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5/29/00: Archived Guestbook 39, started #40, re-indexed the search engine.

5/27/00: Hear the webmaster interviewed by Jerry Pippin on the Origin page! Tulsa World story: Nine restaurants in the 1960 phonebook still operating! Added "Let's go shopping in the Fifities" page to the Tulsa Radio in the Fifties page. Added comments and links from Guestbooks 36 and 38 to the Lee Woodward page.

5/26/00: Mike Miller talked about KTUL radio and early TV days on Jerry Pippin's KBIX/internet radio show last night! He also related his personal dealings with the Binions (of "Binion's Horseshoe" Casino in Las Vegas).

5/24/00: Added Channel Changer 2 content info to the main page. Moved the 1947 and 1952 Tulsa radio schedules to a link at the top of Tulsa Radio in the Fifties. New banner on Channel Changer 2.

5/22/00: Added Don Norton's (and Jim Ruddle's) Guestbook comments to the Lewis Meyer page.

5/21/00: Archived Guestbook 38 and re-indexed the site for the search engine.

5/19/00: Added Bulletin Board item for Jerry Pippin's internet radio show.

5/18/00: Mike Miller and James C. Leake are guests on Jerry Pippin's KBIX internet radio show, 6 p.m.- 9 p.m.! (Later note: Jerry also interviewed Andrea Baker, L.A. jazz singer hailing from Muskogee, and former Miss Green Country, 1973. A & W root beer and "Whirlyburger" in Muskogee, and TTM were also mentioned. Killer show!)

5/16/00: Thanks to a friend at work, I acquired an original poster promoting the "Mazeppa Revue" featuring "Bo Velvet and the Desert Snakes" with Gary Busey, and "Sundog". This was a dance/concert at the Civic Center on Aug. 28 of 1971(?). Cost of admission: $2.00. Will get a digital picture of it out here soon.

Jerry Pippin of KBIX in Muskogee mentions TTM in his most recent column. Your webmaster will be an in-studio guest on his Thursday evening internet radio show, "Memories of the 20th Century", in the not-so-distant future... I put a link to Jerry's site, http://www.jerrypippin.com on the Links page (under Channel Changer 2). It is likely that some of the contributors to TTM will be interviewed by Jerry, so check it out if you are able! I enjoyed listening to his show; his music selections are unconventional, and he frequently discusses local media history from his own experience.

5/15/00: Updated Bulletin Board item about "Monkey in the Middle" to say that Newsweek magazine reviewed the CD in this week's issue! You can read the article by clicking the Gailard Sartain cover painting.

5/13/00: Added link to Martin Denny's "Exotica" album, which contains the 1st and lesser-known Fantastic Theater theme, "Quiet Village". But was it Martin Denny's version or composer Les Baxter's version? I think I remember hearing that it was Les Baxter's! You be the judge...both can be heard from the Fantastic Theater page!

5/11/00: Check out Jerry Pippin's show tonight at 6 p.m. on KBIX in Muskogee. KBIX can be heard on the internet! His script-in-progress shows items from the TTM pages about Bill Hyden, Noel Confer, Gary Szabo, and Dick West!...(later)...your webmaster was interviewed on the show! Some of that interview will be out here soon.

5/10/00: Reader Bob Shelton mentioned that "Quiet Village" was the 1st Fantastic Theater theme. Added this info to the FT page. In case you missed it, check out the actual ice cream truck music on the page with Gailard Sartain's painting. It will be familiar to Tulsans.

5/8/00: Found a Gailard Sartain biography at: http://www.what-a-character.com . Added the link to Mazeppa page 3.

5/4/00: Archived Guestbook 37 and re-indexed the search engine.

5/3/00: Frank Morrow found this link to the Slammer Museum. There is a page of Gorgeous George photos, apropos of the discussion in the Guestbook. Here is another museum link with a GG bio. It features notables such as Killer Kowalski (mentioned in the Guestbook) the original "Nature Boy", Buddy Rogers (Andy Kaufman's hero), and Fred Blassie of "Pencil Neck Geek" fame.

4/30/00: Added pic of 1948 ice cream truck to the page created yesterday. Converted Sports page 2 to the Rasslin' Page in honor of the recent great stories from Jim Ruddle and Frank Morrow!

4/29/00: Added Amazon.com link for "Tropic of Cancer" movie , and "Something Weird Video" link for "Inga" to the Drive In page. The page with Gailard Sartain's painting of an ice cream truck now has a loop of actual ice cream truck music (very familiar to Tulsans) in .wav format!

4/28/00: On the KTUL page, new picture of James Leake and George Nigh at the Stilwell Strawberry Festival, 1976, courtesy of Darrell Neale.

4/27/00: Added a couple of new items to the Bulletin Board, updated the Links and Fantastic Theater pages with the fact that the CD with the theme music is back!

4/26/00: Mazeppa.com now accepts online credit card orders...The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa, Volumes I and II are available...word is that Volume III may soon be a reality! New pic of Rev. Dr. Menleaux Park on Mazeppa page 1. New Mazeppa icon and Coach Chuck/Teddy Jack Eddy on the main page.

4/24/00: Found a plug for TTM on the web site of Jerry Pippin ( of KBIX in Muskogee). Jerry has invited your webmaster to make a special appearance on his show, "Memories of the 20th Century" next month...KBIX can be heard on the internet. I just noticed that the news on KBIX uses the same musical cue as Steve Suttle's KAKC broadcast from 1970 on the KAKC page!

4/22/00: Watch a clip of KOTV's "Dance Party" with Lee Bayley! This is from the KOTV 50th anniversary special. My editing capabilities on video clips are nil at this point, but that won't matter much. Listen to bloopers by Bill Pitcock and Cy Tuma in RealAudio on the 1st Newsmen page! Moved the Mike Miller/Henry Bellmon picture to the 2nd News page. Trying lighter blue as the link color on black pages...what do you think?

4/20/00: Remember Drs. Jan Kizziar and Judy Hagedorn? Is this Dr. Judy's daughter in this Tulsa World story?

4/19/00: Let's go shopping in the Fifties, courtesy of Frank Morrow! Archived Guestbook 36, re-indexed the search engine.

4/16/00: Jayne Mansfield in her swimsuit, being interviewed by Mike Miller...see this event in the Briefcase, Photo Album 2! Andy Andrews .wav file added to the Oiler Park page. Added "Heartland Kids' Classics" to the Local Television Ring.

4/14/00: New pic from Mike Miller on the main page, and more to come! Added Tripod Super Member Site graphic and link to the Rings page.

4/13/00: TTM is now an About.com Classic TV Site (see the Rings page).

4/12/00: The Local Television Ring (created by your webmaster) is back. L.A.'s "Local Legends" and "Houston TV News" are the 1st additions.

4/9/00: Added link to a picture of Bobby Otis, another KAKC DJ mentioned by Lee Bayley.

4/7/00: Added Hoss Chopright story from Guestbook 16 to the 1st Mazeppa page...

4/6/00: Discovered Don Woods' web page at Bill Haynes' site...put a link on the Weather page and on the Bulletin Board. You can order Gusty paraphernalia! Billy Parker also has a page there; the link is next to Billy's picture on Tulsa Radio, page 5! Found a site about Bob Hower's book on the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot... see link on Newsmen, page 2. Moved the Tulsa TV people link to the search engine border, and to the table above. Fixed links to the Tulsa World stories under 3/29/00.

4/5/00: Added link to Tulsa World editorial on Betty Boyd's page about the passing of  her husband, Bill Boyd. Added background to Java Channel Changer page. Click on the Tulsa skyline to check out Safeway's prices back in the year 1953 (courtesy of Frank Morrow)! Want some TTM "business" cards? Click here!

4/4/00: Archived Guestbook 35...Guestbook 36 is the current one! Reindexed search engine.

3/31/00: Lots of new photos and material from Frank Morrow. See the Guestbook, the main page and Tulsa Radio in the Fifties for the 1st installment! New Tulsa World review of "Monkey in the Middle" linked from the Bulletin Board on the main page!

3/30/00: 2 new clips from Steve Suttle's KAKC tape circa 1970: Scooter B. Segraves' "smart ass" comments, and a high-rolling, on-air "Jock Stocks and Bonds" game with Steve Suttle--both on the KAKC page!

3/29/00: We are informed by Noel Confer that Jim Harmon, early KOTV director, died on Monday. He was the brother of Maria Alvarez Smith, one of the founders of KOTV. Here is the Tulsa World story. The South Tulsa Community World had this column by Stephen W. Gay about Rockin' John Henry, KAKC and KELi today. The current subject in the Guestbook is weather coverage--is it too hysterical? The Jay Cronley column that started the controversy (in Tulsa). KOTV's News Director, Carolyn Williams,  responds. A further column on the subject by Jay Cronley. Gusty and King Lionel are mentioned! Here are some angry Letters to the Editor!

3/28/00: Added some illustrations to Scott's post in the Guestbook. Added Mike Bruchas' comments and pic of the NBT Weather Teller card to the Weather page. Added link to the full-size tarot painting on the Fantastic Theater Film Crypt page.

3/27/00: Daddy A Go Go's new album with the Gailard Sartain cover is now available! Added new Chris Lane letter.

3/24/00: We are sorry to hear that Betty Boyd's husband, Bill Boyd, passed away this week. Here is an editorial from today's Tulsa World about him. Added Jim Ruddle's comments about Tulsa native Paul Harvey from Guestbook 34 to the Isabelle Ronan page. Also added there a link to a short bio of Paul Harvey, and to the main page, 2 pictures.

3/23/00: Archived Guestbook 34, re-indexed search engine.

3/20/00: Chris Lane page now is 2 pages.

3/19/00: New Daddy A Go Go album with the Gailard Sartain cover to be released 4/1! Click the album cover on the main page to see more about it. Gave up on the "Local Television" Ring for the time being...the only other site like this one I have found is "Local Legends" in L.A. Added it to the Links page.

3/15/00: Added Frank Morrow's comments to the KAKC page.

3/14/00: Jack Diamond says: "Just thought I'd let you know that there are 2 tracks on the new Electronic Toys Vol 2 CD from the 'Song of the 2nd Moon' and 1 of them is your TV theme music, 'Fantastic Theater'! Also, will have some really fine sounding CD's of the '2nd Moon' available soon"

3/13/00: New Chris Lane story.

3/12/00: While reading the current Guestbook, you can now click a link that immediately lets you write in it.

3/11/00: Added more of Steve Suttle's comments to the KAKC page...re-indexed search engine...new Chris Lane story.

3/10/00: We have some late-breaking news...circa 1970 with KAKC's Steve Suttle! Listen to this newscast excerpt on the KAKC page, and see how many things you can spot that firmly place this "news" as from another time. Read Henry Mark's bio on the Tulsa Radio in the Fifties page. He is the son of the then-owner of KAKC, Carl Mark, and found the sound clip mentioned on 3/8. He is now a columnist (and a funny one) on KCTS-Seattle's web site.

3/9/00: #3: Here's KAKC morning DJ Lee Bayley to keep you awake with some snappy RealAudio patter circa 1970 (courtesy of Steve Suttle)! Also added pic of Scooter Segraves to his Guestbook entry on the same page, and Steve Suttle's picture and recent comments. Added Chris Lane pictures and letter from brother Dean Alexander to the memory book.

3/8/00: Here is the 2nd installment. I thought it was a bad joke, but it isn't. It's a 1958 Tulsa radio spot, advertising downtown apartments..."for colored people"...on the Tulsa Radio in the Fifties page.

3/7/00: The first juicy cut sliced from the great tape sent by former KAKC jock, Steve Suttle: a radio ad for the "Inflatable Dog Doll" by Jim Millaway on the "Creature Feature" page. The date must be 1970/1. Thanks, Steve! To come: KAKC jingles on .wav files for your PC/Mac, and much more!

3/5/00: Yet more letters and pictures for the Chris Lane page. Just received a great tape from Steve Suttle of KAKC in the 60s and 70s! This material will be making its way out here in RealAudio and short .wav files.

3/4/00: Added many new letters to the Chris Lane Memory Book, including ones from country singers Sonny James and Cristy Lane, and new pictures of Chris and Lorna.

3/2/00: We heard from Tom Ledbetter (aka Shaggy Dog) in the Guestbook today! Added his comments along with a new Shaggy Dog picture to the Mr. Zing and Tuffy page. New items from Steve Suttle: a KAKC Top 50 chart from the early 60s with pics of Dick Schmitz, Clayton Vaughn, Bob Brown, Scooter Segraves, Roger Borden, Gene Thomas, Harry Wilson...and separate photos of Steve Suttle and Robert Walker! See them in the Briefcase! (the Briefcase can also be accessed from the Channel Changer 2 page) Also placed a link to the Briefcase at the top of the KAKC page, and moved the 1970 KAKC chart to the Briefcase.

3/1/00: Added a couple of TV-related CD's to the Film Crypt page. Added Drive-In book link to the Drive-In Theatre page. Archived Guestbook 33, re-indexed search engine.

2/29/00: Started new Drive-In Theatre page on Channel Changer 2! Moved "Behind the scenes" story to the "8's The Place" page. Re-indexed search engine.

2/28/00: Will have some new sound files this week! New picture of Noel Confer on Tulsa Radio page 4. Moved Reddy Kilowatt behind the scenes. Put the Photo Briefcase, Brewster's Toy Shop and the Film Vault under new icons on Channel Changer 2 page.

2/22/00: According to Mike Bruchas, Teleshopper was an idea 20 years before its time... "KTUL had phonebanks staffed by retirees, who directed callers to merchants. It flopped." But lucky for us today, we have infomercials coming out the wazoo, and, of course, the internet!

2/21/00: Added a new shelf of movies in the Fantastic Theater Film Crypt. Yet another reminder: please save a bookmark to the new site here. Not all the search engines have indexed this new location, so TTM may be less easy to find than in the past. Of course, Tulsa.com and other Tulsa sites have links to TTM...

2/20/00: Added email from Dave Martin to the Chris Lane page. Also added Lorna Alexander's request for more pictures of Chris.

2/19/00: Added 2 new emails to the Chris Lane page. Gave Betty Boyd's icon a timely Harvest Gold hue.

2/17/00: Added pic of Chris and Lorna Alexander to his page. John Boydston (formerly of KTUL) and Walt Brewer will be releasing their next Daddy A Go Go CD on 4/15. The cover was painted by Gailard Sartain! It's a beauty. Added new letters to the Chris Lane page. All you Internet Explorer users will now see a little "TTM" icon when you save TTM under "Favorites" (bookmarks).

2/16/00: Tinkered with a few more pages, added Mitch Schauer's comment to the bottom of the Fantastic Theater page. Here is a page with recent emails to the late Chris Alexander. It is also reachable from the Dance Party page.

2/14/00: Fun site: http://www.badfads.com. Noted on the Fantastic Theater page that the CD of "Song of the Second Moon" may be coming back! Further illustrated the Fantastic Theater page. Made a few more pages WebTV-friendlier.

We are sorry to hear of the passing of Chris Alexander ("Chris Lane") today. He was the first host of "Dance Party", and went on to a long and successful career in Chicago and L.A. He had recently become a correspondent on this site (see the "Dance Party" page). Please send anecdotes about Chris to his wife, Lorna (lorna@westworld.com), for possible later posting here.

2/13/00: Illustrated the Film Vault/Crypt pages. Added "It Came From Beneath The Sea" to the Crypt, and "The Invisible Man" to the Vault.

2/12/00: Brought the Mike Miller/Bernard McIntyre photo from the Java photo album onto the main page. New RealAudio Fantastic Theater opening, thanks to Josef Hardt, David Bagsby, Tom Dissevelt and a mixer! Discovered that former Tulsa sports anchor Steve Zabriskie has written a book! Also discovered that the soundtrack of the science-fiction movie "Forbidden Planet" is available! Check it out on the Film Vault/Crypt page. I've ordered my copy! I've noticed that these sci-fi CDs are a great background while working on the internet.

2/11/00: Spruced up the Zing and Zeb pages, Admiral Twin pic on main page. If you like jazz, try jazzfm.com. It originates from the U.K., but has a server in NYC. Great music and sound quality, too!

2/10/00: Streamlined the main page: put the comments about Joe Krieger on the KVOO page, and the Horn Bros. audience picture on the 1965 TV schedule. Spruced up the Mazeppa pages a bit.

2/9/00: Updated link to archived Tulsa World "Angry Beavers" story (see below). Fixed more leftover link problems on the Then Came Bronson page (a webmaster's lot is not an easy one). Does anyone from KOTV remember Willsey Photography? (see main page photo) I should hasten to add that it is still around!

2/8/00: Oops, noticed that the Guestbooks were linked back to the old site at the bottom. Corrected it...minor tweaking on the Zing and Zeb pages, Lee & Lionel autograph added to main page...

2/6/00: New review by the webmaster of David Bagsby's "Jethro Tulsa: The Magic Empire Strikes Back"!

2/5/00: New RealAudio clip: the Mazeppa show closing! It includes announcer Delmo Gillette's purple (or should I say scarlet) prose, and Mazeppa final sponsor acknowledgments...check it out on Mazeppa page 3! Thought I had Denny Delk on there, but not so according to...Denny Delk! Did you know that Denny Delk appeared on several "Midnight Caller" episodes? Or that he was a founding member of the National Theatre of the Deranged? He is now a highly successful voiceover artist in San Francisco. Here is his website. Also added the very station ID by Lee Woodward (23K .wav file) that was remembered by Mark in the Guestbook! These new clips are courtesy of Ellen in Danbury, CT. She taped some of the Mazeppa show on 8/14/71! Thanks, Ellen!

2/4/00: Article by John Wooley in today's Spot magazine in the Tulsa World about "Angry Beavers". It's a cartoon show on Nickelodeon (10:30 a.m. CST Saturdays) created by TTM contributor and Oklahoman Mitch Schauer. Gailard Sartain has done voice work for the show, and both he and his wife Mary Jo Sartain have written for it. The previous re-indexing of the search engine didn't pick up the newly archived Guestbook 32, but that is now fixed. Remember, there are snapshots from the KOTV 50th anniversary reunion now on the KOTV page. Also, Tulsa TV Memories is now on Tripod.com, so click on "To the NEW main TTM page" above and save a bookmark if you haven't already.

2/3/00: Started the 2nd photo album within the Briefcase with a couple of Ronco products. Changed the link to give you a choice of which album to look at.

2/2/00: Check the Briefcase for a picture from Mazeppa's leaner days. Have been joining a number of TV/Broadcasting rings, as well as starting one. Archived Guestbook 32 and re-indexed search engine.

1/31/00: Great show with David Bagsby on The Edge...folks, we've got a big talent amongst us! By the way, Mr. Bagsby noted in the course of the show that Zeb was supposed to be Mr. Zing's Uncle. I did not know that.

1/30/00: Be sure to catch David Bagsby tonight, Sunday Jan. 30, 2000, on the "Homegroan" program, Z104 FM (The Edge)- 11 p.m.! The 7Up Gizzer Blinkie that is so fascinating to the gentlemen on the main page normally resides on the webmaster's computer desk! Added Mike Denney's recent note in the Guestbook to the Mr. Zing page. Added Mike Flynn/Susan Bunn story to KOTV page. Added a Bruchas note and one from Bill Groves in the Guestbooks to the Mr. Zing page. Amended Mr. Zing closing song per Patti in Guestbook 13. Added Gailard Sartain comments from the Guestbooks to Mazeppa page 1, and from John Hillis to Mazeppa page 3. Added Erick Church GB comments and links to The Sports Page.

1/28/00: 4 new pics from the Rex Daugherty batch on the KOTV page...help on names, please! Added early picture of Spanky McFarland to the Other kiddie shows page.

1/27/00: Rex Daugherty sent a number of photos from the KOTV 50th anniversary reunion...put them on the KOTV page linked from the icon on the Channel Changer!

1/26/00: Started new TV/radio-related Rings page, linked at the bottom of Main and Channel Changer 2 pages.

1/24/00: The webmaster changed email address...all the email links on this site have been updated.

1/23/00: The umbrella lady is on the main page.

1/22/00: Read an article (with photo) by John Wooley of the Tulsa World about pro wrestler Skandor Akbar on Sports page 2. Added "Clayton Vaughn slams modern media" article to the KOTV page.

1/21/00: Added new KOTV page with links to a photo gallery and history on their site, and bulletins about the 50th Anniversary special and the video...under the KOTV icon on the main page.

1/20/00: Listen to late night KRMG big band DJ Johnny Martin's sign on and his last sign off  on Tulsa Radio page 5. (From John Durkee's retrospective for KRMG's 50th anniversary.)

1/19/00: Started the Local Television ring, currently residing on the Channel Changer 2 page. This is intended to link together local TV sites around the country. First in the ring is The Real Little PartiGirl's site, Local Legends (in L.A.)!

1/17/00: New Channel Changer 2 icon on main page...

1/16/00: Heard from Emmy-winning director of "The Young and the Restless" Mike Denney in the Guestbook again today after a long absence. Mike was a cameraman and part-time Shaggy Dog on "Mr.Zing and Tuffy", and director of "The Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting" at Channel 8. Someone recently told me that Shaggy played a mean set of drums on occasion. Re-indexed search engine. Moved Big Bill bulletin board note from Jack Frank to the Oom-A-Gog page.

1/15/00: Can you decode this "code" message from the Mazeppa show?..."Brick syrup stop. Lock Cabin." Answer tomorrow. Added Gailard Sartain's comments from the Rockin' John Henry guestbook to the new picture, courtesy of Sleepwalk....answer to the "code" message: it was really a message from someone with a cold (or a "code" since he or she was apparently stopped up)..."Bring syrup. Log Cabin"!

1/14/00: Added picture of Gailard Sartain with Rockin' John Henry to Mazeppa page 3. TTM was named a Tripod SuperSite...soon to be featured on Tripod's main site (see "More Pages Like This" on the banners at the top of the pages)!

1/13/00: Search engine completely fixed...no more irrelevant hits at the bottom.

1/12/00: Did you know that Gailard Sartain was the voice of  "Big Daddy" on  "The Simpsons" episode "The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase'',  or that he was the voice of the Case Manager in the "King of the Hill" pilot?

The Red Balloon1/11/00: Have been mining previous Guestbooks in a desultory fashion, and adding bits to various pages...just added more from John Hillis that I missed previously about the "exploding dog" story to the bottom of The Sports Page. New pic of Ken Broo on main page. Created a new "Previous What's New" Page to shorten this one, linked it at the bottom. Had a Clutch Cargo and Bozo flashback...new writing on the Other kiddie shows page. Also added new Romper Room picture to the same page. Added Amazon.com link to the new Laurel and Hardy movie with Gailard Sartain on the Links page. For some reason, I also remembered a French movie that was shown often on Saturday afternoon: The Red Balloon. A balloon followed the boy around...at the end he is lifted into the sky by a lot of balloons. That one made quite an impression on me. Anyone else remember it?

To continue my maunder down Memory Lane, how about the kid show "Shenanigans" with host Stubby Kaye? The closing theme:

Shenanigans...it's been a lot of fun
Shenanigans...but now we got to run...
It's funny how the...minutes seem to fly
...from Shenanigans...
It's time to say goodbye
...from Shenanigans.

(from a great site about Saturday morning TV: Yesterdayland.com )

1/10/00: Spooky fade to black added to Fantastic Theater page. Got free WebTV simulator software, did a lot of little touch-ups to improve the site for WebTV. Photo of David Bagsby's "Jethro Tulsa" CD on the Bulletin Board!

1/8/2000: What's new is that Tulsa TV Memories has a new home...and you're already here! Did you notice the different banner above? The new, easy-to-remember URL is http://tulsatv.tripod.com. Click here to get to the new main page, where you can save a new Bookmark or Favorite Place. This new site has 50+ meg of space! Welcome! If your bookmark points to the old site on Yahoo/Geocities, save a bookmark to this new site.

1/7/2000: Did I mention that this site is WebTV-friendly? whatUseek has fixed the search engine bug. Check out the list of TV and radio people linked at the bottom of the main page...it can be a useful tool for searching this site (it has a search engine built in!) .

1/6/2000: Reorg, reorg! A welcome concept to all corporate types! Actually, there is now a Channel Changer 2 with Tulsa Radio and other miscellaneous topics. Gave Zeta and company a separate icon on the main page! Moved Brewster's Toy Shop to the 2nd page. With all these changes, re-indexed the search engine again...oops, now the search engine thinks a good match for "Tuma" is "Teen Town"...the problem is back...whatUseek has been apprised. Streamlined the main page.  Added Guestbook material to several pages and cleaned them up visually. Updated the list of people involved in Tulsa TV (and now radio) linked from the main page, but there is still a lot of work to be done...

1/5/2000: Re-indexed search engine. You may have noticed that searches have found too many bad matches in the last several days. Now, exact matches will come up first. There are still some irrelevant hits that appear after the good matches, but I think this will be OK by Thursday. The folks at whatUseek are debugging their new system.

Heard from Lee Bayley again yesterday! More tinkering with the main page.

1/4/2000: Archived Guestbook 31, now on #32.

1/2/2000: Added link for John Wooley's Clayton Moore story on main page (now in Guestbook 31).

1/1/2000: I would like to extend my wishes to you for a great new millenium (unless you are standing firm on the idea that the only meaningful celebration is in 2001!) The search engine will be a little less selective today only, but it will be better tomorrow. Noel Confer contributed some personal memories about early KVOO-TV and "Dance Party" in the Guestbook, now also residing on those topics' respective pages. Also added all the names mentioned by Noel to the list of people who have been involved with Tulsa TV (linked from near the bottom of the main page). I haven't kept up with this page as much as I should, but here are some good additions to it. Added Noel's "Uncle Hiram" comments to the Other kiddie shows page

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