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Cinderella Bootery...hubba hubba!
I believe this store was near Brewster's Toys on Peoria.
From an adult perspective, the logo drawing looks more
like "Cinderella Booty". Dad, keep your eyes on the road!

(from Guestbook 149, 10/22/2003) Lowell Burch said:

Toy Master Bill Brewster died this weekend at the age of 94. His wife followed a few hours later.

About 1960, I received a very nice marionette for Christmas purchased from Brewster's, the only toy I remember getting from that store. I broke it in record time (I think most Christmas toys last at least an average of three minutes) but my parents graciously replaced the broken item a few days later - with a cheaper version.

(from Guestbook 145) Allen Rench, Tulsa resident from 56-84, said:

Does anyone have memories of Brewsters Toy store and his TV show? It featured cartoons and giving toys to the kids who were on his show.

(from the Oom-A-Gog page) The webmaster said:

I remember Mr. Brewster presenting new toys on TV in the 60s. Brewster's Clothes & Toys (later Brewster's Children's Dept. Store) at 1003 S. Peoria was a popular place among my set.

(from Guestbook 145) LeRoy James in Paris said:

I recall Brewster's in the 1950s as being an upscale "hobby shop" rather than a mere toy store. Sure, he had Lionel electric trains but he also sold HO gauge miniatures. And real balsa wood for carving model planes, and tiny bottles of enamel paint.

(from Guestbook 122) Joe Robertson said:

Do any of you remember an episode or two of the BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, in which Brewster's Toys was mentioned? I was raised way up in Osage County, and I swear that while watching the show with my Mom, she pointed out to me that Brewster's was a toy shop in Tulsa. I thought that was so cool. I might have my wires crossed on this, but I'm sure it happened.

There was a recurrent character, John Brewster of the OK Oil Company.

Tulsa World article about the Brewsters

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