shuttle customers to their jobs or homes and then run parts during the rest of the day.

Even though Wilkerson Chevrolet had a courtesy car driver on staff, he still saw to it that his customers were taken care of and didn't have to stand around waiting for the car to return. He'd put me in the customer's car with the customer and tell me to get them home and bring the car back. Since then, I've compared every car dealership I've gone into with Wilkerson Chev. and none of them come close to the way Mr. D.B. treated his customers. Service like that is hard to find - - maybe can't be found anymore. And every now and then, I'd get to drive a Corvette or Super Sport! Pretty good stuff for a 17 year old kid.

He made a very lasting impression on me then and I've never forgotten how good he treated me. A true gentleman. The world is a little less bright.

My sincerest condolences to the family.

Thank you, Mike, we appreciate hearing your story.

In case you may be wondering why Mr. Wilkerson is winking, no disrespect is intended. There was a striking billboard in the 60s using this exact portrait of D.B. Wilkerson with a mechanized "wink" added. This is how many of us from that era remember him. Steve Bagsby inspired this little tribute in Guestbook 65.

Date: March 08 2001 at 13:27:28
Name: Don Norton
Location: Tulsa, Auto & Ozone Capital

"Mack" Creager's funeral was a bit unusual. After the customary religious prayers and hymns, the obituary/eulogy period followed with speakers including Len Morton, a former sportcasting colleague. Then the vocalist, Jerry Dillon, sang "There, I've Said It Again," a romantic ballad apparently significant to Mack and Marge. Then, at the end of the service, the audience (the church was satisfactorily packed) was asked to rise and sing, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".

We should all be so well sent off!

Thanks for the report, Don. Added it to the Mack page.

Date: March 08 2001 at 13:18:09
Name: Mike Bruchas
How did you find TTM? With the fried chicken livers at Harden's

I was lucky to work a few times with Johnny Harden at 8, nice guy - the crew NEVER went home hungry.

I too heard that he owned the orignal KFC franchise and that the Colonel bought the franchises back because they did so well then they tried to restrain Harden from opening his own chicken joints.(Not to be confused with Euell Golden's brother-in-law "CHICKENMAN" Johnny Rauser long time KTUL photog who resembled a....)

My favorite location was off Harvard on 31st across from Holland Photo (now long gone) and St. Michael's Alley.

Date: March 07 2001 at 20:02:42
Name: Don Cook
Location: Tulsa
How did you find TTM? With a little help from my friends

Sad to report that Scott Yates (Bob Scott) passed away on Tuesday, 3-6-01. He was my great and gracious good friend for 30 years and summoned me to the Tulsa radio market in the summer of '73 to go interview with Bill Hyden. Because of that meeting I became the Program Director of KTBA-FM 92.1 until Bill sold the station to Jim Halsey, Roy Clark and Hank Thompson near the end of 1974.

Scott was the morning d.j. at KELI at that time and eventually became the resident commercial voice of KRMG/KWEN for at least 15 years. He retired last year and had married the wonderful Susan Silva within the past year. He was much loved by many in Tulsa radio, and lots of folks are gonna miss him. He was a grand guy...I believe he was just short of his 60th birthday in June. I loved him shamelessly and thank God I went to see him last week.


Thanks, Don.

Here is the notice from the Tulsa World:

Scott Yates, 59, of Tulsa passed away Tuesday, March 6, 2001. He is survived by: his loving wife, Susan; his mother, Eunice Yates; his sisters, Margaret Gordon and Dee Dee Toner; his brother, Rich Yates; his 3 sons from previous marriages, Scotty, Anthony and Scott.

During his long career in the radio industry Scott was a favorite as a radio announcer and disc jockey at top-ranking radio stations such as Tulsa's KWEN, KMOD and KAKC. However, his popularity as an on-air personality was overshadowed by his great talent for writing and producing audio commercials. By many in the marketing industry, Scott was considered a genius in this field, and he earned a wall full of ADDY awards to prove it.

His voice was golden, not to mention his creativity to make us laugh. Maybe that's because he often turned to the inspiration that everyone knew Scott to be -- a true Mouseketeer. Featured in several stories in the Tulsa World, Scott was considered Tulsa's foremost authority on anything and everything that is Disney. It is no surprise that his favorite character was Peter Pan -- the boy who didn't want to grow up. Scott was that carefree in life -- and that infectious to others. Happy Un-Birthday Scott.

A memorial service will be held for Scott, Friday March 9, 1 p.m. at the Asbury United Methodist Church, 5838 S. Sheridan Road. For those wishing to donate to Scott's favorite charity please send your donations to: Tulsa Public School System's "Holiday Book Project" through the Adopt-a-School Program, 3027 S. New Haven, Tulsa, OK 74114.

4/28/2002: Here is a picture of Si Hawk and Scott Yates doing a Wild Bill's Furniture TV ad. 12/5/2003: Si's note can be read on the Tulsa furniture advertisers page...webmaster)

Si Hawk and Scott Yates

Date: March 07 2001 at 20:03:03
Name: Lowell Burch
Location: Lost on the dangerous and treacherous LaVaca River
How did you find TTM? Found it on the dangerous and treacherous LaVaca River

Surely we've had better sportsmen than Mack, but I don't who. He always comes to my mind first.

Have you ever noticed that Harden's chicken and KFC taste exactly alike? That is because Johnny Harden got Harlan Sanders going! It used to be Harden's Kentucky Fried Chicken until they went their separate ways and the spoils of the split included a copy of the recipe (KFC's) that we enjoy at Harden's Chicken today.

By the way, I think that no one has mentioned the passing of one of our most beloved Saturday morning TV stars, Dale Evans.

I met her and Roy once and, later on, my wife and I worked with her a couple of times. Once here and once in Pennsylvania. We ate lunch with her in Claremore one day and found her to be delightful. I have a picture of my wife Susan together with Mrs. Rogers that I may try to pass on to Der VebMiester, if he can use it.

Bring it on!

Date: March 07 2001 at 09:56:00
Name: Jim Back
Location: Edmond

Someone mentioned that one of the changes of modern viewing habits has come about because of the invention of the TV remote.

Well, I'm here to tell you my dad had a remote back when I was a kid. It was ME! As in, "Son go change the channel to Don Woods," or "Boy, get up and switch over to 'Bonanza'."

Date: March 06 2001 at 22:11:08
Name: Tony (via email to webmaster)
How did you find TTM? Internet search

Hi, I was searching the web for info on Lorenzo the Clown and came across your web site. I remember Lorenzo and especially liked his "put the ripped newspaper back together again."

I watched this show from Philadelphia, PA.

It was on Sunday mornings around 10:00 AM in the early 60's. It was on right after the Bertie the Bunyip show. I think the puppeteer for this show was Les Dexter who was from Australia.

(2nd email)

A web site of Philly TV shows: (Our old friend, TVparty!, where the webmaster's article about "Then Came Bronson" lives)

More info on Lorenzo the Clown:

In 1966 or so, they were all replaced by a fellow named Gerry Wheeler, who created a character called "Lorenzo" Who can forget the Lorenzo stomp?? This was a funny dance he did to a Boots Randolph record of Yakety Sax.

Gerry used to create his characters Lorenzo, a country bumpkin guy with buck teeth and (what else) another cowboy, all in front of the audience and explain to you what he was doing. Lorenzo was kind of a Emmett Kelly ripoff, but he had more of a heart. His show was on mid mornings on Philadelphia, PA Ch. 3 (KYW) on both Sat. and Sun. and he showed old Our Gang comedies and the Marvel Superheroes cartoons.

I hope that you enjoyed this information.

Date: March 06 2001 at 13:51:47
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa

Speaking of Harden's, didn't they close their old location? I noticed a new one popped up at I believe 3rd and Utica at an old Winchell's donut shop.

Yes, the one around 4th and Sheridan is closed now...(later)...but I see it still listed in a newspaper ad. Better check it out for yourselves!

Date: March 06 2001 at 07:39:43
Name: Sonny Hollingshead
Location: Having chicken livers at Harden's
How did you find TTM? A little salty at times

Tulsa is celebrating two who have passed from us:

"Colonel" Johney Harden died Monday at age 88. I seem to remember that he and Colonel Sanders got into a tiff at one time over trademarks?

Charles Henry Ninde also died Monday at age 82...Ninde Funeral Home owner/director.

Harden's Hamburgers was recently mentioned here as one of the locations for Weird Al's Tulsa-shot movie, "UHF". A picture of it, redressed as "Big Edna's Burger World", can be seen on the 2nd UHF page.

Two well-known Tulsa in peace.

Date: March 05 2001 at 08:18:47
Name: Joe Robertson
Location: Tulsa...inside the padded room
How did you find TTM? nicely done!!!

I was watching with my mom when Mack did the infamous "bird" incident. I couldn't have been more than 11 or 12 at the time, and I thought that I was going to get in trouble from my mom for seeing it. You know how kids think. For a smalltown household that only received 4 TV channels at that time, the anchors were all superstars to us, and Mack was one of them. Thanks for the memories. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

It is true that local stars like Mack had a larger place in the TV firmament of the 60s and 70s. We now have a huge number of channels and the remote control. In the past, inertia had to be overcome to get a channel changed. Parents warned against "wearing out" the TV by switching too often. There was also brand loyalty, as in "we were a Channel 8 family".

Date: March 03 2001 at 20:10:37
Name: VR Shouldes
Location: Houston,Tx
How did you find TTM? Looking for Billy Parker

What ever happened to:

The lime pits on Dawson Rd?
Paul Boyd Ford ("sellin' them cars so cheap")
Guy's Potato chips (It's still a treat to eat Guy's Snacks ;)
Reeves TV shop (Flint Reeves is still going strong)
The Giant Oilman at the Fairgrounds (Slap a fresh coat of paint on him occasionally, and he does fine)
Sliding down the hilly bumps on cardboard boxes at Springdale Elementary School
The Rainbow Bread bakery next to Hillcrest Hospital
The big S in the storefront window at Sipes Market
1962-1974 (Some of it is right here)

Date: March 03 2001 at 15:13:32
Name: Mike Miller
Location: Vienna, VA

All I could find in the on-line World was:

Creager, Baron "Mack," 82, retired sports announcer, died Friday. Services pending. Moore's Southlawn.

As Mack would say: "The cream always rises to the top." All who worked with Mack will miss him.

Created the Mack Creager: In memoriam page.

Date: March 03 2001 at 15:06:09
Name: Noel Confer

The sports vet Mack Creager died Friday, in Tulsa. He was 82. I worked with him a short time, but then....who didn't?

Date: March 03 2001 at 14:31:19
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa

I believe KRMG's new afternoon talker is named Wes Minter. I think he came to our fair city from WCCO radio in Minneapolis. I'm not sure what that says about him. He seems to be more of a late night or midday voice to me. Certainly, Michael DelGiorno, who used to occupy that slot, was a pretty decent ratings-getter, but at least it is local talk. They could just as easily have thrown in another few hours of Rush Limbaugh, God help us.

Date: March 03 2001 at 11:23:29
Name: Webmaster

I heard the sad news that Mack Creager passed away yesterday, but I can't find any media coverage. Does anyone know more?

Date: March 03 2001 at 00:14:54
Location: rite cheer
How did you find TTM? uh?

KRMG has some damn yankee doin' the late drive time now. (yes, I'm still here and believin' in it) I'll see what the ratings are later. INDEED-the last one ask the listeners what a Frito-pie was! He then made fun of the idea...for a short time. Why do they bring talking (insert here) into our city? Tulsa has more talent sitting on their buns than most cities. M.B. & Zeppa would agree....Does not your city? Why move?

Date: March 02 2001 at 13:28:03
Name: Erick
Location: Tulsa

Concerning radio content, I think it speaks a lot for Tulsa that KRMG is consistently at the top of the Arbitron ratings. In fact, they are number one for the fall quarter. Meanwhile, less-inspiring stations (top 40, hard rock) are usually toward the bottom. KMOD is always a big ratings winner, but even I have been known to listen on occasion. When Cox purchased KRMG and the 102.3 freq, I was excited because 102.3 began simulcasting KRMG. I thought we were on the verge of our first all-news FM station. OKC has tried this before, and I personally liked the format, but it didn't last long. The Wichita market had a very good all-news FM for several years. I've never listened to NPR long enough to really form an opinion on it. I think I used to listen to Garrison Keillor on that network.

Date: March 01 2001 at 17:40:23
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: DC

I loved Lee's Louie Armstrong story...

How times have changed - for the whatever...

One of my junior guys here was dubbing a 1930's bad B movie, "White Congo" about a mythical white gorilla (hello, Mr. Crichton - wonder if you saw this before writing "Congo"..).

He was shocked at the demeaning role of all the natives in the film and how the "stars" refered to them. I said it is only a movie, but yes is sadly is indicative of society's attitudes then. Times change, society grows up and so does what is deemed politically correct. I told him to flag the racial references on the QC report to our client, they might NOT want to look bad airing something like this...

One of my part time weekend staff is normally an Engineer here M-F. He is Japanese - born in the '70's there and working to get his green card. So of course, he was often on duty so many Saturday nights when we show WWII movies and documentaries about the "Nips". I apologized to him re the programming but often he said - either he is too busy too pay much attention to it or it is something he has not seen before. He says it was a different time then and he is not really offended - has no frame of reference on it....

Date: March 01 2001 at 16:43:01
Name: Mike (grumpy) Bruchas
Location: Across da street from NPR every day...
How did you find TTM? At the Tastee Freeze out East on 11th by Will Rogers -also on the Men's Room wall at "The Golden Hurricane" lounge....

Have been listening a lot to the NPR affiliates here in DC - we have 2 in town and mo in MD. I send them both $20 a year and listen to them more for the BBC late night than anything else. Recently - for about 3 weeks have had problems getting my all-news FM WTOP at home, so I figgered I might as well listen to NPR. If I travel since it is near impossible to find CBS radio news in a lot of places, I'll take NPR stuff.

The network is 60% excellent but have you noticed - there seems to be no craft in radio on some NPR stations.

You have decent writers who can't read - voicing their stories in a droning, disillusioned Starbucks latte mixer tone half the time, which is torture for us listeners. They are just fine in print but whomever told them to "go radio", ill-advised them.

You have "droners" with not-so interesting stories, too, but hey, they are NPR "hip" and on-air. I agree it is big tent with many voices, but so often lately have heard stories and commentaries that sound like nails scratching on the blackboard. We joked that one day this week after Dubya spoke to Congress, half the names of folks that replied or commented had those wacky '60's flower child names....A curse be on their parents for naming them such.....

I guess this is why we have REAL radio folks. Folks that learned the cadences or how to interpret a script in reading or can tell a story conversationally well.

It's sad but it seems a lot of radio/speaking "craft" isn't there any more....But "being on the radio" is...

Unfortunately, much of "real" radio today is devoid of interesting content. Whatever NPR's flaws in style (and I haven't noticed them myself), they do offer something other than "Soft Oldies" or reactionary rhetoric.

See Tulsa Radio page 5 for some new content about "free-form radio", plus some of the aforementioned rhetoric in the form of a Tulsa Tribune editorial.

Date: February 28 2001 at 17:17:27
Name: Lee Woodward

The mention of race records reminds me of 1957 when I first came to work at KOTV. There was a "Coney Islander" just up the block at 3rd and Elgin. My first trip up there found me in line behind a black soldier. I looked around and saw that there were some vacant seats so I wouldn't have to stand. The soldier's turn came to order, which he did. The order taker put his order in a small sack and handed it over the glass partition. The soldier said, "I didn't want it to go!" The man shook the sack at him and said, "You can't eat it in here!" The feeling I felt at that moment matched the look on the face of the soldier who much to his credit handed the sack back to the man and walked out. Wish I had of.

The second thing that rang my bell was around 1958 or 59(?), I had just finished interviewing Louis Armstrong in our studio. We were out in the lobby and I asked where he was staying (I assumed the Hotel Tulsa or the Mayo, etc.) One of the people with him gave the name of someplace over on the north side. I said; "What!" He said that there were "no rooms" at any of the downtown hotels. Right!

Well, "Pops" was more famous and lasted longer than all the hotels in Tulsa if that helps.

Date: February 28 2001 at 08:11:23
Name: Steve Bagsby
Location: Rancho Relaxo on Mill Creek
How did you find TTM? Next to the premium pump at Consumers fillin' station

Well, that's sad to hear about Mr. Wilkerson passing on. Tulsa definitely had its collection of memorable car dealers. I can remember a radio spot they ran for years with a little old lady that could never remember his name.

"Why I got my new car from ....uh, what's his name?"

Date: February 28 2001 at 07:32:53
Name: Sonny Hollingshead
Location: Mingo at the Traffic Circle

Just noticed that D.B. Wilkerson died Monday at age 88. A noted (on these pages) Tulsa car dealer from the past.

I missed that...thanks for letting us know, Sonny. Our condolences to the Wilkerson family. Here is the notice from the Tulsa World:

D.B. Wilkerson, the retired owner of Wilkerson Chevrolet Inc., died Monday. He was 88.

Funeral services are set for 10 a.m. Friday at Victory Bible Institute under the direction of Ninde Woodland Funeral Home.

Wilkerson was born on May 24, 1912, in Fort Smith, Ark.

He graduated from high school in Fort Smith in 1930 and began his automotive career as an employee of Adams Motor Co.

In 1932, he purchased a parking lot, where he operated a used car business until he received a Chevrolet franchise in 1954.

Wilkerson was elected to the board of directors of Major Engineering Co. in 1966. In 1972, he received a Quality Dealer Award from Time magazine.

Wilkerson played a major role in the development of Oral Roberts University and received an honorary doctorate in 1980 for his commitment to the American free-en terprise system and for his support of ORU.

Wilkerson was a director of the Oklahoma Automobile Dealers Association, a governor's appointee to the state Motor Vehicle Commission and a former Youth for Christ director.

He is survived by two daughters, Marilyn Olsson of Tulsa and Dianne Lewallen of Plano, Texas; one son, D.B. "Tink" Wilkerson Jr. of Tulsa; eight grandchildren; and 14 great- grandchildren.

Friends are making memorial contributions to Victory Christian Center.

Date: February 28 2001 at 06:19:38
Name: Frank Morrow
Location: Austin. TX

When I started my first full-time job at KAKC in the summer of 1951, the very first evening I was delivering an ad-libbed promo for the T-Record Shop and the Tulsa Record Shop. These two stores provided records to the station in return for periodic plugs throughout the day.

I mentioned that the stores had "every kind of record that anyone could want: popular, country, jazz, classical, and race records." The latter term was what I had always heard to describe music of Black artists. The first time I heard it was by an uncle who had a record store in Enid.

Well, I learned very quickly that the words "race record" were not to be used. The general manager called me the next day, and advised me that Black people considered the term to be an insult, and that the music was properly called "rhythm and blues."

By the way, it was about this time that KVOO got into trouble when someone used the word "pickaninny" to describe Black children.

On the Tulsa Radio in the Fifties page, you can hear a ludicrous 1958 radio ad about apartments "for colored people". The Fifties and Sixties were far from the "Happy Days" often portrayed in entertainment media. Although we mainly note the more fun aspects of those decades here, it is good to remember that there is more to the story.

Date: February 27 2001 at 10:49:06
Name: Mike Bruchas
Location: Bright sunny day in DC
How did you find TTM? Stamped on the bottom of a Page Dairy carton of goat milk.....

Had a great brunch with former TU ex-pat Jerry Marsh, a '73 Speech Major. You older TU grads remember that a lot of theatre/speech/broadcasting/j-school types all took the same classes. Jerry went on to get a Masters in Government at SIU but worked as a volunteer on Jim Jones campaigns and later in IL for Paul Simon (bowtie not guitar) on his first campaigns.

Jerry also knew Bill Tietgins well and did not know of the recent crash. So we toasted Bill...

After 20 years in Chicago as a hired gun credit union consultant and long time credit union lobbyist, Jerry may move to Wichita. He was divorced and his new love is with KS Credit Union Association. If he does - says he will start getting re-involved with TU. AND he says after so many years in Chi Town, to live in the Southwest again will be a joy...

Date: February 27 2001 at 08:07:06
Name: Mr. Wrestling #3
Location: The Blue Corner
How did you find TTM? Engraved on the back of Cowboy Bill Watt's champeenship belt

We wuz all impressed by the NPR deal with Monroe. Poihaps, in honor of his accomplishment, we should give him the Calhoun treatment. "Sputniks" has a nice ring to it, dontcha think?

Date: February 27 2001 at 07:59:17
Name: John Hillis
Location: Side-mounted at 1650' up
How did you find TTM? Set the veeblefetzer detector to "TTM"

The new digital model will take care of the Gyro-flap problem, but the receivers will cost about what the Pentagon pays for a toilet seat.

Date: February 27 2001 at 01:54:42


I guess that story had a bit too much Stadtler 1f-v25 Squelch Signal Freeflow.


Date: February 26 2001 at 19:42:36

During a recent discussion with Mr. & Ms. Mazeppa regarding the Channel 8 tower in Coweta, we realized the kilowattage of the tower during certain times of inclement weather would boost the signal well beyond the allotted 2000GHz. The range of signal would also fluctuate enough to allow 8 to be picked up as far south as Scipio. The condensors within the 12 code capacitors, not having the distributorship of, say, a Jennings transfluxor (the older ones), occasionally pegged, yet never distorted the signal. Mr. Mazeppa claimed while taping his classic television series, foggy days would ignite intermittent fires in the studio. These fires were of a heated pyro type and classified a Hembeck OC-506. The fires would range from the Hembeck all the way up to a Finnell Toltech 60. Ms. Mazeppa recalled Mr. Mazeppa utilizing a Stadler LX fire extinguisher (the cherry red model with automatic nozzle surpressor, and by the way, a favorite party favor used by Betty Boyd) to eliminate mid-range blazes. The show continued without mishap and the Coweta tower was eventually upgraded to a Fitz Gyro-flap Techno-sealer in the late 70's. Thought everyone would want to know.


This is indeed fascinating information as far as it goes. Could you flesh it out with a bit more detail, though?

Long time, no see!

Date: February 26 2001 at 18:19:50
Name: Steve
Location: T town

I was six when UFF&CM first came on the air, I was mystified and terrified of the crazy man from Transylvania. I lived for Saturday night, falling asleep long before the movie was over. Now that we can go back in time with The Lost Tapes, the vague memories of my youth have been replaced with side splitting laughter. Benny the Crusher and his crew hold the test of time.

Date: February 25 2001 at 15:32:19
Name: Winslow Oddfellow #2 (again!)
Location: T-Town
How did you find TTM? Slingshot into Memory Lane

On KVOH 4 Action News became News 4 on Dec 20 2000. On Dec 23 2000 News 4 became NewsChannel 4. In 2001 NEWSChannel 4 became 04News.

That is all!.

That is plenty, but perplexing.

Date: February 24 2001 at 16:11:25
Name: John Hillis
Location: Chasing Cats at Home in Fairfax County, Va.
How did you find TTM? In fine print at the end of an insurance claim form

You might have seen the footage of the 128-car pileup during our little snowstorm Thursday on I-95. Watching that put me in the mind of recollecting snows past in Tulsa. With the advent of vans instead of sedans or wagons for news units, I think we had the ritual sliding off the Turner Turnpike during the first snow of the season.

The vans were real light, didn't carry any kind of loads with just a camera in the back, and had no weight whatsoever over the drive wheels in back, a great maneuverability combo. They'd slide on a day day when the wind came up.

I think Jim Duggan slid a couple off the road in two successive years down toward Cushing. Like the storm up here, those early snows were light, but deceptively slippery, and it's a wonder we didn't have more big pileups like that back in the days when front-wheel-drive was a rarity and four-by-four meant lumber.

Date: February 23 2001 at 09:39:11
Name: Mike (Sleepy) Bruchas
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How did you find TTM? Goes great with BC Powders....

Either former KOTV director Ralph Bardgett attended or looked into teaching at Dan Rather's alma mater. I don't remember which. I DO remember Ralph talking about it...

The school is Sam Houston Tech or as they called it later Sam Houston Institute of Technology till someone figured out what the abbreviation for it REALLY said....

Date: February 23 2001 at 08:54:24
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Just archived Guestbook 72.

We just heard former pro wrestler (and Mazeppa show guest!) Sputnik Monroe on National Public Radio. He was an unlikely civil rights pioneer in Memphis of the late 50s. We heard tales of radio groupies. Background on Cox Communications was given. OKC TV and Beth Rengel were discussed; photos were seen. Channel 41, KGCT's brief tenure on Main Mall (soon to be removed) was recalled. Oklahoma's first TV weatherman, Harry Volkman, made an appearance. Uncle Zeb showed up with a first-hand story about ladies' mud wrestling at the Cain's.

Don't fail to check all this out!

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