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The couch that became Betty's magic carpet.
Betty Boyd on the air at KOTV

The Woman's Page  

Louise Bland

Nick Adams with Louise Bland, courtesy of Louise Bland
Nick Adams and Louise Bland, circa 1960

Louise Bland had her own daily talk show, "Spotlight", on KTUL and later produced a weekly show on KOTV. Stills from "Spotlight" may be seen at her web site, Art of Charm.

Louise co-hosted the "Treasure Hunt" on Channel 8's Lookout Mountain in the early 60s. Nick Adams of ABC's show, "The Rebel", was a special guest.

(from Guestbook 5) Hurst Swiggart said:

"Channel 8 was owned by John Griffin of Griffin Grocery and Jimmy Leake, so the grocery put prize certificates in Griffin Coffee cans and buried hundreds of them all over Lookout Mountain...the people came in droves to seek their treasure."

Louise met and interviewed many national celebrities on her show. Read about them and see them on the Louise Bland page.

Betty Boyd autograph

Betty Boyd (nee Carman) made her first live television appearance on KOTV, December 1, 1955.  She is a familiar face and personality to a full generation of Tulsa TV viewers. KOTV in the 50s

The Betty Boyd Show Some of the shows she hosted: "Woman's Page", "Hi Neighbor", "Boyd's Eye View",  Plan For Action", "Oklahoma Sunrise", "AM Oklahoma" and  "Good Morning Oklahoma".

Much more on the Betty Boyd page.

Courtesy ONG
Courtesy of ONG

Donnell Green and Peggy Shaber from the 9/17/1968 "6 Photo News", courtesy of Chris Sloan

From the 9/17/1968 "6 Photo News", courtesy of Chris Sloan

(from Guestbook 3) Mike Bruchas said:

I worked at 6 from mid '76-Fall '77 as a director. "Cooking with Donnell Green" was sponsored by ONG forever at 10:55 weekday mornings on 6 - they pre-empted Douglas Edwards with the news, stole any new network video for the KOTV Midday Report. I think Donnell's assistant was named Gladys - we often wondered if she did the cooking. Donnell could never say torillas as tor-TEE-yas, always called them tor-TILL-yas. We ate very very well once a week when she taped at KOTV...

(via email, 4/17/2005) Louise Bland said:

I also produced a cooking show for ONG in Oklahoma City. It ran for years; called "Foods 'N Focus" - the home economist for ONG was the personality.

Coffee Break with Peggy Shaber
KOTV's "Coffee Break" with Peggy Shaber of ONG

(from Guestbook 47) Rusty Clifton said:

When I was a kid in the sixties my mom used to watch a cooking show. My mom would get a note pad, write down the recipes and try to cook it for supper. Mom has been deceased for years, funny the things you remember growing up.

(from Guestbook 83) Roy Byram said:

Buddy (Allison) was always first in line for the food off the ONG Coffee Break show, but was always the pro.

(from Guestbook 74) Mike Bruchas said:

We are installing gear here in DC in our Master Control room and airing now is "Cookin' Cheap" - a show done by Blue Ridge Public TV. One of the co-hosts - Laban Johnson - died last year so this is a re-run today with him on it. Buddy Allison would have chuckled at Laban's patter.

Watching this show so reminds of the Coffee Break show on 6 that aired at 10:55am for so many years. With Donnell Green for ONG. Also of the good times of working with Leon Meier and Buddy Allison. We had fun. You need to have fun in TV work. Can't ever see another small market cookin' show and not think of Buddy making wise-cracks on headset during all those shows I did at 6.

From an ONG bill, courtesy of Kathy Shaw

(From an ONG bill, courtesy of Kathy Shaw)

(from Guestbook 167) The webmaster said:

Exercise in the early 1960s...

Jack LaLanne, Mike Nelson of "Sea Hunt", Popeye and Superman were my "ideels" (as Li'l Abner used to say of Fearless Fosdick). Jack's show was listed in this 1961 Tulsa TV schedule. He's still going strong today in his nineties! (updated 3/22/2008)

Via Boing Boing, Jack LaLanne on the secret of happiness.

In 1961, my mom ordered a LaLanne "Glamour Stretcher", a strong rubber cord with a loop on each end. Like most exercise gadgets, it worked IF you used it. Ours hung on the closet doorknob for decades.

I imagine you can guess why the dietetic candy, "Ayds", isn't around any more. It certainly didn't taste that good.

Debbie Drake was Jack's opposite number on TV. She undoubtedly got more than a few guys involved in exercise, at least of their extraocular muscles. Her leotard had a little collar, which made her lightly-clad visits to your living room seem a bit more formal.

Debbie recorded an LP of tips for the ladies to keep hubby happy. Debbie Drake audio tracks can be heard periodically at The Swank Pad (recommended).

The Debbie Drake Show, 1960

The song, "Chicken Fat", recorded by Robert Preston in "Music Man"-style, was commissioned by President Kennedy for his Youth Fitness Program. We pupils of Mitchell Elementary School were given an option to purchase the single, which I duly exercised.

"Chicken Fat" can now be yours for free in MP3 form.

I can't remember any local exercise shows at the moment. I feel that I'm forgetting someone.

Special Tulsa recipes suitable for printing:

Mock Coney Island Coneys from Scott Linder.

Tulsa Public Schools Bean Chowder from Don Lundy.

Pennington's Black Bottom Pie from the Original Pennington's Cookbook by Judy Pennington:

Sour Dough Biscuits from St. Louis Cardinal/Tulsa Oiler great Pepper Martin

Italian Inn Cheese Spread:

24 ounces of Wisconsin cold pack cheddar cheese
½ cup salad dressing
1 Tbsp. garlic powder
1 Tbsp. chopped fresh garlic (very fine)
1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon Tabasco sauce

Let cheese soften and mix all ingredients together until smooth. The recipe should serve about 8 to 10 people.

And now for another important message...

Ladies: Aim the Ronco Steam-A-Way at your blouses, skirts, pantsuits and culottes, and steam those wrinkles away!

Ronco Steam-A-Way

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